after years of editing it finally uploads

With My Entire Being

so i thought if an idea… you know how one of the most common imagine ideas is where the reader is getting hate from the youtuber’s fandom and so they stand up for the reader? well do you think you could do one the other way around? so dan is getting hate from the reader’s youtube fandom and she stands up for him and responds in a video? thanks

I hope this is okay Hun. Let me know what you think :) xxoo


You were so excited to share the news with your followers and friendly community. Your relationship with Dan had been going strong for about 2 years now and you had both decided it was time to tell everyone. You had filmed the boyfriend tag for your channel, though it was a cliche way to announce it, you figured they would want it at some point anyway.

After spending the entire day editing, it was finally time to hit the upload button. You both watched it load with anticipation, once it was 100%, you shut the laptop and placed a loving kiss onto Dan’s plump lips.

“Don’t you want to read the comments?” Dan questioned, his brows slightly furrowed.

“No, I want to wait a while. Maybe watch a movie first?” You suggested, to which Dan smiled at.

“You pick, I’ll get us a drink” Dan says, kissing your forehead before standing up and wondering into the kitchen.

You chose a movie that neither of you had seen, waiting for Dan to return before pressing play.

Throughout the movie, you had managed to move into a position where Dans arms were wrapped around you while your head rest upon his chest. Your eyes had just began to fall, to heavy to hold open any longer until the end credits began to roll.

“Well, the movie was good but that ending was shit” Dan spoke, and you couldn’t help but giggle at his critiquing of the movie.

“Any other words on it Mr. Howell? Were the SFX up to your standards?” you teased with a smirk glued to your lips.

“Oh shush you” Dan replied while he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and placed little kisses all over the sensitive skin.

“Want to see the reaction now?” You question. Both of you instinctively look too the laptop that lay on the coffee table in front of you.

“Lets do it” Dan says.

You both sit up, you pull your laptop onto your legs and open up the bright screen. You open youtube and wait for the video to load while your leg bounces up and down anxiously.
Once the page is loaded, you begin to scroll down and what you read was honestly shocking.

So many hurtful and offensive things were written, not about you, but Dan. You went to close the laptop, not wanting to anymore, however before you could do so Dan pulled it onto his lap and continued to read.

“Dan, I-I’m so sorry… I really didn’t expect.. this” You stuttered, not sure of what to say.
Your words were true however, you would never expect your own subscribers to such horrible things about both a person and your entire relationship.

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault” Dan said. He had stopped scrolling now however his eyes were still glued to the screen.

Your heart ached at the hurt expression upon Dan’s gorgeous features. And as his eyes started to glass over, your entire body was in pain.

“I’ve uh.. I’ve gotta go to a work thing. I’ll talk to you later” Dan stuttered, standing quickly, kissing your temple and running off.

“Dan!” you called out but only heard your front door shut.

You knew Dan didn’t have any work ‘thing’ on, he just didn’t want you to see how upset he was. And knowing this only hurt you more and you could no longer fight back the tears that filled your eyes.

You sat in silence for a while before deciding on what to do. You couldn’t let your subscribers hurt someone like that, and even worse, possible hurt a loving relationship.
After enough though, you set up your camera for the second time that day pressing record and begging to talk.

“Hey everyone, earlier I uploaded a video revealing my relationship with my boyfriend Dan. We were both so excited to finally tell you guys, so happy that we’d be able to share some of our exciting moments with all of you, but the reaction you guys had was completely unacceptable.
I’m not sure why you would feel the need to say such horrible things about a person and their relationship but I hope that hurting two happy people made you feel better.
I know now that a lot of you dislike the idea of Dan and I being in a relationship, however, though we have not yet said it to each other, I love Dan. I love him with my entire being and I refuse to let him go just because you don’t like our relationship.
He is the kindest, most caring and intelligent man I have ever met, so please, if you don’t like us, don’t comment, simply leave the video and unsubscribe.
I’ll talk to you all later, bye.”

And that was it. You didn’t edit the video, there was no need. You had filmed with messy hair and tear stained cheeks, but all the mattered to you was Dan.

After the video had uploaded, you lay on the sofa and attempter to call Dan, however you ended up with message bank. sighing, you made a nice beverage and turned on some crapy night time show. Only 40 minutes later, there were 3 loud knocks on your front door.

You stood up and made your way there, opening the door only slightly at first to see who it was. As soon as you saw Dan standing, a bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand, you pulled the door open completely.

“I love you too” Dan says, passing you the flowers which you take before jumping into his arms with your arms around his neck. Dan nuzzles his dance into your neck.

“Thank-you” He whispers.