This is a follow up to this post, and another submission from a permanude reader.

Yesterday was my last day of being sentenced to being permanently bottomless for that speeding ticket. I celebrating by registering as a lifetime permanude. That cop really did me a favor when tore up my shirt. It really forced me out of my shell. After the first few days, I stopped wearing any kind of shirt at all.

I just got done handing off my old clothes and decided to celebrate my new natural state with a walk in nature. It just feels so great knowing I’m never going to cover any part of my body again. 


i have this customer named Jamal and he is so awesome and he’s older and has been married to his husband for soo long and is just so nice to me and its nice he gets my queer words and like when we talk all the cishet people are like what the fuck are yall saying… anyway so he came in line yesterday and i saw him and he was like “hey boo how are you” and i just sighed (i had been misgendered all day even after wearing a decent amount of makeup hoping to at THE VERY LEAST eliminate sir from everyones speech directed to me lmao)  and he was like “whats up?”  and i just looked at him and put the cup down and was like “girl these people are gonna feel real fucking awkward calling me sir when i have fucking TITS” AND IT JUST SLIPPED OUT SO LOUDLY AND ANNOYED and like four customers behind him just gasped and like stared at me SHOOK it was sooooooOOOO FUCKING FUNNY HIM AND I JUST BURST OUT LAUGHING IT WAS GREAT 

anonymous asked:

Imagine a shy masseuse who has to oil up and massage an older, wealthy, VERY busty woman, on a regular basis, and can barely contain her flusteredness at having to touch and massage and devote her attention to the client's breasts, while the client moans and tells her how good it feels to have someone rub the soreness out of her boobs after having to wear a tight, expensive bra all day