Chapter 5 and 6 At the End of Winter (End)

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I spent about half a year on this doujin and this story really means a lot to me;;w;; A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has left me comments/likes/reblogs O333O

jp3605  asked:

Hey, I'm your biggest fan. I think Harvey Beaks is a very Kawaii( Japanese for cute) show to teach life lessons to children.And I decided to do some Harvey Beaks Fan Art and more on Deviantart. I would recommend to check it out if you areinterested. Before I go, I got a question for you to answer. Would you want to make a Harvey Beaks Movie? If yes, Why?

Fun fact: kawaii is “cute,” kowai is “scary.” You gotta be careful how you pronounce it. After 2+ years of Japanese in college, this is one of the few things I remember.

To answer your question, we kind of already made a mini-movie with Steampunks. But that’s probably all we’ll make since the network didn’t even bother to promote it. I don’t feel like busting my butt to give them another special they can flush down the toilet. I’m kinda super upset about the whole experience and would rather start putting my energy into a project at a place that is excited to show the work.

But thank you for the kind words and support! It really does mean a lot to all of us on the crew when we hear positive things.

After I made Ginko komorebi charm at the start of the year, I decided I want to make Autumn version with Natsume. Then forcing through the spring and winter komorebi as well.
Unfortunately the spring and winter ones don’t come out as well as I want it to be orz
I’ll replace/fix spring and winter ones with different series in the future (series that is more timeless or not as obscure lol) so this time they are more of self indulgent and ordered for tiny numbers only.

Guys I’m gonna cry
I finally have no visible pimples just ones that I can feel (so like no big red ones just skin colored bumpiness) for the first time since I was like 9. But I know as soon as I start nearin Aunt Flo all my hard work and progress is gonna disappear…
But hopefully not…

At first I was in denial about my acne… I was like whatever it’ll go away… Well after three years I finally realized that nope it doesn’t cause no one I know bothered to tell me this.
So from 13 on I tried every single cleanser that I could afford. Nothing worked. Then someone told me that when you remove your face oils you gotta replace them or your face will create more oil so I started trying every moisturizer to find one that didn’t make me break out. Nothing really worked. Finally about two years ago I gave up on searching for cleansers too and just decided to obnoxiously use the stuff that only kind of worked (benzoyl peroxide). So I have my St. Ives apricot scrub to just clean everything and exfoliate and then my neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask that I use as a mask while I shave my legs or while I listen to a song (for timing) Which were working okay so I did that for almost like two years. With good but minimal results. Then I decided to try that benzoyl spot gel cream (I’m just using generic target brand) which realllyyyyy dries out your skin but I put it all over my face cause literally my entire face is pimples. But for the dryness I alternate the cream and Johnson and Johnson baby lotion since it’s the only thing that doesn’t cause my breakouts but still really moisturizes. Also I drink a ton more water with the help of the Plant Nanny app and a camel bac water bottle lol. Also cleaning sheets and pillow cases on a weekly basis. I mostly had problems cause I would be making progress and then my period would throw everything outta wack and make my pimples worse but I think my perseverance is paying off.
So every day I cleanse with the scrub and the mask and then put the spot cream on everywhere. Then when my face has had it with the cream after a couple hours I wash it off with just a wet wash cloth and put my baby lotion on and then on the really obvious pimple spots I still put the spot cream on those and then after a couple hours I wash cloth the lotion off and put the spot cream on and then repeat every couple hours until bed when I put the lotion and cream everywhere.

After all that finally today I have visibly 90% less pimples. To the point where people are noticing and asking me if I started wearing make up (all make up caused me break outs so I’ve never worn it except for some weddings I was in) lol.

So don’t give up kids! There is hope for your skin! Just take care of it and have a lot of patience.

heathens rotoscope!!

hi!! so if you guys remember last summer there was a stressed out rotoscope video (made by @dunshine on tumblr & a ton of other artists!!) that was made out of a bunch of clique art & i know a bunch of people who wanted to do it after they saw bc it turned out super cool it so we decided to make another one for heathens!! anyone who wants to participate should dm us on Twitter (@katebutate or @hcldingntoyou), ig (@unattract), or tumblr ( @unbecomiinng)!! to participate you’d have to draw and submit a couple of frames (last year we had to do like 12??) & we’ll combine them into a music video & it’ll turn out super cool!! pls spread this so more people sign up!!
(im adding links to both in a little bit I’m on my phone & not my laptop so I’ll edit this in a little bit!!)

edit: here are the links!!

stressed out rotoscope

another rotoscope (of part of taylor swift’s shake it off-it got taken down so here’s part of it!!)
Two Paddocks: Team Tunes - Charlie Cox
By Cathy Scott

Stumbled across this and I don’t think I’ve seen it posted anywhere before, so here it is. Bullet points:

  • For anyone who might not be aware, Sam Neill on top of being a genius actor has a successful winery and label (Two Paddocks) based out of New Zealand.
  • The Two Paddocks brand has a great website that is full of lovely odds and ends about culture and more than just making wine, which makes sense if you’ve ever seen Sam interviewed or follow his Twitter because he seems like just the loveliest dude ever.
  • There’s a Top 10 Tracks page where, after they’d gone through the winery staff, Sam decided to reach out to various famous friends of his for their top 10 lists. One of whom, it turns out, is Charlie. (I FORGOT SAM NEILL WAS IN THE ORDAINED. God damn, someone get their hands on that pilot.)

Anywho, this is a few years old now but go have a listen to Charlie’s Top 10. (I may have squealed a little that he put Rodriguez on his list…)

13 years!!!

13 years  ago I started to write a novel but like shit happens I lost almost everything and was left with just a map of three countries I created, 4 or 5 pages of the story and a document of a human-elven aliance.

It would be easier for me in that time to start again the whole story from the begining, to make as if nothing had happened but I wanted more, I decided that I could do it better and so I continue working hard day and night I created gods, more countries, islands big and little ones, traditions, species, secret societies and at least after 13 years I finished it… 

I completed the 224 pages of the notebook where I have all this world. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

All 224 pages were handwritten and I couldn’t be more proud but this is not the end, I have yet 30 planets, maybe 32 or all what I need to complete the 140 pages from that other notebook I have material for my novels for the next 40 or 60 years. I feel AWESOME!!! 

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Life Lately

Foster care. The kids got a new caseworker. She’s maybe 23, lives at home with her parents, this is her first professional job. She and her supervisor decided to change the plan from TPR to reunification.
The case has been open four years. Insert more bullshit details that would make you gasp. GAL has recommended TPR as well as a foster care oversight review board. The new CW is basing her reasoning on one visit to the parents and “they seem like they really love the kids and want to try this time.” Dating. Yeah, that was unexpected. I don’t have time or inclination to date. However, after hearing the above news yesterday afternoon and already having a babysitter lined up, I accepted a standing offer of a date. I needed 90 minutes of not thinking about foster care bull shit. The date was fine.

Hey kids!

I got the job! 

I don’t think this job is going to be as exciting as my current two, but I’m going to be making way more money which is going to help me out a ton. I’ll have a lot of left over cash after paying bills each month so it’s going to be easier to save. (Also, I’ll have more money for sewing, cosplay, and conventions. It’s one of the perks that’s keeping my spirits up.)

Once I’ve settled into the job, I’ll keep up with writing, and I’ll start making more costumes. I’ve got several costumes planned for C2E2 and ACEN for next year. 

  • Maka Albarn (still trying to decide between her signature look or the black room dress)
  • Bombshell Wonder Woman (I bought the sewing pattern like a month ago.)
  •  Roller Derby Disney Princess (It’s a group costume I’ve been planning with friends I’m going to be Snow White, AKA Snow Wipeout)
  • Ladybug AU (I’m trying to find the perfect Ladybug AU, I saw a really cool Circque du Soleil costume design that someone did, I’ve been thinking about that)

So I’m excited for all that. 

Many thanks to people who wished me luck and the butt kickings were very much appreciated, as always ~

The Medic and the Vigilante

read it on the AO3 at

by HourlyB

Alright, so I’ve decided to finally man up and post my OW fanfic.

Basics; The bulk of the plot is focusing on Angela/Mercy and Jack/Soldier 76, their prior romance and life during Overwatch, their separation and grief and then their reunion. Pretty sappy, but hey, I’m not a original writer. Or a good one.

I’m also changing the timeline somewhat, to make it more logical and feasible. Instead of OW lasting 30 years, I’m making it 10, with the “current” time, aka Jack being Soldier 76 and Gabe being Reaper being 5 years after the fall. Gabe and Ana are both a couple, with Fareeha being Gabe’s child, and are older than Jack. Gabe is a career Marine and Jack was in the Army, who both end up in their respective Tier-1 forces. Other than that, not much changed outside of adding a more thorough backstory.

Words: 863, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at