new year’s is my favorite holiday because it’s like a time capsule.. thinking back to where i was a year ago is absolutely mind blowing.

i had no idea that this year would reward me the school and city of my dreams and all the mind boggling opportunities and adventures i’ve been given along the way. oball orchids, valentine’s day flowers, everything we had and all that you taught me, living in a house with one of my best friends, the night you told me your secrets, the best nights with best friends at i love this city, having a moment with david guetta, making sure my team met snoop dogg, holding your hand all the way home, jumping and screaming at the bus stop to the words, “you’ve been accepted!”, the road trip, falling in love and saying goodbye to my sorority and friends, the night we stayed up til sunrise, the day you admitted your mistake, the crew at kaskade in the city, dancing in front of hundreds of people at sunrise in san jose, adventure club, outside lands.

spontaneously going to edc, staying up til 8 am every day and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world front row under the electric sky. rendezvous in canada. watching my best friend fall in love. saying goodbye to a love. saying goodbye to santa cruz and moving into my own apartment in the city of dreams. nights that turned a roommate into a best friend. love letters. the text when you told me you were lucky to have me. being lucky enough to attend a huge football school and see greek row. rocking a job. an internship on sunset boulevard. america’s next top model, affinity. the cabana night at nocturnal wonderland. the after party. seeing a little bit of myself in you. san francisco adventures. when you told me you admired me, and inspired you. escape from wonderland. returning home to santa cruz for the first time. that couch. discovering the city, venue by venue, meal by meal, street by street. the birthday weekend. :)

and everything in between.

i am so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing friends and people who care about me in every place i call home.. there really are no words of appreciation enough to express it. having people who inspire me to be better and support me through anything is more than i could ever ask for. this year has been one of the most amazing yet and i can only hope there is more to come. cheers to 2013 xx