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I love the foster sibling au! I was wondering if it was still when Percy/Piper was a demigod or not because maybe then Tyson could get to meet Piper? He'd be such a good big brother to her perhaps! Anyway have a good day :)

still not sure about the au, but this idea was just too cute to pass up. tyson and percy would be the BEST big brothers. 

I love 2 am drawings where I dont really know what I’m drawing but it comes out just the way I imagined it!??

Well, here’s a simple little Kagehina doodle for you guys! For reaching 1k+ followers, I just want to thank you guys for showing your support and sticking around until now! I just want to pinch all your cute cheeks and fly off into the sun with everyone! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧


[2 .08. 17]

Hey everyone! I hope you all are stable and happy, and if not I hope you get to where you want to be ASAP! Anyway! I was sent home earlier today because of how sick I was :( So, I decided to put in some work after a nap and some snacksss. Of course I took some breaks (a lot actually haha). Since I’m sick there’s no reason to push myself really hard and then stress about still feeling gross yanno? Gotta rest up and do only what you can. Take it by little steps and breath!

So, on the top I have my AP Psych notes from class today. I had to finish them up at home though. Then under those I have a Honors Biology outline that’s due Friday (along with another one). Finally the last two are my spreads for this week! I really love bees and I think they’re super cute. I’ve been stung by one and one of my best friends are terribly allergic, but I still think they impact our society greatly. They are a big necessity!! So we gotta save + protect them :)

I think that’s all for today. Probably going to go take a nap now haha! Talk to you all again soon! Bee safe!!(haha get it?) ;)

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Am shelter cat. Work at shelter. Very hard work, all day hoomans line up to receive my greetings. Rub fur on all who visit as gift because I am benevolent to poor fur less hoomans. After long day at work, nap in secret hiding spot under bed to help regrow fluffs for next day.

magnanimouse ! truly benevelont ! a hero of a cat !

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Hi! May I ask how do you see about relationship between Kiku and Konatsu? Seems like there are ton layers of hatred between them, but is it really built only of hatred because of Sukeroku and Miyokichi's death? I really want to know your opinion and perception about this, thanks! ^ v ^

[cracks fingers] how’d you know i’m really passionate about this topic anon.

I’m gonna jump right in and say; basically, I don’t think either of them hate each other at all honestly, despite what Konatsu or Kiku say. They’re both miserable and grieving and neither really get the closure they wanted from what happened. Konatsu doesn’t hate Kiku as much as she’s angry at everything (and hates EVERYTHING) and Kiku is not only a constant reminder of what happened to her parents but she, for the longest time, thinks he had an active role in their demise. And for Kiku she is a constant reminder of the two people he misses a lot (and who he feels solely responsible for bc, well, if he didn’t show up would they still be alive? Would things have been fine if he didn’t interfere? So on so forth…)

They both deeply care for one another still but the two of them are very emotionally constipated people, and are kindred spirits in that way; they both have a very hard time expressing their emotions and it generally comes out as explosive or resentful. The two of them are just very similar which creates a bit of a rift due to their natural hostility to everyone (that they don’t know/like, and with each other its just…complicated.)

In a way I think they push each other away because they were afraid to be attached again, (and for the two of them this was the first real loss they both felt, I mean Kiku has lost people before but never the two people who meant the most to him and he’s devastated). They’re both defensive and say things they know will hurt because they see each other as the most available target and know how to get under each others skins, they’re just trying to make themselves feel better by trying to drag the other down with them (also they are both just….seriously depressed…and I mean Kiku has been actively suicidal like ALL of season 2 and Konatsu tends to do very self destructive things [like “hey gonna go have a baby bc i don’t want my fathers blood to die and u won’t let me do rakugo, bye”).

Kiku clearly hates himself a lot and actively makes sure Konatsu hates him as well (i.e keeping the truth from her, making her believe he killed Sukeroku, preventing her from performing rakugo etc. He’s trying REALLY hard to make sure she hates him, buddy failed there though thankfully).

But yeah there is a lot of emotions at play here; these two babies have been through a lot and don’t know how to appropriately deal with so they deal with it in the only way they know (self-hatred and self destruction) but in no way do I think they hate each other, by the last scene before Kiku’s death we see a peace finally set between them and it’s something they’ve probably longed for the longest time.

 TL;DR version is they love each other a lot but are deeply scarred and hurt and need a fucking hug.


[ 4/100 days of productivity ]

Up at the crack of dawn (10am) and hit the library to get some maths done. Not a lot of maths happened in the next few hours but I had good company and my friend made me lunch ☺️ then the rest of the afternoon has consisted of some very lengthy problems, but I think I’m finally understanding the method so I’m feeling positive. However I think my hand is about to fall off…

🎶: U.F.O - Coldplay

I don’t think you guys realize how much I procrastinate, lol even with stuff I like to do…  Anyways, I was supposed to be working on that SasuHina when I drew super short hair on Hinata just for fun and before I knew it GaaHina love baby happened!  Lol isn’t she pretty?  Whenever I read fanfiction where Gaara and Hinata have a kid, they always seem to lean toward the red hair and byakugan combo, that’s pretty and all but I think a baby with Hinata’s hair and Gaara’s eyes would be freakn’ gorgeous.  So that’s where Ai comes along, Ai cause well…I’m lame lol, I didn’t do Gaara and Hinata justice but it was still fun doing this ^-^