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Genre: Slight Smut, Fluff, and Angst

Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

I decided to write another Taehyung story as an apology for my last story, “Endearing Vagrant” it seems as though no one really liked Endearing Vagrant so hopefully Confession makes up for it. 

Please enjoy<3 

-Admin K

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Everyone knew how dangerous America could become, how easy it would be for the current World’s Superpower to crack and turn into something new and terrible. What they didn’t know is what the breaking point would be and if it would be one of them to blame.

(I decided to go with a Crazy/Obsessed!America for the AU added onto canon. Hopefully it doesn’t seem too….weird.  Warning; there is blackmail and implied sex involved, do not read if those two put together makes you uncomfortable.)

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Switzie’s One Year of Appreciation Post

You guessed it, after one year I have a few nice things to say to a lot of my mutuals.

A forewarning. Some of the people in here aren’t talking with each other. I will not be excluding anyone from this just because they have had conflict with someone else on this list. That’s their problem.

(Also there’s something for everyone at the bottom if you want to see it)

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Longer fics where Hermione uses Draco to make ron jealous the year after the war? Especially ones where Draco enjoys the situation more than Hermione. Thanks!

Jealousy By: rainsrabble - M, WIPHermione gets dumped and publicly humiliated by Ron. Draco is given an order to propose to Pansy Parkinson. They decide to pretend to be an item in order to make Ron Jealous and make Mr. Malfoy mad.

Jealousy Is A Sin By: pugfaced - T, 10 chapters - I had to catch you because I knew you were falling for me.“ Dramione –Complete.

Defending Lies By: nekologic - T, WIPAfter defending Draco against a couple of Hogwart bullies, Draco offers Hermione a favor to repay her. When Hermione finds out about Ron and Lavender, Hermione decides to take Draco up on his offer and use him to defend her lies to Ron about moving on.

- Lisa
The second Diane Lockhart Survey
After the successful first Diane survey last summer I decided to make a second one now that The Good Wife has ended. The survey was put together by fans, and made for fun. Special thanks to everyone who contributed with questions. Although the survey is about Diane, you don’t have to be a Diane fan to answer the questions. The survey has 50+1 questions and takes approximately 15+ minutes to fill out. The answers to all questions are optional, you’re free to leave any unanswered. The survey will be open until May 27th. Have fun!

Dear The Good Wife and Diane Lockhart fans!

After the successful first Diane survey last summer I decided to make a second one now that The Good Wife has ended. Hope to have many of you who participated in the survey last year take it again. Special thanks to everyone who contributed with questions.

With the news of the Diane spin-off I couldn’t help adding questions about it to the survey. Which is why I wanted to have it up as soon as possible, before we find out more about the new show.

The survey will be open until May 27th. The results will be posted on this blog afterwards.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on here, on my personal blog ( @mchartforever ) or on twitter ( @marysunshine81 )

Please reblog and share so the survey reaches everyone who’s interested in filling it out.

Looking forward to reading and sharing your answers!

Some time ago (depending on when the queue posts this) I interviewed my Spanish professor for a project for a different class and after the interview he told me that I was doing really good work in his class and that he’s talked with some of the other Spanish professors I’ve had (only one other) and they both think I could do really great things if I continue on the course I am.

Like he even said I could easily get my master’s and even PhD in Spanish if I really applied myself.

And honestly??? No one aside my parents has ever believed in me like that. Like it’s one thing when my mom says that because she’s just really optimistic and supportive to an unreasonable degree lol but like when my realistic professor says he thinks its possible and that I have the potential it’s really encouraging.

He also says I could double minor in TESOL and Latino Studies if I wanted to which would make me a more rounded Spanish professor if I did decide to pursue a PhD. Because I could talk about Spanish linguistics, Second language acquisition as a study in itself, and Latino cultures.

I mean he was also quite clear that the path to doing all that is going to be insanely difficult, but he wouldn’t suggest it to me if he didn’t think I could handle it.

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same anon.... TS probably agreed to not build anymore walls between them. Which means if things happen, let them, hence the closeness. I personally think they decided to go slow. They know each other well enough to not hurt the other and mess things up. They've got MF and patch to learn from. My guess after the olympics: one more year of fun, a few more business goals for T, some $$ making while they're famous and then marriage and settling down in London suburbs. (IMO) Great blog btw!!

Cool theory!!! I especially love the part about them agreeing not to build up anymore walls between them, it makes so much sense to me, it’s definitely the most plausible thing I’ve heard so far!👍Thank you for your kind words concerning my blog, I am very grateful for them❤


The pilot holds up so well after all these years. I am still so moved and inspired by the story and it makes me want to watch more. I am forever curious about the writers process and how they decide what emotional moments they want to include in their arcs and whose journey they want to highlight.

It’s really incredible how far these characters have come. Most of the questions from the pilot have been answered but I do hope that one day we will see if there is more to the family that gave Emma up when she was three.

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Mabel Pines, no 32 please?

#32: Birth

Just waking up me wants to say something like “she was born feet first” but after putting a bit more thought into it, tired me has decided that this isn’t a good idea. So tired me has come to a decision- one that wide awake me will probably regret later when going back and reading this.

As she was coming out, she accidentally wrapped the umbilical around Dipper’s neck and some part of her’s been trying to make it up to him for years.

As a nearly 16 year fan of anime, I have heard about Full Metal Alchemist for a long time. I’ve never been interested in more “mainstream” anime, the kinds that drag on for years, and meander through their stories in an obvious attempt to stretch out a thinning lifespan. To me, FMA was always one of these series, and its young fans did nothing to make me interested. After all this time, I finally decided to give Brotherhood a chance, at my lovely Elisabeth’s wishes. All I can say is that it’s the real deal. It’s been a really fun ride, and while the world was hardly my cup of tea at first, I’m already ready to watch it again. And I’m only just starting part 4.

QT:  That hunt yesterday was a complete waste of time.

Dandy:  Waste of time or not– I had a great time.

QT: Of course you did.  After we stopped going to cafes, you decided to bar hop.

Dandy:  I hadn’t bar hopped like that in years. From what I remember, that was one helluva hunt.

QT: Except for the part where every alien in every one of those buildings were registered.

Dandy:  Yeah that was a bummer.

QT: And we’re even more in the red because of your ‘little hunt’.

…. How much more in the red?

Do you really want to know?  I thought Moony was suppose to help us save and make money.  I think the temptation of booze and women need to stay out of out hunts for now on.

I hate it when you’re right.

Well then. Where do you suggest we go?

A mall.  There are a lot of aliens at the malls– especially on Fridays.  We will also have plenty of room to actually try to capture the alien, unlike a bar of a cafe.

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Hey Jane, so how did you start this whole video diary thing you have here? Were you just making vids on tumblr first or did you make vids on YouTube first then decided to have the more exclusive stuff on tumblr? Like what was your process in building followers as well?

Um I always had Tumblr, I’ve had it for like 4-5 years now. But I was been making YouTube videos way before then like when right after high school I think under the name dollfacedbabeokay, and idk why but I was feeling really nostalgic one day looking at old videos that we’re getting alot of views, and couldn’t find the password to that YouTube so I made a new one called lowkey Jane, my Instagram name. Made a few videos on YouTube, realized I wanted to talk about real shit, but I’d still write on my Tumblr, then realized I could put more personal stuff on here (what I was already doing anyways it’s just that no one saw it - only my current boyfriends at the time) and then I told people from YouTube to follow me if they are interested and slowly they caught on and yeah 🙃

Spring Days: Tailored Pants & Silk Top

Hello, Guys! These past couple months has been amazing! Living alone and getting my own fabulous apartment is the best thing I’ve ever done as an adult after quitting my job. I have always been the type of person that makes “irrational” decisions based on my pursuit of happiness. Simply put, if it doesn’t make me happy, I change it. It’s not a secret that I was homeless a few years back for a very long time and lived out of my car. I’m happy that life seems to continuously progress for me. After my last awful roommate situation, I simply decided it was time to get my own one bedroom. Living alone is a spiritual experience that I believe everyone should try to attain before getting married. It provides the perfect solitary environment to discover more about yourselves. Especially for highly sensitive individuals like myself, I highly recommend it. In any rate, let’s get into this outfit post. This year, the color of spring is pink. Need a subtle infusion of life into your work look? Go for light pink trousers. These trousers are ideal for wearing through hot spring and summer days. It’s a bold look, but it’s worth wearing. The summer season basic color is white and you can take this main color into account, by combining it with pink and adding some eye-catching details like my gray purse. The white top can look awesome with sweet pink pants. My full outfit is from the lovely gals at Xx

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” ― Tina Fey

Stay colorful,
Photography: Nicolas Bates of

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since fucking when is self-esteem related to makeup? you can love yourself and still want to wear damn glitter eyeshadow at the same time

Since that’s what women are told since the day they are born. To be honest, it’s more complicated than that. There’s a middle ground here, of course. I’m not entirely sure if you can separate your decision making from that which has affected, molded and conditioned you since the moment society decided to perceive you as part on one of the two pre-established genders. Of course you can have self-esteem and still want to wear make-up, BUT! The general reason behind the use of make-up, is wanting to feel better about yourself. This is not a great proclaim, this is what I -personally- have gathered after years of seeing my mother, my aunt and my grandmother complain about not being good enough in a given situation due to the fact that they were not able to apply make-up/apply a more attractive style of make-up. My affirmation also comes from being 6 years in a technical secondary school, surrounded by teenage girls that loved consuming fashion magazines and that based their worth on their physical appearance. It’s a matter of paying attention to what’s happening around you. If you can afford one moment of remaining silent, and hearing what’s going on, you probably might be able to understand what I’m trying to say.


I haven’t played any sort of game or campaign for almost 2 months so I decided to use a part of my weekend to end my Greek Cities campaign on Rome:Total War (Roma Surrectum 2 mod for extra fun) and Holy Roman Empire on Medieval 2: Total War. Thing is, I dragged out a campaign more than a year old and I basically spent most of the past 36h on finishing those 2 campaigns. Now I feel great, as I finally managed to make myself finish what I started and to enjoy one of my hobbies after a long while. Now off to sleep, study and phone calling work tomorrow.

End of school year post#1: freshman year- A year in review (letter to self at start of year)

I don’t know where else to put this, but it’s not like half of you will care or read it all, and if you do oh well. There’s still a week left but I have thoughts now so here goes.

So you thought you were done with band and that you could make it another 4 years without your saxophone? Nope! Luckily, your mum’s friend had one she gives to you as you get pulled into the woodwinds once more. You crash hard in this. Not even a week after you decided to rejoin, you talked to Mr.Sellers and he was all on board. Footcramp lent you his flip book with marching music to practice and towards the end, Megan git you copies of some concert/jazz band music to practice as well. Haley wants to meet in the summer before band starts up again.

Speaking of a certain person, a different flute player, one whose a year older, likes the saxophone you had a crush on for a couple years now. They become cannon close to the end of the year. You still talk to him, I mean you’re both throwers, geeks, gamers, nerds, and alto saxs of the Class of 2019, you kind of have no choice but to be friends. But don’t worry, it may be hard when you first find out, but talk with Issac, he does help with it. Plus, now at the end I think there may be a different guy I, we, like but I’m still unsure; we still have feelings for you-know-who.

Speaking of the new guy, you finally get a job. Of course all your money is going to pay for band next year but it’s a good first job: you’re a hostesses and work in salad.

In throwing you had a couple good PRs. During indoor, you got 26 something for shot put. During the normal season, we hit 78-4 in discus and 23-5 for shot put.

I know it’s 3 years away for me, 4 for you, but I’m starting to think about college for us. Of course we’re going to major in English education but I’m unsure if we should minor in creative writing or music.

Oh, I almost forgot, the songs you make now may lead us into something bigger. I found a few music programs that we use, and it’s got us wanting to start to play guitar and piano in addition to the saxophone. Congratulations, you want to be TriSectional.

I can’t think of anything else. Well besides the fact that as the year passes, the wish to have done German over Spanish just increases as the grades decrease.

Your future self


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Holy Shit! It’s Finally here! After waiting for lord knows how long for this Majestic piece of pure awesomeness, it’s Finally here! I’ve been a fan of the series since I first discovered it back when I was but a wee lad. Now after playing all three Doom games, I got my hands on this hot, glorious piece of game! Now what do I think about this game? Did it live up to the Hype? Did It come to be one of the great games of this year? Oh Hell YES! Now lets get this shit started!

*This will be of the Single Player Campaign. Multiplayer will not be included unfortunately

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