after years of editing it finally uploads


☆ POP! PSD + action set by pxelbox

After a few years and a billion questions about how I edit my screenshots, I finally got around to uploading a PSD and action for you guys to use. Happy Simblreen! 🎃🦇


This is a simple and vibrant PSD for gameplay, scenery pictures, and CAS photoshoots. There’s also an action version, so if you prefer actions over PSDs, you can opt to use that instead. It’s not exactly the same one I use, but it’s the basic foundation.

I’ve only tested this with The Sims 4, so I’m not sure if it’ll look good on other games, but chances are it will.

Inside the .zip folder you’ll find a quick read-me, a few preview images, and the .psd and .atn files! Enjoy!

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After more than two years, almost 800,000 words, 110 volunteer alphas and betas … The rewrites and final edits for The Debt of Time have reached a point that I can start uploading to Ao3 (and replacing on FFN) without getting too behind. I’m currently rewriting Chapters 75-90 this week, so I have a decent head start.

Since I’m wanting to post about 6 chapters per week (thinking 3 at a time twice a week, or two three times a week depending on the flow, the chapters, and the readers) this will give me a little head start on completely getting the story uploaded and available in PDF and ePub format by the end of summer.

So keep an eye out today for the first FINAL chapters 1-3 of The Debt of Time to make their debut.

Haunted Houses and Ghosts

Shortly after Yasuhara takes the picture… PK ‘splosion. Chill, Naru. 

Haunted Houses and Ghosts

Rating: General

Category: Parody/Humor

Words: 5954 (Oneshot)

Background Info:

A fic featuring the gang playing DnD (GH style) to parody themselves, but it isn’t crack. It’s part of my post-canon fic collection that begins 3 weeks after the events from Akumu no Sumu Ie, mainly exploring Naru’s growth as he settles in to his place with the JSPR bunch. This particular piece is set about three years after. By this point MaiRu is a thing and Naru is continuing his studies in England and comes back to visit Japan whenever he gets a break.

This was previously posted on, but I’ve made some heavy edits to it and will re-upload there when I can. For now you can read below the cut, or head on to AO3, if interested.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to say I've been kind of bummed out about my art, I feel like I'm not improving. I was wondering if you could show me a comparison of your old artwork to your recent artwork and maybe some advice? Thanks c: PS your art is so beautiful

Hi! That’s actually a really interesting ask (ʘ‿ʘ) Everybody prepare yourselves bc it’s time to laugh. I’m gonna show you a few of my older drawings to prove that you can achieve a lot only if you work hard uwu

As i said several times it was really, REALLY hard for me to get used to my tablet. It was so different from a normal pencil and a sheet of paper. D; (if you want to see more of my older traditional art visit my deviantart here) For a long time i couldn’t even finish a single painting because i knew from the beginning it was total crap. If i finished something and was actually pleased with the piece, that was usually just a happy accident lol

I bought my tablet (Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch) in 2014 and started working in Corel Painter 11 because that was one of the softwares my art senpai was using (shoutout to @petite-madame​ your amazing tips and tutorials helped me a lot back then, thank you!)
I tried really hard to achieve that oil painting texture so i experimented with different brushes all the time.

This is one of my first paintings. I have no idea what was that to be honest. It’s from May 2014.

Another painting is just a perfect example of a huge happy accident. It took around 15 hours to finish? :’D It was a nightmare. And now I think it would take me probably 2 hours because it’s not even a full portrait haha

The next one is a proof that if you’re a beginner you probably don’t want to paint anything with complicated lighting without a decent reference. That was probably my biggest problem because I really wanted to paint full illustrations but had no basic knowledge about lighting, colors and anatomy. Baby steps, that’s the point. Start with simple things and try leaving your comfort zone slowly, step by step. This is also important with art block (at least for me). You probably noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything complicated recently. That’s because I’ve been trying really hard to get rid of that horrible art block and for me only simple paintings can do the work and help me in this situation.

Another painting (again not finished just like 90% of things i’m showing you now) is from December 2014 and you can see I already improved a lot. Stopped messing around that much with different brushes and started using only 2 or 3 (here basic round ones). Also at this point I started using Photoshop CS6.

Yes, yes. Like I told you, I was a Supernatural trash.

When it comes to kpop fanart I started at the beginning of 2015. A lot of experiments with brushes again:

And this happens if you have no idea about colors and still struggle with blending. (April 2015?) Again not finished because I saw it was going nowhere.

The last one is my first ever Jin fanart. Poor Jin, how could I do this to him :’D Again I had no idea how to blend colors. I don’t wanna mention the fact that it doesn’t even look like Jin.

I think this painting was my breakthrough moment when I finally learned something about blending and brushes. After uploading this one and getting positive feedback I finally had more motivation to finish my paintings. I finally noticed the progress after a year of sweating and crying over my tablet. :’D

And some of my recent artworks here (PLEASE DO NOT EDIT/REUPLOAD):

So basically my advice for beginners/art blocked is start simple, watch/read tutorials and speedpaintings that might inspire you or let you to discover something new.

I really hope that my answer motivates and inspires you a bit, my dear anon! I’m sure you’re improving, just look back at your paintings and think about all of the things you’ve learned in the process on your own mistakes and from other people! <3

Thank you for loving my art and good luck! ^^


Me yesterday at 8pm after uploading my last video

- done! Video uploaded!
- after being the whole day editing, rendering and uploading twice I can finally rest! I must say that, even if this computer has 5 years old, it could be worse






(Search the song is 100% recommended) ((I’ll upload TSOTS in a few minutes))
So... What´s going on?

OBS!! This is mostly relevant to anybody who is not familiar with my previous work! But this could be useful even to people who have followed me for a while, but are a little confused over my future plans. 

I will start with this: Who am I? I am a digital compositor, editor, script writer and illustrator known as “TheNamelessDoll” on the inter webs. You might have heard of me in relation to my fan-edited Disney work or my random ass Youtube channel. Nothing special, but that channel is relevant to this! For the past 3+ years I have been making and uploading my stories in a very unconventional format: Non/Disney crossovers. I basically use already existing animated character to tell my own stories.

Anyhow: One of these stories of mine became a crossover series called “To Belong” (see the 5 uploaded episodes HERE!). Out of all my story ideas, this was the one that I wanted to make into an original series the most. And now, after years of wanting to do this, I  finally feel confident enough to put my butt in high gear and make my dream a reality.

So this winter I will start a Kickstarter project for this series! It will be a 20 minute long first episode, with 100% original 2D animation, music and VAs. But even if the Kickstarter has not started yet, I am already looking for staff-members (basically just to ensure that people would be interested in working with me). So yeah, that is what is going on! You can read more about all of this in my “To Belong” tag.



  • KICKSTARTER: The first episode of “To Belong”
  • PITCH: “In a land where every human has their own animal form, we follow three orphan siblings as they journey far and wide in order to help a young lord find his way back home.”
  • GENRE: Fantasy Adventure
  • MAIN DEMOGRAPHIC: Teens/young adults
  • FORMAT: Original 2D animated web-series
  • “ANYTHING ELSE?” : Straight characters are a minority. ;D


Stay tuned for updates!!

//TheNamelessDoll <3