‘The Bachelorette’: A Closer Look at Ashley Hebert’s Engagement Ring

On Mon., Aug. 1 Ashley Hebert revealed that she had chosen J.P. over Ben on the island of Fuji.  Rumors says that the two of them will not be going for a public wedding.  Chris Harrison presented the couple with a honeymoon back to Fuji on The Bachelorette live after-show, After the Final Rose.

Here is a closer look at the exspuisite hand-crafted Neil Lane Ring.

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Whatever happened to Moon Crater by phyrcracker93

Somewhat surprised by his early elimination Moon was happy to accept the TV company’s offer to stay in a large “holding mansion” until the contest is over to make sure the wider world doesn’t find out who has been eliminated.

As he settled down on the couch to try out the state of the art video game system a soft voice asked if they could join him and he readily agreed, barely pausing to look at whoever the voice belonged to. When bathroom needs signalled the end of the game marathon Moon finally  took a good look at his companion and was shocked to find that the experienced game nerd at his side was a beautiful girl.

Introducing herself as the caretaker of the holding house and occasional cosplayer, Mauve Magenta had Moon hanging on her every word from the first night. It took him a week to persuade her to go for dinner where a few to many glasses of wine found them sharing a room and shortly afterwards a carpool to the OBGYN.

Once Mauve had finished freaking out she realised that instead of running, Moon was grinning, he’d started out on this journey to find love and start a family and somehow managed to do it despite losing the contest.

Moon proposed at a romantic dinner just before Mauve’s due date, the surprise of which brought on contractions and he had to wait until his son Saturn was born to get his answer.  

She said yes!

A family wedding and honeymoon pregnancy sees this little family well established in the home Moon bought in Sunset Valley. Saturn’s first sentence was ‘NO! Zafo, NO! as baby brother Zaphod tried to eat his beloved thunderbird figurine. Mauve is currently enjoying being a stay at home mom while Moon works his way up the forensics path and tries to think of a suitably spacey name for a daughter….

Moon and Sailor are on good terms and sing together in the Sunset Valley Choir. Moon is currently a Desk Jockey.


but omg Andi is the new bachelorette yessssss :D
Bachelor: After the Final Rose

Well, I have to say. This has been a major let-down from the actual final rose ceremony. 

I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet a bit. 

Sadly, I’m already starting to think it’s just not going to work for them.

Emily seems like a totally different person.

Thoughts on the Bachelor.

Basically, I hate Juan Pablo. He is the perfect example of good looks only get you so far. I’ve never seen someone who was more pompous, arrogant, and downright disgusting. The way he treated those women was awful the entire season like he’s a master manipulator and it was sickening watching them fall for it. The definition of what I don’t want in a man is everything Juan Pablo represents. Also, who throws shade at Chris Harrison and thinks it’s okay? This asshole does. I was waiting for Chris to be like I’m done.

I hope Nikki opens her eyes soon after all the negativity surrounding JP or that he’s different off camera.

I was Team Clare by the end because seeing her be a fierce bitch was so empowering and I’m glad she told Juan Pablo off.

On a happier note I couldn’t be more thrilled that Andi is the next bachelorette. She reminds me of myself and actually has brains and determination. I have a slight woman crush on her. Hopefully she can redeem the premise of this show.


Scarlet Rose Benevola (by francothecitysimmer) fell for the wrong girl when she fell for simmadmeg’s Carmine Nichols, but what happened next?

The two of them had never seriously discussed how they might go about being together so they took the chance to have a go at cohabiting and dating in the holding house. At first it was awkward, without the distractions of the other contestants it took a few days for Carmine to come out of her shell and for Scarlet to calm down a little.

But as time passed Scarlet found herself depending more and more on the quiet musical girl with the crazy hair. She never would have imagined that somebody so… reserved… would be the person who stole her heart.

Carmine has never been so open as she is with Scarlet. Though her adoptive parents loved her and tried to understand her, this was the first time she had ever been able to be completely open with her sexuality. Scarlet’s exuberance and energy covered the awkward gaps as they learned how to be together and by the time the competition wrapped the pair were inseparable.

Scarlet invested her inheritance in a crumbling mansion on the edge of the Valley and begged Carmine to move in with her. The begging was unnecessary. Shortly after they began to cohabit the lovers received a call from a progressive science research facility. Having developed a technology allowing two women to artificially blend their genes and potentially have a child with both parent’s DNA they were looking for volunteers. Scarlet had always wanted children and as this was a one time offer (if the tech doesn’t work then the project would lose funding) she convinced Carmine to give it ago.

9 months later they were blessed with their son Nico and the procedure is now being developed to allow lesbian couples across the country to have their own children. Scarlet is a spokesperson for the company and tours the country raising funds and awareness, the perfect use for her big personality. Carmine is based in the Valley and writes scores for TV shows. Nico mostly sleeps so far but he’s showing promise on the xylophone.

The Benevola-Nichols household are regular visitors at Sailor and Midnight’s… I means seriously… once Scarlet is in your life she is impossible to get rid of! Carmine keeps hinting that Nico would like a playmate, Sailor is not commenting.

Oh and Carlet are engaged and it seems Scarlet might be needing an empire line wedding gown if the wedding’s more than a couple months away…. as if their lives weren’t busy enough already!

Bachelorette Recap - The Finale!

While I had read the spoilers and I knew Emily was going to pick Jef Holm, I didn’t know how it was going to play out.

When the guys met Emily’s family, I thought both of them made great impressions. Obviously, since they couldn’t give her any answers to help with her “confusion”. I will say, why would her family want all of Arie’s dried up roses? It was a cute thought but I think Emily’s Mom was the only one who appreciated that.

Jef’s last date initially had me nervous. They seemed a little awkward at first. Hello editing! When Emily said Jef would meet Ricki I was so nervous she would let both guys meet her and that’s just confusing for a child so I think she made the perfect decision knowing how she felt about Jef. He was pretty adamant all season about meeting her, and I respect that he didn’t feel comfortable taking the next step without meeting her. How cute were they in the pool? Jef really stole my heart in that moment.

Emily letting Arie go early was an admirable decision. She saved him the embarrassment of proposing the next day. I wasn’t a big Arie fan all season but I did feel bad for him in this moment. He was shocked, and he should have been. She made him believe she was picking him all season long! Oh, Arie…I think you will be okay.

The proposal was perfect, except…worst back drop ever for the final rose. We’re they in an alley!? That was weird. Jef certainly has a way with words but I thought Emily could have said more about her own feelings. The only thing I kept thinking was that I hope Neil Lane remembered which ring Brad picked for Emily and eliminated that from the options! Ring was gorgeous, she was gorgeous and despite Jef’s high waters, he looked great too.

This, however, was a little cheesy! What did Ricki think was happening?

The after the final rose was live and I was a bit nervous they wouldn’t get to everything we wanted to hear. Well, they did. I thought it was creepy that Arie flew to Charlotte and just dropped his journal on her door step. Even more baffling, how did he have her phone number and how did no one see him go to her house? Pretty odd.

When it was finally time for Jef to come out, you could tell how excited Emily was. They seemed so smitten with each other. While I wouldn’t have put these two together in a million years, I think they have a good have of making it. Weren’t they cute!? I hope they last for the sake of little Ricki! As much as I would love to stalk them through tabloids, I do hope that they go to Africa to do work for Jef’s company. I think it’s important to get out of the spotlight a bit.

We’re you guys happy with the ending? Are you now on Team “ (Jef’s new term) I think this was my favorite season so I’m a little sad to see it end.