If you guys haven’t checked out this venue it’s flipping amazing and huge the 30ft LED wall is icing on the cake !!!! 4k+ capacity. Best thing to hit Dallas, TX! Little sad that it’s two days after we get back from 7days of EDC week. Might has to sleep during this one XD

uisoo-ia//Closed//After Dark

How could she lose track of time? The sun had long set, she’d flt it long ago however the very thought of going out into the moonlight terrified her. She didn’t want to leave the cafeteria, she felt safe being inside. At least she wasn’t out in the open, under the moonlight.

She had little options though, she was being ushered outside. She couldn’t stay there forever, it made her feel sick or perhaps it was due to the fact that her core was running lukewarm. 

Taking a deep breathe, Eunji stepped out into the moonlight. It felt wrong, she felt dirty. The way the moonlight reflected off of her skin, it made her feel so cold. Eunji hugged herself as she stepped out and away from the building, she just needed to get back to her dorm. That thought alone took her mind off of the gut churning cold that had settled in her stomach. She hardly took notice of who she was passing, she didn’t want to be noticed, not while she was at her weakest.

What if someone were to attack, she had just enough sun energy to warn someone off but that was it and it would leave her almost entirely drained. She kept her head down, focusing on her footsteps rather than the chilled goosebumps upon her skin.

WIthin a second she was quite literally flat out on her back, she’d run into a poll. Her head hurt, her body hurt but most of all her eyes burned as she stared up into the moon. 

“I’m going to be sick.” Was the only words to come from her mouth