Here is the code for my condensed version of my  updates tab!  I should have released this ages ago but better late than never! 

  • post this in your metas (above the <style type=css>)
  • post this under <style type=css>
  • post this after <body>
  • preview

  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using
  • Original updates tab 01

Okay so wow I haven’t done one of these in over a year, but WHY THE HELL NOT. I’m having a good summer, so let’s do this! (also thank you to this little buttercup for my graphic)

  • must be following this disney princess
  • must reblog this post
  • (likes won’t disqualify you, but JUST liking won’t qualify you, ya feel?)
  • you have until July 30th at 11:59 pm EST and I’ll pick a winner by August 1st or 2nd
  • must reach 35 notes
  • no polls because this ain’t no popularity contest and you ain’t no glen coco
  • 1 winner, 2 runners up
What I'm looking for (in order of importance):
  • a nice blogger
  • with a clean, easy to navigate theme,
  • similar fandoms to mine,
  • and a can-do attitude!
  • (also a pizza)


  • A follow back from me (if not already)
  • Place on my updates tab for the month of August.
  • Promos whenever you want them for the whole month. 
  • Eternal love and favors and smooches. 

Runners up:

  • All of those things, except turn it back to only 2 promos for the month. 

theme 16 : obscura

  • 250px - 400px posts
  • 6 or 16 customizable links
  • updates/about page included
  • tons of toggles and options for customizing! 
  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using

The extra updates page can be used for just about anything. You can add even more links to that page or even make it into a mini about me page! Make sure to plug in your URL into the proper spot I’ve labeled in the main customize area(Right where you fill out your links). If you don’t then your ask box won’t get linked up properly!

preview || code

It’s time for us to announce our new network members! We saw a LOT of great applicants and a wide variety of what people have chosen to do in their old age. However, we couldn’t pick everyone (for the sake of avoiding chaos), so here are the 21 blogs we’ve picked to join us in this merry venture! 

In no particular order: 

  1. malfcys
  2. riversnogs
  3. casintheshire
  4. xsansa
  5. geekmonkeyy
  6. capaldisbluetardis
  7. nestingchesters
  8. trenzalours
  9. casweaters
  10. divergentfaults
  11. dragonsinthenorth
  12. ahlohomora
  13. deerlord 
  14. kitharlington
  15. ladylokid
  16. bowtruckls
  17. arthursweasley
  18. snogboxtardis
  19. armyoalbus
  20. lnalovegood
  21. dahnerystargaryen

If your name is on this list, within the next few hours (hopefully), you should all be getting a message from me or Vera with the next steps! You will need an icon and description for the members page if you want to start preparing for our message! Congratulations and we’re so excited to get to know you all!


A 4 Part Mix For The Rise and Fall of Dean and Lisa’s Love

Animal Love [Listen]

A Mix For The Apple Pie Life

Animal Love-Charlene Kaye//Please don’t Say You Love Me-Gabrielle Aplin//Storm Warning-Hunter Hayes//If I’m Gonna Fall In Love-A Rocket To The Moon//She Brings Me Love-Bad Company//Sideways-Citizen Cope//Echo-The Hush Sound//Can’t Fight This Feeling-REO Speedwagon//Crazy Love-Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles//Such Great Heights-The Postal Service//Lady-STYX

I Pray For You [Listen]

A Mix For Letting Something Good Happen To The One You Love… Even If It Hurts

Pray-Kodaline//Samson-Regina Spektor//Woke Up New-The Mountain Goats//Back At Your Door-Maroon 5//Human-Ellie Goulding//Losing My Religion-REM//All I Want-Kodaline//I Gave You All-Mumford & Sons//Loudest Alarm-Scars On 45

Panic Cord [Listen]

A Mix For The Fall

Crash-You and Me At Six//Salvation-Gabrielle Aplin//Panic Cord-Gabrielle Aplin//The Chain-Ingrid Michaelson//Hold The Line-Toto//Don’t Let It End-Styx//Where Have You Been-Reel Big Fish//Weights & Measures-Dry The River//Call Me-Shinedown//Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy

Let Her Go [Listen]

A Mix For Forgetting

Mission Bells-Matt Nathanson//Africa-Toto//I Can’t Not Love You-Every Avenue//Come Back When You Can-Barcelona//So Close-Jon McLaughlin//Down-Jason Walker//Don’t Forget-Demi Lovato//Call Your Name-Daughtry//Bittersweet-Ellie Goulding//Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone-Bill Withers//Let Her Go-Passenger


Drunk Photoshop Tutorial- Edits for tumblr

Incredible, life-changing tutorial for the stars

hi! v v important PSA :)

hiiiii guys.
so starting today (aka i’m on my way to the airport right this moment) i’ll leaving for my two week trip to Europe!
we’re spending a week in Germany and a week in Italy, so naturally, that means i wont be around on tumblr (or the internet world in general) a whole lot. i have my queue going and a few posts in it just reminding that i’m gone. one of our hotels and two of our apartments have wifi, so i’ll be getting on those few times at night, but i will mainly be MIA for a solid two weeks.

BUT, i have my queue set up to run every day. plus, either Joelle or CJ will be able to get on my blog and post some things for me whenever they want :)

i’ll see you guys in two weeks!!!


theme 17 : FACADE

  • 4 customizable links
  • 400px posts
  • Slide out askbox
  • Tons of custom options! Including: Audio Post Colors, Body background, Pattern Header, etc.
N O T E S:

Only the first few tags come up on this theme. Mainly because it looks best with only 3-5 tags on the Index Page. Once you click through they are hidden on the Permalink Page. So don’t worry if not all your tags are appearing its suppose to do that to keep the theme nice and neat.

  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using

lpreview || code


The Worst Edit Ever Contest

Do you have some old edits of yours that you hide away in the depths of your blog because you’re supremely embarrassed by them? We sure do!

What you may do to enter:

  • Create a new edit with the tag #theworstedit
  • Repost an old edit with the tag #theworstedit
  • Add the tag #theworstedit to the original post (Must be one of the first five tags of the post or it won’t work)

Rules and Considerations:

  • mbf at least one of the sexy judges: me, beth
  • Must reblog this here post
  • Minimum 20 submissions before this becomes a thing
  • Only one submission per blog
  • Must be your own fine ass handiwork
  • All fandoms welcome, but one’s we’re in are more likely to win. God is cruel that way.
  • Going based on the current standards of what a “good” edit is like. We understand they’re kinda shrewd and subjective, but hey, here’s to tumblr!


  • Winner: SUPER PROMO WITH BANNER, link in my updates tab for a month, Most improved trophy
  • Runners-up: Promo, participation trophy