After The Dream || Yue & Ukyo


Yue gave him a gentle smile and walked up to him. She then gave him a gentle hug. “Come on…We’ll get you something to eat then you can tell me about it.” she said sweetly and softly. “Sometimes its best to get it off your chest.” she added while looking up to him. She felt for him seeing his face contorted like that. It was the same that would take over her eldest siblings. “Uyko…would you like me to stay with you until you feel better?” she asked sweetly. 

      The surprise were reflected into his features, not only because of her suddenly embrace, but because he wasn’t expecting such words. She was right, sometimes the best was to say it to someone else…. But it was just so difficult… Ukyo didn’t know how would he explain it… “Maybe you’re right, Yue.” Both indicators raised to put her into between a gentle hug, approaching her a little more. The warmth of the other’s body was still strange to him. Soon after, he left her go. It was not right to stay like that for much time. Her suggestion make his eyebrows to lift, not knowing very well what to say. “–I-I think it wouldn’t hurt… Right?” He was still nervous thanks to the nightmare. “Isn’t this a bother to you, Yue?”