scorbus experimenting.

- 6th year Albus and Scorpius exploring their sexuality with each other.

- Clumsily touching lips, noses bumping, hushed apologies from behind Albus’s bed curtains despite a silencing spell already being cast because deep down they were so worried that what they were doing was wrong.

- Continuing this for several weeks as they grow more and more comfortable with each other.

- Stealing quick kisses in abandoned corridors, exchanging looks in the library, loving the rush they get when they hear footsteps walk past their empty dorm.

- Rose finally accepting Scorpius’ date invitation after years of asking.

- Scorpius saying yes without a thought, and telling Albus without a care in the world.

- Albus’s heart dropping in his chest as Scorpius tells him the “wonderful news.”

”You were wrong Albus. You really were just a game to him. Don’t be heartbroken; you should have seen it coming.”

- Going on only two (uneventful) dates with Rose before him beginning to miss Albus’s lips against his own, wanting to feel his arms wrapped around his waist again.

- “He doesn’t miss you, Scorpius. You’re meant to be with Rose, a girl. You were just fooling around. That’s what teenagers do, right?”

- Albus and Scorpius relaxing by the fireplace together one winter night and getting a bit too playful.

- Scorpius pinning Albus to the soft carpet and hovering above him for a moment before instinctively leaning in. 

- Albus completely freezing up at first, not being able to help but notice how beautifully the glow of the fire captured all of Scorpius’s features.

- His heart beating faster as their lips finally touch, sending a large chill down his spine. 

- Their kiss becoming more and more heated, Scorpius’s mouth beginning to kiss along Albus’s jawline.

- A soft “I love you” slipping past his lips as they parted from his skin briefly.

- Albus shoving him off half-heartedly and trying to look past the hurt in his eyes.

- “You don’t mean that. You’re straight and in love with my cousin.”

- Scorpius still lightly panting, lips pink and hair messy, raising his eyebrow and shaking his head in disagreement. 

- Him finally admitting, “I was scared to love you, but I know now. I can’t stand being without you.”

- Albus’s cheeks glowing Weasley-red, the tint being illuminated even more by the warm glow of the first place.

- Him pressing a shy kiss onto the boy’s cheek before whispering:

“I love you too.”


::Despite their relationship’s beginning being bumpy, when Rose and Scorpius finally date they are the sweetest couple to grace the halls of Hogwarts in years::

“You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I’m falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier”


Guess what tonight is!

I had this in my drafts for quite a while but I think tonight would be the perfect time to post it.

Look at these cute meteor gazers

Sam’s legs arch into the air and sing like the pulled strings on a beautifully bound harp.  And his chest rises and falls, rises and falls, rises and falls.  His lungs are an accordion of hallelujahs and they hammer against the walls like Sunday church bells.” - [The Shrine of Our Love | (Ao3by @samcentric]

Art Commission by: @hellhoundsprey
For: @whoaeasytiger - Merry Christmas, Rose!  ♥

‘The Bachelorette’: A Closer Look at Ashley Hebert’s Engagement Ring

On Mon., Aug. 1 Ashley Hebert revealed that she had chosen J.P. over Ben on the island of Fuji.  Rumors says that the two of them will not be going for a public wedding.  Chris Harrison presented the couple with a honeymoon back to Fuji on The Bachelorette live after-show, After the Final Rose.

Here is a closer look at the exspuisite hand-crafted Neil Lane Ring.

External image

(via 'The Bachelorette’: A Closer Look at Ashley Hebert’s Engagement Ring - The Hollywood Reporter)

(Hades) (Hekate) (Artemis) (Zeus and Hera) (Athena)

Persephone is a lovely name but it is hollow and grand and she is neither.  He calls her Rose instead, for the flowers that adorn her, for the beauty that beckons and the danger she hides next to her skin.


Whatever happened to Moon Crater by phyrcracker93

Somewhat surprised by his early elimination Moon was happy to accept the TV company’s offer to stay in a large “holding mansion” until the contest is over to make sure the wider world doesn’t find out who has been eliminated.

As he settled down on the couch to try out the state of the art video game system a soft voice asked if they could join him and he readily agreed, barely pausing to look at whoever the voice belonged to. When bathroom needs signalled the end of the game marathon Moon finally  took a good look at his companion and was shocked to find that the experienced game nerd at his side was a beautiful girl.

Introducing herself as the caretaker of the holding house and occasional cosplayer, Mauve Magenta had Moon hanging on her every word from the first night. It took him a week to persuade her to go for dinner where a few to many glasses of wine found them sharing a room and shortly afterwards a carpool to the OBGYN.

Once Mauve had finished freaking out she realised that instead of running, Moon was grinning, he’d started out on this journey to find love and start a family and somehow managed to do it despite losing the contest.

Moon proposed at a romantic dinner just before Mauve’s due date, the surprise of which brought on contractions and he had to wait until his son Saturn was born to get his answer.  

She said yes!

A family wedding and honeymoon pregnancy sees this little family well established in the home Moon bought in Sunset Valley. Saturn’s first sentence was ‘NO! Zafo, NO! as baby brother Zaphod tried to eat his beloved thunderbird figurine. Mauve is currently enjoying being a stay at home mom while Moon works his way up the forensics path and tries to think of a suitably spacey name for a daughter….

Moon and Sailor are on good terms and sing together in the Sunset Valley Choir. Moon is currently a Desk Jockey.