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It’s quite noisy lately about Jikook coming out. Personally I would love it, who wouldn’t right? That’s the dream of every shipper. But then again let’s put into consideration that their situations aren’t easy at all. Since we all know that south kor isn’t a safe place for the lgbtq community. I’m praying that they’ll come out and be free when the time is right. Afterall we will always be there for both of them or any other member of bts with the same issue.

Next will be JK’s brother. That’s a shipper right there. I mean he made stickers with JK and JM together not to mention the recently updated one with the unicorn inflatable. So there is a possibility that JK’s brother knows about them and is also giving us subtle clues.

Then we have serendipity, let’s not pretend to be blind, we all know that the song doesn’t mention a gender. The MV focuses on the colors blue and Yellow, which was the color Jikook is wearing on the 4th army kit and the recent concept photos. JK’s voice was also in Serendipity and the song had the whole Jikook vibe in it. If you analyze the song properly you’d get a story of a love that surpasses all odds, a forbidenned affair that somehow the universe allowed (I’m not making sense 😂😂😂 I’m bad at explaining sometimes sorry)

So what else do you guys know? I miss Jikook. I hope they feed us soon. Can’t wait for the comeback.

@wildunderbeastly Here it is my love! 💚 I told you I would draw ya the Fell Sans grinning

Always - Olicity

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I was feeling the urge and then in my conversation with @onlyhere4olicity and @millennialfangirl, @millennialfangirl said something and that was it. That was what I wanted to write. So here it is! (There’s another part below the cut!) 

Felicity hasn’t gone near a tabloid magazine in the past 2 and a half years. She made a promise to herself that she would never ever give them the satisfaction of taking her money after the countless, mostly false articles they’d written about her and Oliver. They started the moment she became his assistant and continued even after their breakup. 

And … okay that’s a lie… she did cave that one time, but that was because it was a cover story about the moment he proposed to her. She took one look at their faces, so full of love and knew she had to have it, even if the headline read: A Beautiful Proposal Ends in Tragedy. But other than that momentary, yet completely understandable lapse in self-control, she’s managed to stay away. That was, until she saw the latest cover story of Star City Gossip.

There he was, standing extremely close to some woman that she’d never seen before. It caught her attention from across the store, because, well …. she would recognize him anywhere. Even on the cover of a magazine. But what drew her over to it were the words in bold: HAS OLIVER QUEEN OFFICIALLY MOVED ON? As she moved closer, all of the details of the photograph came into focus. Oliver facing a woman, looking down on her and smiling, his hand wrapped around her wrist. The woman’s face was turned slightly to the camera, facing down and captured mid-laugh.

Felicity couldn’t even bring herself to read the article. Without a doubt there would be mention of her and Oliver’s breakup. Comments about their “attempt” at a private wedding ceremony that was crashed by a serial killer. Pictures of the proposal. Discussion of the tragedy that befell them when she was shot and paralyzed and again when they lost their friend, Laurel. Memories too painful that she wasn’t ready to relive all at once and certainly not within an article that claimed Oliver had found someone else, which she knew would have been the most painful part of it all.

But how could she be upset? She did this, right? She was the one who needed space. The one who, no matter how much she would always love him, insisted they couldn’t be fixed. Perhaps part of her always hoped, no matter how insistent she was, that they would find their way back to each other. Afterall, that’s what they’d always done. But maybe this time it was different.

She looked at the magazine once more, studying his face. He looked happy. She loved it when he smiled. She loved it when she was the one who made him smile. But most importantly, she knew that when he smiled, he was … even if just for a second… letting go of all the pain. Letting go of everything that haunted him. Yes, she was sad that someone else was able to give him that, but she quickly realized that if anyone was able to help him let go, even if it wasn’t her, then that was all that mattered. Oliver deserved to be happy.

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