“I think he’s finally settled down,” John said, smiling at the infant that was bundled in his arms.

“I told you, it’s not possible for someone to be upset when you’re holding them.” Kelly moved to John’s side, setting her chin on his shoulder as she looked down at their son. “It always works when you do it for me.”

The child stirred and Kelly gently brought her hand up to guide John’s arm as he adjusted his grip. Throughout his SPARTAN training and years in the field, John had become familiar with how to properly handle and care for every type of weapon the UNSC had to offer - but none of that had prepared him for what it was like to have a baby cradled against his chest. He was just lucky that Kelly seemed to have an inherent knack for it, and was more than willing to teach him. And of course he was more than happy to learn.

John continued to smile as he gazed at his son’s peaceful face, and said softly, “Sleep well, Sammy.”