after watching 2x08

You know what I love most about the Drumfred kiss?

That it was so pure. It wasn’t sexualized in any way. It was pure romance and bliss, two people finally happy and together. Two people in love. 

It’s what’s completely normal when it comes to het couples, that’s usually the moment it all builds up to and everyone is counting on. And they did the same here, with a wonderful development of their attraction over the entire season and then let the kiss be the culmination, the expression of that love.

Sure it can lead to “more”, but it is super important to show that when it comes to queer people it’s not all about sex, an impression that often seems to be deeply rooted in people’s perception of LGBT people. No. What’s important is that it is about two people who are in love, and who share a moment of pure joy and passion and happiness. It’s important to normalise that, and they did a splendid job with Alfred and Drummond.

On that note, I’m in love with their love.

Favorite Mon-El Hero Moment:

I spent a while trying to figure out what to pick for this one (hence why I’m posting it so late in the day), and I finally came to the conclusion that  Mon-El’s biggest, most obvious Superhero Moments aren’t actually my favorite. Grand, symbolic gestures are nice and all, but in my book, they’re no substitute for the little day-to-day things that garner less attention but reveal a person’s inner workings. So instead of one hero moment, I decided to do a long, boring post about my four favorite Ordinary Hero moments instead.

Here’s the thing: I don’t like Mon-El because I think he’s the embodiment of Noble Superhero Perfection. He isn’t, and in all honesty, I love that about him. He’s not someone born with grandiose visions of saving the planet like Kara, or Clark, or James. He’s practical rather than philosophical, very jaded in certain ways (“We were spared for a reason.” “Yeah. Luck.”), and it takes a while before he decides to join the superhero brigade.

BUT, even though he doesn’t officially decide to drink the Save-The-World Kool-Aid until 2x09, Mon-El displays an ordinary, less-than-glamorous kind of heroism on multiple occasions that makes me love him. They’re not Superhero Moments. They’re just regular hero moments that anyone could do, but not many would choose to.

Ordinary Hero Moment #1: Mon-El takes the blame.

Because I was coming to episodes 2x03-2x07 after having just watched 2x08, I knew Kara and Mon-El were headed toward Feelings. But as intrigued as I was with Mon-El, I was still reserving judgment. I’m not a fan of every single dislike-to-love relationship I come across; all too-often, at least one of the parties is a petty, gigantic brat who refuses to apologize or even own up to their mistakes. I found Mon-El funny, but I genuinely thought he was going there. I laughed at how he sweet-talked Winn, but I was also on guard. I was preparing to say, “Okay, you and Kara are cute, but forget it” when this happened and I was blown away. No, he should not have snuck out. Yes, he was an absolute moron. But he didn’t try to shovel any of that off on Winn (who should really know better than to give into peer pressure at this point in his life, but that’s another post). 

Oh, no. 

Mon-El stood up, owned his mistake, shielded Winn, and I respect that. Being wrong and screwing up sucks. Nobody enjoys it. But few people will take responsibility for it. It takes guts to do what Mon-El did, so yes. I love it.

Ordinary Hero Moment #2: “Can I help you?”

Oh, here it is. The moment that’s so unfair it’s almost funny. Mon-El could have walked on by. Given everything that followed, he probably should have. Sitting in Cadmus custody, he probably had a Kristoff-from-Frozen moment (“In fact, this whole thing has ruined me from ever helping anyone ever again!”). I know I would’ve. But the thing is, he stopped to ask if he could do anything for a person he thought was sick and homeless. I love that. That’s something most people don’t do, even those who consider themselves good, kind paragons of virtue. 

Ordinary Hero Moment #3: Mon-El gives himself up to save “J’onn”

No, it wasn’t J’onn. It was Hank Henshaw. But Mon-El didn’t know that when he surrendered to Cadmus. He legitimately thought that the man telling him to run was the same one he sees at the DEO all the time, so instead of listening and saving himself, he lets Lillian and co. take him again.

Ordinary Hero Moment #4: “Leave her alone.”

This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most overlooked Mon-El moments. He made a dumb move, following Winn from the DEO. Then he got himself locked up right along with James. Not your best superhero foot forward. But while he’s sitting there in cuffs, and the evil scientist who apparently has no name (I checked) is announcing his intent to experiment on both Mon-El and James, probably killing Livewire in the process, Mon-El speaks up. It’s completely ineffectual, because hello, he’s in cuffs and there’s no way he can do anything to protect her. But it’s his knee-jerk reaction to try, and again, I love him for it.

[The top two gifs aren’t mine, that’s why they’re pretty.]