Roommates - Calum Hood

Background: It’s not always a good thing when your boyfriend has an asshole for a roommate. But sometimes it’s a blessing. (Y/N POV)


Words: 5,800+

Requested: No

Warning: Smut, explicit language, FIFA (sorry ashton)

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Josh Trank Departs Star Wars Anthology Film

Josh Trank, who was attached to direct the second Star Wars Anthology film, has decided to depart the project.

Trank said, “After a year of having the incredible honor of developing with the wonderful and talented people at Lucasfilm, I’m making a personal decision to move forward on a different path. I’ve put a tremendous amount of thought into this, and I know deep down in my heart that I want to pursue some original creative opportunities. That said, the Star Wars universe has always been one of my biggest influences, and I couldn’t be more excited to witness its future alongside my millions of fellow Star Wars fans. I want to thank my friends Kathleen Kennedy, Kiri Hart, Simon Kinberg, and everyone at Lucasfilm and Disney for the amazing opportunity to have been a part of this. May the Force be with you all.

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Angry feminazi

you know, a couple years ago i was in a really low spot, and i decided not to kill myself one nights because i was in the middle of learning a really beautiful piece on my horn. i know how dumb it sounds. and then i wanted to learn just one more. i said i’d do it after i learned the piece. then i had to do an audition, so i had to wait until after that too. and pretty soon i figured out i didn’t even want to end my life anymore, because i was so in love with the music i was making. i threw myself into it and didn’t ever look back, and now i am in the best place i have been in in my entire life. i have my rough patches, but i cope with them by playing music and forgetting about everything else. i literally would not be typing this right now if i hadn’t picked up this twisted hunk of metal in fifth grade.

sorry for the dramatic backstory- i guess since you’re sending me anon hate you won’t really care about it. it ties into what i’m about to say though; i love playing my horn more than anything else in this world. i want to spend the rest of my life playing and falling in love with the music every single day. i want to start a fire in other people when they hear me play. i want young players to look up to me and say ‘if she can make it through, why can’t I?’

now heres where things get tricky. why am i told now that i can’t do that? why am i told that i can’t play this instrument? i am just as passionate, if not infinitely more, than any of the male players that are encouraged to follow their dreams of being a professional. i am just as hardworking as them. the only difference between us is our gender. isn’t it reasonable to be upset when you’re constantly being told that you can’t do the only thing you’ve ever wanted to do in life just because you have different body parts than someone else? being told that it doesn’t matter how passionate or hardworking or talented you are, because you’ll never make it anyways?

now i apologize for the long read, anon, if you actually read this far. i guess what i’m trying to say is am i angry? yes. is it justified? yes. do i believe i should be ridiculed for pursuing my passion because of my body parts? no. if that makes me an ‘angry feminazi’, so be it.

all i ever wanted to do was play.

Title: You made me love you (2)

Request:  Dean and the Reader move on to live a normal life. A year after being normal Sam shows up at the front door. 

Warning:  I don’t even know if there are warnings but I will tell you the feels are unbelievable.

Word Count: 1,651

Notes: So I decided to make a part two to the last story because it gave me so many ideas on how to spin this. It actually might get another part after this. It is up to you guys and how much you love it and if you want me to keep going with this.

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More fun at Calgary: the Honey Badgers, after having their booth taken down with no refund for their $10,000, decided to make the best of their situation at hold a meet-up at a public park, at which point the Calgary Expo called the cops on them.

Which is, I believe, a misdemeanor.  People are alerting the Calgary Expo sponsors as we speak, one of them has already replied saying they are not actually sponsors this year (which means CE actually listed them as a sponsor when they weren’t, which can lead to a lawsuit).

Alright, I’m calling bullshit on the idea that gen ed classes make you more well rounded. In the US, before you go to college, you go through about 13 years of education from kindergarten to high school. Those 13 years are literally ENTIRELY GENERAL EDUCATION CLASSES. Even if you go to a specialized high school (like I did for music) you still have to take your regular course of academic subjects. You’re already well rounded going into college.

So why the hell do I still have to deal with taking classes that I will never use? I did a 13 year tour of duty in the NYC public school system, why am I still required to take classes that are nothing more than a waste of time and money? My major is declared, give me one good reason why I should be in school at 7:45 a.m. for a math class. In college, you get to decide your field of study, gen eds don’t make sense, especially after 13 years of gen eds.

You might say “Oh but what about people who don’t know what they want to major in?” Well here’s a thought, how about we, oh, I don’t know, LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT CLASSES LOOK INTERESTING WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT GEN ED REQUIREMENTS. HOW ABOUT THAT. And for people like me who are declared, how about making it possible for us to take electives without worrying about gen ed requirements?

Also, allow me to point out that if you are in a notoriously difficult major (like music), you will always be hitting the maximum amount of credits that you can take in a semester. Why? Well because I have a full schedule of music classes alone, and I don’t have a choice but to add on gen ed classes. So that means a packed schedule and too much stress. If you want to know the definition of pissed off, sit through a class with a bad professor, bored out of your skull, and know that that is time that you could be using for more important things.

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Hi! My college roommate has sleep paralysis, and she is an artist. She was contemplating drawing the demon she sees. I was wondering if drawing yours has helped at all or made it worse. I'm sorry if this brings up pain or a bad subject for you. I just want to help her. Thank you so much.

Hello there! 
First of all I’m sorry to hear she has it as well, it is awful. 
There were two possible outcomes I considered before I drew my demon. Either I could become more comfortable and feel in charge of him, as though I had created him myself and therefore have a position of authority. On the other side, I was worried it might just become more real and believable to me since I could now see him very clearly. 
Eventually after I had consistent sleep paralysis for years, I decided it was worth the risk. I needed to do something, even if it could potentially make things worse. The process was a rough one and it took a long time to distinguish whether things were going uphill or down. Getting started was very rough. Drawing him was terrifying. I felt like I had lost authority over my own art because I was taking no creative liberties with him, but drew him exactly as I remembered him. I felt like he was mocking me for awhile and thought for awhile that I had made an awful mistake. 
However, since then, I think I can say that even though it was a rough ride, it has helped significantly. What I’m not sure of, though, is if it was the drawing itself that helped me, or the hundreds of conversations it spurred with other people going through the same thing. I hadn’t gotten a chance to connect with anyone with the same problem until I posted my demon, and people started sharing their own stories. Feeling like I wasn’t alone with the problem and hearing how other people cope was incredibly encouraging. 
So I would say if your roommate is suffering from repetitive sleep paralysis, she should at least give it a shot. It won’t be easy, but for me it was worth it. Most importantly though, she should try and find others who are going through the same thing and talk to them about it. It’s a hard thing to talk about, but it makes one feel less alone.
Hope it helps! Sleep paralysis is no fun at all and everyone has their own coping mechanism. Who knows, your roommate’s might be the same as mine :)

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The Hanged Man, Death, The Lovers, and The Sun?

The Hanged Man - A time when you wished someone would listen to you.

When I was a teenager I went through quite a bad phase where I was utterly miserable and was referred to a counsellor. After that one, single meeting, it was decided by my family that I didn’t need another. I really wish that they’d have listened to me then. I think that things would have been better for me if they had.

Death - Someone you really miss.

Jake. He was a really good friend of mine and we’d known each other for years and always got along. He was hit by a car on his way home from work and died in hospital. I really miss him. Sometimes I still have to remind myself that he’s not there any more.

The Lovers - A person who makes you very happy.

I think my various tumblr friends make me happy, actually. It’s nice being able to talk with them despite the time differences, and whenever they reblog a post and tag me in it always cheers me up because I know they’re thinking of me. Also, they’re all adorable and I love them to bits ^^ You can find these lovely people here: orangejuiceandopium somniastate athena-owl-things melissaknowsthings

The Sun - Your happiest memory.

I have no idea. Um… The happiest times I’ve had was my holiday to Iceland in 2012 and my trip to Japan last year. The Iceland holiday wins slightly because it was the first holiday I’d done by myself and I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world and met some lovely people. I think it was one of the first times I felt properly independent (I’d paid for it and organised it myself) and I felt really at home in the country.

Tarot Asks

Of lemons and New York cheesecakes

Last month, my (ex) boyfriend and I ended our relationship after almost four years together. 

Despite the initial pain of splitting up with someone I care about so much and in admitting failure (a failed relationship is failure all the same) to have an ‘ever after’ relationship at 31, I decided to move on with my life and make it more awesome than ever.

Immediately after the breakup, I got myself sticking to a healthier diet and exercise regime. Before the breakup, my ex had been not-so-subtly complaining about how I’ve let myself go over the years, and I figured that getting into shape is one of the best ways to move on.

I was freelancing full time when the breakup happened. Decidedly, it was easier to be depressed when you’re stuck at home with an irregular paycheque. Luckily, I got myself a new job a few weeks following the breakup and it gave me the emotional pick-me-up that I needed to feel of value again. Nonetheless, I was still thinking about my ex a lot and exactly two weeks after the breakup, I decided to ask him if he’d consider giving us another try.

A day later, he texted me that he thought we’d be better off as friends – with a tiny consolation effort saying ‘if we’re meant to be together, we will be’. Err, ok.

I gave myself a day off to cry. The next day, I went back to plotting my ‘awesome post-breakup life’ plan. 

The breakup must’ve carried within it a lucky charm as I found myself landing more and more exciting projects in the weeks that followed: signing a copywriting contract with a telco company, starting on three new event-organizing gigs and as one gig is coming to an end, one client decided that he liked working with me so much that he’s making me business partner for his wedding planner business (the irony!).

If those weren’t enough to make myself feel better, I was recently (like, two days ago) approached with a job offer to work for an international media company. The best part was when I was asked to name my price, and as it turns out, the job is paying twice as much minimum. My self-esteem is over the moon; so is my dad with the prospect of me buying him a boat one day.

As I started to feel better about myself, I decided to test my emotional state again by texting my ex over something random. 

As I received his text late at noon (I texted him in the morning), I was suddenly reminded why I was so unhappy in the relationship in the past. My ex, although he was a perfect gentleman with a six-pack abs, lacked a certain dose of ambition and productivity (as depicted by his habit of waking up at noon).

Prior to the breakup, he had been unemployed for two years and despite my efforts to boost his productivity (which included looking for jobs that may interest him and begging my contacts for projects they may need him for), he was ever so complacent with doing so little. 

All he wanted was to teach Jiu-Jitsu, train and compete. But as a 34-year-old Blue Belt, I saw a critical need for a backup plan in his life – not that I wasn’t supportive of his passion – but unless you’re a world champion Black belt, I doubt you’d be able to make a comfy living out of Jiu-Jitsu alone.

In the end, I decided that for a girl who works super hard in life and stands on her own two feet, I deserve someone equal. At least, someone who is able to hold onto a stable job and multiple money-making projects while still teaching and training Jiu-Jitsu – someone like me.

I’ve always believed in working harder at something I care about, but this time, I guess it’s only right to shrug it off and abort mission. Besides, I might be moving to another city soon, and I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of hardworking men there.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you bake yourself a New York cheesecake.

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1. Spell your name with song titles.

S - Song of the Blackest Bird (Insomnium)
H - Hollow Inside (Enslaved)
A - As Icicles Fall (Ne Obliviscaris)
U - Under Dvargens Fot (Finntroll)
N - Not Unlike the Waves (Agalloch)

2. Why did you chose your URL?

I’ve had this account for a few years but I was quite inactive on it. It wasn’t until around 2013 that I decided I wanted to use Tumblr more so I deleted a lot of old posts and changed my URL, when looking for inspiration I was looking through my CDs, and then it just clicked. It was either amon-afart or dimmu-booger

3. What is your middle name?

Gregory, named after my uncle although he passed away this year.

4. If you could own a fairytale/ fictional pet, what would it be?

Having Pokemon would be pretty rad, but don’t make me choose which ones, that’s impossible.

5. Favourite colour?

Dark blue and dark red.

6. Favourite song?

Also impossible.

7. What are your top three fandoms?

Metalocalypse, Vikings and Alestorm fandoms.

8. What do you enjoy about Tumblr?

All the nature posts, the ability to talk to great people from all around the world or even find people from my own city, and all the artists/bands I wouldn’t be able to discover if it weren’t for Tumblr.

Not tagging anyone, just do it, who even cares

Also i wanna make a new pattern for my plushies. you know, these ones.

(pictured: Lance from Pokemon, made before I took an actual sewing class; Mamimi from FLCL, made after and as a present for notevendoommusic; and a mini-me, made a year or two after Mamimi, which looks awful but that’s probably because I have terrible self-esteem and it was worse when I had been working on this, also for Alex. though now that we live together it seems more absurd than it did when he requested it as a joke off a kiriban from da i believe.)

which were made… end of 2008, finished 2009?, and probably 2010 or 2011. Probably ‘10. 

it is now 2015 and i have finally decided that I am unsatisfied with the base model I had made. 


I’m only 8 episodes in, and I’m in love with Love Live! School Idol Project! I want to cosplay from it so bad now, but I can’t decide on which character I want to do first! I trying to decide between Nico, Umi, and Nozomi. I’ll probably do thier school uniform first, since it’s something I can definitely make as of now, then do one of their Idol outfits after. Maybe I might do more, who knows? I would love to do a group cosplay for this! I have no idea on when I’ll start making this outfit, but hopefully sometime this year.

All right - doll #20 is gonna be another Daredevil, but after that I’m gonna need to prep for SENYC. I’ve already decided that the only definite target this year is Claremont (even though Joe Kelly and Charles Soule are tempting - I’m just feeling way too “fake geek” lately for more than one, to be honest, sorry to say because I know that’s ridiculous of me).

That said: Do I make another Bamf for Claremont, or a Kitty Pryde? Or someone else?

April Update

Hey y’all!

I hope your April was as enjoyable as mine was. Last month I turned down a job, took the first step towards furthering my education, and entered the second month of my fitness journey. April definitely had it’s ups and downs, but experiencing the lows made me appreciate the positives in life all that much more. :)

So in one of my past posts I told you guys that I was starting a new job at a pizza parlor. Uhhhh yeah, I kinda… quit… after the first shift. I decided after my “orientation” that making pizzas was fun and all but it wasn’t something new for me. My senior year of high school I was employed at a Papa Murphy’s. Since it was my first job I had no particular expectations, and while I gained some great experience, I soon realized after being in the Seabeck kitchen that I was not going to enjoy this job. Now some of you may be thinking that a job isn’t supposed to be fun, that it’s solely a source of income. I say that if I don’t enjoy what I’m doing then I’m going to quit and move on to something that will bring me joy, and challenge me in order to better myself. What’s the point in making myself miserable? I would rather have something to look forward to. I thanked the manager for the opportunity, and I was relieved that she understood where I was coming from. 

Moving on from work to education, I took the plunge and finally set up a meeting with the journalism advisor at Olympic College. When entering the campus I could already sense a discomfort with the school size. I had never been on the site before and was definitely apprehensive. I couldn’t find parking ANYWHERE, so I parked by another car in what looked like a legit space. I quickly found a board with directions and successfully made my way to Music 102, Mr. Prince’s office. At this point I was quite proud of myself. I was a little early just because I hate being late and I wanted to make a good first impression. While waiting I was trying to calm my nerves, ya know, talk myself through it. Long story short I didn’t prepare sufficiently and left the meeting feeling not as informed as I had hoped, almost as if I had wasted his time and mine. I had brought along my transcript from my past college and was instructed to bring it to their HSS building where registration would assist me in building my fall schedule. They didn’t. I was then told by HSS that I could come back in June and sign up. Now I know that I truly did waste my time. Anyway, I made my way back to my car only to find a parking ticket. Yeah, I already had my rant on the matter, so we’ll leave it at this: I got it appealed. We cool.

Finally, April 22nd was to mark my 2nd month of clean eating and exercising. I AM ONLY HUMAN! *pause for deep sigh* Let me explain, I started my fitness journey on February 22nd, 2015, and I was owning that shit. I would eat super clean and go running 6/7 days a week. I was feeling on top of the world. I made the mistake of looking at the scale on March 22nd only to find that it had not budged one bit. I lost focus and decided that I should devour my feelings in sugary goods. WHY DIDN’T YOU GUYS STOP ME?! Nah, it’s fine. I forgive y’all. So what do I do? I picked myself back up and went for a run… I continued this for about a week, and then got lazy and used excuses like “my parents didn’t go grocery shopping for health foods so I can eat Taco Bell and McDonalds” … No. Just no. When April 22nd came around I felt sad, and realized that this is all part of the journey. When you fall, you get back up and try again. On May 22nd I am going to feel proud, not sad.

Wow, April was surely a roller coaster, but it was good overall. Rue21 offered me more hours, I am going to visit Poulsbo’s much smaller campus to sign up for school, and I am eating right and exercising again. Can’t keep this girl down. :)

Message me something good that happened for you in April! 

Thanks for reading and here’s hoping May is another great month. :)