After Hours - Milkshake

Hello again! Okay so this one is a bit (lot) different. The ones I’ve written before are set at Beacon but this was an idea I had to do something with. It’s a future fic and White Rose. It took me a long time to finish it cause I’ve been dealing with some writer’s block, but I hope you like it regardless. 

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you like it. I’m happy to add more fics set in future settings or more at Beacon - maybe even some set before Beacon. Let me know what you think <3

It was a rustling that woke her. It was the continued rustling that prevented her from falling back asleep.

Slowly, Weiss was pulled from her slumber and could suddenly feel the chilly air where her arms were uncovered and hear the hum of the noise machine in the distance. There was no movement around her, no more rustling and for a moment, she was nearly consumed by the softness of the pillows and warmth of her blankets.

However, just as she was about to slip away again, there was a toss and a turn next to her and Weiss opened one eye into the darkness of their bedroom.

It was late, no doubt in the middle of the night by how tired she still felt. Only when she heard a heavy sigh next to her, did Weiss know she was being not-so-subtly summoned by her bed partner.

Rolling over, she watched Ruby roll onto her back and kick her feet under the blankets with frustration.

“Ruby?” Weiss called out, her voice thick and scratchy. When she tried to clear it, nothing changed. “S’wrong?”

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After Hours - Yang’s Perfect Score

Hello again! So it took a while to get to the next one of these, but this is an idea that came to me a few days ago and it’s mostly just about how amazing Yang Xiao Long is. Honestly, the more I write her and think about her, the more I realize that Yang is really the best kind of person. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support on the previous two pieces - it really means a lot and these are so fun to write and just clear my head with. Without further ado - I hope you enjoy :)

If she had come out of the bathroom a second later, she probably would have missed it. Instead, Blake was privy to the sight of Yang with a piece of paper in her hand, her scroll in the other as she took a selfie with a huge smile on her face. It wasn’t even a typical Yang Xiao Long smile. This one was more…innocent and childish. Almost giddy – it looked quite nice on her, but Blake had no idea where it had come from.

The smile vanished a moment later when Yang realized she’d been caught. The lights were low in their room as night continued to settle in over Beacon. Ruby and Weiss had raced off to the library – Weiss furious over a low by her standards score on a surprise history exam. She’d sworn to spend her entire night studying and they’d learned early on in their time as teammates that if Weiss said she was going to stay up all night studying, odds were she would.

That’s why Ruby had gone with her, determined to make her come back to the room before curfew so she wouldn’t end up sleeping in the book stacks again.

Freshly caught and suddenly blushing – Blake was extremely intrigued by her partner who quickly tucked the paper away and threw her scroll down as if it were on fire.

Blake was never one to press. Yang knew she’d been caught, so Blake gave her a lingering look before sitting down on her bunk and lying back on the pillow.

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After Hours

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

Summary: After a few years off the train, you work for Curtis and being to develop feelings over time. Those feelings get put to good use. 

Word Count: 1675

Warnings: Smutty Smut

Author’s Note: Thank you to @mewsiex for this awesome prompt and to @theycallmebecca for being such a freaking awesome beta.

You woke up bright and early to get to the farm on time. You were in charge of the farm today since Curtis had other business to tend to and had asked you the previous day if you could run the place while he was gone. You said yes without any hesitation.

You arrived at the farm before anyone else and went into the office to see if you had any pickups and dropoffs. You were shocked to see Curtis there sitting at his desk.

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After Hours - Food Poisoning

Hello again! So I wrote the second part of this late last night, pretty much as soon as I finished posting the first one, which you can read if you go the “after hours” tag on my blog. That’s how I’ll be keeping these all together. 

Anyway, I won’t ramble on as much - if you don’t know, these are random one shots that I’ve come up with set in the downtime of RWBY’s life at Beacon when they aren’t fighting monsters. There’s no set release schedule, they’ll come as the ideas come to me. For now, here’s a new one :)

Yang cracked one eye open as she woke up still shrouded in darkness. Her eyes were heavy with sleep but the bed was warm and constricting. Pushing up on her elbow, Yang flipped her pillow over to find the cooler side. Blindly, she reached up to the bedpost and grabbed a hairband she’d tied around it off to tuck her hair back and keep it out of her face.

Despite the fact that it was a colder month of the year, Yang still struggled with how hot these dorms could be. Four people in one room was crowded and with all their stuff and the fact that Ruby never let them open the window made it hard for Yang on some nights. If it weren’t for the desire of a little bit of discrepancy, she might sleep naked like she used to back in Patch.

Lying back down on the cooler side of her pillow, Yang kicked her blankets even further down the bed and sighed. Her mind wandered to tomorrow – they had a test in Port’s class which was always easy because if you simply retold one of Port’s many stories in your essay you’d earn a good enough grade. They had sparring with Professor Goodwitch too, that’d be fun. Maybe they’d let her fight with Cardin and she could break his nose.

With a smile on her face, Yang felt sleep taking her away. Just as she was about to slip back into a dream, she heard a soft choking from in the room and her eyes shot open.

She sat up, instinct drawing her attention to Ruby across the room. Without hesitating, Yang grabbed her scroll and turned on the flashlight. It shone directly at Ruby’s top bunk and through the curtain surrounding it, she could see that Ruby was all tucked away and peacefully sleeping. There was no sign of choking and no reasons for distress.

That was when her eyes trailed down to the empty bed just below. Weiss’ blankets were drawn back but there was on sign of her. That was when she heard the sound again and all of her alarms went off. It was coming from the bathroom and she noticed the door was closed almost completely, with just a hint of a crack.

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After Hours - Blake’s Nightmares

I’ve decided to start posting random little one-shots here on tumblr of various ideas/headcanons/nonsense that floats around in my head regarding Team RWBY’s time together at Beacon. 

This series is sort of a tumblr exclusive thing I’ve come up with called “After Hours”. There’s no posting schedule, no real consistent plot. Some things will certainly carry over and there may even be some shippy stuff as it goes along. 

For the most part though, this is just about the girls and some of the things they get up to when they’re not saving the world. 

Enough rambling from me - here’s part 1 :)


Ruby wished she could appreciate the comfortable silence that came shortly after lights out. It was peaceful to sit in the dark and know that she had no responsibilities for at least the next few hours. Yet, the trouble was that she couldn’t shut out those responsibilities and worries no matter how hard she tried. It wasn’t bad, just…restless. She would sleep eventually – it simply took time.

Reaching under her pillow, Ruby pulled out her big, red headphones and slipped them on. Making sure to keep one ear uncovered in case someone woke up and needed something from her.

Beyond the soft sounds of Yang’s snores, she turned on her favorite playlist of weapon’s maintenance videos. These were a bit different simply because there was no one talking over them – just the sounds of the work. It was comforting and familiar, the best medicine right before sleep.

Two videos came and went and Ruby felt her eyes becoming heavier. She stretched her arms upward, still holding her scroll to keep watching as another gun chamber was cleaned. Just as she was about to crack her back, a gasp came from her left and Ruby immediately knew what it was.

She laid her scroll down, screen covered to hide the light, and watched through the glow of the school lights outside her window as Blake sat up and put her head in her hands. Blake’s chest was rising and falling rapidly. Eventually, she sighed and ran a hand through her hair and those adorable ears that she let free in the cover of their bedroom.

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New York through the films of Martin Scorsese

“If I continue to make films about New York, they will probably be set in the past. The “new” New York I don’t know much about. It’s not that I’m against contemporary film. I’m open to it in general, but I find the new colors of the city, the new Times Square, kind of shocking. I guess I’m stuck in a time warp.”