Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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this post is 20 years past relevant but oh well

so i got bored last night and i ended up mapping out some ilvermorny fix-it headcanons and here y’all go


  1. ilvermorny is the first wizarding school in the U.S. and is therefore the most well-known, but there are a ton spread out across the country (and even more across the entirety of north america, but that’s another blog post)
  2. should be noted that many states have more than one main wizarding school (texas has a whopping number of three, with smaller schools littered throughout the state; california has five) but, since massachusetts is small af and ilvermorny is Bigger On The Inside (cue anglophile 13 yr old students screaming), most of the magical community attends
  3. squibs welcome!!!
  4. dorms are optional, and there is a public floo system that operates at set times under the strict supervision of ilvermorny staff for any students who wish to go home after school hours end
  5. no uniforms but pretty strict dress code
  6. also no pets allowed :/ sorry american wizarding fam keep ur cats at home
  7. teachers are hideously underpaid 
  8. school meals are just plain hideous; nobody knows who makes the food, nobody wants to know who makes the food
  9. if you’re a dorm resident, you get a carton of milk and some cereal/an untoasted bagel for breakfast, unless you somehow have a hot plate or some shit
  10. welcome to ilvermorny assholes

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Harry Potter Aesthetics (horoscopes)

Aries: red quidditch uniforms, nimbus 2000’s, floating candles, curling up by the fireplace at night

Taurus: ink & parchment, moving pictures, magical tattoos, quills, tawny owls

Gemini: extendable ears, collecting chocolate frog cards, browsing the aisles of Honeydukes

Cancer: pygmy puffs, receiving a package from home, cauldrons, butterbeer, house scarves

Leo: golden snitch, cheering loudly in the quidditch stands, magical fireworks, pranks, celebrating in the house dorms after a successful semester

Virgo: school uniforms, prefect badges, emerald green robes, potion vials

Libra: cats, magical mirrors, wizard cameras, drifting off during History of Magic class, yule balls

Scorpio: love potions, dung bombs, dress robes, running down empty corridors for fear of being late

Sagittarius: Remembralls, enchanted staircases, Bertie Botts every flavor beans, exploring the outskirts of The Forbidden Forest

Capricorn: head boy badges, Christmas at Hogwarts, snowy owls, Wizards Chess, walking in the snow down to Hogsmeade

Aquarius: telescopes, sending a letter, blowing dust off an old book, Ravenclaw Tower

Pisces: Patronuses, crystal balls, Astrology tower, spellbooks, The Black Lake

#4: messing around together

BadBoy!Highschool! 5SOS series:

A/n: It’s finally up :) part quatre of my 5sos series. School’s back, so my updates may not be as regular as before, but I promise to try to get it done as fast as I can. Enjoy lovelies and feedback is always appreciated

prev. parts here :)

and as always a special thanks to Iheartdonkeykong 


Quietly opening his bedroom door, Luke walked in careful not to wake his parents who were still asleep. Once again, a sleepless night resulted into an early morning run, previous events making his mind buzz with conflicted toughts. After showering and getting dressed, he found his eyes lingering on the window facing his, a smile tugging on his lips.

~Look out your window~

. Her phone buzzed signifying a text, her whole face breaking into a grin when she read it. Quickly pulling away her curtains, her eyes were met with her neighbour’s sending him a little wave. Her phone buzzed once more, this time receiving a call from him.

“Hey neighbour” he greeted her as soon as she answered, his morning raspy voice making her forget her words for a moment.

“Hey” she whispered back after a deep breath. “You alright?” she asked after a lingering silence, both of them still holding their phones to their ears, eyes staring at each other, her mind already working on figuring what was wrong.

“Would be better if you spend the morning with me” it sounded more like an unsure question. She had figured out his behavior a while ago, the current events far too usual for her. It almost became their little things; every once in a while she’d notice Luke looking a little odd, and that would soon be followed by the same request he’s just asked her. So they’d just spend quiet time together; her sole company was enough of a consolation for him, and he appreciated how she never tried to push him to talk. She’s come to understand how his eyes spoke pleading words his pride stopped his tongue from saying, she understood that there were words he still wasn’t ready to say. He always made sure to ask her casually, but it wasn’t hard to miss the hopeful look in his eyes.

“Luke” she sighed, “I’m class president, skipping isn’t an option for me.” She hated letting him down; she rarely did, but more so she hated how his jaw clanched, how his eyes diverted towards the ceiling, how he seemed to contemplate whether he should push it any further.

“You can always call in sick” his words were so hushed she’d nearly missed them, nearly missed the nuisance lacing his words.

“I guess they’d actually believe me,” she chuckled at her phone, making his eyes snap back to her, a smile already making its way to his lips. “I’ll meet you downstairs in 5” he replied, already leaving his spot in front of the window.

“Where are we actually going? Are you planning on kidnapping me?” (y/n) finally let out. As soon as she stepped out the door, Luke had dragged her without a word and they’ve been walking ever since, comfortable silence lingering between them.

“You agreed to come! That’s not kidnapping.” He let out a chuckle at her teasing words, shaking his head at her silliness. “And we’re walking” he mumbled, his response almost making her ask what was going on with me, however she decided against it.

Luke wanted to tell her though, he wanted to tell her how he couldn’t forget his mother’s words that were still ringing in his ears, how he couldn’t escape the dissapointed look on her face no matter how fast he ran that morning, how he dreaded facing her after the words he responded with. But he bit back his words, not that he didn’t trust her or feared her judgement; it was purely because stripping himself from his guard and exposing himself never came natural to him.

“Ice cream!” her yelp made him jump in surprise, his eyes soon landing on the ice cream parlor she was pointing at with a huge grin. And before he had even opened his mouth, she was already dragging him towards it.

“How’s Caramel?” she asked Luke, taking a taste from her own flavor. “It’s good, not too sweet.” She barely heard his answer for his mouth was full of the cold treat making it harder for him to speak clearly.

“Can I have a taste?” Of course he was expecting that question, her eyes looking at him hopefully. With an overly exaggerated eye-roll, he handed her his cone, his words scolding her

“Don’t you dare take too much!” Playfully hitting his forearm, she took a quick lick, tasting the caramel flavor.

“Not bad, but I still like mine better” she teased him, instantly refusing once he asked for a taste.

“Hey! I let you taste mine!” he complained as she tried to walk away from him, but was indeed surprised once she turned around to face him.

“There you go!” as soon as her words were spoken, her ice cream cone lightly made contact with his face, staining his upper lip and nose. He started down at her with an unamused look, whilst she struggled to contain her laughter at the view.

“Get your ass back in here!” he screamed at her as soon as she began to run away, chasing after her. It was still early so the streets weren’t that crowded, however everyone’s eyes were chasing the two running figures; certainly the sight of a 6ft giant dressed in all black, running with ice cream in his hand after a girl in school uniform was an interesting one.

“STOP! Stop, I’ll drop my ice cream” she let out a scream once his free hand wrapped around her waist from behind, preventing her from escaping and making her lose her balance and stumble back into his chest. She was a panting giggling mess, her heart still recovering from the chase. She could feel his uneven breath tickle her, his chest vibrating against her back as he laughed along. Turning around in his arms, she was faced with a pouty Luke, ice cream still on his face.

“Here” she whispered, lifting her free hand to wipe the substance off of his little nose with the hem of her blazer, a warm smile lighting up her face as she watched him scrunch up his nose due to her actions.

“What’re you smiling about?” he asked, his arm tightening around her to pull her closer to him. “You always pouted as a child to get what you wanted; I guess it still works for you.” she answered timidly, pulling away from his grip and continuing her walk.

Luke would’ve hated hearing those words from anyone else, the thought of someone seeing right through him and knowing so much about his past disturbing him, yet he found himself feeling glad that she knew and that she, of all people, was there with him knowing fully well he wouldn’t want it any other way.


“Well we can agree on the fact that the whole philosophy of the book is way too pessimistic” (y/n) adressed her project partner, trying to get it done already. Calum was layed on her bed; his eyes closed and arms crosed over his chest, whilst she sat cross legged next to him with books all over the empty space left on the large bed. They have been in the same place ever since Calum had shown up an hour ago to their study date, a box of doughnuts in hand. But unlike the exitement she felt to work with him, Calum seemed way too tired and unwilling to cooperate.

“Yup, just like we can agree that everything has a cause; everything is a result of a previous action.” He mumbled after a long time, his eyes still shut.

“But we can’t blame everything on Candide. What happened to him was indeed a result just not of his own actions. It’s not his fault he was born a bastard brom the baron’s sister, and mind you it was the baron’s daughter who made a move first.” She argued back, frustrated that Calum seemed so unphased.

As if he read her mind, he turned around to rest on his side. “What if he doesn’t regret it though? What if it was worth it for him? He got kicked from the castle but he got to know that the girl who seemed so out of his league actually felt the same for him?” his eyes stared at her with such intensity she forgot to breath, it was the first time he had actually looked at her ever since they started working which made her wonder if he was talking about the book or trying to hint something else. She opened her mouth to try and question him, but he had already spoken “Is that an x-Box?” he jumped off of her bed, examining the device.

“Cal, no!” she warned him. It had been the same talk during the past hour, he would randomly participate in her –mainly one sided- discussion, before getting distracted by something else.

“Oh come on! Just one round and then we’ll get back to work.” He tried again, already pressing the start button and getting installed on the floor in front of the TV.

“We need to get this done first, we’ll play after it” she hoped that reasoning with him would work, however she felt like it wouldn’t actually do much.

“(y/n)! Come on, you know damn well we’ll be the only ones in class to ace this.” She knew he was right; most of their classmates were used to relying on their partner to do the whole things, which usually ends by them patching up something right before the due date.

“Fine” she puffed, “but only one round.”

“I’m about to score!” she yelled excitedly, frantically pushing the buttons, 7 rounds after they had started. She was beating Calum at FIFA only by 2 scores, only because he underestimated her at the beginning and going ‘easy’ on her, before realising that there was no need for that. Calum’s eyes flickered towards her, before returning to the screen seeing that she was about to score another goal against him. Panic thinking took over him as he launched himself at her, his arms wrapping over hers making her struggle underneath his grip to grasp her controller in her hands.

“Hey! No! Let go!” she screamed, watching her player lose the ball making her lose her chance at scoring. She turned her face around to glare at him, his arms still strapping her in his embrace.

“That’s cheating!” she scolded whilst tyring vainly to get out of his grip. “Stay” he mumbled, eyes glued on the screen, moving his hands to wrap around her waist and bring her closer. She timidly adjusted herself, laying her back on his chest as she sat cross-legged between his parted legs, feeling her hands getting sweaty and her heart beating as his own heartbeat drummed against her back.

They continued playing like that, occasionally reaching out to grab a doughnut. But as she brought the last doughnut left up to her mouth, Calum quickly bent down his neck in order to take a huge bite out of it. “I’m going to murder you Cal!” she screamed at him, though she couldn’t get pissed at his giggling squishy face. “Sorry baby girl” he ruffled her hair slightly, gently moving her so that he could get up. “I need to get going, it’s already late.” She didn’t even notice that it was nearing 9pm, too absorbed into the game.

She walked him towards the door, but as she bid him goodbye and went to close the front door his hand had stopped her.

“Wait, I-“ He started off, biting his lip as he rewinded the well practiced words in his head. “Would you want to, maybe, go out sometimes?” His demeanor was way too awkward for the Calum she usually knew, and his question far from what she expected.

It has never occurred to her that Calum would be the dating kind; she knew about the lack of attention towards the girls in school, so she just assumed that maybe he was more into one time things rather than dates. And despite the feeling she would get in the pit of her stomach everytime around him, she could have never guessed it would lead to that moment.

“Like, on a date?” she asked, doubts surrounding her head. “Yeah” he answered without a second thought in a matter-of-fact tone, sending her a small smile in order to hide how nervous he was actually feeling.

“Oh, Ok then.” She agreed, feeling rather bashful underneath his gaze. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He waved at her, slowly walking backwards, feeling like he didn’t really want to leave just yet.

He couldn’t believe that he had finally asked her out; he had wanted to do it ever since he laid his eyes on her yet never had the guts to do it. She sparked interest in him, something he hadn’t felt in a while, and quite frankly, before he knew her, he was quite bored of the countless confessions he got and at school and was tired of having to decline the dates he got asked on. Who would’ve guessed he’d actually be the one asking for a date?


“Why do you even need to go to work? It’s too far away and it’s ridiculously late.” Michael complained for the fifth time as he walked beside (y/n), who sighed once again at his words.

“Michael, you can’t offer to walk me to work and then complain all the way there. Plus I could use the extra cash.” She shrugged at the last part. If it were up to her, work wouldn’t even be on her list, but she knew that she needed it since her family situation wasn’t that easy.

“I know, I know. I’m just voicing my thoughts.” He had indeed offered to walk her to her work place, mainly because he didn’t like the thought of her walking all alone, but also because he wasn’t feeling like going home just yet.

She worked at a small café that was, like Michael noted, way too far from her house, nonetheless it was well paying compared to the other place she had worked at.

They were taking a shortcut through the playground, when (y/n) stopped on her tracks, refusing to move unless thy got to play around. The “you’ll be late” excuse didn’t work on her as she continued to swing as high as she could. And whilst Michael tried to play it off like he was annoyed, he could never deny how carefree and adorable she looked, like she had no worry in the world, her giggles filling up the whole playground.

“Michael! Join me!” she made grabby hands when her pace was slow enough, taunting him to get on the swings.

“No, now come one we’re late.” He complained, his hands reaching up to mess with his dyed hair, “And you’re hogging the playground, it’s for the kids!” he stuffed his hands in his pockets, his eyes eyeing her as she got up, walking towards him.

“Complaining about being late, defending the kids… That’s not very punk-rock, you know” she teased him, her eyes looking at him in mischief.

“I’ll need you to take that back.” He stepped forward, his eyes leaving the warm pockets to slip around her.

“I don’t think so, though threatening is kind of punk-ish” she smiled sweetly at him, trying to guess what his next move would be. However she failed to predict that his arms would swiftly pick her up, throwing her over his shoulder. A surprised shriek escaped her lips once she realised what was going on.

“Put me down!” she screamed, failing to supress her laugh, her hands fisting the fabric of his jacket to stay balanced whilst he carelessly walked towards her workplace.

“Mikey! I’m getting dizzy!” she giggled once again, attempting to wriggle in his grip. Michael’s heart skipped a beat at her words; he wasn’t one to like nicknames, in fact he even hated being called Mike. He knew that it had simply slipped from her mouth in the spur of the moment, but he just loved how she prounced it and how it easily rolled off her tongue.

“Geeze you complain too much” he jocked as he finally put her down, a few feet away from the café. “I got that from you” she grimaced at him, still catching her breath, her arms unwrapping from him.

Michael raised both of his hands towards her hair in order to fix it, the adoring look in his eyes making her heart swell. It was one thing to have a boy look at you that way, and a whole different thing to have THE Michael clifford, who only cared about his friends, give you that heartwarming look. She promptly wrapped her hands around his waist without a second thought, mumbling against his chest “Thank you for walking me here, Mikey”


“Are you done yet? You don’t look done yet.”

“Stop looking at me and watch the entrance.” Ashton whisper-yelled at (Y/n), making her turn around again. They were by Michael’s locker, quietly plotting against him. Upon finding out that Michael had simply let out his working place to (y/n), Ashton wanted his revenge. Not that he minded really, he understood that Michael knew how close he and (y/n) were and realised that he could trust her, however he just really needed a reason to start a prank war.

So the whole week, he and (y/n) were perfecting their plan; they replaced his drinks with apple cider and the cream of the oreos with toothpaste, covered his car in sticky notes, and currently they were covering his locker with pictures of Nick cage memes. The pranks were harmless –well, except for the oroes; that was ruthless- but irritating at the same time. The original pranks Ashton came up with were much, much worse than that, however (y/n) only agreed on helping him if he would change them up.

“Come one, we’re done here!” he instructed quietly as he closed the locker, walking away and turning around the corner to still be able to watch his plan unfold.

Soon enough, Michael walked into the nearly empty school hallways, opening his locker with a grunt; his morning was absolutely the worst! Someone was messing with him but he couldn’t tell who, leading him to get even angrier at the situation.

“OH for fuck’s sake!!” he yelled, kicking him locking shut upon seeing the counless creepy faced Nick cage pictures. (y/n) was struggling to contain her amusement, putting a hand over her mouth to stop herself from making any sound. Quickly, Ashton pulled her inm trapping her between his body and the wall, his finger hovering over her lips signaling her to stay silent. But at the sudden proximity, the playful smile had already faded off of her face, replaced by flaming cheeks, her eyes seemingly glued to his hazel-green orbs.

“He’s gone” Ashton finally spoke, stiffling his own giggle as he pulled away. He moved towards the window to abserve the rest of his plan; Michael was already cursing and screeming at the parking lot, seeing his whole car covered in pink and yellow sticky notes. The two immideately burst out laughing at the sight, high-fiving each other to celebrate their success.

“He might come back inside. If he does, we just run at the count of three.” Ashton warned her, knowing fully what his friend’s reaction would be like.

However, as Ashton’s attention was solely focused on his work of art, he failed to notice that his prank victim was already heading towards the enterance. (y/n)’s eyes widened as she heard the door creak open, her hand quickly holding Ashton’s screaming “THREE!” That was the needed cue to start a chase around school, attempting to get away from a very raging Michael.

“Get in the car! The car!!” he was screaming and he was in panic mode, yet he and (y/n) were both a giggling mess once they made it into the safety of his car.

“That was such a rush!” (y/n) squealed once he drove away from the school parking lot, leaving Michael behind. She has never felt as alive and wild at that moment, and that was very obvious for Ashton to see.

“You’ve never pranked anyone before?” he asked her in disbelief, a grin lighting up his face. “I’ve never had anyone like you in my old school, so pranking was never on top of list.” She explained with a shrug, “So, are we safe from him?” she was reffering to Michael, not really knowing what to expect from him.

“He’ll either figure out how funny and brilliant our plan was, or he’ll plot his revenge” Ashton explained as if it were the most normal thing ever, but it was as far as it could be from normal to her. Would he come after her too? What if he was actually angry at her?

“Hey! Stop it you scaredy cat!” Ashton’s hand flew to nodge her shoulder, noticing how still she looked after his comment. “He wouldn’t dare pull a big prank on you. Plus, I wouldn’t allow anything to happen to you.” His words comforted her, whilst his warm hand squeezed her forearm to reassure her before he put in right back on the steering wheel.

Even though she was still thinking about what would happen, Ash’s soothing words were enough to bring back her cheery joyful mood for the rest of the ride, the two laughing at their favorite parts of the plan.

A/n: Whoohoo, Cal-pal is the first to get his date with the girl. who do you guess would be next? :3 also it would be really great if you could request what you’d like to see in the next prefs :)

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Akashi and Hanamiya fighting over their crush!!! Can be nsfw or them being really possessive and just fighting! Thanks ~~ love this blog!

( I didn’t know if you wanted them separate or together so I did them as followed please feel free to rerequest if I did it wrong! Also implied nsfw and swearing. )

Akashi -

The emperor watched from the other side of the gym as you fawned over his teammates, the uncrowned kings. Ever sense you had become manager the others couldn’t get enough of you, but Akashi himself was deeply into you, not like the pathetic boys around you who were just keen on showing off. Hayama was bouncing around you admiring different things like your hair and your jewelry and the ‘oh so cute’ blush you were showing after every compliment. Nebuya was busy flexing his muscles for you to touch and Reo well he was standing awfully close to you just looking pretty which was enough to get your attention. Akashi tried to hold his composer watching the scene in front of him play out when Mayuzumi saw his attention on you. “Stop being stubborn and get yourself out of the friend zone.” Turning his glare at the third year next to him, his voice came out strong as always. “If I wanted her I could have her whenever I wanted however I wanted, now stop giving me your input and continue cleaning up.”

After the gym was back in pristine condition and everyone was ready to head home Akashi offered to walk you home, with the commanding gaze in his eyes the other boys didn’t argue and quickly left you two alone. It’s not like you had never been alone with the boy before but his usually calm presence around you was absent and replaced by a bitter expression. After quite a while of small talk and silence you felt you body being forced down the alley you were walking by. Being trapped against the cold wall sending shivers down your spine you felt the warm breath of the usually composed boy on your neck. “Do you like it when their attention revolves around you ___.” You knew exactly what he was talking about but found it safer to play dumb and innocent, noticing how long it took you to come up with an excuse he sent you a chilling smile. “I know I don’t enjoy it.” His lips made contact with yours in a heated kiss and just as you wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer he pulled back. “You will invite me inside your home tonight won’t you ___? We have much more to discuss.  

Hanamiya -

Seeing your body leaning against your locker away from the boy in front of you for the third time today was beginning to piss him off. Every day there you were startled by his advancements and telling him to leave you alone but the idiot was not getting the message. When this had all started Hanamiya almost found it comical the way you looked so scared of a meek kid who he knew wouldn’t do shit, I mean imagine the look he himself could manage to give you if you were this much of a coward, but now when the bastard was placing a hand on your hip when you were trapped and to scared to do much was a final straw. Though Hanamiya hadn’t made his feelings for you that public his team sure knew and teased him about it, and you well you knew he felt something for you the way he would pull your hair and tease you about not being able to reach a book in the library. You never expected it to be a crush but they way he stormed over to you and the boy pressuring you made you think maybe he was wanting to protect you.

Taking the boy by his collar and shoving him away with a scowl he didn’t hold back giving him a piece of his mind, “Idiot back off, she obviously doesn’t want your filthy hands on her, if I see you around her again she will be the last thing you ever touch.” The boy looked shocked at the fact Hanamiya just stood up for you but knew his words were not empty. Sticking his hands up defensively and mumbling out some kind of apology he disappeared down the hall. You were about to thank Hanamiya for his actions even if it was a harsh threat but he silenced you by trapping your body now with his. “Hana-” “I hope this doesn’t bother you the way he did, after all it would be unfortunate if a girl like you rejected me.” A compliment or an insult you couldn’t tell but his touch was different. A hand grazed your cheek as he pulled you as close as possible against him. “I’ll cancel practice if you agree to come to my house right after school ___, without your school uniform that is.”

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could you pls do a soulmate au! where if someone draws or writes something on their arms it'll appear on their soulmate's arm too. if so, could you do for kyotani and aone where their s/o is super artistic and always draw on their arms so they go to practice with beautiful doodles on their arms which their senpais & kouhais are jealous of and somehow they bump into their soulmate who happens to be go in the same school is just that neither noticed each other


He had tried everything possible to hide it. From training in a long sleeved shirt to wrapping bandages around it. But unfortunately Kyoutani’s captain was just as observant as he was annoying and at the latest when he changed back into his school uniform after training, Oikawa would be by his side, eager to have a peek at the drawings on his arm. And if Oikawa was gushing about the picture on his arm, it never took long until the rest of the team wanted to look, too.

“Wow, Mad Dog-chan. Your soulmate has to be a real catch if they can draw so beautifully.”

Kyoutani’s only answer was a growl as he tried to hide his arm from the rest of his team. But Iwaizumi caught his arm mid-motion and hold him back. “Oikawa’s right. This reminds me of something.” The ace said as he inspected the drawing. “Like that starry night picture or whatever it’s called.”

“Get off my back.” Kyoutani mumbled gruffly before putting on his uniform.

But before he could leave the changing room, Kindaichi raised his voice. “Did you just say starry night? I think I saw someone from my class doodle it on their arm. The whole class made a fuss about how good it looked.”

Upon hearing those words, Kyoutani whipped around and glowered at the first year. “Who is it?”

“Ohh.. uhh…” Kindaichi stuttered, because he didn’t think he’d gain Kyoutani’s attention, “(Name), first year class five.”

The first your was barely finished talking, when Kyoutani was already gone, on his way towards said classroom. He was lucky. Kyoutani just ran into you when you were just about to leave. He recognized you immediately, since the big artwork on your arm was hard to miss.

There you were, the source of his constant annoyance, since he just couldn’t stop staring at the art on his arm and thinking about who you might be, no matter how often he tried to discard those thoughts. But now that he stood in front of you, he didn’t know what to do.

However, you already had an idea. The teasing tone of your voice couldn’t completely hide the agitation in it. “How about you tell me your name before we go on a date, soulmate.”


For the longest time Aone hid the little pieces of art on his arm. At first because he was a little bit embarrassed, then because some kind of protectiveness overcame him. He didn’t want anyone to see the pictures on his arm, because they were from his soulmate and his alone.

But of course his teammates had sharp eyes and spotted the masterpieces on his arms when he changed after practice and soon they were swarmed around him, admiring his arm.

Today a detailed koi was decorating Aone’s arm and again he involuntarily was the centre of attention.

“Woah senpai! That looks awesome,” Koganegawa praised in awe, “You’re soulmate has to be super artistic.”

“Yeah.” Futakuchi admitted albeit grudgingly, “The only thing my soulmate writes on their arm is homework and the grocery list.”

Aone gently pried his arm away from Koganegawa’s hands who just wasn’t able to stop admiring the drawing on his senpai’s arm. The attention was a bit much from time to time, so he put on his shirt and went out of the changing room with a curt nod goodbye. He always needed some quiet after the buzz in training.

He crossed the schoolyard, but was so lost in his thoughts, he didn’t pay attention to his way.


Aone blinked confused when something collided with his chest. Looking down, he saw you sitting on the ground. He leaned down and held out a hand to help you up, while you raised your hands dismissively. “D-Don’t trouble yourself,” you stuttered slightly intimidated by Aone’s impressive statue. Doing so, your sleeve slid down a bit and revealed the familiar drawing of a koi.

Without saying another word Aone rolled up his sleeve as well to show you the spitting image of the fish on your arm. “I’m Aone,” he said simply.

Your eyes widened as it dawned on you who he was. “Hi Aone. Would you mind walking home with me?”


Australian school keeps the uniforms, ditches the gender roles

Students at Newtown High School for the Performing Arts in New South Wales, Australia, are reshaping the concept of school uniforms. After students urged the administration to revise its uniform policy, the school enacted a more gender inclusive one last week — that could keep LGBTQ students safer.

Young Sirius Black Imagine Part 2

~Imagine you know the marauders since your first year at Hogwarts. You have been best friends with all of them. James has been like your older brother, Peter a younger sibling. Remus is someone who knows your every secret (ever since you found out of his furry little problem in first year) and Sirius had been there always, you’d tease each other and have each other’s back. If some guy you were into did something wrong? He’d have a bloody nose by the end of the day. And some girl broke his heart she’d have puke-green skin for the rest of the month. You have always played pranks with James and Sirius, study with Remus in the library and stuff your face with Peter. And that’s how it’s been for the last years. But now? Now you saw Sirius differently. Part 2~

“Where in Merlin’s sake were you?” Lily asked you when you sat down next to her, the food all about gone since it was so late. You had gone back to your dorm only to find it empty. After rushing into the school uniform (as always, black pants, no skirt) you ran down to the great hall, hoping to catch some breakfast. “I fell asleep in the library” “So, you’re telling me you slept there?” She asked, half amused half annoyed. “Sure, why not?”
“Yeah yeah, like I’d believe so. Here, I saved you some breakfast. But you should probably hurry up. It’s almost time for History of Magic.” You hated that class more than anything, and Lily had taken it as her job to drag you to class each time.
You sighed and had some breakfast with Lily before finding Marlene going to her own class, Care for Magical creatures. You tried to walk as slow as possible trying to avoid the dreaded class before finally making it there before it even started.
You sat down on your usual seat, in the back of the class. Lily sat in the front but considering how James loved to sit next to her, you let him. Instead of taking that seat yourself you hoped he would take it easy on you, considering the nice acts (like letting him seat by his one true love) would keep you from snogging Snivellus or cutting off Dumbledore’s beard.
The most boring of teachers wasn’t even in the classroom yet, but Lily still HAD to be there before he did. So, considering you didn’t want to wait, you put your arms on the table and rested your head on top of them. 

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“Dreaming of me?” You didn’t know how long it had passed, but you guessed not much considering the teacher still wasn’t there. The classroom was filling up with students, including the marauders.
James had already taken his seat next to Lily before anyone else could, much to her annoyance and now you had Sirius speaking from above you. Once Remus and Peter finally made it to their table in front of you, Sirius finally plopped down on the chair next to yours.
Peter turned his chair around, facing our table in front of Sirius, and Remus simply sat backwards without moving his chair at all.
“You wish Padfoot” You smirked at him along with the rest of the present group. He took his legs off the table, the front feet of his chair clanking rather loudly on the floor, and got rather close your face. After all the time spent hanging out with him, it was a natural occurrence. The smirk on his face was clear and you could almost swear you could smell his cologne. “I do, (Y/N) I really do” He whispered so lowly you doubted anyone could have heard it other than perhaps Remus. Sometimes you wondered if he had super hearing from his ‘furry little problem’.
Only seconds before the teacher appeared in the room, Sirius returned to his previous position, an even bigger smirk on his face. His eyes remained closed and his arms were crossed behind his head.
You turned to the front and realized Remus, who hadn’t said anything to date had a raised eyebrow and small knowing smile. Before you could ask him why they weren’t at the great hall when you got there, the teacher appeared.“Lupin! Pettigrew! Turn around! Black, that is no position to be in when you are in classroom!”
At the teacher’s words, Sirius lazily removed his legs from the desk top, the chair making an even louder noise this time than the last. He uncrossed his arms and leaned forward. “And the boredom begins”
You groaned once more and rested your head on your table, only to straighten up once again when the teacher started to speak. Bored out of your mind, you scribbled random letters and pictures on your parchment. On your side, Sirius made paper planes, making them fly over the other students when the teacher wasn’t looking.
Just as his boredom started to grow more, he started to think of ways to annoy you.
So when you weren’t looking, he took your quill out of your hand. Holding it in same place for less than a second before he had to pull it back, out of your reaching hands. You jumped forward, and he held it upwards. You jumped upwards and he held it forwards. This happened twice before he finally held it up to your face, just as you were starting to get annoyed. 

With a quick jump and swift move from his part, you ended in his lap. He smirked at you, grey eyes scanning over your face.“You could have just asked for it, love. I’d have given it to you” He snaked his arm around your waist and handed you the quill with the other hand. “Also, you can have your quill” He continued with a wink, proud of his joke.
“(L/N)! Black! Must I ask you every class to keep your love affairs out of this classroom? Detention today!”

People keep making fun of Ken for wearing that awful grey gakuran and I’m like

Appropriate subtitle aside, this gakuran is literally his school uniform??? There are hundreds of other kids wearing the same ugly thing every day??? Changing out of a school uniform after a whole day of classes isn’t something everyone has the energy to do??? And honestly, after subconsciously changing his outfit to become the Kaiser for so many months, it’s hard to blame him for wanting to be just Ken, shitty uniform and all. Cut the poor boy some slack.

Of course, if you want to give him shit for wearing something resembling that gakuran as an adult, go right ahead, because seriously Ken what the fuck.

SCM - The gods and MC went to a theme love hotel (part 2)

Whoever the Anon who request this really make me crack my brain on this topic. I even have to search online to find out what theme are available. I hope it turn out ok for you, Anon.

Part 1 link is as below.

Teorus and you are taking a subway to the popular area for shopping. The subway is full with people, but you can still see a few couples making up at their corner. You tried to look away from them but Teorus is staring at them very intensively. Once at the shopping mall, you won a lucky draw and there is an option to chose between a theme love hotel or a luxury meal. Before you can say anything, Teorus selected the theme love hotel.

“Teorus, do you know what is that?” You asked nervously.

“Nope, but it look interesting. Oh.. It say we can use it immediately. Let ask around and find out where that is.” Teorus brinks happily. Before you can stop him, he already asking someone and subsequently lead you to the hotel.

“Look _____, there are many theme that we can chose. Let chose the Subway theme. I wonder if it look like the subway that we took.” Teorus said excitedly.

True enough, the design and layout is really like the subway. Even the bed is like seat in the subway itself, just more soft and comfort. The walls are picture full of people staring down on the bed. Even though it just a painting, you can’t imagine doing it on the bed with all fake people staring at you.

Suddenly, Teorus wrap around you from behind while you still trying to calm yourself. His hands move all over your body and starts caress all your sensitive parts. His lips is on the nape of you neck, kissing you seductively.

“_____, I been thinking about the couple making up at the subway. I would like to try too but I know you will be too shy. Also I do not want other to see the face you make when I kiss you. Since we are here, I not holding back.” Teorus whispered into your ear.

You mind already went blank with his kisses and you can feel Teorus starts undressing you. He pushes you against the door (wall) just like in the subway and place his hand on your underwear, you open your eyes slightly and find the painting of people staring at you. You pushes him away immediately feeling uneasy about it.

“Haha.. These are only painting. Or do you prefer to be real? I can make it happen?” Teorus smirks.

“No way.” You protest.

With that, you are once again being corner to the door. Teorus undress himself and starts kissing you hard on your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him close to you. The kisses is so passionately that you forgot all your shyness earlier. He lifts you up slightly and you wrap your legs around his waist.

You feel his member at your entrance and he penetrate deep inside you. He moves your body up and down rubbing his member inside your womb. You move your kiss to his neck and give him a hickey on it. That increase his urge on you and he carries you over to the bed with his member still inside you. Once both you collapse on the bed, he oscillating his hips roughly on you and each thrust is touching your sensitive parts. Both of you moans each other names non stop and he soon blow his seeds inside you. He flop down on top of you with his member still inside you and look at you passionately.

“This is amazing. We should come here more often.” He grins and start oscillating his hips again.

Today you are on a date with Dui. He mentioned that he has everything plan so you just trust him and goes along. However, he end up bringing you to a theme love hotel. Before you get into the building, you pull him back and trying to explain what is a love hotel mean in human world.

“Yup, I know what it mean. The TV program mention that these come with a theme. Plus, they are having a promotion now. So I book one.” Dui smiles at you.

You totally can’t believe what you heard and before you can response, Dui already drag you inside. The room that Dui chose is with a Classroom theme. The design is just classroom with tables and chair. Although the bed just look like a teacher table. The room even provide with school uniforms for the couple. Dui seems excited and insist that you put it on.

After changing into the school uniform, you walk out of the bathroom while keep holding down your skirt. It is so short that it is showing your panties. Dui already in his school uniform and you can’t help but he look cool on it. He sit on the chair and asks you to come over. He makes you straddling his laps and facing you to him. Then he asks you to wrap your hands around his neck while he place his hands on your butt. The way he order you around sound so aggressively. Is like his Shadow Dui is back.

He starts kissing you. The kisses are light and slowly becoming deeper and deeper. You soon lost your sense and give in to him. You feel his tongue tangle with yours. He move your right hand to the zip of his pants, asking you to taking up his member. You do as his request and you can feel him pull your panty to one side. He penetrate inside you and starts rocking his hips against you. You move your hips to align with his movement and both of you moans non stop.

He unbutton your shirt to remove your bra and starts kissing your breasts while still moving his hips. You grab his hair and arch your back in pleasure. He suddenly lift you up and carried you over to the table. He place you on top while he standing at the side. He pull himself out from you and strips off every singles pieces of clothing from both of you. He spread out your legs and penetrated deeply into you again. He starts oscillating his hips again driving you crazy for him. He shots his seeds deep into your womb before flopping down on you.

“We should try all their themes but for now, let try other position that we can do in the classroom.” Dui smirks at you as he look down at your bright red face.

To celebrate Hue and you finally get together again after separating in heaven, Ichthys gives both of you a hotel voucher stay. You wonder if Ichthys is up to something mischievous again. However, the voucher do look real to you. Hue decide to take his offer and even said that if there is really any trick, he will be able to manage it.

However, you got a shock when you arrive at the hotel. It is a theme love hotel. The theme which Ichthys reserve for both of you is Under the sea theme. Just like it theme, the room is decorate with blue waves and items relating to seas. The room temperature is slightly colder as well. They even provide sexy bikini and swimming brief for the couples to match the theme seas.

“If this is one of the Ichthys’s trick, I definitely like this.” Hue smiles as he steps into the room. You hardly believe what you just heard. Hue actually likes the hotel.

“Since he goes thru all the trouble, let not waste his effort. Let’s put on this swimming costume. Or you prefer me to help you with?” Hue smirks.

“I can help myself.” You replied as you snatch the bikini from Hue.

Reluctantly, you put it on. The moment you step out from the bathroom, you heard some sexy music playing at the background. You look up and saw Hue already has already put on his swimming brief. He is so fitting and sexy. You can’t help but just keep staring where his member is. He too is also staring at your sexy body.

He walks over to you and carried you over to the bed. He places you on the bed and lies on top of you. “The temperature is cold here. Let’s me help warm you up and our body should not separate tonight, so we can be warm until morning.” He whispered only you can hear.

He kisses you on your lips. The kiss slowly become deeper and deeper as passion build between both of you. He moves his hand to untie your bikini and throw it across the room. He then move his hands to your panties to untie it string and pull it off you while your hand rub against his crotch, before slowly slip your hand inside his brief. Still kissing his lips, you move your hand from the shaft to the tip of his member, giving a gentle rub at the tip.

Hue pulls down his brief and moves his kisses to the nape of your neck, then your shoulders and then to your chest. He lick and suck your breast while playing with the nipples on the other. You arch your back in pleasure and move legs to wrap around his waist, telling him that you want him inside you.

He penetrate deep inside you and starts oscillating his hips roughly on you. You feel his member thrusting back and fore inside you, hitting all your sensitive area. You moans for his name and he increase his speed. You tighter your legs around his waist and wrap your arms his body tightly, refusing to let him go. You dig your nails to his back as he continue his movement in faster pace, sending you into high ecstasy. He soon blow his seed deep inside you before flopping down beside you. He hug you close to him and runs his finger across your naked skin.

“This thing in human world is interesting. We should come back and enjoy ourselves more often. You seem to be more open here which I like it.” Hue tease and give you another passionate kiss before rolling you on top of him.