after every x-files episode I’m like wondering if there are any more supernatural monsters for them to encounter and then the netflix description for the next episode is like “Mulder suspects a golem from Jewish folklore is responsible for…” And I’m like #Truuuuuuuuu


Marcus and Abby in 3x01: Wanheda Part 1 

                                      “I don’t want to worry Abby.” 

Despite negative reviews for the show and the complaints from book fans, here’s a fact that remains true: Official and fan update accounts for the show have been growing in followers. My own news blog keeps getting a spike increase in followers after every episode, and I have watched the numbers go up for the official accounts. Not once has there been a massive unfollow from people who watched the first episode or two, didn’t like it, and stopped. I’ve only seen the numbers go up. Therefore, even if all the people complaining about the show have stopped following those accounts, the number of new followers has been much greater. New fans of the show keep coming. So, no matter how bad reviewers or booktubers or book stans make the show out to be, or how much the author complains about it, the show is still increasing in following. Slowly, but surely, the number of show fans is increasing.

My poor mom deserves an award for listening to me rant...

Mom: so you’re not watching either of the shows (TVD + TO)?
Me: No. I’ll use tumblr, twitter,ff, and a couple other episode review websites to keep track.
Mom: ok…..but why won’t you watch them?
Me: I can’t stand by and continue to watch Plec destroy my ship! Especially with Steroline & Klamile (look of disgust)!
Mom: I thought Caroline was with the lockwood guy?
Me: Mom! (Throws hands in the air in anoyance & spends next hour explaing the last 2 seasons of tvd)
I think she asks questions like this because she thinks my rants are amusing

My thoughts on Glee 1x01

Seeing as I got comfortable and was too far physically from my computer to liveblog, I thought I’d put a few things here. Just a few:

  • I still can’t get over Chris Colfer’s expressions.
  • Also Chris Colfer.
  • Like how does puberty treat someone so impossibly kindly. That was like “Here, awkward child, be god’s gift to gay men and straight women. We will make it worth your while.”
  • I missed the really deep issues that Glee hinted at and made fun of in Season 1. Like the drugs, and the crazy that is Sandy Ryerson and for the love of God how is this ever considered a show for people under the age of 15. If you don’t understand what they’re talking about, you’re a bit young, imo. Sorry.
  • And then the fact that they say New Directions isn’t real great, where really, the only lacking is choreography. And enough people to actually complete. It’s not like played down their vocals and made them sounds a little rough or anything. Nope. Perfect vocals, just horrible dancing ability.
  • Okay I think I’m done now. See you next episode! 
and I re-watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Uh! I just love at the end of every episode, after she successfully wins the big court case, when she smokes cigars and cracks wise with her law firm partner, Angel. Ugh! So good.
—  Cecil, WTNV Episode 81- After 3327