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Harry Styles - Guest Songwriter Imagine

[I’m not as happy with this as I wish I was when I first imagined writing this and that kind of bums me out. I’ve thought about re-writing it but just wanted to get something up for you guys. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m not happy with this - I’m just not. I hope you all like it though!]

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I love how so many aro/ace jokes clearly state that we’re after world domination. We don’t even have to keep quiet about it. We can just say it openly and they’ll still never see us coming. Because that kind of shit happens when you turn a whole bunch of awesome, clever, creative people invisible.

They won’t even see us while we slay them with our bad puns!

Captain Underpants AU - He Didn't Leave Us Ch. 1

A CU AU where Mr. Krupp didn’t loose his powers and kept in touch with Harold and George as they grew up!

Thanks to @jackie-sugarskull and discord chat for your help with ideas!

@larrythedrunkardlamp @thatanimationgirl @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd @clockworks-time

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ryusimmian  asked:

Ah thank you so much! I hope then you don't mind if I ask you other few questions regarding your AU? Be patient about this! 1)Think Mogami can have a role in this world? 2) Serizawa is present too? (I guess he is a sort of infiltrator/spy but maybe you have other ideas?) 3) Dimple can turn into Ekubo here as well?

Oh it’s alright!! i really like it when people ask about my aus because i really don’t think i can draw any of this out hahaha

1. Yes he sure can be part of it!! altho i don’t really know when he could appear in this au … if it’s after the world domination arc or before that but anyway, all i’m sure about is that mogami’s still an evil spirit, and that he’s still out and about doing his twisted way of “fixing the world”. So of course, he possesses minori. the asagiris were a close ally of the royal family and that’s how the asagiri name rose to power because of their connections with the royal family. but that was ages ago. however, their name still carried weight. minori was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and started abusing this power. so you could say that mogami’s role is kind of the same as in canon but instead of that 6-month-hell-scenario he let shigeo experience, ???% pushed mogami out. i don’t want that to happen to my baby again in this au.  

2. yes, of course serizawa is present!! his role is the same as in canon. he worked for toichiro and the rebellion until shigeo talked him out of it and joined his side. katsuya was the first knight, knighted by shigeo under his reign. serizawa was deeply honored. he almost cried.

3. hmm … do you mean that time when dimple possessed that one security guard??? well no, he can’t “turn into” that security guard specifically. but he did possess that guy that one time during “the rescue ritsu squad operation”. the security guard was a hired mercenary by the rebellion to keep watch outside and that was when dimple remembered how much he missed the weight of a sword in his hand. but that’s about it.

MBTI + Crappy High School Teachers

ENFP – The teacher that never has any lesson planned but still manages to pull it off with sheer passion and love for the course material. Most likely to go off on at least 10 completely irrelevant tangents that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject. Will never give you any guidelines or rubrics.

ENFJ – The teacher who actually cares about who you are as a student and a person but you find constantly manipulating you into doing more work for that project they assigned and insisting that you go to that seminar about self-improvement and breaking the stigma on mental health.

ISTJ – The teacher who always comes to class prepared with a strict (often somewhat repetitive) lesson plan and refuses to give you any wiggle room whatsoever when it comes to projects or assignments, insisting you follow the rubric to the letter. Probably in love with that one student who sits quietly in the back of class and does everything exactly the way the ISTJ told you to. Always tells their students exactly what they expect from them and very organized.

INTP – The teacher who consistently shows their students movies and TV shows in class that originally have no educational benefits or relevance until they tell you about what they analyzed from them down to the last detail. Will push back a deadline if you have the ability to persuade them into it with enough logic and reason. Most likely to explain things in a way that is entirely inaccessible for the class so that students are left wondering what the heck they meant by that thirty minute lecture about Neoplatonism.

ESTJ – The teacher who made you and about 7 other students cry at some point in their career when they got mad at you for talking in class or because your project wasn’t the right file type supported on their laptop. Most likely to display an innate desire to control the class and let the power completely get to their head.

ISFP – The teacher who rarely comes to class because they’re apparently sick, but are probably just too busy avoiding conflict and social interaction by getting a nose piercing or dying their hair a strange colour. Really couldn’t give a shit about deadlines and postpones tests almost every week and sometimes completely cancels them, not only because the class isn’t ready, but because they haven’t even created the test yet.

INTJ – The teacher who exudes a powerful aura of mystery and intrigue and knows everything there is to know about the subjects they teach, and more. Very interested in the different analyses of their students and will most likely respond to someone’s unsupported/illogical view or opinion with a simple condescending “…okay…” before promptly asking someone else for their interpretation. Will correct you for even the tiniest of errors without fail and probably wrote an award-winning PhD on the scientific origins of the cosmos.

ISFJ – The teacher whose students walk all over because they’re just too damn nice to ever discipline/exercise any authority over their class. Probably quite eager to help you with any problems you have but too shy and reserved to ever actively seek you out in times of strife.

ESFP – Everyone’s favourite teacher because they’re really fun and hip and probably have some really cool piercings and tattoos and everyone wants to be in their class because they never give out homework and would rather go on a field trip to the movie theatre. Despite this no one actually learns anything by the end of the year and will probably fail next year’s course when they get an ISTJ teacher.

ENTP – The teacher who likes to share their opinion a little too much and will literally tear apart anyone in a *diplomatic* and friendly manner if they share an opposing opinion. Usually either loved or hated as they have pretty interesting classes but their methods and teaching style may be a little too unorthodox for the more conventional student. Sometimes don’t know when to shut up and can even offend some students involuntarily. Also most likely to assign homework next class only to forget they ever assigned it, to the dismay of the keeners who already finished it and get no recognition.

ESTP – Most likely to be your super ripped and slightly scary gym teacher who is probably having an illicit affair with one of their students.

INFJ – The teacher who always wants you to put emotion and feeling into every assignment they give you, and seems stoic and aloof on the outside when really they’re just a big softy when you get to know them. Will probably expect you to be as smart and emotionally connected with yourself as they are and give you tests that far exceed your capabilities, expecting perfection and excellence with every evaluation. Probably gets incredibly angry and offended if you are late or ditch their class, and can hold a grudge against you forever.

ENTJ – Your terrifyingly intimidating business teacher who has no moral compass whatsoever and is probably plotting world domination after they set you task after task that is said to prepare you for your post-secondary education.

ESFJ – The incredibly overbearing teacher who tries to be your parental figure and will probably give you a high 90 in their class just for buying them their favourite Starbucks latte (or an expensive diamond Tiffany’s necklace). Probably wants to know a lot about your personal life and gossips about other teachers working in the school to their class.

INFP – The teacher who forces the class to take their shoes off and sit together in a meditative circle and go around talking about feelings and profound theories. Prone to walking up to you, starting to say something really deep and intellectual only to walk away again mid-sentence, never finishing their thought. Probably bases the class seating plan on which students they ship and most likely to make obscure references to weird fandoms that most of the class will never understand. Full of childlike wonder and quite eager to learn from their students as well as teach them.

ISTP – The teacher who doesn’t give a shit about rules or discipline and would rather go against all the guidelines and suggested curricula despite it being part of the school policy. Super mysterious. Their students see them more as a friend than a teacher. Very laid back however if you cross them in any way they will rip you apart. Most likely to say whatever they want no matter if it’s appropriate or not, earning them quite a reputation amongst their students and colleagues (especially the gossipy ESFJ teacher).

anonymous asked:

When asked about the lack of raccoons in video games in an interview with MTV, Glen Egan (head of Sanzaru) suggested two kinds of spin-off games that would fit Sly and the gang: an action-role-playing-game and a first-person space shooter. Your thoughts, and maybe alternate ideas for spin-offs?

i’ve come to hate sanzaru so much, and i think their ideas are kind of too on-the-nose and traditionally childish.

in my opinion, a great spinoff would be the adventures of dimitri after the events of sly 3, or penelope’s path to redemption/ world domination after sly 4 (something like infamous)

btw, the lack of raccoons in gaming is one of the many reasons the sly series is legendary

World Domination

“Can you guys illustrate for us the difference between the Interactions of an INTJ and an INTP with an INTJ and an ENFP when INTJ is discussing World Domination?”

I’ll take a swing at this. Hope you guys like it. 

*After Discussing World Domination Plans*
INTJ: Alright, now what do you think?
INTP: I took down notes on what you did wrong. And also, love the robots and tanks part bro.
INTJ: IKR?! That part’s my fave too!
INTP: Eeeeeeeyyy!
INTJ: Eeeeeeeyyy!
INTP: I’ll get the Robots ready.

*After Discussing World Domination Plans*
INTJ: Alright, now what do you think?
ENFP: Can we have Pegacorns with Rainbow Lasers?
INTJ: …. What?
ENFP: It’s like a fusion of Pegasuses and Unicorns but with RAINBOW POWER!!
INTJ: …. Ok first, It’s Pegasi, and second…. it might take while. I’ll need to phone INTP.

*Much Later*
INTJ and ENFP rides a Pegacorn and strikes fear into the hearts of men.
ENFP: Weeee!! Look at all that carnage!
INTJ: ….I think I’m in love

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?

A very special ‘thank you’ to iwouldliketosayhello and wolfkinq on Tumblr for keeping me company as I wrote this at odd hours. Also, Hetalia does not belong to me. Neither do any of the countries mentioned. Get back to me after ‘World Domination Phase Three’ is complete.

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?

Matthew curled beneath the bus shelter and tried to ring out his sweater. It was a lost cause, of course. The thunderstorm had soaked through his clothes, through his satchel, through his notes. He was a mess.

‘Clear skies,’ the weatherman had said. 'No chance of rain,’ he said. Bullshit. Matthew should have known better than to take him at his word.

He grumbled and pulled out an old, worn handkerchief. It was wet.

He used it anyway.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A man shouted as he darted up the street and ducked into shelter. He hissed and shook his hands, splashing both of them. He sneezed.

Matthew disliked him immediately.

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So we all know that Voldemort made a lot of dumb mistakes, particularly where Harry Potter was concerned. His obsession with the boy, and with doing things right once he had the chance to kill him, ended up costing him time and time again. Talk, talk, mock duel, monologue, threaten, show off his power… Others like Cedric didn’t get any of this special treatment, and so Cedric died.

One area where you have to give the Dark Lord some credit, however, is his Horcrux magic. That was smart. He knew how important it was to keep his soul-pieces safe, and put in the effort, hiding them away in well-defended places that only he knew about and that would be almost impossible for others to track down. More than that, he even used them as offensive tools, as well as to defend his immortality. The locket could influence its wearer. The diary would reopen the Chamber of Secrets. Nagini could go and do his bidding.

…Except no. Once again, Tom Riddle was too concerned about the grandiose nature of his horcruxes, the significance of the objects and the power of their defences. Once again, he overlooks the best and most powerful way to use horcrux magic because he is too vain for his own good.

So if Voldemort was truly diabolically smart, and wanted to make the absolute bast use of his soul fragments, this is what he should have done:

He needed to horcrux human beings who had been subjected to the Dementor’s Kiss.

He was allied with dementors during both the first and second wizarding wars, so he had the materials he needed. He just never made the connection.

We know that animals (and indeed, people) can be made into horcruxes, but that the presence of another soul in the body prevents the horcrux from taking control in all but the most minor ways. So if the person’s own soul has first been sucked from their body by a dementor, then the horcrux would be the only soul in that body, and Voldemort would have complete control.

Then, since magical power is tied to the soul rather than the body, he would be one person in two bodies. There would be two equally powerful Dark Lords running around. Repeat the process a few times until he has his desired seven-part soul, and you have seven Voldemorts, all with the power of the original, all working together for world domination.

After his first defeat in the books, it took Voldemort 10 years to recover even a tiny part of his strength. He was “less than the meanest ghost”, slowly clawing his way up the food chain until he got strong enough to be able to possess Quirrel. But if he had been cleverer, he wouldn’t have needed to.

So, when one Voldemort gets blown up by that stupid love-magic and a one-year-old child, he is still able to work through his other bodies. Another one can be called in to rescue the one that got exploded and also to kill the infant for real this time. Another is off killing Neville Longbottom, the other possible subject of the prophecy. He doesn’t have to go for one or the other first when he can be in seven places at once, doing seven different things.

And then in the second war, imagine if one Voldemort went off hunting Gregorovitch and the elder wand while another stayed home to command the death eaters. Another can oversee the ministry’s downfall, while a fourth can dedicate all of his time to hunting Harry Potter. One Voldemort had to fear Albus Dumbledore, and they duelled to a standstill in OoTP, but seven against one? Goodbye Headmaster.

This also means that the horcruxes are much easier to defend. There is no need to put up a bunch of protective enchantments around each and hide them away, never to be found. The horcrux-bodies can defend themselves using Avada Kedavra, and all the other powerful magic Voldemort can perform.

Voldemort allied with the dementors during both of his wars, so he had the materials he needed. It just never occurred to him to make use of them in this way. I think we can all agree what a good thing this is. If he had made the connection, it would be All Hail the Dark Lord.

Let’s just be grateful that he didn’t.