Gem Fusions

So…After watching the latest Steven Bomb, I began to think about Gems and their fusions, seeing as the episode “Keeping it Together” spoke a lot about Gem Fusions. After analising every episode with fusions I want to tell you something.

We know that when two non-fused gems fuse, each one has a shared ‘control’ of the fusion

And we know that the fused-gems weapon is created with each of the non-fused gems weapons, seen in Opal’s weapon summoning. She summons Pearl’s Sword and the Amethyst’s whip, and created the bow for her bow and arrows

But this is what everyone knows, what I want to bring to mind is what happens when a fused-gem fuses with a non-fused/fused gem. I thought about Sugilite, because she is a fusion of Garnet and Amethyst, and Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. So we get Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst

But…This doesn’t look right, and it isn’t. We know that Sugilite is ‘controlled’ by Garnet and Amethyst, Not Ruby and Sapphire and Amethyst

And this is proved when we look at Sugilite’s summoning of her ‘wrecking-ball-thingy’

She summons Garnet’s gauntlets and then Amethyst’s whip

So now, I want to talk about Alexandrite. She is a three-way fusion; Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet. And if I were to follow the rule of my first Sugilite picture, this is how the ‘controlling’ would work

But this is proven wrong many times. First, ‘Pearl’ fights with ‘Amethyst’ about eating and then ‘GARNET’ makes then cut it out. Second, when they split, Garnet is instantly fused back to Garnet. Third, it’s called a three-way fusion for a reason

So that means that the ‘controlling’ of Alexandrite is between three gems. 

What I’m try to say is that a combination of fusions would create different Gem-Fusions

Garnet and Opal don’t equal Alexandrite

Ruby and Sapphire and Amethyst don’t equal Sugilite

Ruby and Sapphire and Pearl and Amethyst don’t equal Alexandrite

If this theory is correct, that means that there are…MORE FUSIONS

Two things I want to point out about “We Need to Talk:”

Rose’s view on humans seems to have change quite drastically by the time she was pregnant with Steven. She didn’t start off as an all-compassionate, all-loving leader – at least not in the respect most of the fandom perceived her as. While she does know human have dreams and she doesn’t want to lead them astray with the impossibility of a relationship with her, she doesn’t really, as Greg puts it, respect them in the same regard she respects the Crystal Gems. For her, they’re almost like toys – things that make the earth beautiful, but simply that: things. Entertaining, funny things that come and go out of her life without much consequence on her part. And while she has said she “loved” other human beings in the same way she loves Greg in the flashback, it seems like they really were phases akin to a child and their favorite new doll.

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Recommended Anime of this Season

- Ore Monogatari

Originally posted by bakabt

Cute romance story that is a bit unique and has likeable characters! So far enjoying it ;)

- Kekkai Sensen

Originally posted by afrodited

Very cool with pretty interesting world, characters and backstory. Lots of action, comedy and a bit of mystery. Not sure where it is heading, but if that is not a bad point for you, then go ahead!

- Arslan Senki

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From the mangaka of FMA, this is definitly one of the best ones this season! Very good at setting out the world, I like the themes it talks about (war, culture difference, slavery) and so far, very well done!

- Owari no Seraph

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One of the most hotly disputed Anime of this Season. Reminds me a bit of SnK (sometimes I even have a feeling it is too much like SnK, as if it was copying it)
Bit clichè and not really great or anything, but the plot is intriguing and leaves you wanting more after each cliffhanger of every episode and even though the characters (except for Shinoa) are rather generic, I still like them. 

- Hibike!Euphonium

Originally posted by sugoihentai

It´s Kyoto Ani. so of course the standard is going to be above average! Feels like Free! just for boys, of course not as extreme as Free, but still has yuri undertones. (At least that´s the vibe I´m getting.) Story also simple yet enjoyable with likeable characters.

EXTRA: Yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru. zoku!

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Interesting romance story, with rather unique main character and fairly likeable cast. Extra because it is actually a second season, and I recommend both. Doesn´t really focus a lot on the romance aspect and while the first season establishes the characters and their relationships, the second season brings on character development and I swear to god their teacher says some of the wisest things I´ve heard before.

Hope that helped you out :)

i love it how into theorizing, discussions and planing  i am after every ob episode but when every single season finale comes i am just like





“Hannibal” eschews the lazy “jump scare” violins that so many horror movies and TV shows employ as a matter of course. Instead, the composer Brian Reitzell mirrors the waking nightmare imagery of Bryan Fuller, the show’s creator, with ambient sound and almost nonstop music — turbulent drums on top of wood blocks on top of clanging cymbals. And he’s always looking for something new with which to produce unsettling noises.

i s2g Steven Universe fills my heart with nothing but love and joy and after every episode I’m teeming with positivity like this show genuinely inspires me to do good and to love everyone to the fullest of my capacity and the fact that young kids are watching this and being influenced by the messages the show offers is so!!!!! omg 💕✨💕✨💕