after what she's been through

it’s interesting, to hear supergirl tell cat ‘you are the most arrogant, self serving, mean-spirited person i know.’ Because with everyone else? All that she’s saying is pretty new, never heard before. Except, we’ve already heard Kara say something like this to Cat before-when Cat’s mother was in town, and then Kara accidentally lost control of her temper yelled at Cat why are you so mean? Sure, not nearly as bad as what she told Cat this time, but it shows that these thoughts don’t just appear from thin air. They exist, in a small dark part of herself that Kara’s afraid of, that she never wants anyone to ever see, and so she buries it. Except, that isn’t an option this episode, because sometimes Kara is just so filled with pain and rage and hurt that for a fleeting second she wants everyone else to hurt with her, and then she remembers why she never wants that for anyone, but the thought is there. It happened. And we got to see all of it on display.

And honestly it’s a little bit why I’m so annoyed at James this episode at the end “Just to know that you have this anger inside of you..”

You have someone who lost everything, her family, friends, language, culture, her entire world, everything, (also let’s not forget astra just died like a week ago)  and you’re surprised to learn that she has a dark side, and is capable of a lot of anger?????? It’s the fact that while she is capable of such hate and anger, day after day, when she’s not under the sway of a synthetic chemical specifically designed to hurt her anyway, she chooses light and smiles and sticking up for random little girls on the street and laughter.

It’s About Time

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ Only | Smut Warning | NSFW 

Request:  Can you write something with Daryl? The reader is Rick’s younger sister, they met each other while she thought Rick had died in the hospital. Shane keeps trying to make moves on her of course she rejects him every time. Daryl sees Shane trying to hit on her when they’re all at the CDC and Daryl gets pissed, he kicks Shane out of the room. Then smut happens, making sure she knows she belongs to Daryl.

Summary: The reader is Rick’s younger sister and is saved by Shane after the outbreak. The reader and Shane shared a night together after the world ended. But, the reader isn’t in love with Shane. The reader and Daryl both have had a thang for each other since Daryl arrived to the group. Shane gets jealous of the reader paying attention to Daryl. Daryl protects her from Shane and the end up spending the night together. The next day the group travels to the CDC, where Rick talks to her about her choice in men. The reader sticks up for Daryl and they publicly make it known they are together. Shane just drunk and jealous at dinner and ends up trying to get back with the reader, only to be too harsh with her. Daryl walks in and punches him out, declaring she is his and he isn’t allowed to touch her. He brings her back to their room and lovey dovey end game smut happens.

A/N: Whew! This one got long, but I hope everyone enjoys it! I love Alpha Male Daryl (hot). 


“Alright let’s pack everything we need, leave what we don’t. We’re going to be on foot once we hit the city and we need to be prepared. Take all the weapons we can. Packs of food and water. That’s it. Alright everyone, get some sleep. Tomorrow we head to the CDC and hopefully find a way out of this mess.”

You watched your big brother Rick take command and control over the rag tag group who had been through so much. You locked eyes with Laurie and turned away, it was hard to look at her after what she had been through with Amy. She hadn’t been herself since. Your eyes looked to the spot where her little sister had recently been bitten.

You look back at your brother and smile an uneasy smile. The moment you saw him come back with the others from Atlanta, you knew there had to be some higher plan, controlling all of this. But people were still dying left and right and you would be foolish to think that would stop any time soon. Your brother had returned to you. But, you wondered how long it would last.

You had been in the woods that night of the bombings of Atlanta. People scared, running around lost and losing their minds. Until, Shane pulled a group of you together and led you all to safety. You had started a camp and soon were set up with supplies and had a pretty secure place, or so you had all thought.

“This better work! Who put him in charge anyway?” An angry voice rang out, ripping you from your thoughts, a voice you loved and knew all too well.

You fought a smile as your eyes and attention focused toward Daryl Dixon, who had walked through the crowd of people and now was standing face to face with Rick, in his face.

Daryl’s angry eyes pierced into Rick’s, not backing down.

You understood Daryl’s anger. Although you weren’t much of a fan of Merle, it was horrible to hear what had happened to him. According to your brother, there was nothing else that could have been done. Still it was Daryl’s brother, the only piece of the last world he had left. You looked at Rick. You knew how Daryl felt.

Rick put his hands on his hips and his jaw clenched as he stared back at Daryl, also not backing down.

You let your smile loose and rolled your eyes, “Okay. We get it.”

You walked through the crowd and right up to the two men acting like this was some kind of pissing contest.

“You’re both big, strong, men who are capable of leading.” You said, turning to smirk at Andrea, for the first time you saw a small smile.

You turned back around and looked at your older brother, “Rick, Daryl’s lost so much. You can’t blame him for being skeptical. Maybe instead of standing her in a standoff you could talk to him, answer any questions he may have.”

Then you turned to Daryl, gesturing with your hand from Daryl to Rick, “Daryl, my brother just wants to keep this group safe. The CDC seems to be the best place to go. If you have any suggestions or would like to help plan the trip…”

You look pointedly at your brother, “I’m *sure* my brother doesn’t mind answering and would *love* some input from someone as capable as you are.”

You looked back and forth between the two men. Rick dropped his hands, looked at the ground, and nodded, a little ashamed by his behavior.

Daryl looked at you warily, as if he was thinking it over, he looked softly into your eyes and nodded, chewing on his lip.

You smiled as you watched Rick reach out his hand and Daryl reach out his, the same. The two men shook hands and nodded, as if a silent conversation had been had between the two.

You turned back around to the people looking on, “Okay, everyone. You heard the man. Get yourselves ready to move tomorrow and then get some rest.”

The people nodded and began to move, headed to their supplies and preparing for tomorrow.

“Come on. Let me show you what Shane and I were thinkin’.” Rick said to Daryl.

Daryl nodded, looking over at you, locking his intense eyes on yours, “I’m right behind ya.”

Rick turned and walked toward the Winnebago, where there was a table set up outside and a map laid out they had been using to plan their voyage.

You stared into Daryl’s eyes and felt that all too familiar feeling; shivers ran through your body and you couldn’t help but see anyone but him. Truth be told you had had a thing for him since the moment you had met him, when him and Merle found the camp. Merle had tried to hit on you and Daryl put a quick stop to it. Merle was harsh and abrasive. Daryl could be harsh in tone, but his intensity seemed to come from a different place. He cared about everyone here. Whether he would like to admit it or not you had seen him helping out just about everyone who needed it whenever he was around. Not to mention constantly hunting for any food he could find. He was a good man.

You found yourself staring and in a daze, yet again with him. And you shook your head a little, trying to regain focus. You looked at him and smiled a little sheepishly.

He smirked and adjusted the crossbow on his shoulder, looking you up and down for a moment before locking eyes with yours again.

He licked his lips and nodded his head up at you, still smirking as if he could read your thoughts, “Ya do that for me?”

He looked down and peered up at you, awaiting your answer.

You smiled brightly and shook your head, “Now, what makes you think you’re that special, Dixon?” You laughed lightly, teasing him.

The two of you had begun to flirt more lately and you had to admit you looked forward to any interaction with the gorgeous redneck.

He smiled, seeing you were joking with him and shook his head too. Chuckling a little as he dropped his head and then locked eyes with you again. He turned and walked over to you, his body so close you could feel the electricity of it pinging off yours.

Your breath hitched and you looked up at him, all teasing gone from your expression.

He smiled softly as he watched you freeze and look down at his lips.

You slowly ran your eyes back up to his, forgetting everything else.

Daryl place one hand softly on the side of your left hip and let it rest there as he leaned in to ghost his lips with your ear.

“One of these days I’m gonna have to show ya…” Daryl whispered.

You shivered with excitement and leaned into him, you leaned in and whisper back into his ear, “Promise?”

He dropped his hand and stepped back, looking over at Rick, who was watching the entire situation, and then back at you.

He put his stoic expression back on his face and glared into your eyes, “Promise.”

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Friendly Reminder ACOMAF Edition

After Tamlin locked Feyre in his house and Mor and Rhys came to get her and took her back to the Night Court Rhysand stayed by her side the entire night into the next morning. He didn’t leave her once, he sat in a chair beside her bed because he wanted to be there for her when she woke up. He didn’t want his mate to be alone for a single moment after what she had been through. And when she asked to come with him he didn’t hesitate to agree because that’s what she needed. He gave her a choice when no one else would.

Sakura making Sasuke “earn her love” at the end would have been emotionally manipulative to the point of being evil. You don’t pursue a romantic relationship with a mentally and emotionally distressed person, tell them you’re committed to them, and then abruptly take that back and start playing juvenile mind games when it looks like they’re actually interested. That’s beyond messed up.

Sakura is an adult, and a strong one at that. After all they’ve been through, she knows exactly who and what she chose. She knows he’s far from perfect. She’s not naive or delusional or masochistic. She’s incredibly brave not in spite of but exactly because of how honest she is about what she wants and what she has to offer. She knows Sasuke is fighting tooth and nail out there just to not be considered a criminal anymore; she’s not going to welcome him home by giving him yet another thing to fight for.

what i don’t get is the stereotype that mexicans steal jobs. literally the closest anyone in my family has gotten to stealing anything is when my mom found a dying pine tree on the side of the road and felt so bad for it she grabbed it and planted it in our yard so it could grow. the pine tree is named Lucky. we’re gonna start decorating it for Christmas.


adjective  \ ˈdrēḵ \ of weather; gloomy, damp, dark, grey, lacking light.

Disclaimer: Angst, bask into a long piece of post-146 angst made by me and my good friend, @harleyquilt​. I hope you know how much I enjoyed writing this with you.

Words: 11,713 (yes, really and not kidding)

Rating: T for tears


Did he do all of this?

It did not matter what she physically felt, because even if she bore the pain from the wounds of the battle that had transpired, even if she could feel the restlessness that threatened to break her tired bones – nothing could prepare her from the heartbreak. Someone had shattered her heart completely into pieces as if it was the easiest thing to do, and it only required hearing the devastating wail of a creature her husband had become.

“Touka,” Nishiki held her arm back before she could take a step. She didn’t even turn to face him. “You should realize, that thing isn’t Ken anymore.”

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Moon of Fire Part vii (Sastiel Sequel)

This was probably one of the most fun I’ve had whilst writing Sastiel. I appreciate all of your love, likes, comments, and reactions and honestly thank you guys so much! We’re 7/10 of the way through!!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v, Part vi

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Here’s some Elorcan angst! I had written about this prompt in an earlier post and I changed like one thing, but other than that it’s the same! Enjoy…or not haha❤︎

Disclaimer: I have not read Tower of Dawn yet, so I’m not sure if anything should be different but just keep that in mind haha :))

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Elide felt tears streaming down her dirty cheeks as she ran through the ongoing battle, trying to find Lorcan among the chaos. She hadn’t seen him for what felt like hours, and she was getting worried.

If he died before she got the chance to tell him…

Gods, why did she wait so long? Why was she so afraid of what she felt for him? After everything they had been through, fear should be the last thing she felt around him.

While searching for Aelin, Lorcan had apologized to her over and over, begging for her forgiveness. She gave it to him, but that didn’t change the way she acted around him. She was more reserved and cautious whenever he got near her, and she could see the hurt in his eyes, but she needed him to know how much his betrayal had hurt her. She thought if she acted like she didn’t care, it would somehow solve something, but it didn’t…

Now, all she cared about was finding him and facing her feelings. She had to do it before it was too late.

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Why was Toph put as a police officer? She hates rules and it doesn’t seem like a job she would enjoy wtf?
How about if you just made her a pro wrestler! She loved doing that, maybe she would get super famous and have fan girls, that would be awesome. While I’m at it, why she in a swamp? Makes no sense, she ain’t shrek wtf she deserves a happy family after what she’s been through!!!

Instead of Toph enforcing law and order in Republic City, why not the Kyoshi warriors? They were basically body guards for Zuko and didn’t really have a purpose so why not? That would be cool seeing Suki all badass and expanding the group of the kyoshi.

Why was Katara reduced to just a healer and a mom? I don’t know about you guys but I think she would have made a great president for Republic City, I think that she would be able to help create peace and bring the nations together just as much as Aang would. And maybe she would get a fucking statue!!! Cmon!?
Oh and she could work with zuko and shit, didn’t have to be romantic I just wanna c them hang out instead of pretending like they mean nothing to each other!

Why did you have to make the Kataang marriage so broken and sad? Why couldn’t they just have normal family issues? Why couldnt they be a strong loving family?!?

Need to know more about Zuko dude, oh he had a daughter, mhmm mhhm ok WITH WHO?!? is she an only child or?? Also I wanna c more Iroh Jr cuz damn.

Wtf happened to Sokka? Did he have babies?! With who? Why you do this to me!?!!?

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Please write something where Scully is attacked and Mulder helps her.

Some angst tonight! Tagging @always-angst, @today-in-fic and @fictober

After five years on the road with Scully, Mulder knows that motel room walls are paper-thin. So thin in fact that sometimes Mulder imagines watching Scully’s silhouette on the other side of the wall. They’re so thin that Scully can reiterate whatever movie he’s watched to fall asleep the night before. One of the reasons why, at least when they have adjoining rooms, Mulder no longer watches porn movies in his room. Tonight, they’re so thin that Mulder is woken by a gentle thumping noise against the wall. Thump, thump it goes without rhythm, hard, then harder. He rubs his eyes, listens. Thump, thump. Various scenarios run through Mulder’s mind as he gets up; he pays them no attention. Thump, thump. The adjoining door is unlocked and he tears it open, consequences be damned. Slivers of light stream in through the half closed blinds. They tear through the scene and paint it in surreal lighting. Mulder reacts before he even knows what is going on. There against the wall, pinned up high, is Scully. A large, fat hand around her throat keeps her there, strangulates and chokes her. Her feet dangle in the air, try to kick and fight. 

“Let her go!” Mulder’s yell reverberates through the room and the intruder turns to Mulder, bares his dirty, yellow teeth like an animal. His hand opens, lets go of Scully, who slips to the ground. Thump, only once; a sad sounds swallowed by the carpet. The attacker jumps at him and Mulder ducks. The other man crashes into the bedside table. Mulder watches him, prepares with balled fists, as his eyes catch Scully’s gun. He waits for the man to come at him again, avoids his fist, and finds himself on the other side. Mulder grabs Scully’s gun, aims and fires twice. The attacker collapses, goes down. Thud. Silence. 

“Scully.” His voice is barely above a whisper as he finds her on the ground, half leaning against the wall. His hands, like magnets, find her skin. Her throat is dotted with deep, dark purple spots. Her lips tinged bluish, her eyes closed and Mulder’s heart misses a beat. His hand is trembling as he checks for her pulse. Steady, strong. 

“Scully? Can you hear me? Scully?” She groans, but doesn’t open her eyes. Mulder doesn’t want to let go of her, let her out of his sight, but they need an ambulance and the police. “I’ll be right back, Scully.” He whispers and lets go of her hand. Mulder uses Scully’s cell phone to make the calls before he kneels down in front of her again. He doesn’t let go of her when the police arrives and asks him what happened. Her hand is still in his when they take her into the ambulance. Someone mentions he’s not wearing a shirt as the ambulance rattles through the street. Up until now, Mulder hasn’t even noticed.

They make him let go of her hand in the hospital. He screams and fights, but they wheel her away. ‘We’ll take care of your girlfriend’, a young doctor remarks before he hands Mulder green scrubs and jogs away. Mulder puts the rustling shirt on, his whole body shivering in cold or shock. The moments stretch on. Each time a door swings open, Mulder startles, waits. He should call Mrs. Scully, he knows. But what would he tell her? Your daughter was attacked by a mad robber. Not even case related. I couldn’t keep her safe, Mrs. Scully. Too many monsters and demons, too many mad men. Just a bad motel in a bad neighbor, a coincidence. He can’t call her, not now; it’ll have to wait. Let her sleep in peace for one more night. ‘We’ve been looking for this guy for ages’, a police officer praised him as they took the body away. Mulder barely heard the words and stared instead at the dent in the wall where Scully had kicked her feet against. Thump, thump. 

“Mr. Mulder?” The young doctor from earlier walks towards him, finally.  

“Can I see her?” That’s all he wants, needs. The doctor nods.

“She asked for you. She’s got a concussion, neck lesions. She’s strong, though. We’ll have to wait and see, but it looks like physically there’ll be no lasting damage. Psychologically it’s too early to tell. She seems tough.”

“She is.” Mulder answers. He wants to push the poor doctor out of the way and get to Scully. “I need to…” The doctor nods, understanding. He lets Mulder through. 

“Hi.” Mulder can’t help but smile as he sees Scully propped up in bed. There’s a bandage around her neck and her head where she must have suffered a wound. 

“Hi.” Her voice is raspy and Mulder swallows hard. 

“Do you know… do you remember what happened?“ Mulder asks her and sits down at the edge of her bed. He puts his hand on hers as it is resting on her leg. She nods. Her eyes are clear and determined. That’s my Scully, he thinks.

"I already told the police. They said you shot him?” Now it’s Mulder who nods. 

“I am so sorry, Scully. I should have been there sooner. I should have-” Scully puts her free hand over his and he quiets.

“None of this is your fault, Mulder. It could have happened to anyone, anywhere.”

“But it happened to you.” While on a case. While he was sleeping in the next room. “We’re going home, Scully. I don’t care about the case, I don’t care-”

“Mulder, no. We’re staying. At a different motel maybe,” she smiles at him and he blinks at her. How can she smile? How can she comfort him after what she’s just been through? Mulder laces his fingers with hers. He could have lost her today, again, and not to some unknown entity, or some invisible monster. “They said I could leave tonight.” She finishes, staring at their entwined hands.

“I’d rather you stay here, Scully. Just for one night.”

“Are you the doctor now?” She pokes his scrub-clad chest. "Green suits you.“

"No, I’m… I’m just worried about you. Wherever you sleep tonight, I’ll stay with you." 

"I don’t need you to-”

“I need to, Scully,” he squeezes her hand; he won’t let go. Even if he wanted to, he can’t. Needs to feel her skin against his, needs to know she’s safe now. Staring into her eyes, he knows that if he could, if she’d let him, he’d never leave her side ever again. Night or day. “I need to be with you tonight, Scully. Will you let me, please?" Her face is unreadable and he waits. He’d wait forever. Then, with a small nod and a faint blush, she nods.

"You can stay.”

Wait For It - Jason Todd Soulmate AU

A/N: This was originally posted on @dcvalentineexchange as a gift for @rent-a-bat. I am really glad you liked it, doll.

Everyone is born with a bracelet. No one knows for sure why, whether it be evolution, fate, or God trying to makes things easier on humanity, but before you even take your first breath, the bracelet appears on your wrist. The color always starts out muted, on the very coldest end of the color spectrum. It is different for everyone, but most are born with a deep true blue. Very rarely is a person born with a green or even a purple bracelet, closer to the warmth of meeting their soulmate. Scientists had figured out long ago that the color of your bracelet changed with age, not distance, which kept many a lonely heart from wandering the world in search of their love.

Y/N’s parents were both born with purple bracelets. They met in middle school and continued on to be high school sweethearts. Even after being together so long, the bright white of their bracelets had yet to fade in the slightest.

Y/N, like the majority of the world, was born with the deep blue that meant she wouldn’t meet her soulmate for many years. She tried not to be jealous of her baby sister’s green wrist. Everyone has a soulmate right? And all good things come to those who wait. Everyday of her life she would wake up and check for any hint of change on her wrist, but for many years it remained blue.

She and her family, like many, decided to take pictures of the bands on birthdays to see the color change over the years. One of the happiest days in her memory was the day she realized that her band had become the slightest bit more purple since last year.

The day her little sister’s band turned white was painful and yet she was still happy. Her band was a lot more purple than it had once been, and she still had a long time to meet her mate. She watched many of her friends meet their soulmates in middle school and high school. She watched them and was content with the blue-purple of her band.

Until one day, she woke up in the middle of the night to see the purple fading into black. She turned on the light just in time to see the darkness spread until it engulfed every bit of pigment. She felt a cold chill engulf her entire body.

They were dead. Whoever they were. She would never meet her soulmate. She felt like oxygen was no longer enough for her body. She was lightheaded and the room was spinning, but no matter how much air she gulped, it didn’t change the emptiness in her chest.

She didn’t realize she was making noise until her parents burst into the room to find her sobbing and clutching her wrist to her chest.

Things changed after that. She tended to wear long sleeves or tie a wide ribbon over her band. For a little while she would pretend the band wasn’t black underneath. For a while she even would have sworn it was dark purple, but when she finally had the courage to look again, it was just as black as she remembered.

After several months, she grew used to it. The pain wasn’t as constant and seeing the black didn’t sting as bad. So she embraced it. She stopped trying to cover the fact that her soulmate was dead. People still flinched when they saw the black band on the wrist of one so young, only 17 and already alone. Many even went so far as to apologize, as if the words of a stranger could possibly change the color of her wrist.

One day, long after she had come to terms with the fact that she would never have a soulmate, she woke up to find her bracelet of magenta. Something had changed and she was much closer to meeting her soulmate than she had ever been before. She felt that same breathless feeling she had felt so long ago when her bracelet had first turned black. She had spent so long coming to terms with never meeting her soulmate that the idea of suddenly having one again was world shattering. What had suddenly changed? Why now? After all she had been through? Asking questions wasn’t going to change the color of her wrist and only time would bring the answers so she continued on best she could.

She heard about the new vigilante in town. He was shaking things up and making life hard for a lot of bad people, but he also stood against Batman. She didn’t really have a strong opinion about him, other than she didn’t want to get on his bad side.

She pretended not to notice how warm her bracelet was beginning to look. The fiery red her band was becoming, but it almost seemed to glow at times. She took to wearing long sleeved shirts again.

She didn’t expect her life to change again so soon, but not too long later she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking home from work when the Red Hood stumbled out of an alley and fell onto the sidewalk in front of her. She didn’t really put a lot into helping him, but before she knew it he was lying unconscious on her couch while she patched up his wounds.

She knew the moment he woke up. His breathing changed before he grabbed her wrist, his hand closing over her band. She let him gain his bearings and stayed silent while he realized he wasn’t in danger. Even though she had left his helmet on, she could tell the moment his eyes fixed on hers.

“Who are you?” His voice came out, garbled and a bit unnatural.

“Nobody.” She answered quietly.

They sat studying each other for several seconds before his eyes caught sight of his band. It was a vibrant snowy white against his skin. He slowly released her hand and gently moved the fabric of her sleeve to find that her band was the same.

That now familiar breathless feeling came back. Luckily her soulmate has good reflexes and caught her before she slipped of the couch and onto the floor.

“Are you okay?” He asked, extremely concerned at how his soulmate had reacted.

She nodded and steadied herself. He cautiously let her go and reached for his helmet. He lifted it off to reveal an attractive young man with dark hair and bright blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Jason. And I guess I’m your soulmate, doll.”

I want a dark Aria that has been betraying her friends since the beginning, not someone who is going to become evil even AFTER she has witnessed all of what her friends have been tortured through

anonymous asked:

Can I get the warden romances reuniting with the warden when the warden gets back after inquisition (sorry if that doesnt make sense)

You make perfect sense anon, don’t worry!

GIF Source

Alistair: Whether he was made King of Ferelden or stayed as a Grey Warden, he would become the same Alistair during the blight once he sees the love of his life again after their absence.  Whether they succeeded in their quest or failed, it did not matter to him, he was just overjoyed and so filled with love at seeing them again.  He would greet them with the warmest hug and the biggest grin on his face, and it felt like the moment he first fell in love with them all over again.

Morrigan: It would be a touching moment between the two.  Although Morrigan did not want to admit out loud that she had dearly missed them because of the Wardens insufferable reaction, she truly had missed them.  The Warden also knew it as well even without her saying it aloud.  The special moment shared between them would only be special to the pair, and Morrigan was truly happy that her love had returned to her.

Leliana: After everything Leliana had been through with the Inquisition, and what she knew was to come from it, seeing her love again was the happiest moment she had experienced in a while.  She had changed since the Warden and her first started their relationship, but seeing their face after so long brought some of the old Leiliana back.  They spent their reunion together catching up, and being the happiest they had both been in a while.

Zevran: He greatly missed his love, and had no problems in expressing this sentiment.  After spending so long not getting attached to people while in the Crows, he wanted to express his love and how important they were to him, especially after not having seen them for so long.  He was overjoyed to be reunited with the love of his life, and they are both happy to be in each others company again.  Zevran wishes to never have to leave their side again.

- Elvhen Glory

A Song of Ice and Stone - Part 3: Reunion

Characters: Y/N Stone, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Talisa Stark, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark, Olly, Walder Frey, Melisandre, Ser Davos

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: Canon divergence, Implied Smut, implied rape (very light but it is there - not Jon!)

Word Count: 3800ish

A/N: This is proving to be such a challenge to write but I am loving every second of it, and I hope you guys are too. I got another part planned which will be the last. I was originally planning on having it run a bit longer but due to lack of feedback part 4 is the last one this time around. 

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend, cheerleader and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Being back at Winterfell felt strange. Like you were even more of a stranger to the place than you had been when you left, but you also didn’t love it any less. Winterfell held a lot of good memories for you, even if you never quit felt as if you belonged.

None of that made pulling the dead men you had once known from the mountain of bodies on the battlefield any easier. You might hadn’t known them well. Not a lot of them anyway, but they had died trying to free your home from a tyrant’s hold. They had died fighting for the family that had taken you in. They had died for the man you still loved; the man inside the Castle with whom your thoughts and heart rested with. Jon Snow.

“Hi Jon.”

You shifted nervously on your feet, hoping he would at least be a little happy to see you. You bore no illusions that his thoughts and dreams had been as filled with you as yours had of him over the past few years, but he had been your friend. He was your best friend, for a long long time before he became anything else.

The seconds passed as if they were hours while Jon just stared at you. Maybe you had overstepped. This wasn’t your home anymore. He wasn’t yours anymore, if he even ever had been. Sure you had been best friends once, but suddenly your chest tightened at the realisation that Jon might not be the man you remembered him to be. He might not even want you in his life any longer. To him, you could just be some girl from a distant past. His expression was unreadable, and the blood and mud covering his features didn’t make it any easier.

You were just about to turn around and bolt, terrified he wanted nothing to do with you when he finally moved. And boy did he move. Your mind didn’t even have time to register what was happening before you were in his arms. Your body reacted instinctively; your arms wrapping around his neck and your face buried against his shoulder as the two of you clung to each other for dear life.

He felt familiar, like home. This was where you belonged, in his arms, and you felt as if you could breath properly for the first time in a long time. He was alive, and he was right here with you. That was all you needed. He was alive.

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Fire and Rain [Enoch O’Connor] [Part Seven] {Unedited}

Characters: (Movie) Enoch x Reader,  Emma

Summary:  Everyone’s tired of the tiptoeing and beating around the bush. When push comes to shove, Enoch finds it’s time to confront (Y/N) and figure out what’s been going on. (Y/N) doesn’t know if she can come to terms with the truth, though.

Warnings:  fluff, that’s about it

A/N: Unedited 

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Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ 

The tension had died down. There wasn’t much discussion between the girls about what had happened or who was feeling what. There wasn’t much to talk about, especially since (Y/N) had told her true feelings to Olive. However, the redhead couldn’t get her to tell Enoch the same thing. (Y/N) wouldn’t even talk to Enoch, not yet.

Enoch wasn’t attempting to talk to (Y/N) yet either. He was still trying to think of ways to fix her, but he hadn’t really come up with a way to do so. He would sit up in his room and do his thing, making fights to entertain so that he wouldn’t drive himself completely mad. All he wanted was an idea, a good one.

Other means of entertainment was watching (Y/N) from the window. He could see her when she was outside, dancing. The water, the grace, the emotion. She wasn’t aware that he was watching. She was alone during that time, Miss P giving her the time, keeping the other children in the house.

It was important to (Y/N), a part of the healing process after what she had been through. It was important to Enoch as well. The dancing, it was a sure sign that she was getting well. It was something that she always did, it was lovely.

He liked to watch her dance. It showed him how she felt. The water was a part of her, it moved with her. It was indescribable how it made him feel. She made his heart ache and flutter all at once. That was all the words he could use to understand, or try to understand, what he felt.

He watched her from the window, his rubbing his fingers together. He licked his lips as the water went up and spun. He watched it as her arms spread out and the water rained down.

Everything stopped and (Y/N) turned toward the house. Someone was talking to her fro the porch. She nodded and started to make her way to the door. Her time was up and it was her turn to do some chores. Since the turn of events, she had offered to make up for the time she didn’t do anything. She offered to take up some of the children's’ chores, for a certain amount of time.

Enoch would help, if he was allowed to. (Y/N) had made it quite clear that she didn’t want anyone to help her. It was the least she could do.

She was out of sight and Enoch stood. He walked to his table and took a seat. It would be another long day for him, as he would start to think more on how to fix someone that was broken.

“It’s been days,” Emma persisted. She was pestering (Y/N) while she cleaned the kitchen. She was near the door, watching. A part of her wanted to help her so badly, but she knew better than to try to. It was best to let this get out of her system.

“It’s September third,” (Y/N) said as she scrubbed the counter. She kept her eyes down. “It’s always the third.”

“But time still happens,” Emma said, walking over. Her shoes clonked heavily against the floor. “It doesn’t change the fact that you’ve loved him for who knows how long.”

“It’s only been a day,” (Y/N) argued.

“It’s been years,” Emma argued. She stopped beside her and looked at her. “(Y/N), you have to have this. This is something you have to let yourself have.”

“I don’t have to have this,” (Y/N) argued.

“Of course you do,” the feather light girl said. She pulled (Y/N) away from the cleaning and made her face her. “You have to let love happen because it’s one of the best feelings there is. It’s something beautiful and amazing.”

“Like what you and Abe had?” she asked.

Emma stopped for a moment, not saying anything as she looked down. She sighed deeply and looked at (Y/N). “What Abe and I had, it’s not gone, I still remember how it felt. However, what happened to us, it won’t happen to you. You’ll have an entirely different experience.”

“Will I?” (Y/N) asked. The thing that Emma had, it wouldn’t happen to (Y/N) because she wouldn’t let it happen. She wasn’t going to hurt Olive and she wasn’t going to get herself hurt. Just because the last few times something happened and she was hurt didn’t mean that she was going to feel that again.

“You will, because everyone experiences something different,” she told her and pushed her hair back. “Trust me, this is something you do not want to let get away. Go to him, (Y/N). You aren’t going to regret it.”

Enoch was tinkering. He was shut away in his room like he had been for the last few hours. He hadn’t come out since breakfast and no one had really spoken to him since. He was being polite, he was just too lost in his thoughts to do anything more than what was routine.

There was a knock on his door and he glanced up.He expected to see Olive again or it be one of the other children. He sighed and stood up, seeing at he couldn’t hear this person talking. He walked to the door and grabbed the knob.

As he opened the door, he froze up. (Y/N) stood there, her hands wrinkled up from washing the kitchen. She hadn’t cleaned up since wrapping up the kitchen, which wasn’t that long before now.

“(Y/N),” he said, shaking off his shock. He didn’t know what to expect, didn’t expect her to come to him so soon. “What do you want?”

That came off harsher than he wanted it to. He shook his head. He opened his mouth.

“Let me speak first,” she said. She walked into the room, past him, and took a seat on his bed. She looked down at her lap and folded her hands. “It’s time that I come forward.”

Enoch left the door open. It was a rule that boys and girls couldn’t be alone together behind a door. He walked over to her and pulled up his chair. He sat across from her. “About what?”

“About why I’ve been acting very,” she stopped, thinking about what the word was, “distant.”

He nodded to her as he watched her. He was waiting to get to the point. He could be patient, but he had been waiting too long for this explanation.

“I was wrong, in a way,” she said. She looked at him and licked her lips. “I stopped. I didn’t want to be here anymore, and it was for something fool.”

“I still want to fix you,” he rushed out. She looked at him, alarmed by what he had just said.

“You don’t have to fix me,” she told him and stood up. She was in a frazzled state now. “I’m okay now.”

“You’re not okay,” Enoch said as he stood up. He grabbed her hands and looked at her. “You said you were broken and you’re still not yourself. I can see that. I want you to be you again. I want to fix you.”

“You can’t,” she told him, her voice small and shrill now. She shook her head as tears started to come to her eyes. “I shouldn’t have come up here.”

He grabbed her by the face to stop her and looked at her. “Hey,” he said and pushed her hair back. He looked at her. “Look at me. I can fix you, I just don’t know how.”

“You can’t-”

“I love you,” he let out.

She looked at him, the tears sliding down her face. She took in a breath and let it out. She did it again. “What?”

“I want to see you happy and I want you to be you again because I love you,” he told her. He licked his lips. “I don’t know how you feel about me, but that’s how I feel about you. I’m sure that I love you because I can’t describe exactly how I feel about you. And-”

“I love you too,” she told him. She gripped his hands into hers and took a deep breath. “I wouldn’t let myself feel that because I was scared. I also didn’t want to hurt anyone, because I know that I couldn’t live with hurting anyone.”

Enoch shook his head and gave a small smile. “Who would you have hurt? Olive?” he asked her.

(Y/N) nodded and looked down. “She liked you,” she said. She shrugged a bit. “It’s still not okay.”

“You can’t help who you love,” he said. He moved his hand up to her arm and rubbed it gently. “I can’t help but to love you.”

“You sound so sure,” she said.

“I am sure,” he told her.

She looked up at him, looking into those eyes that made her want to melt. She smiled at him.

Cherry Blossoms [III] - a chanyeol story

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

As usual, very nervous about y’all’s opinions! I can’t wait to hear what you all think. This is the longest chapter yet, I may have gotten carried away! 

Part One - Part Two - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight

Plot: It has been four years since the love of his life let him go, and Chanyeol still hasn’t moved on. What was supposed to be a relaxing day at the beach turns to the day he’s been waiting for.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader


I opened my eyes slowly, feeling my lashes flutter against my brow as I did. I wasn’t ready to wake up, but trains were never smooth enough to take a quality nap. I leaned my forehead against the train window and admired the view. Tall, deep green trees filled the mountains as far as my eyes could see. It had been years, possibly over a decade even, since I had stepped foot on a train. I hadn’t had any reason to; and even if I had wanted to, I wouldn’t have been allowed. I could have taken my own car, or rode in a chauffeured vehicle from the company. I would have been highly encouraged not to take the train.

But times change. People change. People get older. People choose what they want to do on their own. 

And I wanted to ride the goddamn train to the beach.

I definitely had time to kill, at any rate. My life went from running at breakneck speed to a slow, lagging pace. My group hadn’t put out a comeback since last year, before Junmyeon left for his service. It hadn’t been the same without Minseok hyung, anyway. The dorm was virtually lifeless without his presence. If it had been lifeless with one member missing, it may as well be a graveyard now. Junmyeon and Baek were both serving as police officers, and Yixing was back in China, taking some time off with his family. Sehun didn’t even live at the dorms anymore; his modeling career made it impossible for him to stay. He barely had room for his clothes, let alone his three dogs. Kyungsoo was so preoccupied with his film career that he was rarely home.

It was really just me, Jongin and Jongdae. The rest? They lived there in name only.

But I love my brothers. Nothing could ever change that. Things aren’t the same as they used to be, but we aren’t kids anymore. It’s been almost ten years since we debuted, and military service is beginning to pull us apart. It isn’t very easy to find things to do to occupy yourself after your life and career come to nearly a screeching halt. I’ve gone on dates, vacations, and even taken on some acting work to fill the holes in my life. I hated silence; silence always makes me feel like I’m choking. I missed the noisy life I used to live, back when everything made sense. I’ve attempted to keep myself busy with songwriting, particularly composing and recording acoustic tracks. My solo debut wasn’t what fans were expecting; I didn’t sell out stadiums, but I had a decent following. I’ve released at least thirty songs in the last four years, for one sole purpose.

I need her to hear them.

I can still remember what it felt like when she cut my heart out of my chest. It was a physical sensation, the loss of love, the loss of part of me. It broke me in a way that I didn’t think possible. I thought we were invincible, and I didn’t think that forever was supposed to have an end. I recalled how it took every ounce of willpower I had to stop myself from getting on my knees and begging her to give me a second chance to be who she deserved. We had promised to stay friends, but the idea of being only a friend to the person who held my heart, and my life in her very hands was beyond painful; it was unbearable. 

So I gave us both space, a year’s worth. I remember her texting her on her birthday, only to discover that she had changed her number. She moved away from her apartment. Our apartment. I stopped seeing glimpses of her stunning face when we crossed paths on our daily commute. I had no idea where she was, or how she was doing. 

But I couldn’t forget her. 

I don’t want to forget her.

How is it possible for someone to forget the love of their life? How is it possible to forget the reason why my heart still aches? I’ve loved her since I was fourteen years old, literally half of my life. I spent years sneaking out of the dorms at night just to call her and tell her that I love her. Idols never sleep, and I slept even less than the typical idol. I didn’t want to waste a second of my time not being with her, breathing in her scent and holding her close. After I debuted, I did what I could to keep us adrift. I didn’t want what we had to fade, even though I felt her slipping away from me with every day that passed. There were so many days that I would be backstage, listening to a voicemail from her and choking back sobs as I heard her heartbroken voice pour through my phone speaker. I had to go back on stage and paste a smile on my face, because I owed it to the fans. I had to be present for them, if I couldn’t be present for her. I couldn’t be enough for her, and I lost the only thing that made me happier than making music with my best friends. Now, I write song after song for her, trying my best to channel my still deep love for her into every single verse. I have spent sleepless nights playing my guitar until my fingers burn, ensuring that my feelings flowed through every note. I needed her to hear them, needed her to know how sorry I was for causing her heartache. I felt that ache, knew what it was like to shed tears over someone who wasn’t coming back. And I needed her to know that I regretted every second I had lost with her.

I wasn’t myself, and I hadn’t been for four years. There was no way I could possibly be Park Chanyeol without her. I shook my head bitterly as I reminded myself that I didn’t deserve to call her my soulmate now. I had taken her for granted, ignored tearful voicemails, and broken more promises than I could even count. The virtually stagnant pace of my life had made these thoughts ever-present, in a way that they hadn’t been in years past. I had started writing songs for her as an outlet for my love, a way to express what I couldn’t. But the last few songs have been desperate, practically pleading with myself to let go.

Maybe one day I could. Maybe I already am.

I took my first ever day off from songwriting today. I hadn’t slept in two days, and I was beginning to have unusually vivid dreams of her face. I needed to shake off the perpetual despair that had been hanging over me for years, casting even the most positive aspects of my life in shadows. Minseok was home, and he wanted a day at the beach. Who was I to deny him that?

The train slowed to a steady crawl, and I saw him before the wheels came to a full stop. His hair was shorter than I had ever seen it, but that smile was the same. Once the train doors slid open, I jumped off the platform eagerly and wrapped my hyung into a hug. I hadn’t realized just how much I had missed him, and how much I missed all of us being together.

“Minseok-ah. Welcome home!” We pulled away from our hug and just stared at each other, wondering where to begin after two years apart. “Chanyeol, I’m fucking starving and I’m desperate for beer and chicken. Let’s go.”

It was a five minute drive to the beach from the Busan train station. We sat in comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence. We found a chimek restaurant close to the beach, close enough to see the waves and smell the ocean air mingling with the smell of crispy, spicy chicken.We talked as we ate; catching up on things we’d both missed. I lazily gazed out the window as I listened to Minseok’s excited speech, wondering whether we should head to the beach before the sun went down. After all, this was my day off. I felt lighter somehow, feeling the ever-present weight on my shoulders just a little less.

Something, someone caught my eye. A small figure in the distance with hair so long and so shiny, it captured the sun’s rays and glimmered in them. Her hair blew in the breeze, and I was instantly taken back to days of cherry blossoms and laughter, and that same beautiful hair entwined in my fingers.

Suddenly, I wasn’t sitting in a chicken restaurant, making up for lost time with a friend I’ve known for nearly all of my life. I felt myself stand up without being entirely conscious of my movements. My legs carried me up and out the door of the building. I tuned out Minseok’s frantic shouting and ran, ran until my heart was pounding in my chest and my breathing became ragged.

I could hardly believe that I had found her, after all of these years of waiting, hoping, and wishing she would waltz back into my life.

I quietly whispered her name, and saw her shoulders tense up. Slowly, way too slowly, she turned around. I drank in every detail of her face, noticed the fine lines under her eyes, and saw the glow in her skin. I could have stood there for hours, and it would have felt like one minute. We were standing there, together, while time stood still. Did she want to escape, run away from me like she did before? Or did she feel rooted to her spot like I did? Everything was moving so fast around us, and yet no one was there but her. I couldn’t read her, but why should I have been able to? I didn’t know who she was or what she had been through after our years and months apart.

I saw a flicker of light out of the corner of my eye, and it drew my gaze. Instantly, I wished I hadn’t looked. My heart skipped a beat; the breath leached from my lungs.

So she did find her forever.

I had always known she would.

The last one blooming, chapter 4

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two.


Rose had been sound asleep inside of her den, when one morning she was woken early by Loki.

‘Wakey wakey, little one.’ He cooed to her as he knelt down by the opening of her den.

She opened her eyes and was a little startled to start with, but when she realised it was Loki she relaxed again.

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A Study In Moffat

Hi everyone! I’m here today to give my two cents on tjlc metas (which are amazing and way way better than what are you going to read).

Since I’m obsessed with both Sherlock and Doctor Who, I happened to make some comparisons between the dynamic in both shows, considering specifically the Moffat era and studying it as my old literature text book did, which is to say by comparing different works  by the same poet.

(I had to cut out something to prevent the meta being endless and pointless, but there is way more stuff than this)

For those of you who are not that invested in the Whovians verse, I’m gonna give you a rapid recap of the first five seasons, where the showrunner was RTD: the Doctor is an alien who has human features that change when he “dies”, and then he regenerates with a different face. He’s always paired with one or more companions, and spends his time travelling back and forth in time and space, saving innocent people.

Season four closed with Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor, leaving the character to Smith (who played Eleventh), and with him RTD left too, replaced by our Steven Moffat.

Eleven’s only companion for the first period is Amelia Pond, but from half season we also have her fiance Rory (and from now on I’m simply going to be referring to the both of them as the ‘Ponds’).

The Ponds had a daughter who will become (SPOILER ALERT) the Doctor’s wife, River Song.

The relationships that caught my attention are: the one between the Ponds and Eleventh, and the one between the Doctor and River.

The first is directly linked to the one between Sherlock and the Warstan (I’m never gonna call them the Watsons), since it’s basically built in the same way but the outcome is as different as can be.

From the beginning, then.

My thesis is: Moffat is well aware of how to write dynamics between a couple and a not-romantic-third element and if he hasn’t done it with Sherlock+Warstan, he did so consciously.

In this mirror, the Doctor is Sherlock

And as they literally implied in the 8x01 making the Doctor wear Sherlock’s robes

Amelia Pond is John Watson

And Rory Williams is (quite unfitting, but bear with me) Mary Morstan

The Doctor is a ridiculous old-but-young man, with a brilliant mind and a big heart

Amy is danger addicted (she tried to kiss and have an affair with Eleven after a particularly troublesome adventure, so I assume it’s okay to presume as much), smart, has faced big peril bravely (as being at home alone with a strange crack in the wall that whispered things) and sees things that even the Doctor himself can’t.

Rory is initially introduced as the third wheel, but he shortly became actively happy to wander in the space.

I believe that the link is quite clear, since the third season is basically based on a similar dynamic. The only big, enormous difference is that for the Ponds and the Doctor it worked amazingly, while for Sherlock and Warstan.. meh.

What went wrong?

Well, first of all the Doctor was not, in any absolute way, in love with Amelia. She is his best friend, the first face that he ever saw, with him until the end, but not a romantic partner.

So what does he do? He goes to talk to) her fiancé, knowing that she is actually in love with him and things would go brilliantly for the two of them.

And he jumps out of a cake. (Where did I hear this again? Oh yes)

Originally posted by childoftimeandwhovian

If that wasn’t enough, Amy was happy to have Rory with her. Even if he didn’t understand everything that was going on, she was happy to have him there and he was happy to be there.

On the Warstan side, on the other hand, John tries to run away to go on an adventure, Mary decides to tag along, and he is *pissed* because of it. (Like, for real John, you decided to marry her, for Gatiss’ sake, at least try to hide it.)

Now, Rory and Amy love each other very very much. It’s one of the best-written romances I’ve ever seen. She chooses to not live in a universe where he’s not with her, he is determined to rescue her even in a time gap where they lived apart -because she may be older but they didn’t grow old together so what’s the point- then he “dies”(he does that a lot) and it’s forgotten but not really bc if something is remembered it can come back, he waits TWO FUCKING THOUSAND YEARS for her (he was made of plastic, so he was aware the whole time).

And all of this only in season five.

Where does the Doctor fit in all this mess?

He is the best friend, the very best of friends the both of them could have.

He’s rooting for them, concerned when they seemed to have a domestic, does everything he can to make their anniversary special. Seems familiar, right?

They parent him, without even knowing (and they become his actual parents-in-law, yes)

All the elements were in the right place, except..

Well, Rory didn’t try to kill the Doctor.

Eleven and Amy are best friends/partners in crime

Amy spent a long time without the Doctor, but her life goes on. And it does so really well, actually. And again, when she had to choose between a life without the Doctor and a life without Rory, she decided to follow Rory.

Even if it  wasn’t certain she would reach him

Even if it  would break the Doctor’s heart.

On the other side, we have John and Sherlock who are, of course, best friends but not only that at all (I will spare you the screencaps of the Glances because I assume you agree with me). (If you don’t, I have some pretty good metas to link you that amazing people did and of course there is TJLC Explained that will do the trick)

When it comes to Rory and Mary, one of the things that connect these two amazing characters is that they’re “outside” of the main relationship. Rory is a little nurse who’s in love with the fearless Amelia, he has his little adventure that connects to the main plot and at first sight he is nearly nothing compared to the showy, flamboyant Doctor Amy has been obsessed with ever since she was a little girl. But he grew, and the Doctor became his best friend too. He can see what’s behind all the big words and the TARDIS’ flashy colors. He trusts him with his own life and –more importantly- Amy’s.

Mary, on the other hand, seems silent and supportive when it comes to the relationship between John and Sherlock. At first she is Rory’s perfect mirror (nurse, the sane one), she claims to like Sherlock, becomes his friend, but at the same time she mocks what John has been through after Sherlock fell, calls Sherlock’s bluff stating that she knows him better than John does and of course, shoots him and threatens to do it again while he’s recovering.

The difference between the two dynamics is pretty astonishing, especially if you consider that she has been included through a pretty permanent role, while Rory seemed like a character that would go away, like Mickey in season one and two.

And John. Well, while I was writing about what Amy did for Rory, how the Ponds loved each other and what they were willing to sacrifice for the well being of the other, not even for a moment I ended up thinking about Mary and John.

Because after a month without Sherlock, John had nightmares.

Because while things with Mary were going well, he ran away from his own engagement party.

Because while for Amy there is no life without Rory, not one worthy living, #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives.

And I believe it makes the whole difference, the fact that all of those things were written and directed and approved by the same man.

It would have required literally nothing to make them even, always following the plot. Mary could have shot Sherlock’s leg, arm, or she could have avoided shooting him at all.

We could have actually seen a moment of the wedding where John was really happy to marry Mary, as they did in Doctor Who.

If they managed to do it in an episode where the universe *restarted*, they could have made a little effort to do it in an episode where the focus was the wedding.

(and yes, Mary and John danced too, but the focus was still Sherlock playing the violin)

(The Doctor leaves the wedding alone, but he stays until the very end, and the Ponds follow him right after)

While we’re on this topic, there’s another feature of interest that regards both the Ponds and the Warstan: babies.

Amelia has a baby, but since Doctor Who and wibbley wobbly timey wimey stuff happen, the girl grows with her parents, not as child with adults, but as equal child (no, really, don’t ask. Go and watch it, it’s easier).

After that, Amy cannot have children anymore, and she knows Rory would love a big family, so she gives up on him, giving him the chance to restart his life.

In Sherlock we know bc we’re told that Mary is pregnant, but we don’t actually have any, let’s say, proof? Yes, Sherlock deduced it, but she could have faked it (and it would explain why John hasn’t noticed it. Their minds work differently) (Again, it’s a supposition), and then they didn’t see each other for months so it was easy. The point is that Mary needs that baby girl, if not to regain John (let’s pretend that John went back to her bc of love), to have protection. Sherlock would never ever let something happen to John Watson’s child.

The thing that the two situations have in common is the weird presence of the baby. Canonically, John Watson never had children (it was difficult for Doyle to remember what his wife’s name was, let alone children). And for those who have ever seen an episode of DW, it’s clear how not suitable for a baby the whole adventure in time and space would be.

What ever could we deduce by this?

The baby that Mary Watson is carrying will be out of the way sooner than we believe.

River Song has been seen as a baby for an episode, then we only know her as a grown up killer lady.

Sherlock has none of the timey expedient of DW, so they’re gonna find out another way. And if not by having her killed (seriously, why do you hate John Watson so much?), they’re gonna make it as if she never existed, or they’re gonna send her away because something *cough cough* happened to Mary.

So, to sum up what I said until now:

Moffat could have included Sherlock in Mary and John’s dynamics without making him so miserable, John so restless and Mary a killer.

He didn’t, not because he didn’t know how, but because he didn’t want to.

Go on and take a break, I’ve got another juicy part for you.

So, before getting into River Song, I want to remind you a little precious thing that Moffat very convent put in without anyone really asking for it.

Meet (again bc someone else pointed them out) Jenny and Vastra, aka

And very usefully it’s stated that Doyle created Holmes and Watson based on them

And they kissed, on screen. Right on our face, really. It was important for the plot BUT it was a kiss in the middle of a distressing situation, and all of this has been done before SDCC2016, where Moffat pointed out:

the reality of shows like Sherlock and Doctor who is that the subject of who you prefer to date in unlikely to come up in the middle of a crisis” (source:

So yeah, not really a news but he’s not to be trusted.

Okay, back to us.

River Song is, as stated before, the Pound’s daughter.

Moffat is the only one who writes her story, and as the actress who portrays her said recently, he’s very jealous of her, in fact no one else is gonna use that character after him.

We know her in a very unusual way, aka from her death. Her first appearance is in the fourth season, and after two amazing episode she dies to save the Doctor.

Here, she knew him but he didn’t know her, since they’re both time travellers.

And since Moffat is a real softie, we got this quote in the episode, that explains what the Doctor becomes after the fifth season

Everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever for one moment, accepts it. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all.”

So he came back and saved her. Actually, it’ not that simple. He came back because he knew that his future self would have save her, and he would have his whole life to think about how to do so, so he must have found a way to do it. Moffat’s Doctor is an optimist, he is good and fierce and most of all, he’s a good man.

This in particular is what lead meto make the mirror between the Doctor and Sherlock, while River is John.


We don’t know much of her past until the middle of the sixth season, and even then some things are still a mystery (In three seasons we’ve come to know very little about John. We found out his sister has a drinking problem and his mother is dead, but not much else.)

She’s rather good with guns

She’s fearless, born to be the destruction of the Doctor (literally raised as a psychopath whose only goal is to kill the Doctor) but ends up being his salvation.

But it’s not only random characteristics that bring them closer, and I’m gonna show you why River is so important for us.

1-      What she is for the Doctor.

The Doctor is a very complex character. In the 2005 version, we’ve seen him in love only once, with Rose Tyler, who was a very steady companion. River is, instead, something completely different. They meet in the wrong order “His first are my last”, River knows way more than him and is forced to lie “spoilers”, they flirt, they play but he doesn’t really trust her until he can see who she really is.

But when that happens everything changes.

Because she’s not just a woman, she’s not just someone interesting and new. She is the proof that he didn’t let his friend down. She reveals herself in the moment he seems to have lost everything, she appears when things seems too much and even when he has to say goodbye to one of the most important companions of the modern era, the TARDIS bring him to her. She is his support and his faith. She argues with him, fights him, cares about him the most in the whole universe. And for someone who usually has to look out for other people, have someone doing it for him is a very big deal.

She understands him, they live adventures together and in every adventures they fall a little bit more in love.

2-      The kisses

Every kiss shared in Doctor Who is never just for the sake of romance. Even couples who have an established relationship since the beginning of the series, like the Ponds, kiss every once in a while (like, again, after believing the other one is dead.)

Jenny and Vastra kiss once, and it was for a more practical matter –even if they shared some romantic moments and I pray I’ll never see them on Sherlock bc I might die.

So, when River and Eleven kiss, it CHANGES THE WORLD. Literally.

Their first kiss is embarrassing, for the Doctor, while she is well versed in it, and it re-introduces the idea of the inverse timeline “his first are my lasts”

The second kiss we see –the poison- is a killer kiss – she was ready to accomplish her mission, and after some fake attempts while flirting with him, she plants a butterfly kiss on his lips, while wearing her poisoned lipstick. At that point, the Doctor is dying and she is free to be the psycho she believes she should be. Except that, as stated before, the Doctor does not accept to be defeated. Even from death itself.

If he can save someone, he will. Which leads us to the

Third kiss – the cure. River learns that the man who should hate her the most is actually the one more willing to fight for her. Because he believes in her, he knows she deserves better than to be used as a weapon. So she uses ALL her regenerative power to heal him, and uses a real kiss to seal it.

(Now, I’ve got some speculation going on. In this parallel, having River as John, leads us to link Madame Kovarian, the woman behind all this mess, to Mary and, consequently, to Moriarty. In the same way they believed they could use John against Sherlock because he is his best friend and they sure know his true feelings towards John, Madame Kovarian used River bc she was the daughter of the Doctor’s best friends, and would be an even greater defeat if he was not only to die, but also to do so in disgrace, alone and hated by those who matter the most to him.

The things these villains underestimate, and it’s the same mistake everyone makes, is the personal relationship that links the couple. Sherlock would die for John, has killed for John, sure, but it’s not unilateral. John may be silent, may be not threatening in a long mind game, but he’s not a fool. And love is a motivator vicious enough to move him, as it has been for River.)

At this point, River became in her timeline the River we already know, with her “spoiler!”, the wit and the romantic adventure with her Doctor.

The fourth kiss –time restarting- is my favourite. The universe is collapsing, time has stopped, it’s a mess on every front, all because River would not kill the Doctor. She refused, even the second time she was forced to, and this makes a mess because the death of the Doctor on Lake Silencio is a fixed point in time and space. You can’t change a fixed point. Never. Except when you do. And even if the things turn out just fine after all, it’s beautiful the reason she decided to do it for: okay, the Doctor will die, but that doesn’t mean he has to do it alone.

So she sent a message in the whole universe and asked for help and wherever she was heard, someone answered with “yes, yes, of course I will”. The Doctor changed so many lives and has done so much, and she wouldn’t accept for him to die without knowing that he is loved, most of all by her.

DOCTOR: River, you and I, we know what this means. We are ground zero of an explosion that will engulf all reality. Billions on billions will suffer and die.

RIVER: I’ll suffer if I have to kill you.

DOCTOR: More than every living thing in the universe?


This scene is so powerful because then, and only then, the Doctor understands what it’s going on with River. He would have no issues with dying and leaving people behind –everybody did it to him, right?-, except tha River would have to go through what he has been through his entire life. She would have loved someone only to be left behind like what would later happen to her doens’t matter. And even if he would not be actually dead, what was for her, for answer to a tantrum of the universe?

He decided to marry her. He decided in the middle of the battlefield to marry her and let her know that her love was not useless nor vain.

It’s the same reason why Sherlock came back to life after Mary shot him. It would not have been a problem to go away, stop feeling everything, but what would have happened to John if he had done so? With that wife…

Now, in order to restart the universe they had to touch. It could have been done with a hug, by holding hands, falling down a cliff, there were infinite ways to do it, but Moffat decided to make them kiss. And what a kiss it was.

Time restarts, and if Sherlock were stuck in 1895, that would be a great way to let time start again.

(About that, I read some metas about it where it’s stated that Sherlock is not stuck anymore. But if that was the case, why is the last shot in TAB of him looking for a future, while living in 1895?)

 (By the way, after this she discovers the Doctor’s real name and Moffat seems really interested in the whole name thing, since we had it even in Sherlock. I don’t really know what to do with this info, except that apart from his relatives, only the Doctor’s wife knows his name, the same way only John knows Sherlock’s whole name, and does not know “Mary’s” real name)

And then, there is the last kiss.

It’s one of the most painful things I had to experience even before the blatant mirror with some specific scene in Sherlock.

River is long gone, in this episode, and for the whole episode we know that the Doctor’s presente companion can see her, because Vastra mentally linked the two of them, but not the Doctor.

Here she shows how much she knows the Doctor, and when everything seems lost, the Doctor acknowledges her.

(River’s image goes to hit the Doctor, and he catches her arm in his hand.)

RIVER: How are you even doing that? I’m not really here.

DOCTOR: You are always here to me. And I always listen, and I can always see you.

RIVER: Then why didn’t you speak to me?

DOCTOR: Because I thought it would hurt too much.

RIVER: I believe I could have coped.

DOCTOR: No, I thought it would hurt me. And I was right.

Then he kisses her and it’s a goodbye kiss, they both know that, but none of them is going to acknowledge it. Leave them laughing.

Their dialogue allows me to consider the third reason why River has to be considered in TJLC:

 -          The words we spoke

As you just read, the whole conversation between River and the Doctor has shared treats of a situation we constantly see in Sherlock.

You are always here to me is not only a reference to John’s presence in Sherlock’s mind palace, but also to his actual presence. A fixed point in a changing era

I always listen has almost been said by Sherlock in TEH, with “I heard you”, but also because he’s always right, and we saw it when he returned after TRF, answering him like he was present because God knows how much it took for him not to respond while he was away. Now they’re both in London and it’s nearly impossible to shut him up. Not when the real thing is so close that it hurts.

I can always see you is linked to the fact that John is, in Sherlock’s mind, always present. And he talks to him, he listens to him, he sees him as he is. Not a self-guilt distorted version, not a Mind Palace Victorian version, but John Hamish Watson, the army doctor who saved his life and killed him nearly at the same time

Another interesting exchange is right after this one, when they have to say goodbye

RIVER: It’s hard to leave when you haven’t said goodbye.

DOCTOR: Then tell me, because I don’t know. How do I say it?

RIVER: There’s only one way I’d accept. If you ever loved me, say it like you’re going to come back.

DOCTOR: Well, then. See you around, Professor River Song.

RIVER: Till the next time, Doctor.


It’s really close to what happened at Tarmac, right? John and Sherlock say goodbye knowing, or suspecting, that this is the last time they’ll ever see each other (Sherlock knows it for sure, hence the overdose, but John seems so zen that it worried me at the time), and they exchange jokes and little else like they have all the time in the world, as if they will see each other the next day. The game is never over.

Then there is this:

From S07e05:

DOCTOR: Just a moment. Final checks.

AMY: Since when?

(The Doctor checks his appearance in a brass plate)

And the whole sequence reminded me of Sherlock nailing up himself after the sword battle *hem* in TBB before meeting John, returning from groceries 

DOCTOR: Why did you lie to me? 
RIVER: When one’s in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve year old, one does one’s best to hide the damage. 
DOCTOR: It must hurt. Come here. 
RIVER: Yes. The wrist is pretty bad too. 

About this, both Sherlock and John can be River. Sherlock would show to John he’s always a perfect genius, flawless and full of adventure, because he believes John is there for it. John, instead, would like to be the most useful to Sherlock, so he could not ever replace him (in fact he complains when Molly goes with Sherlock for a day and how does he even know that???). It’s a hell circle for both of them, because while River talks to him, they keep everything bottled in and all that jazz.

Then there is the fact that she is looking for a good man.

As the Doctor has been called many times and as John calls Sherlock on his grave and on his blog

We have this too:

RIVER: When I first met the Doctor, a long, long time ago, he knew all about me. Think about that. An impressionable young girl and, suddenly this man just drops out of the sky and he’s clever and mad and wonderful, and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl. 

What does that remind me of…OH WAIT

There is also a little fun parallel with the Twelfth Doctor

(The Doctor is lying in the snow, laughing.)
RIVER: Is something funny? 
HYDROFLAX [in bag]: Who dares laugh at Hydroflax? You shall be crushed! You shall scream in fear! Let me out of this bag! 
RIVER: This is a serious mission in a critical phase. There is nothing to laugh about here. 
DOCTOR: We’re being threatened by a bag! By a head in a bag! 
HYDROFLAX [in bag]: I shall make dust of you. My enemies are meat for the devouring! 
DOCTOR: I can’t approve of any of this, you know, but I haven’t laughed in a long time. 
RIVER: Well, good for you. 
HYDROFLAX [in bag]: Prepare to die in agony and submit to my supremacy! Unzip this bag! 
(River joins in with the Doctor’s laughter.)

While in Sherlock we all remember this:

(in the same episode we also have River who has to get closer to a man and pretend to be a nurse. Just like someone else we know)

And speaking of which, we’re reaching the end of this crazy meta. In the last episode we saw, and probably the last that we’ll ever get with River, there is this very intense scene where the Bad Guys want to exploit the fact that she is married to the Doctor to lure him in a trap (she didn’t know he was already there bc he has a different face, a face he’s not supposed to have) and she says these things

But then the Doctor is there and says he cares about her more than the inhabitants of an entire ship and he loves her in the most totalizing way that only the Doctor could.

Now, I’m well aware that DW and Sherlock are very different stories and both River, the Doctor, Sherlock and John are really different one from another, but I can’t help but think that those words had John Watson written all over it. Not just because it’s a unrequited love declaration or whatever, but because she said it with the same fury that lead John to face the Woman, that brings him to shoot the cabbie, that made him hate Mycroft and then Sherlock himself. Where River shouts and fight, he stays quiet and carries all that rage with him because he knows it’s his own fault if he fell in love with Sherlock and maybe, maybe, like River he is wrong because the Doctor is there, the Doctor loves her and losing her is something he can’t bear, because it would mean accept it and he’s not ready to let go of her. That’s how deep the Doctor loves. That how deep Sherlock could, would love John.

It’s all speculation, I know, but after so many “coincidences”, it’s pretty safe to say that this is how it’s gonna end.

Both Sherlock and the Doctor agree on that, by the way

Thank you for enduring until the end of this wannabe metas

write to me if you have other ideas or wanna ask something (or even just talk)

endlessly thanks to my special squad and my precious angel who helped me putting all of this together

see ya next time!

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