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Peter wearing Flash's red and white jock jacket while in his Spider-man costume and literally no one questions it. (Agent Venom, however, asks him where the fuck he even got it. Give it back, Peter!!!)

It’s not his high school football one (because don’t they have the school/football’s name on them?), but a generic one Flash bought to keep him warm and then Peter, the literal shit, appears on the evening news running around in this jock jacket that clearly doesn’t belong to him, and he cannot let that stand, hero-crush or not

Fe Fates - Galaxy art project

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After my Fates Orchestra AU project turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone who participated, I decided to host another art project!

What is this about?

Exactly what it sounds like! I have made a list of galaxy-themed things (Zodiacs, Planets and others) to choose from. You pick a character to draw and combine said character with the thing you’ve chosen.

You can go crazy with it, I’d love to see some rad fusion/design art pieces!

More info in the rules!

How can I join?

Simply send me an ask or a private message in which you tell me you want to join the project. Also tell me which galaxy-themed thing you want to reserve and what character you want to draw for it.


Pick/Reserve one of the following galaxy-themed things and pick a character of your choice from Fire Emblem Fates!

There can not be a character multiple times. So; if someone already reserved Leo for Sun, you can not pick him for your drawing of Aries, for example.

As I already said: Go crazy with it! Let your picked galaxy thing inspire you, let your character melt with it.

Deadline to post your art piece is the 14th August! Please try to hold the deadline. You can post it earlier, of course.

Tag your art post as Fates galaxy art project.

List of galaxy-themed things that are included in this project:


- ♈ Aries ->

- ♉ Taurus -> Yukimura - @theonewiththeobsessionwithpyros

- ♊ Gemini -> Kana - @dancing-aqua

- ♋ Cancer ->

- ♌ Leo ->

- ♍ Virgo -> Soleil - @dipdopofthedip

- ♎ Libra ->

- ♏ Scorpio ->

- ♐ Sagittarius -> Shura - @steviesartyart

- ♑ Capricorn ->

- ♒ Aquarius -> Subaki - @sparkleevee

- ♓ Pisces ->


- Mercury ->

- Venus -> Orochi - @zealouselement

- Earth ->

- Mars ->

- Jupiter ->

- Saturn -> Ophelia - @sofinjatheninja

- Uranus ->

- Neptune -> Jakob - @fishofmordor

- Pluto (still a planet for me) -> Nyx - @an-untitled-folder


- Sun ->

- Moon -> Takumi - @etherically

- Star -> Azura - @maomui

- Shooting Star -> Mitama - @nerdfromthenet

- Meteorite ->

- Black Hole ->

I will update this list and add the chosen characters and their artists as often as I can.

I hope you decide to join! And most importantly: Have fun!

Regarding posts and permission

Hello everybody!

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ve heard this before, but recently I’ve started getting a lot of messages regarding this so I feel it’s necessary to re-clarify:

For about a month, when I first started this blog a year and a half ago I would post images from people’s deviantART without asking for permission first, as I was under the impression that artists who had sharing enabled were ok with it, as you could disable this option on each uploaded image. Soon after I realized this isn’t always the case and have been asking for permission ever since.

If I have posted your work without your permission then I apologize sincerely for it and will not hesitate to delete it if you send me a link to it. I completely understand why this upsets some artists and while I know I can’t change the fact that it happened, I want to do whatever it takes to help rectify the situation. I created this blog to share the Midna love with everyone, and I want it to be a place that everyone can feel comfortable visiting.

Once again I apologize for my naive actions and to the artists I have hurt by doing so. If you ever wish to discuss this please do not hesitate to send me a message, here or on my main account @the-midnight-doe

Thank you!

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Peter wears a blue sweater vest with a white short-sleeved hoodie and skinny jeans with bright red combat boots and no one thinks it looks weird on him. He can make anything look good. (Or maybe that's because everyone's used to his wacky style in the first place.)

!!!! Peter wears whatever, whenever, and people don’t question it. They accept it. They barely notice because he manages to somehow pull it off and it’s just a part of what people come to suspect from him