New ski edit should be up by next weekend.

I’m going to be doing a 10 minute edit about skiing this weekend with Sammy (afterbangg), Ben (shred-head), Anaïs (anais-irene), and three of my school friends. It should be done and uploaded by next weekend, the 26th. Figured I’d let you guys know so you have something to look forward to! It should be pretty awesome and hilarious.

Also you guys should follow all of them because they’re awesome

afterbangg replied to your post: Keep it fresh my homey g dawg from da hood! We da definition of steeze, yo.
what makes you think i was on my back.

Because I’d just rather not know lol

afterbangg replied to your post: Aint shit man, bored as the balls. Hows the hood nigs?
i didnt know you guys were black.

You learn something new everyday Sammy. Like the anon who found out about you little gondola adventure