We last saw Fallon Bliss beating a hasty retreat from the rose ceremony after Sailor told her she was not the one. What happened next for monets-pixels’s gorgeous girl?

When Sailor asked the producers to send someone after the crushed Fallon. The bigwigs were too concerned with making their Bachelorette camera ready before the light was gone.

As Sailor and Midnight proclaimed their love, Reese Lorimer, a studio intern found Fallon, head in her hands in somebody’s front garden.

Reese: Hey - you okay?

Fallon: Do I have to answer that question? You know what just happened to me?

Reese: As I see it? A lucky escape! It was clear to me from the start that you and The Bachelorette were a terrible fit. You’re quiet and need to trust people before you let them in. That environment was not right for you… and I don’t think that Sailor was either. That’s why I can’t wait to quit this show… it’s just so unnatural unless you’re lucky enough that the right person applies by freak coincidence you end up choosing the best option. I think Sailor lucked out with Midnight but you and her were just a mismatch from the start, however strong the chemistry.

Fallon: Woah. Brutal honesty there! I just wanted it so much. I tried so hard!

Reese: You shouldn’t have to try hard to feel something. I don’t pretend to be an expert on love but I do know that.

Reese and Fallon talked for hours and didn’t really notice how much time had passed. After weeks in a house where she hadn’t connected intellectually with anyone Fallon had almost forgotten what it felt like to be around someone who understood her. How was it that this stranger felt like a long lost friend when even all of those weeks Sailor had felt like a mystery to her.

As the sun rose Fallon made her excuses and just as she turned to leave she felt a hand on her wrist and then she was nose to nose with a pair of gorgeous golden eyes…

Reese: Wait! I’m sorry… I know this may be massively inappropriate but I have to take my chance. The way we can talk… the way you open up to me… I watched you and I wondered if we might click…

This is what it should feel like to be with someone. Natural, magical… electric.

I’m so sorry!

I should go….

*runs away*

Fallon is left speechless for the second time of the night. She can’t deny that Reese made her heart pound or that they talked for hours and it was so easy to be around her.

But she’s in love with Sailor… isn’t she?

Find out whether Fallon ever sees Reese again at the After Show episode where we will also catch up with Sailor and Midnight and hear all about what’s happened with them since the show.

Professor - four.
  • Baekhyun x Reader
  • Angst - Professor!AU
  • Word count: 1535

Description: You finally gave what Baekhyun wanted, sex. Now he should leave you alone, or so you thought.

A/N: Just a little angsty filler chapter to hold over. More like me stalling because I’m not sure how I want to end this yet. I feel like the end is near though. IT CAN’T BE HELPED.

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Getting Out The Campzone: The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap

Sweet. Sour. Sassy. Classy. 

That’s our girl, Rachel.

Rachel is more beautiful than Cinderella. She smells like pine needles and has a face like sunshine.

The journey for Rachel to find a mate is officially underway and even though these men were hand-picked for her, she will still need to weed through the losers to find the love of her life.

And there are losers galore: a ticklemonster, a Whaboom! guy, an aspiring drummer and a dude named Jamey who hates women.

Some of these aforementioned were among the lucky few to get their own video packages.

-Kenny is a father to his beautiful 10-year-old daughter by day, and a professional wrestler called the “prettyboy pitbull” by night. So essentially, he barks, he bites and he’s good at cuddling.

-Jack Stone is a lawyer from Texas who has the potential to be the world’s most boring speaker right behind Ben Stein. His mother passed away from cancer when he was in high school, so he has a tragic story. The best part about him is that he has a labradoodle.

-Alex is a self-described beefy nerd. He says he likes to hit the weights at the gym but also code on the computer. He grilled some kebobs with his Russian mother, who said in Russian that he is only allowed to kiss Rachel on the cheek.

-Mohit is a startup guy, so I am assuming he must be really good at ping pong. He likes to bollywood dance with his family, and they all seemed like a fun family to be around.

-Lucas, aka Whaboom! I respect his dedication to the brand, but he’s going to have an aneurysm shaking his head that aggressively one day, and I don’t want to witness it on my television screen.

-Blake says he’s a personal trainer but his bio says drummer boy, so I already can’t trust him. Blake claims that since working out increases his testosterone, he is great at sex. I’m sorry but I don’t care about his (probably small) penis.

-Diggy is a nickname this man (I don’t know his real name) received after someone complimented his style. “Hey, I like your digs,” they said. Some may say having 500 pairs of shoes is materialistic, but Carrie Bradshaw would say it’s a lifestyle.

-Josiah probably had the most heartbreaking story. At age seven he cut his dead brother down from the rope he used to hang himself. As a troubled youth, he decided to get into crime and was arrested at age 12 for burglary. He was inspired by the people who helped him turn his life around, so he became just like them. Now he is a prosecuting attorney at the same center that helped him. How can that story not warm up your heart?

The Squad Gets Back Together

Usually the show brings in former Bachelorettes to give advice to the new one. Instead, they brought in some of Rachel’s friends from The Bachelor like Whitney, who tried to convince us that she actually knows how to speak. I for one am not buyin’ it.

The robot pretending to be Whitney said she heard the second guy Rachel met on After The Final Rose has bad intentions. It was either Blake or Greg. I am unsure.

This is Raven adorably getting emotional when discussing Rachel’s journey to find love.

Imagine Rachel did get to meet the former Bachelorettes, though? Her, Andi and Kaitlyn could all go into a corner and talk shit about Nick Viall. I would love to be a fly on that wall.

Limo Entrances

I am going to discuss ones that deserve discussing. Obviously the first person out the limo is typically a big interest of the lead and that person usually (not always) plays a big part in the season. Let’s meet first-out-the-limo guy and everyone else worth talking about:

  • Peter, aka “Daddy,” was first out the limo. I normally wouldn’t like a guy wearing an outfit that belongs on a waiter in Las Vegas, but Peter can wear anything. I just want to thank him for existing.

He looks like a movie star from the 1940s. Is this love at first sight?

  • Bryan went up to Rachel and started speaking Spanish. Apparently he’s a Columbian guy who called himself “trouble.” I’m into it, and apparently so is Rachel.
  • Will came out the limo as Steve Urkel, slipped on the ground and said “Oh, did I do that?” He ran back into the limo and came back out as Stefan Urquelle. It was probably the most creative limo entrance ever. Rachel got the reference right away because she’s Rachel. Will is probably already in love.
  • Fred had the most hilarious entrance I’ve ever seen. Rachel was his camp counselor 15 years ago, so he brought out a yearbook and showed old pictures of him and Rachel. Rachel said Fred was a bad kid growing up. Most people get friendzoned at some point in their lives. Some even get sexzoned. Fred, however, got campzoned. What will it take to get Fred out of the camp zone? Stay tuned…
  • Jonathan, in typical ticklemonster fashion, tickled Rachel. Apparently he is a doctor in real life. I feel like tickling someone is some sort of violation. Like I said earlier, we will see this guy on the sex offender registry in due time.
  • Alex came in with a vacuum and I literally JUST understood his reference as I am typing it out. His entrance was an homage to Rachel dancing while vacuuming in her video package on The Bachelor. Well played, sir, well played.
  • Matt wore a penguin outfit and was quite adorable. He explained that penguins mate for life, which is what he says he wants to do. He said he’s gonna “waddle right into her heart.”
  • Mohit used the most basic best man wedding speech in existence as his opening line. If you didn’t work at a wedding hall for three years and haven’t heard this at basically every wedding ever, let me explain. Almost every best man at a wedding has the groom put his hand over his wife’s hand. He then says “This is the last time you will ever have the upper hand in the relationship. Enjoy it.” Negative 10 points for originality.
  • Lucas, the Whaboom! guy, was all sorts of extra. First he rolled down the window with a megaphone and did his best Bruce Buffer impression. I didn’t want to know that Lucas has one testicle bigger than the other, but now I do. What will I do with this source of information? Suppress it, probably. Lucas then shows us what Whaboom! really means, and it’s not pretty. Let’s just say there’s a reason why Lucas looks like he is recovering from a stoke. Whabooming! is a violent activity.

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My reaction after witnessing what a Whaboom! is.

The Goings On In The Mansion

Some worthwhile observations…

Blake is clearly this season’s villain and Whaboom! guy is the token weirdo for the first few episodes. Blake’s presence already annoys me. He’s no Chad. Chad was at least funny.

Mohit took one for the team and was the one who got completely hammered on night one. He was so drunk that he grabbed someone else’s drink out of their hand and started drinking it.

Josiah, Alex and DeMario have already developed a friendship. I hereby name them the “Goon Squad” for being a bunch of clowns. DeMario keept calling Rachel his future wife and Josiah was announcing that he probably will get the first impression rose. I believe at one point Josiah asked, “Who has had time with my wife?” Alex is just guilty by association.

Fred by far had the best interaction with Rachel: 

  • Rachel: “Frederick. I can’t”
  • Fred: “Yeah, you can.”

Rachel says she knew Fred as a third grader and can’t get past that memory. If the guy is hot enough, I think she could do it. If she can’t get past it, that probably means she’s not interested and Fred will remain forever in the Campzone.

Bryan pulled Rachel to the side to have a private talk. Right out the bat, Bryan tells her he is 37 years old, wants something serious and doesn’t want to waste her time. Oh, he also says “I’m good with my hands.” Ya know, because he’s a chiropractor. 

Just showing some appreciation for Bryan’s face.

The two were flirting back and forth. It felt really genuine like they met at a bar or something. Bryan just went for it and grabbed her face to give her an aggressive face readjustment. A+ for grabbing her face like that. You go, Glen Coco.

Peter said in an ITM that he likes Rachel because they both have a gap in their teeth and honestly that is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. He brought chocolate from Wisconsin for her and she confessed that she didn’t like chocolate but said she would eat it anyway. Why? Because Peter is fine as hell so you gotta do what you gotta do.

I also observed that Kenny is hilarious. For example, this line: “If she chooses Whaboom! guy, we need to re-examine what we think is fly.”

When the time comes for Rachel to give out her first impression rose, she doesn’t give it to the over-confident Josiah, she gives it to Bryan. They kiss again with a hammered Mohit accidentally witnessing the entire thing. 

  • Here’s a shot of them kissing that didn’t look like Bryan’s tongue was searching for the Chamber of Secrets down Rachel’s throat.

Good thing Mohit was blackout drunk so he was likely physically incapable of snitching. Too bad Bryan later snitches on himself on the Ellen date. 

Rose Ceremony

The first rose is always super important. That person usually plays a big part in the season.

Peter got the first rose. This, on top of him being first out of the limo, is pretty big. Producers are pushing Peter on us hard. 

Will aka Stefan got the second rose. Soft-spoken Jack Stone got the third. I think Anthony, the deep-thinking bald guy, got the fourth rose.

Producers picked Whaboom! guy to stay to 1. entertain us and 2. piss off Blake. I’m just scared Lucas is going to hurt his neck Whabooming! At least Bryan will be there to work his chiropractor magic if need be. Imagine getting adjusted by Bryan? There is no way I’d be able to relax. 

By the time several of the guys get eliminated, it’s daylight outside. It looks like it’s around noon. 

Blake K. the hot asian went home. Apparently he asked to leave early because his grandfather is sick. Dammit, ABC, put him on Paradise. He might be too good for the show, but I still need to see more of him.

Grant, the ugly Dan Humphrey also went home.

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Another eliminated guy cried about how he spent so much money on outfits and now no one will be able to see them. It was kind of funny but, I hate that I was able to relate to this so much.

So there you have it folks. The real fun starts on Monday once the group dates are underway. I also promise the upcoming recaps won’t be the length of a short novel. I need to get back into my blogging groove.

Prediction Corner: Top 5

  • Peter
  • Bryan
  • Kenny
  • Will
  • Jack Stone

Who do you think will get the 1-on-1 next week? 

after kanaya and rose finally start dating and kanaya hugs rose for the first time rose realizes how nice physical contact like this is and how starved she was of it

when kanaya hugs rose she notices rose likes to kind of Linger when they hug but she doesnt rly mind also rose kind of holds her really tight bc shes Awkward and Gay and Totally Not Desperate

Wait, ew. Right out of the gate with gross. I guess she met her first 4 dudes back during the Bachelor reunion show or After the Final Rose or somesuch, and some swoopy-banged bro literally walked out and said, “I’m ready to go black and I’m never gonna go back.”

And she laughed and hugged him and said, “I love that,” and I hope to god she didn’t really mean that.


Listen up: If I’m the first Black Bachelorette, a pre-requisite is that EVERY dude needs to have dated (DATED, not talked to, or hung out with, or fucked) a black girl before. The entire premise of this franchise is that it’s some social experiment in love; we are not adding “curious or fetishistic randos date a black girl to kickstart their 15 minutes of fame” to the mix. Not today, Satan.

I am 4:06 into this episode. We aren’t even at the mansion for limo drop-offs yet. I hate this.

Back in the day (circa creepy Jake Pavelka), I devised a drinking game to deal with this show’s foolishness. Used to roll into work on Tuesday’s hung over AF, but it was worth it.

Too bad I’m off alcohol now. This is going to be sooooo painful.

100 Followers - Imagine: Being Kidnapped by Millennium and then Guarded by a Polite Captain

Whew, this took forever, and I’m sorry for that! This is much, MUCH longer than the last one. A lot more backstory too. I apologize for the lack of Captain. It was difficult to get him in there without it becoming weird of why he would be there, so yeah, sorry. I really hope you all like this. Do let me know how I did on this, I always love your comments (which I read on EVERY post) and talking to you all. Please enjoy and thank you!


Hellsing Fanfiction - Reader-Insert

Reader x Captain (slight, can be interpreted how you please) 

Feedback is appreciated, and I apologize in advance for my terrible attempt at a German accent XD


Something cold and metallic pressedagainst ______ aching skin. The touch was a strange mix of pleasantand painful. As their eyes pried themselves open, the peculiar feeling quickly transformed into an irritation. They were in a cell, which only meant one thing: damn Millennium.

Groaning, they pulled their sore body to their knees. In the dim light, the small square room was even more dismal. A perfect cube with one side holding criss-crossed bars and the other a plain metal sheet that wrapped to hold them. A metal prison that stank of gunpowder and antiseptic, with only an oddly brown-colored toilet in the corner and a thin mat in the other.

It shouldn’t have surprised ____ that their conditions were so terrible. They were a part of the enemy after all. It embarrassed _____ to be in this situation, especially after having finally rose in the ranks of Hellsing. After starting off as just another cannon-fodder soldier, they climbed their way to the top, or rather, was one of the few that still stood and still clung to their sanity. Most either died or went insane after having witnessed all of the horrific sights that Hellsing dealt with, many of which had to do with the No Life King himself, who had no qualms with devouring the enemy right in front of the new recruits. Somehow, _____ managed to become used to the screams and splashes of blood. Maybe because they knew it was for the best, or because they thought it was kind of cool, or maybe because they rationalized that at least it wasn’t them. Whatever the case, ____ remained, through all of the battles, through the arrival of the Draculina, Seras, through the hiring of the Wild Geese, and through the initial fight against the Millennium members. And this did not go unnoticed. Sir Integra was impressed, not an easy feat, and Alucard appeared to be amused by _____’s talent of not dieing, despite the odds. During Jan Valentine’s assault on the manor, ______ survived, and that was the final tipping point. After such heavy losses, ____ was promoted, even standing above the newly recruited Wild Geese (which, of course, Pip Bernadotte laughed at this before being smacked around by Miss Victoria, who did not appreciate seeing a senior officer belittled as they were). When it came time to escort the No Life King, it was no surprise that _____ was assigned to accompany the Wild Geese in their guarding. At first, ___ was excited to find that they were going to be visiting such a pleasant place and began to daydream about perhaps getting a well-deserved break. However, it appears fate had other plans, or rather, Millennium had.

Everyone was busy during that night when Tubalcain Alhambra and several other Millennium soldiers attacked Alucard, including a rather tired ______. They had been asleep at the time, but was awoken quickly by the sound of gunshots. They had been stationed in the hotel as well, as a precaution, yet, this seems to have been a mistake on Hellsing. While attempting to gather up their guns, several men rushed in, far more prepared than _____ was. They fought the vampires the best they could, however, was overwhelmed by the numbers, which just seemed to continue to grow. When their gun was knocked out of their hands, they knew it was over. However, instead of devouring them as they believed, they were hit over the head with the butt of one of the enemy’s guns and immediately blacked out.

And now, _____ was under the gracious care of Millennium.

The bruises on their arms and legs from the fight had not healed, only worsened from the apparent rough treatment of their unconscious body during the move. Blood stained their hair, crusty around the area in which they were hit. Gingerly, they wobbled to their feet, fighting off the nausea that was rising in their throat. They were sick from the impact and injuries, but also could not deny the hunger pangs that were rising in their belly.

_____ made their way to the bars, and peered past the cross-stitched metal. There were other cells, yet none of them appeared to be occupied. The faint light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling, however, did not help with their vision. The silence was unnerving; no one was around by them. Why kidnap them, but then not even bother to guard or interrogate them? Wanting answers, ______ did something that only seemed rational at the time.

“Oi,” ____ yelled into the hall, “why am I here?” Their voice reverberated off the metal walls, sending a shiver down their spine from the sheer emptiness.

When there came no answer, they huffed before turning around to slump down onto the mat. They huddled there, holding their knees to their chest, just realizing how cold it was in there. A growl emitted from their stomach and they held it, pressing their palm against the soft spot in hopes of silencing the ripple. The continuous inner cry was interrupted by the sudden clang of metal against metal. ____ glanced up, their eyes widening at the sight.

The Captain.

Not known by any other name but his position, The Captain was only a rumor, a whisper, a I-hope-to-God-he’s-not-real-because-otherwise-I’ll-shit-my-pants-murmur. However, ____ knew right away from his appearance who he was, just from the stories of white hair and red eyes, and his clothes, which matched the military-grade outfit for captains. He was tall, much taller than _____, and broad-shouldered with a face hidden behind his collar and hat.

Here was the Captain, a mere legend, standing before _____, with a tray in his gloved hands.

_____ was speechless, only stuttering out breaths in an awkward attempt to form words. The Captain, on the other hand, was quiet as well, yet carried a superior air around him. With their back still against the wall, _____ tried to slink back farther into the shadows. When he realized that they were not going to come towards him, the Captain took a step forward, causing ____ to flinch. He did not attempt to approach them further, but instead bent down to place the tray on the ground. Their eyes locked with his when he went to stand back up, but they quickly looked away. Their stare remained on the colored-toilet until they heard the sliding of metal and footsteps fall away. When they were sure they were alone, they vaulted their body towards the tray. A simple sandwich, apple, and glass of water appeared to be the most delicious thing that ____ had seen in a very long time. They devoured the food and drink without a moment’s hesitation. Afterward, they crawled back into their corner, their thoughts racing and their skin still achingly cold.

As ______, thought over their current situation, wondering how the heck they were going to escape a Nazi prison, heavy footsteps echoed through the hall, making their way towards _____’s cell. ____ stood up, preparing themselves for the inevitable encounter.

“Ah, did out prisoner enjoy their meal?”

____ remained silent, refusing to answer the man. First, they stood toe-to-toe with the infamous Captain, and now, in the flesh, was the Major himself. A portly man with grin plastered against his face, the Major was dwarfed easily by the Captain, who stood to his right. _____ kept their eyes on the Major, but couldn’t help but catch glimpses of the Captain and his own crimson orbs.

“It was fine,” _____ finally replied, “thanks.”

The Major clasped his hands together in a dramatic fashion. “Wunderbar. I know it vasn’t much, but I’m glad to hear that it could fill some of zhat void in your stomach.”

____ quietly scoffed at the man’s mock-enthusiasm. “Thank you again.” It was best to try and remain polite. The last thing they needed was to go and piss off the reason this war began.

“You are most velcome. Now, onto business. You are probably wondering vhy you are here. Well, you see, our Doctor has taken an interest in you and your apparent inability to die, despite the dire circumstances.”

_____’s eyes widened. ‘Doctor?’ Who the hell was the 'Doctor?’ Was he the one that was turning those soldiers into ghouls? Oh shit…

“So, you brought me here,” _____ said, “because you want to experiment on me?”

The Major’s grin stretched farther. “You could say zhat. You impressed us, all of us, and zhat is not an easy feat. Do not worry though,” he spread out his arms, “I promise zhat it won’t be as bad as it sounds.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The words left _____’s mouth before they could stop themself. It was true, they wanted to remain human, please and thank you, but they really did not want to make their captives angry. However, despite _____’s initial thought, the Major’s grin did not fade, but instead, somehow seemed to stretch even further.

“Ah, I know zhe feeling. Do not worry, we wouldn’t dare take away your humanity. Zomething like that is far too precious to lose. For it is your spirit that keeps you alive.”

Okay, now the guy was starting to sound like some inspirational poster. _____ wanted to meld into the wall, but they remained, still under the watchful eye of both the Major and the Captain, whose gaze had not left them.

“The process will be difficult, true,” the Major continued, “but it will be vorth it. We hope.”

“Well, what is it then?” ____ asked, regretting the words once more, but their curiosity would kill them before any sick experiments would if they were not told soon. However, they were not given an answer. Instead, the Major shook his head, the sickening smile never leaving his face.

“You vill see soon.” He locked eyes with them once more. “For now, you vill stay here, with the Captain here checking on you once in a vhile.”

With that last comment, the Major left ____ to themselves, the Captain trailing behind.

Having kept count of the days by sheer memory, ______ was up to four days in the cell. It was the same everyday: the Captain would come by three times a day with a tray of food (always a sandwich, apple, and water) and then stand there for just a little while before leaving. Each time he was there, _____ made use of the temporary company and attempted to talk to him. Perhaps out of need for company, or perhaps their sanity truly was slipping. Whatever the case, they were the only one that talked between the two, the Captain remaining ever stoic and silent. Usually, their “conversations” consisted of ______ thanking him before reminiscing about the past, mainly events from their career in Hellsing.

It was on the fifth day, they noted, that something was different: it was much colder than it had been. They sat on their make-shift bed, holding themselves, and attempting to stop their violent shivering. When the footsteps arrived, carrying the Captain and his food tray, they did not bother to look up. They did, though, when they heard a sudden whooshing noise, and a darkness cover their view. An incredibly warm cloak was now placed over their shoulders. It was tucked close to their collarbone by two nimble hands. The body to which these hands belonged to was now, as _____ noticed, shirtless. The Captain had leaned down to their level and was adjusting his very own cloak around them. Because of his height, his chest was more at eye length than his face, making the cloak seem to be made out of ice in comparison to the hotness that enveloped ______’s cheeks.

“Um,” ____ said, “thank you Captain.”

He said nothing, instead, standing up from the shivering figure, stepping over the tray, and leaving, allowing _____ to keep his coat. After coming out of their daze, they gingerly ate the food, careful not to stain the coat. Normally, ____ would have purposely tried to ruin anything Millennium had, but due to the Captain’s abnormal kindness, they decided against it. He came back a little later, carrying a pile of blankets. He took back his jacket, but made sure they wrapped the fabric around them first. They thanked him once more, before he slipped away.

All of this was too confusing for ______. They were sought out by Millennium, imprisoned, being prepped for some sort of experimentation, and now the infamous Captain was bringing them blankets. What was with all of this? Why was he so polite? Why did Millennium want them? It was almost too much.

Within the next few days, the Captain came around more often and stuck around more. To ____, they enjoyed the company, but was growing concerned by this need for extra protection. Was it almost time? However, he remained polite, making sure that they were brought food and blankets. At one point, he even brought them a sponge and a bucket of water to wash off. Of course, he turned around like a gentleman to give them privacy.

It bothered _____ how much they were going to miss him and his visits when it came time, him and his damn politeness.


Yeah, sorry about the shit ending. I had no idea how. You all can make up the rest I suppose :)

Leave of Absence - Keith Alford - Another Story

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and the part that you kinda need to read to understand this part of the story  cause it takes place right in the middle of —> Part 5 <—

Yeh, I don’t like having one ending… *cough cough* here’s a warning type thing - It’s not a good ending. Read at your own risk of tears?


               Our staring contest seemed to soften from rage to a strange sternness. We still stayed silent. Keith’s eyes were still connected with mine and his hands caged me to my place. Keith didn’t budge. It felt as if he was frozen and the only thing that moved were his lips to speak. “You said love…… present tense.”

                I gazed at his emerald eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I was right before, he had dark circles that looked as if he hadn’t slept in days. But what was that emotion? Was that passion in his eyes truly the love for me that I haven’t seen in what feels like forever? At the moment it felt more like the desperation of putting a puzzle back together. The kingdom needed its queen and Keith would go to any lengths to get her back. But it can’t be me anymore.

                “I misspoke…” I said casting my gaze downward. “Keith… we’ve both seen this coming. We barley ever see each other. And when we do, we just fight. I was never cut out to be a queen… but you were born to be king. I don’t love you anymore, and I don’t think I ever will again.”

                Those final words stung my throat as they left. It was a lie. It was all a lie. But I couldn’t be selfish and keep putting Keith through this roller coaster of a relationship. He can move on and find some noble girl built to be a queen. That’s what the kingdom and Keith deserved. 

                I finally looked back at Keith’s expression. His eyes were cold. They no longer gave off the full green sparkle that I remembered so fondly. They were angry or broken; it seemed like thousands of emotions flashed through them in a matter of moments. His lips were tightened into and intense scowl that set a fear in my heart. I couldn’t even fathom the fact that this man in front of me was a complete stranger. A stranger that I was genuinely afraid of.

                Keith hands slid off the wall behind me and he turned back towards his desk. He slowly walked to it and placed his hands on the edge as if he was going to try and push it out the window. When Keith finally spoke, it sent a shiver down my spine. “If you ever think you’re going to see him again, you’re dead wrong.”

                My mouth instantly fell open to let out a small gasp but I attempted to reply right away. “Keith you-”

                He had no interest in hearing anything I had to say. He swiped his hand across the desk and the sound of books falling and papers flying filled the room. He had somehow missed the glass he was drinking from earlier, but that didn’t stop him from picking it up and throwing it against the wall. It shattered in an instant.

                “Leave! NOW! I never want to see your face here again! GET OUT!”

                I seemed to be frozen in place. My heart was beating so loud I would have guessed Keith could have heard it. “Keith…” was the only word that I could mutter as I felt tears threaten my eyes.

                With his fists clenched tightly at his sides he didn’t even turn around to speak to me. His voice was no longer a shout, but a nasty snarl that could only be heard with insults. “You no longer have the status to call me that. You don’t even have the status to be in my presence. Leave now, commoner.”

                I had nothing else to say. I turned towards the door and slowly shut it behind me. I glanced back in at the last second, before the door latched to see Keith in the same position. Fists clenched, straight back, and tense shoulders. As soon as I took a few steps from the door I heard another loud noise that could only be Keith destroying more of the office.

                I walked slowly down the hallway for a while. I hid my emotions so well up until this point so why did it feel so hard now. Tears finally feel from eyes and my walk quickly turned to a sprint towards to main doors. I needed to leave; it’s what Keith wanted.

                Suddenly, someone caught my arm and I was abruptly stopped. I didn’t want any of the staff to see me this way. I tried to keep my face out of their view, facing the other direction. But a saddened voice forced me to turn my attention to them. “Your Majesty…” he said.

                It was Luke. His eyes were widened and his mouth was slightly open. I’m sure he couldn’t believe the sight before him. But there was no way I was going to bring him into this anymore. “Luke I’m sorry, I just need to go. Tell Grant that-”

                “Mom…” Grant said as he peeked from behind Luke.

                All the air had been stolen from my lungs. I crouched down to get onto Grant’s level and gave him a smile though my tear stained face. “Grant I love you, but I have to leave now.” I said summoning my calmest voice.

                He looked confused for a moment before speaking again. “Are we going on vacation again? Where?”

                I held back a sob that threated my composure. “No honey… just me this time. And I won’t be back for a long time.”

                Grant’s brow came together for a concerned expression. “But why?”

                “So your father can be a great king. Just like you’ll be one day.”

                Grant’s expression threated one of an abandoned puppy and it tore my heart apart. I wrapped my arms around him taking in everything about him. I didn’t want to forget him. As we stopped the embrace I studied his face. He looked so much like Keith. But right now his expression mirrored mine, full of sadness.

                “Your Highness…” Luke gasped from where he stood beside us.

                “I’m sorry Luke, that name doesn’t belong to me anymore.” I said to him briefly, before turning back to Grant.

                I could tell he was fighting tears. But he had a serious, maturity in his eyes before he spoke. “Don’t worry…  I’ll give it back to you one day when I’m king.”

                I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. Saying goodbye to my son was like a blow the stomach along with a thousand shards of glass. My entire body was rejecting this departure and it was both the most physical and mental pain I had ever been through. “I’ll always love you.” I said to him as he whipped a tear of his own away.

                After another short squeeze I finally rose from my spot. I looked at Luke for what seemed like it would be the last time as well. “Thank you for everything. You were a great friend through all of this.”

                “It was my duty. It still is your Highness. You don’t have to go-”

                I wrapped my arms around him which seemed to give him a big enough shock to shut him up. He was tense at first before slowly placing his hands on my upper back with an awkward pat. “I’m not a queen anymore. Just a friend saying goodbye.” I whispered.

                I released him and gave them both one last look. This was it, I needed to go now. I turned, closing my eyes in hopes that their faces would stay burned in my memories. Tears seemed to increase and I quickly walked towards the exit without another word.

                “Wait! I’ll call for a car, you can’t-” Luke’s voice faded off before I could comprehend his sentence.

                I sprinted towards the door. All of my surroundings blurred, but I seemed to know every nook of this residence. As soon as I reached the doors I bursted through them into the cool evening air. The doors closed behind me and I stopped on the front steps to catch my breath. I felt the tears fall from my eyes but I quickly told all my emotions to stop. I wasn’t needed here anymore.

                I looked up to see that it had already getting dark. The sky was stained with yellows and pinks and dimness was everywhere. There was a car sitting out front and I slowly walked down the steps with shaky legs to it. The driver was leaning against the door but I couldn’t bare look at his face. “Could you please take me to the nearest hotel.” I asked softly.

                For a moment it seemed like he hadn’t heard me. He was probably trying to figure out why the “queen” was coming to him like this. Something seemed to click as he hurriedly gave me an answer. “Uhh… Yeh, yeh, ssure.”

                I quickly got into the back seat and waited for him to start driving. Here I was again, on another road trip that I absolutely hated. I stared at my hands for a while, they were shaking dreadfully. I squeezed my eyes shut in hopes that I could just wake up from this nightmare, but this was reality.

                Once we got closer to town we hit a red light. It was the perfect opportunity for the paparazzi to find us, and of course they didn’t disappoint. I gasped at the first flash of a camera. Even when we began driving again they had managed to find their own ways of transportation and followed.

                Could I really handle this? Could I leave my family, friends,… and love behind? At this point I was probably causing Keith even more trouble by being in this very car! The driver started to speed a bit as the flashes continued.

                Keith was the King of this country and for some reason I can’t even fathom, he choose me as his Queen. We had talked about how hard it would be and how the crown would weigh heavy on our relationship. But why was it all crumbling now? Was it me? Did my concern for the country cast a shadow upon everything important to me. What was important to me anymore?

                Grant was. That was for sure and with this decision I would probably never get to see him except through a television screen. Liberty was. I truly cared for this Kindom and when I was first crowned as queen I was overjoyed at the thoughts of how I could do everything humanly possible to help it. And… Keith was. He can be an ignorant ass on occasion… most of the time, but there was a reason I fell in love with him. There’s a reason I wanted to try so hard for Liberty and be an amazing mom for Grant. For some reason I could look past an occasional sour attitude and find the man I loved. Recently, I must not have been looking hard enough because somewhere I knew deep down, I will always love Keith.

                Another flash shocked me too look at the situation currently going on. I needed to go back. I needed to go back now! “Driver! Please turn around, I’ve made a mistake!” I pleaded.

                As I peered over the edge of the driver’s seat I noticed how fast we were going. Far faster than would ever be necessary to lose a few photographers. I leaned in closer to him only to be met the overwhelming stench of alcohol. It felt as if all the air had been sucked out of my lungs. “Stop the car now!” I screamed.

                “Calm don lady, Itsh gonna be fin. Imma lose dees weirdos and itsh gonna be fin.” He slurred.

                How could I of not realized it before. I was too busy with my thoughts to notice I was getting into the car with a drunk driver! How stupid could I be?

I searched for options. Jumping from this speed was out of the question also adding in the factor that we were about to go over a bridge and the cars perusing us. Trying to take the wheel would also be a great risk, no matter what we would swerve. I could feel my heart pounding and I quickly searched for my phone. Maybe I could reach someone in time. My fingers were trembling as I tried to press the correct numbers but the phone was knocked from my hand when the car suddenly rammed into the railing. “What are you doing!” I screamed.

                “Whewn did dees lanes getso shmall?” he said with another swerve into the other lane.

                Headlights. That’s what I remember next. The blinding light of another car’s headlights. Then impact. The sound of broken glass and crunching metal. My vision was blurred and everything hurt. I was no longer sitting in the back seat of a car. I was lying on the cold concrete of the bridge.

                They say when you stare in the face of death, you see your entire life flash before your eyes. Your favorite memories, the good, the bad, everything. What did I see? I saw Grant and Luke and my family back home and Keith.

                It felt like a huge weight was sitting on top of my chest and with every breath came pain. I couldn’t move. I wasn’t sure if it was from some other injury or the pure shock and panic. I half expected to hear angles singing and a bright light to take me into the afterlife. But I heard something entirely different. It was a faint voice that still managed to hold an intimidating tone even through a cracked cell phone. “-why are you calling? I don’t care about your things, get new ones or I’ll ship them or something-”

                It took all my strength go reach out to the device. I let of a gasp as I tried to straighten out my fingers to grasp it. “And I don’t care if you come back here begging! What you have done-” Keith’s voice was even more clear.

                “Keith…” I barely whispered but it must have been loud enough because Keith stopped.

                It felt like I needed to gasp for breath after every syllable so a long pause continued between us before he finally spoke. “What’s wrong…? Where are you? I’m coming for you stay there!” with each word Keith’s voice became more concerned.

                I could feel the sting of a tear travel down my face, invading a few cuts. “I’m sorry…. I lied….”

                “What are you talking about?”

                “I… still love you….. I love you…. and Grant, everyone…. I’m so sorr-” I choked on my words and went into a coughing fit. As I drew back my hand from my mouth, I saw the disturbing sight of blood. “I’m sorry…. Goodbye….”

                “No! You can’t do this to me! You can’t leave me again! Luke! Send some-” his voice faded away.

                The phone dropped from my hand. My vision went into a complete blur of black. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t feel. I knew it was time to leave. I’m sorry Keith… I’m afraid this leave of absence is permanent.

~ Another End ~

Originally I was going to have a choice right in the middle of the chapter that would link you to either the good/bad ending. I might put that in later. I feel like it would be a cool otome element!

But yes I’ll probably do epilogues for both endings and they will be out soon! I also may or may not be trying to write smut so be prepared! <Another Epilogue>  

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Ten minute prompt: Rose and Ten go to a parallel universe where DW is a tv show, they read fanfiction about them

This basically developed into a one-shot instead of a ten minute prompt… Hope you enjoy!

“This can’t be right,” the Doctor said, his voice muffled from the screwdriver that was currently being held between his teeth.

One of his hands was toying with something on the top of the console and the other was furiously typing on a keyboard of some sort while he stared at a monitor.

Rose frowned and stepped up behind him to stare at the screen. The writing was in some sort of circular language that she’d seen before but couldn’t read so she just licked her lips in concern. “What’s wrong?”

He ran a hand through his hair and spoke again, this time causing the screwdriver to clatter to the grating, but he didn’t even seem to notice. “She’s saying we’re in a parallel universe. But that’s not remotely possible.”

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I hate that I am watching the Bachelor because Ben is like the most basic white guy ever but...

He went on a one-on-one date with the only black girl on the show, Jubilee, and I was like “okay this might be interesting…” And she was quite ecstatic (even tho Ben was late). And then when Ben came with a helicopter to whisk them away, Jubilee was anxious. She said she was in the military, but still myself included, I don’t know many people who all that comfortable with helicopters (but I wasn’t in the military).

So as she and Ben were getting on, Jubilee makes a joke like “Omg, does someone else wanna go on my date?” which of course was to ease the tension. But literally all the other white girls on the show took that shit seriously, like they are being paid to have sticks up their asses for fake TV. They all started getting mad at Jubilee as if she is being flippant, when really she was just nervous. Anyway Jubilee and Ben had a good date, the helicopter wasn’t bad, they had caviar, and Jubilee let her guard down and was genuine which Ben enjoyed (apparently all the other girls are hella fake in front of Ben).

So back at the house the white girls are fuming when they find out that Jubilee is still there (duh) and that she got a rose (by being a real human being with flaws). Then at the night of the rose ceremony, all of the girls are playing victim as if Jubilee did something to them (because of an offhand joke?!) and one of the girls tries to rally the others to confront Jubilee (like you can’t be the white girl gathering up other girls to attack the black girl).

Like I was so mad at these white girls bc like just before the rose ceremony, friends of Ben’s family passed and rather than be respectful and manage their drama in that context, they just made it about themselves and how Jubilee disrespected “the process” (like none of y'all are marrying Ben, no Bachelor romance lasts after the final rose!). Jubilee was smart to go upstairs and remove herself from the situation, and Ben finds her to go figure out what’s wrong and to comfort her. And the instigator of the confrontation follows and makes herself look hella bad in front of Ben(!)

Sadly, the instigator didn’t go home but she was close, and hopefully Jubilee will be around longer than all of these other basics. I like Jubilee, and she may be why I watch this season. The Bachelor is of course hella trash (a sexist premise and a cornucopia of white mediocrity) but I always fear for the black/PoC girl in the show because either she is kicked out first night, kept on for “diversity” for a couple more roses, or pushed out by the white girl drama. I want Jubilee to make it at least to the point that she can be the next (and first black) Bachelorette.

I’m trying to understand how the Crystal Gems behave around Peridot.

Didn’t they participate in a war?  They may not have the fortitude to break other Gems if they don’t have to, but the fact that they don’t even know how to interrogate a prisoner of war is really, really strange.

And if they were Rose’s right-hand Gems, like Pearl constantly claims to have been?  It’s even stranger!  You don’t get to be in the war general’s inner circle and not become accustomed, or at least aware of that kind of thing.

(Unless they weren’t really Rose’s closest friends, but they became friends by virtue of fighting for Rose Quartz and idolizing her, and being the only ones left alive after the final battle)

Did Rose handle all the gritty stuff all on her own, so they wouldn’t have to know what it was like?  Or maybe she made them promise to never do it again after the war was over?

The Diamond Authority, the Gem War, and Diamonds on Earth

Ok, so I’ve seen a few different theories floating around about the Diamond Authority, as well as a few other theories, and I figured I’d get my own two cents in.

First off, let’s talk about the Diamond Authority. First hinted at in show by Ronaldo in Keep Beach City Weird!, and foreshadowed even earlier in Serious Steven, we get little bits of information hinting that there is at least some semblance of a higher authority in the form of several Diamonds. In Serious Steven, in the main room of the temple the Crystal Gems tumble into, there is a circular pattern, showing a triforce like pattern. The washed out, gray pallet of the temple prevents us from really discerning anything from this at first, but it will relate to the mural that is found in the same temple, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

In Jailbreak, we finally see this pattern again, in a similarly large and round room, when Garnet faces Jasper. In fact, the similarities between the rooms are eerily similar, with the triangular doors from the temple mirrored by the triangular patterns on the walls, but I digress. Now, in a much more modern and recent environment, we can see some context added to the pattern in the form of colour added to the center three triangles: One white, one blue, and one yellow. I think it’s pretty likely, especially considering Jasper’s line referencing “Yellow Diamond” in The Return that these refer to three very powerful Gems, or at least higher ups in the Gem hierarchy.

This mural shows us four very distinct figures, and while the colours are quite washed out, it’s still possible to discern colours. Starting from the left, we see a white figure, surrounded by hands, with a white triangle. This is likely White Diamond. Then, we see a pink Rose Quartz, directly opposing a blue figure with a blue triangle, likely Blue Diamond. Finally, we see a yellow figure with a yellow triangle, over a very simplistic design of what may be a sun. This is likely Yellow Diamond. I’d like to go into more depth with this mural, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Now let’s talk about the Gem War. We know from Serious Steven and Rose’s Scabbard that there was a rather large battle for earth at least once, where many gems, likely on both sides, were broken. We learn that the Gem Battlefield was the site of one of the most historic battles from that war. But what could have made that battle so historic? My theory is that it was a major victory for Rose and her armies, one where they defeated a great enemy:

White Diamond. Indeed, I believe that the reason this battle was so historic was because Rose’s army finally laid a crushing blow to the home world, defeating one of their leaders. Seen here is the Gem that Steven pulled from the temple in Serious Steven, baring a strong resemblance to the stereotypical cut of a diamond. Perhaps, after her defeat, Rose and her comrades imprisoned White Diamond somewhere no one could find her: In the heart of a temple, designed to disorient and confuse those inside, ensuring that any intruders would be turned away from its prisoner no matter where they turn. It’s too soon to say whether this prison was designed and built by Rose or one of her companions, so we’ll just have to wait until more information is revealed about the war or the temp itself.

Let’s turn our attention to the end of the war for Earth, now. We learn from Greg in The Return that the war concluded when Rose used her shield to protect herself and few of her closest friends (Likely Pearl and Garnet, since the war probably ended before Amethyst joined the CGs). Now, an attack that powerful probably had to be undertaken by an incredibly strong Gem, or collection of Gems. However, for the war to end, Rose and co. would then have to turn around and finish their opponents. So, I think that this final battle took place on coast, where Beach City would eventually form, between Rose Quartz…

And Blue Diamond (Pictures from Horror Club). After her defeat, I believe that Blue Diamond’s Gem fell to Earth, landing on top of the cliff that housed the Crystal Gem’s final base and temple. Time passes, and a lighthouse is built on top of the spot where Diamond’s still recovering Gem fell. The Gem, likely too damaged after its final fight with Rose to fully recover, fuses itself with the lighthouse. We’ve actually seen a Gem act in a similar fashion before.  Thinking back to Steven’s Lion, we’re introduce to a Gem that became “Aimless”, in a state where it can’t regenerate itself, but still effects the world around it. Like the Desert Glass, Blue Diamond is deranged, unable to return to her normal form.

We even get a very special tidbit from Steven in Horror Club. When the crew heads into the basement of the lighthouse, Steven says that he feels a presence who’s “Hurting, and obsessed”. Even more poignant when you think that the last moments of her life was being defeated by a Rose Quartz. Blue Diamond has likely become obsessed with Rose Quartz after a likely long, drawn out battle between the two.

Now, assuming these two Gems really are the fallen leaders of the Gem home world, we can guess pretty easily why the war ended right there. Yellow Diamond, the last of the three Diamond higher ups, probably decided the planet was more trouble than it was worth, withdrawing from the war for Earth, especially after losing two incredibly powerful Gems to Rose and her armies.

I think it’s also important to notice the significance of the “uniforms” of each of the Gems. We already know that the star represents Rose and the Crystal Gems, since every one of them have a star somewhere in their clothes. So, we can also look at the two modern home world Gems to try to find similarities that would point toward some sort of leader or higher up:

Both Jasper and Peridot have a yellow diamond in the center of their clothes. Also, assuming you believe my ramblings, can actually be traced back to her leader by looking at her outfit:

She was likely in the service of Blue Diamond, before she was placed into the mirror.

Anyway, long theory post, but those are my theories on the whole Diamond Authority thing! It’s probably full of holes, so feel free to shoot me a message if you think there’s something I’m wrong about, or if there’s anything you want to add.