#AFTER5CHOOL Happy 5th anniversary to my beloved girls, the most hardworking team on kpop. Even though it seems every hardship they have gone through has been useless, it has not, we all fans value their hard work and all the time and pain they have had to bring their stage to the next level ♥ keep working hard, playgirlz and playboyz arround the world will be always supporting you, the past members and the future members, because After School will never end. Nowadays, the 11 of you who have been there will always have my support ♥ After School hwaiting!

Happy 5th Anniversary to After School and to the Playgirlz and Playboyz.

5 years ago, some DBLV were excited to meet Pledis’ first girl group ever.

Some Kahi’s fans from her time as a backdancer and her appearence at Dam Bi’s Bad Boy were happy to see her debut finally.

The rest, we came along within’ the time of the 2008 Gayo where we watched the intro for Playgirlz with Kahi and Jung Ah and the first promotions for Ah!

The Hallyu idols were about to start exploding. The Girl groups would start increasing to the infinite.

It was the end of the Wonder Girls era, the beggining of Girls Generation’s time.

Most of the K-Popers back then, were impressed with 2NE1 or Boy Bands mostly. Others decided to give second chances to the likes of 4Minute and such. We were dragged on by 5 girls who were on their training suits with a catchy routine.

We couldn’t stop looking for info, performances and photos of them.

Some people couldn’t get enough of the back-then twins: Kahi and Jung Ah.

Others were more for the pair of dorks: Jooyeon and our Vitamin SoYoung.

Mostly, international fans, were addicted to Bekah’s stage presence and her raps.

Overall, we liked the group.

“After School takes after a real school allowing members to join and graduate when it’s time”

Soon we came to meet the concept on its pure basis with the addition of Uee.

Ever since, these girls have been giving their all to the group.

Our graduates, our current members, they all help After School evolve through the times.

It’s important to value that because of the system, some girls can join but others (Pre-Schools), at the end, go without doing it. However, instead of wondering what we were missing, even when a member graduates, I rather enjoy what that member brought into the group.

SoYoung, it may seem she didn’t do nothing, but she was a true connection with the fans with her constant positive attitude and her cuteness.

Bekah set up a high bar for raps. She was also a member who cared and still cares for her group mates.

Kahi, she basically helped establish the whole thing, but also she gave the group the second main concept of always being the best at dancing routines and having the most impressive special stages.

The current members are still adding their own imprint into the group:

Jung Ah and her wish to keep the group together facing their own trials, not loosing to what the group did in the past, looking for new challenges.

Jooyeon and her special ability to be both dork and sexy, challenging herself into acting, modeling, and doing her best to be the visual of the group. She keeps in the spirit that SoYoung had, and groups surely need a member that constantly cheers them up.

Uee with her discipline. Besides her acting skills that surely contribute to the group’s popularity, she is one of the members that helps organize the group. 

Nana and her fashionista side, still gaining some fans among Japanese audiences as well as becoming a lead vocalist  that’s adding a different shade to the group’s current songs. 

Raina, has kept the main vocals for both, AS and Orange Caramel, and she’s evolved as a really emotional lyricist for both units.

Lizzy, queen of varietys in the making, also evolving actress that, I am sure, someday will transition from comedy to drama in a flawless way. Her vocals have also become sub-main in a group that used to have sub-vocalist who barely had a line.

E-Young, we’ve waited too long to start seeing more of her. While I still believe her live vocals need improvement, at least she has started adding her own touch into After School by producing bits for songs or doing that short instrumental version for First Love. I wish to see her more of her in the future tracks of the group.

Kaeun, she’s quickly stealing spotlight. She’s a more than decent idol rapper, good lead vocalist (coming for Nana’s spot) and she’s proved she has charisma in and out the stage. 

Whether they were back in 2009 or they just joined two years ago, the members are all part of these 5 years of history.

The same goes with the Playgirlz and Playboyz. It doesn’t matter if you came in yesterday, if you’d got the interest to follow this group, soon you’ll meet its past members, its past songs, and choose your favourite and least favourite moments.

It’s also our 5th anniversary, as a fandom, for some of us as fans too. With all the up and downs it could been gone by now, however, inspite of the hate or just the indiference, we’d stayed here with our girls, with the group, cheering, cursing, hoping, wishing, crying and regreting, but still supporting After School.

Happy 5th Anniversary fellow Playgirlz and Playboyz. I know I am constantly harsh with you all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate your love to the group until now. 

Let’s keep supporting them.

*Yes, you know my photoshop skills are crap*

Ah! - Diva (Uee admitted) - Because of You (Soyoung graduates , Nana and Raina admitted)
Bang! (Lizzy admitted)
Shampoo (Eyoung admitted)
Bekah graduates after Shampoo.
Flashback (Kahi graduates , Kaeun admitted)
First Love (No graduation and admit)