scorbus experimenting.

- 6th year Albus and Scorpius exploring their sexuality with each other.

- Clumsily touching lips, noses bumping, hushed apologies from behind Albus’s bed curtains despite a silencing spell already being cast because deep down they were so worried that what they were doing was wrong.

- Continuing this for several weeks as they grow more and more comfortable with each other.

- Stealing quick kisses in abandoned corridors, exchanging looks in the library, loving the rush they get when they hear footsteps walk past their empty dorm.

- Rose finally accepting Scorpius’ date invitation after years of asking.

- Scorpius saying yes without a thought, and telling Albus without a care in the world.

- Albus’s heart dropping in his chest as Scorpius tells him the “wonderful news.”

”You were wrong Albus. You really were just a game to him. Don’t be heartbroken; you should have seen it coming.”

- Going on only two (uneventful) dates with Rose before him beginning to miss Albus’s lips against his own, wanting to feel his arms wrapped around his waist again.

- “He doesn’t miss you, Scorpius. You’re meant to be with Rose, a girl. You were just fooling around. That’s what teenagers do, right?”

- Albus and Scorpius relaxing by the fireplace together one winter night and getting a bit too playful.

- Scorpius pinning Albus to the soft carpet and hovering above him for a moment before instinctively leaning in. 

- Albus completely freezing up at first, not being able to help but notice how beautifully the glow of the fire captured all of Scorpius’s features.

- His heart beating faster as their lips finally touch, sending a large chill down his spine. 

- Their kiss becoming more and more heated, Scorpius’s mouth beginning to kiss along Albus’s jawline.

- A soft “I love you” slipping past his lips as they parted from his skin briefly.

- Albus shoving him off half-heartedly and trying to look past the hurt in his eyes.

- “You don’t mean that. You’re straight and in love with my cousin.”

- Scorpius still lightly panting, lips pink and hair messy, raising his eyebrow and shaking his head in disagreement. 

- Him finally admitting, “I was scared to love you, but I know now. I can’t stand being without you.”

- Albus’s cheeks glowing Weasley-red, the tint being illuminated even more by the warm glow of the first place.

- Him pressing a shy kiss onto the boy’s cheek before whispering:

“I love you too.”

after kanaya and rose finally start dating and kanaya hugs rose for the first time rose realizes how nice physical contact like this is and how starved she was of it

when kanaya hugs rose she notices rose likes to kind of Linger when they hug but she doesnt rly mind also rose kind of holds her really tight bc shes Awkward and Gay and Totally Not Desperate


After the Final Rose

Wondering what your Bachelor, his fiancé, and his their daughter are up to now? Look no further! We chatted with the newly-formed family to see what their future plans are, and we’re excited to share them with you!

Cameron (Cam) Lye resumed his work in biomedical research in New York City, moving out of his parents’ apartment and into the Upper East Side apartment that his father purchased for him. Shortly after ending the show, Jude and Beatrice (Bee) Visaria packed their backs and left Tucson, Arizona to join Cam in his NYC apartment. There, they enrolled Bee at PS 6: Lillie D Blake school nearby and Jude began working part time in French restaurant Almond in Gramercy. He is also beginning school at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York after the winter holidays. Bee and Jude are looking forward to sharing their first “real” winter in New York with Cam - with Jude’s family flying up to spend the holiday with them.

Currently there are no immediate plans to marry, and instead the two have set a wedding date in May of 2018 in a secluded, beautiful corner of Central Park and are taking their time planning the perfect wedding. It is around this time that the two hope to also begin the process of finding a surrogate and giving Bee the little brother or sister she has been hoping for (spoiler alert: they end up with twins!). 

Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt.1)

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Multiple parts?: If people want it…

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE!! After the long wait, which I’m SO sorry about, I finally decided on this draft for Monster’s Daughter. Please enjoy and tell me how you like it. If yall like this part I’ll post part 2 quick I promise lol

UPDATE:  ~  Part Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

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Guess what tonight is!

I had this in my drafts for quite a while but I think tonight would be the perfect time to post it.

Look at these cute meteor gazers

Mend - Part 4

Story Description: Reader has terrakinesis and going through a lot of emotional personal issues when Steve brings back Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader (enhanced)

Words: 6,090

Set after Captain America: Civil War. Contains Civil War spoilers!!!

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

Bucky couldn’t remember the last time he woke up after the sun rose. It was the rays in his face that finally sent an alarm clock to his body. Before opening his eyes, his right arm went to hold on tighter. There was nothing there. His eyes snapped open to find that Y/N was gone. For a moment he felt like last night had been a dream. But he glanced at the coffee table in front of him. The two empty mugs were the only proof that Y/N had been there. 

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mac-baby-smashes  asked:

After a month of living as Rose's sex pet Mac had finally gotten a bit more accustomed to some of the things Rose made him do, though some of her more extreme choices still embarrassed him.

Rose was walking around her penthouse her hips moving from side to side as she looks around “mac ?” she called out


::Despite their relationship’s beginning being bumpy, when Rose and Scorpius finally date they are the sweetest couple to grace the halls of Hogwarts in years::

“You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I’m falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier”

It’s really happening. It’s been 23 years since Guns n Roses preformed together on July 17, 1993. The REAL Guns n Roses. And finally. After 23 fucking years of this stupid media bollocks they’re reuniting. THEY ARE REUNITING. Slash and Axl will be together again. All is good in the world. Apart from world poverty, ISIS, the conflict in the middle east etc etc. But let’s look on the bright side people - Guns n Roses are reuniting at Coachella and probably doing a tour!! I’m so fucking excited I could cry. Let’s just hope Axl doesn’t go all diva on us and cancel the tour or show up 50 hours late to every concert. 


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