Title: I’m Coming Back Home
Summary: After long years, it’s finally time for him to come home.
A/N: Okay, this summary is terrible but I think you got the essence of it XD This one is another request from tumblr, and I had the option of making it a smut or not… Well, since my latest one was already a rated M, I’ve decided to make this one more accessible for other audiences XD I had fun while thinking about this one, and I hope you all enjoy it! Don’t forget my Comments!
“I’m leaving, mama!”

“Take care, Sarada!”

The sound of the door closing echoed around their apartment, leaving a peaceful silence behind. There were bright sun-rays passing through the kitchen window, as the birds slowly started their delicate, morning chirp. A warm breeze carefully danced with her short, pink locks; and the floral smell soothingly filled her lungs.

Yes, based on those spring signs, Sakura could easily tell that she was going to have a lovely day.

And how lovely it would be…

As the people around the village were slowly opening their eyes to welcome a new day, the pink haired medic was carefully preparing her lunch box. Ever since she fainted in front of her daughter’s precious eyes, the little girl has made her promise to take better care of her own health, and that certainly included eating a healthy and balanced lunch instead of skipping meals every time the hospital was flooded with patients. The pinkette is really a stubborn woman when it comes to her own health, and it’s up to her daughter to put some sense into that pink head of hers.

When it comes to taking care of her precious people, Sarada doesn’t mind being a little mean. That little girl is certainly a copy of her father, especially when Sakura is the cause of such worry. That woman will forever be a source of annoyance among the sharingan holders, but her presence in their lives is more than simply necessary.

None of them can live without her.

And more than ever, he understood the necessity of Uchiha Sakura.

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God of Small Things, watercolor, feb. 2016

Or an attempt to start painting again after a one year hiatus. I need to practise more, especially on faces. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, even if the picture I took with my camera totally ruined the colors and I couldn’t get rid of those ugly shades on the corners. Ugh.

I decided to paint Loki as a deity of tiny, almost insignificant but beautiful things, the kind we don’t even notice anymore. At first I was going to make him an autumn, seasonal change deity (hence the red wind-like hair) but I like this meaning better.

It’s my birthday!

Which means I let myself sleep in, and I don’t have to work on homework today unless I want to. In fact, I plan to get some writing done.

One of my teachers is a big supporter of Birthday Resolutions (instead of New Year’s resolutions, which are broken so often that they have bad luck attached to them), so I’ve decided to make a few birthday resolutions for myself this year, like reading every night before bed and finishing one book a week.

I also really want to devote more time to this blog, because I have a lot of fun with making posts and answering questions whenever I can squeeze it in around work and school.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but after I graduate I really plan to take things further on this blog. So even though I won’t be starting up all my special plans today, on my resolution day, expect some cool additions coming to a blog near you this May. :)

For now, at least, my resolution is to write at least one blog post every other week, so we can finally start getting more fresh content on here!



I don’t know if anyone will see this, but to all my fellow fangirls no matter what fandom you’re in, you never know when your faves are creeping on Twitter. don’t give up & say they won’t follow you, because you never know. I had a Cody Simpson follow waaaay back when, like my tweet says before he even had 300k followers, long story short I deleted that account for personal reasons & when I decided to make a new Twitter, I already knew that all the celebrities I had gotten a follow from, wouldn’t follow me again because this was years later & they all had a lot more followers. it had been awhile since I tweeted about it, but I randomly thought about how I used to have a follow from Cody & ‘knew’ I’d never get one again. less than a minute later I get a notification saying he followed me. I had checked right after that tweet & saw he hadn’t said anything in 12+ hours so I wasn’t even counting on him seeing it, let alone actually follow me. whether it’s Cody, or Justin, 1D, Ariana Grande, any celebrity. ya never know ❤️

All my SSO accounts

Just thought I’d do a quick presentation of my SSO accounts. Mostly because there’s a bunch of players out there who is claiming to be me and I find that rude and irritating. If someone wants to lie, ok I guess I can’t do anything about that, but don’t make me a part of it, you know?

Here we go:


Esmeralda “Esme” Silverforce, lvl 18 - Air Star

I am Esme and Esme is me! Close to 30 horses after having been at it for more than four years and I can’t help but to take pride in the fact that I was one of the first 100 players ever. If I ever decide to play SSO without “having” to do it, here’s where you’ll find me. I’ve played on Air Star since the day I begun playing the game and the server is HOME, even though I am well known for complaining about certain behaviors of my co-players at times.

Penelope “Penny” Kinglee, lvl 15 - Fluffy Unicorn

I begun playing as Penny when I decided to to a Let’s Play of SSO. I wanted to do it to refresh my memory of the game to be able to do a better job at keeping Jorvikipedia up, and it has been so much fun. I’ve received lots of positive response - way more than I could have imagined. I’m rarely found in the chat, since I pretty much only plays for the sake of the videos.

Esmeralda Kinglee, lvl 16 - European servers (gets moved around to be able to play and record on servers without that many players)

Esmeralda Kinglee was created when I got asked by SSO to create their new tutorial series. I’ve since then become an expert at avoiding other players to be able to record the videos in peace and quiet in order to make the best tutorials I can muster. It’s very rare to see me in the chat, and if I do chat, it’s because I want to answer a question someone asked in the global chat. Because I just can’t help myself. But yeah, you probably will not see me around. If you do see me though, you’ll know it’s me.


Esmeralda Silverforce, lvl 7 - Wind Star, I believe? Idek lol

Yeah, another Esme! See, you can re-use a name you have created in Europe if you later on create an account in the US. I decided to head over to the NA servers to see if I could meet some new people, see how difficult it is to get around Phil the filter and to be able to play in daylight even though it’s night at home, lol. Trying my best to chat, but having lots of difficulties getting around the filter with my limited English x)

If you do see someone else claiming to be me, I’m very grateful for a heads up! I rather tell the liars off right away for them to learn that such behavior is not tolerated than having them “ruin” my name :) (You never know what they’ll say to people while pretending to be me and I find that quite uncomfortable)

just realized ive never even said anything to any of my followers since i started this blog!

thank you so much for following me, even though all i do is reblog stuff and post about weird things that happen in my life. i know i must spam your feed a lot, but i hope youre ok with bearing through with it, since you have been this whole time!

i would once again like to point hands a bit to a few other accounts. a bit long, so look at the read more to see!

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Replaying Bayonetta

I decided to go back and replay the Bayonetta games after at least a year (because despite everything, I actually still really like Bayonetta goddamnit), and I beat Bayo 1 in like one session a few days back, and just started up Bayo 2. The contrast between the two games is actually a lot more stark than I remembered! And it makes sense, Platinum’s had like 5-6 years of game development between them, and Platinum is practically infamous for having each game they make bolster the next game.

The main takeaway I’ve found is that Bayo 1 honestly doesn’t hold up as well as I expected. I’ve experienced Bayo 2 and the Wonderful 101 since then and they’ve raised the bar for character action just like Bayo 1 and DMC 3 did back in their days. Platinum keeps making each game smoother, sleeker, more responsive and kinaesthetically pleasing each time, and there’s a ton of little tweaks and changes to Bayo 2 that subtly rocket it over the first.

And it’s not just mechanical differences! Playing them back to back really emphasizes just how drab and washed out Bayo 1 looks compared to its sequel. Bayo 2 is exploding with color everywhere you look! Hell, even the main battle theme Tomorrow Is Mine is better than Mysterious Destiny.

Bayonetta 1 had a bit too much story with too little to actually say, and wound up with a pacing that was a bit awkward and stilted, considering how high energy the gameplay was. I did watch almost all the cutscenes this time though to give it a chance, and there were some total gold moments I completely forgot about (like the shot where Cereza and Cheshire are smirking like smug action heroes with glints in their eyes. That caught me off guard somehow and I was laughing out loud) but still a lot of cutscene bloat and unnecessary story stuff, though I guess I respect how they at least attempt to give a character like Bayonetta pathos. The thing I’ll always remember about Bayo 1′s story is the entire final chapter, the absolute high point of the game and the one thing (a great finale) that it has over its sequel.

A lot of Kamiya’s games have these similar themes and characters, usually starring a kind of emotionally distant coolguy (sometimes gal) who is eventually revealed to have a little more emotion underneath. It’s better than a lot of protagonists, but it’s a bit weird to have Bayonetta pretending not to care about shit for like 90% of the story and doing a really poor job of it. The Wonderful 101 was incredibly refreshing because Kamiya displayed a capacity for telling a story with emotionally honest heroes, and it worked!

Bayonetta 2 (not directed by Kamiya, btw) starts off with Bayo at the emotional maturity she found at the end of the first game. She’s happy, she’s honest, she’s being a real actual hero in this one. Jeanne has had her soul stolen and dragged to Hell, and Bayonetta is going to fight through all the powers of both Heaven and Hell to rescue her girlfriend in time for their Christmas party. Her entire quest is based around caring about things. Bayonetta is so much cooler when she cares about things. This is expressed really well in the intro to the game, which just fucking goes way harder than the first game, fighting asshole angels on top of jets, a train chase, teaming up with Jeanne, betrayed by your summon Gomorrah and fighting him King Kong style on top of a skyscraper, all in the span of like 10 minutes, and then Rodin dresses up like Santa and entertain’s Enzo’s kids for Christmas while their dad’s away. It’s just so nice, y’know? The characters are all way less a bunch of assholes than they were before.

Still just at the start of the game, so maybe there’s lame stuff later I’m forgetting about, but so far Bayo 2 is looking like a huge improvement!

anonymous asked:

wow your tour dresses are GORGEOUS you should totally make them if you can and idk obviously not my place and is up to you but consider being a fashion designer?

I’ll probably make one or more of them once I can! I’d love to go into fashion design actually, I haven’t decided on what to do after I graduate high school this year but that’s probably my #1 option.

Happy birthday to my hero. To the one person who makes everything okay. You are my ray of sunshine, and you always have been. You and your music make me feel like my life is worth living. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not reminded of the incredible impact you’ve had on my life. You are the one thing that made me decide self harm isn’t worth it, after 2 years of struggling with it. I’ve had some of the people I hold closest to me in life tell me (or make it abundantly clear) that they wouldn’t care if I continued to self harm or if I decided to kill myself. But I didn’t. Because one day I want to be able to tell you how much you’ve helped me, and I want to be able to say that I kept going for YOU. You are the one thing I have in my life that I know will never fail to make me feel better.  I’m almost two and a half years clean from self harm, but I’ve had quite a few days where I’ve thought about going back to that. But I’m not. Because of you. You taught me to go about life as if someone who’s looking up to you is right there next to you. When you found out Mike looked up to you, you stopped self harming because you wanted to change for him. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do for you. I wanted to change because one day I want to meet you and tell you how far I’ve come. I want to tell you that I never broke my streak, no matter how bad I wanted to. I want to be able to tell you that you’re the reason I’m still alive. And one day I will be able to tell you all that, but for right now, i’m just going to say this: Happy birthday to the most inspirational man I know. You make me want to be a better musician and a better person. And I hope one day I can be half as inspirational as you. I love you more than life itself, thank you for being my hero. <3

Stranger In A Bar

A/N: As you know, I accidentally deleted my blog (wweoneshotsbycharlie), so I’m reposting all of my stories for you guys. Also, you can follow me on Wattpad (heyitsmecharlie), you can find my stories there as well. I hope you enjoy!
Pairings: Finn Bálor x Reader (with Edge)
Warnings: ———
Summary: One night, (Y/N) meets Finn in a bar, but they never talk again after that. After one year, the unexpected happens.

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Paris’ The Louvre: 120 Productions in 2015

PARIS — Child of the French Revolution, the Louvre is considered to be the world’s first museum, intimately linked to the spirit of the Enlightenment.

Housing works that are over 7,000 years old, the museum also has a markedly modern spirit, epitomized by the glass pyramid designed by I.M. Pei, inaugurated in 1989, that had an immediate impact on the number of visitors, which were previously one-to-two million visitors per year and in 2015 stood at 8.7 million.

Cinema has played an important image in promoting the image of the Louvre around the world, made evident after “The Da Vinci Code” lensed in the museum in 2005.

In 2008, the museum’s management board decided to make the museum much more film-friendly and created a special unit dedicated to managing productions inside and outside the museum, which is run by Joelle Cinq-Fraix.

Before 2008, on average the Louvre hosted one feature film every two years, but since the film unit was created around four-to-five films shoot there every year.

The space managed by the Louvre includes the museum’s interior and exterior and also the Tuileries Gardens. Filming inside the museum is normally only possible between Monday evening and Wednesday early morning, since the museum is closed on Tuesdays. Typically, a feature film will concentrate its entire shoot in the Louvre within this time interval.

Shooting in the exterior, especially in the Tuileries Gardens, is easier to accommodate at other times, and around 50% of productions are hosted in the gardens, which is how the museum managed to host a total of 120 productions in 2015, including features, shorts, TV fiction, documentaries, commercials and music videos.

The main fiction productions in 2015 included Eric Rochant’s spy series, “The Bureau” and Europa Corp’s “The Lake.” For 2016, a major feature film is planned with Warner Bros., whose title cannot be disclosed at present and an advertising film for a leading American brand.

The Louvre is one of France’s most emblematic monuments and symbolizes the spirit of the modern era ushered in by the French Revolution. “We are Paris. We are France. We are Europe. We are the world,” suggests Cinq-Fraix.

Although dedicated to preserving the past, the museum is also extremely forward-looking, as indicated by the name of its management plan – Louvre 2040.

The Louvre’s management believes that cinema plays a key role in disseminating the museum’s image around the world. Cinq-Fraix emphasizes the example of Luc Besson’s 2010 production, “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec,” which clocked up over 10 million admissions in China.

Cinq-Fraix reveals that the Louvre has excellent relations with Luc Besson. When she learned that the script for “Lucy” included a reference to the greatest productions representing the human spirit, she suggested to Besson that he film the Louvre’s pyramid and he accepted.

In line with its pro-film policy, the Louvre also launched a co-production fund in 2009 aiming to produce three feature films in total. Two films have been co-produced to date: Sokourov’s “Francofonia,” which recreated the atmosphere of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation in 1940, shot in the museum in 2014 and Tsai-Ming Liang’s “Visages” which was filmed in 2008-2009. On both occasions the films spent around one month in the museum’s spaces.

Cinq-Fraix is very upbeat for productions in 2016. “We’re convinced that the increase in the TRIP system will increase demand from foreign productions wanting to film in the Louvre. We want our image to travel around the world and we’re dedicated to hosting productions in the best possible manner.”

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A Non-Annualised Assassin’s Creed

‘It’s an exciting time for Assassin’s Creed.’, unnamed UbiBlogger writes. The ‘stepping back re-examination’ of the Assassin’s Creed franchise seems to be an important step in Ubisoft’s development plan for the series. 2016 won’t see a new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series after Ubisoft announced on Thursday that they’re ‘recommitting’ themselves to make Assassin’s Creed a top notch open-world franchise again. It’s a step many fans have speculated for some time now, following a rumour earlier in the year that suspected the next in the series, reportedly called Empire, would be set in ancient Egypt and wouldn’t be an annual release.

I’m definitely pleased that Ubisoft have decided to perpetuate quality over quantity and I’m sure many other followers of the series are too. Since 2009 Ubisoft have enjoyed one, sometimes more, Assassin’s Creed releases every year, so one can only hope that Empire will shake things up and improve in a meaningful way, reminiscent of the jump between the original Assassin’s Creed and its successor, Assassin’s Creed II.

Jake is an aspiring video games journalist from the UK that hopes to make it somewhere with his writing. Follow him at @troublejaker for more. :)


So a lot of people recommend Syberia as an alternate to playing Nancy Drew Games. Because of that, after MED was postponed I decided to get the two game set for my fall gaming purchase. My roommate and I have been slowly playing through it since November and we just finished today. We don’t have many positive things to say. 

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So I’ve been putting this off for a year, because I kind of was very hesitant about making a RWBY cosplay after the person who introduced me to RT, AH, and RWBY decided that they no longer wished to be a part of my life and never gave me a reason why…

Anyway, after a year of not wanting to even think about making this cosplay, I’ve decided that I’m not going to put it off anymore. I’m getting him done hopefully before NSC16, which is in less than two weeks.

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Comic book inspired

I grew up seeing Mexican adult comic books in every single newsstand. At that time, they were not placed inside plastic bags as they are now. Inspired by other artists that were using imagery inside these books, I finally took the courage and read one in its entirety when I was in San Francisco, California, sixteen years ago. But unlike these artists, which took all imagery from the comic books and made new associations with them, through collage making, silkscreen work, and much more, I decided to focus solely on the image of the female body. I initially embroidered these images, and after 10 years I began to deconstruct the book itself. Here are some examples…

Two pieces from this series can be currently seen at EXILE ROOM on Athinas 12, 3rd floor.

Everyday Changes

Change is hard, everyone can admit to that. Especially everyday changes, the little ones that make the biggest difference. I decided this year to not do New Years resolutions because I never went through with them out of stubbornness. Instead, I’m trying to change the things that I simply just don’t like that i’m doing in my life. My bad habits. Like no eating after eight at night, not watching netflix or TV during the day, and trying to always keep in mind that there is a wrong and right choice. Those are just a few but those little things have made a huge difference in my life. I’ve lost weight, become more productive, and became much more happier with myself. The best part is that it’s been an easy transition. I didn’t like some bad habits I got into so I simply changed them. Change is hard, but most times necessary.