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RAVIOLI - ashol birb champion

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’ve been drawing quite a bit through these past few months (mostly through pages and pages and files and files of scribbles and doodles though) but not really uploading anything here.  I hope to change that (how many times have I said that?!) so here is a drawing I did of @sonicmega‘s character from the new Zelda game, which I have been playing to death.  This guy is a dick but I love him (Revali that is.  His VA is the nicest)  Wanted to experiment on the style since there’s been so much Zelda fanart out recently and after watching the new gorillaz video I really wanted to do something lineless so here we are!  Thanks for reading my rambles. ^-^

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Hi idk if you care but my friend used to be a huge anti for almost 5 years but she recently became a Larrie after finally watching some Larry videos. And she confirmed what we've all "known" for years but it felt really good to hear it from an ex-anti. She said that deep down she always knew it's real and that's why she refused to look at any proof cause she didn't want it to be real. she said that all antis think like that and idk it just felt satisfying to hear it 😂 just wanted to share haha

I LOVE THIS KIND OF STORIES!!! YASSSSS BRING IT ON!!! I’m happy for you (and your friend too), now teach her everything 😎


[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;




YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I was happy enough when Anjali let me send her the book, and I was not expecting her to make a whole video response when it arrived!!! honestly, thank you so much. ;u; (thanks for the people that told me about the video too!! after watching it i got emotional so i had to take A Moment, that’s probably why i didn’t respond…. 😂) I’ve never seen a VA be so appreciative and supportive about what the fans create, and i feel the ow fandom is blessed to have a person like Anjali with us!!! THANK YOU ANJALI YOURE AWESOME! LOVE U!!


Monsta X not getting their first win this time around will actually be heartbreaking. After binge watching a whole bunch of Monsta X videos, I just realized just how much they love their fans. All seven of them love us soooooooo much! It might be because I’m in really deep, but I could actually feel the love they have for us. I’ve never had this feeling for any other group! They actually seem so genuine and down to earth, and just downright sweethearts. They’ve given us so much, and worked so hard. They’re always putting their fans first before anything, so the least we can do for them  is come together as a fandom to help them get their well deserving first win. So Monbebes,please don’t slack off or give up because you think we can’t make it. WE CAN MAKE IT. So many fans from other fandoms are also showing support for our boys and anticipating a win, so please work really really hard. We have more support than ever! Stream like you’ve never streamed before and vote like you’ve never voted before. I want to see all of the members crying with  tears of joy when they find out they’ve finally gotten their first win. I wanna see them all kiss the trophy, and huddle together with joy on the stage. I wanna see them thanking us Monbebes with tears of joy. I WANT TO SEE THEM WALKING AROUND WITH PROPER PHONES! I just want my boys to finally get the recognition they deserve, because I swear, my angels deserve the whole world. Please guys! We can do it! 

  • Viktor: You're not weak Yuuri, and no one thinks you are.
  • Yuuri: Really?
  • Viktor: Absolutely. I've thought so even since I saw that video of you.
  • Yuuri: The one where I skate Stay Close To Me?
  • Viktor: No the other one. The security footage of you fighting meth addicts in a Denny's parking lot.
  • Yuuri: ...How did you find that?
  • Viktor: It was under related videos after I watched you skate my program.
  • Yuuri: Fucking hell I told Phichit not to post those.

Me: *Sees a group that could be promising.

Me: Hmm, I guess I’ll check them out. But I can’t get into anymore K-pop groups.

Me:*After watching all their music videos/live performances, know all of their names and birthdays, and is in way too deep in the fandom:

Sometimes I want to forget all about BAP.. Just to discover them again and get my mind blown and soul destroyed into tiny pieces all over again. The excitement and the shortness of breath that this group brings with it’s eargasmic songs and eye candy visuals, I want to feel it over and over again, like a new BABY.


You can now watch the first five minutes of Tangled Before Ever After! The series will premiere March 10 on Disney Channel.