The maiden, who was exceptionally dainty and pretty and had, to a vampire, the most exquisite feature of all, a particularly long and delicate column of a neck, was looking up at him soulfully. It was nice to see that she was short. Damon didn’t care that much for tall girls because he wasn’t very tall himself. She also had, you couldn’t help but notice, extraordinarily large eyes in her small heart-shaped face, giving her the appearance of a kitten. They were clear brown eyes, with a dark ring at the outer rim of the iris, then a very light brown ring, as if light were shining through them in the middle, and then another dark ring around the pupil. Her hair was the color of a strawberry and curled softly all over her head in a way that made you think ‘pixie’.
Altogether, she was a lovely little ornament, with fine blue veins in naturally translucent skin.
—  After Hours, Damon about Bonnie