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Hi! Can I request Jumin with an MC who doesn't really like designer clothes? Jumins like "c'mon MC, this is Vera Bradleys new expensive dress line" and MCs all like 😬😬😬

Thank you for waiting and thank you for your request! I feel I might have drifted off topic just a bit (I need to work on this) but the overarching plot was related… I think.
I hope you enjoy!

“Not even this Louis Vuitton handbag?” He stated in shock as you walked away giggling to yourself.
Jumin hadn’t gotten the chance to give you a present for your birthday due to the amount of paperwork his job had drowned him in. Not to mention the many business trips that had been squeezed into the short period of time surrounding your birthday. He knew that work wasn’t an excuse to miss your birthday but you just accepted his situation, knowing that nothing would come from getting mad. You knew that he would always put you first so this time, you forgave him and happily went shopping with him.

This trip was mainly a chance for Jumin to redeem himself for his absence during your birthday however you had different plans in mind. You thought you would take a little ‘revenge’ on him just for a little fun because you had never been interested in the high end brands Jumin had been exposed to all his life. You wanted something different from him, not something materialistic that you could buy.
But you wouldn’t tell him until he realised it himself.

The two of you walked through the shopping complex situated on the higher end of the city, explaining the pricey tags placed on all the products being presented for those who had money to see. Despite Jumin’s numerous attempts to find something that you could possibly desire, you continued to play it cool and cause him to chase after you.
“Valentino handbag?”
“No thanks.”
“Shoes from Gucci?”
“Nuh uh.”
“What about the new line of coats from Burberry?”
You shook your head and continued on walking down this seemingly endless hallway, secretly enjoying the increasing look of confusion on Jumin’s face at he was just at a loss of what to do. You enjoyed that he was now the one chasing you. You felt a bit mean but honestly it was entertaining to see the cold CEO lost for words over a simple birthday present.

You stopped in your tracks when he called out your name.
“What do you want?” he asked, now taking the time to catch up to you,“I’ll get you anything.”
You turned your figure around completely and placed your finger on his chest, looking directly into his eyes,“I don’t want anything. I’ve told you this.”
His eyes just seemed to plead,“But you must want something.
You shook your head and straightened your posture while crossing your arms,“Until you realise what I want, I won’t be telling you anything.”

He seemed to think long and hard, even on the way back, he stayed silent in thought. It was only during dinner, a few hours later, that he finally opened his mouth.
“I’ll be taking a week off work,” he announced, cutting into the steak that had been laid before him. You almost dropped your glass when he told you the new piece of information as you just asked him why.
“To make up for the time I was away from you,” he smiled as he put down his utensils and looked at you with a face of adoration,“If I can’t buy something for you. I’ll find out what your interests are and start planning in advance for next year.”
You couldn’t help but smile as Jumin had gotten on the track you had wanted him on the entire time. All you wanted was to spend time with him, not for him to waste money of items that you would be too scared to use. The smile on your face and enticed Jumin to reach his hand over to your cheek, caressing it a few times before he returned to his meal.
You sighed in relief as you felt the weight had been lifted off your shoulders, Jumin was still learning what it was to be 'considerate’ and 'understanding’. He knew the concepts but due to the environment used to live in, those were concepts far from his reach.
You could see how he was growing and you couldn’t help but feel warm with happiness.

“Are you definite you do not want that Louis Vuitton handbag?” he asked when you had finally established that he was growing.
You just shook your head in disappointment,“Yes Jumin, I am 'definite’.”
He only mumbled to himself in reply to your answer.

“I think I’ll get you the bag for Christmas.”

Reverse Pines AU [My Take]

(Grunkle Stan) On the run from officials chasing after him for his false identities, Stanley Pines is dumped with his grandniece and grandnephew after his younger brother, wife, nephew, and niece-in-law pass away in a tragic car accident. With his grandniece getting sicker by the day, Stanley had no other choice but to look to his only remaining family to help. Packing up the kids in his car and unable to contact his brother, he researched where his twin had moved and gone off to and headed for Gravity Falls, Oregon. However, caught in a snow storm just outside Gravity Falls with a broken-down car, he packed the kids in the back with blankets and headed out on his own to find help. On his trek to get help, he slipped and slid down the side of a ravine and got trapped. Unable to find the cold, Stanley slowly began to fall asleep. Coincidentally, he’d fallen into an old summoning circle where a certain dream demon – Bill Cipher – had been lying in wait for someone to pull him into this dimension. Bill took liberty in Stanley’s dreams and struck a deal with the old man, telling him he’d save him and the kids if Stanley let him use his body as a temporary vessel whenever he needed. The fear-blinded Stanley agreed, and the demon was brought into the world. Bill erased the storm and was able to save Stan’s niece from dying. With his guidance, the Pines would soon move on to bigger and better things…

(Dipper & Mabel Pines) With the help of Bill Cipher, the twins then came into possession of matching psychic stones witch they turn into amulet charms. With the stones, the twins could see the future, read minds, use telekinesis, etc. Because of almost losing his twin, Dipper became super protective and almost controlling of what Mabel did, his heart turning dark to everyone but her – because of this darkness growing in him, Bill took a special liking to Dipper, who he began to teach dark secrets, terrible knowledge, and black magic to. Mabel became independent; enjoying using her telekinesis to “play dolls” with the stuffed animals she was gifted from her brother and learning to enjoy solitary activities like reading, drawing, playing instruments and the like. Her one solace came when Stan and Bill collaborated to open “The Tent of Telepathy” where the twins became “The Psychic Pines”, an attraction that would bring in money to support them as they funded the plans Bill had for Gravity Falls…

(Gideon Gleeful) After facing some tough times as a kid due to his family’s poverty, the Gleeful boy found his curious niche when his mother – Missy Gleeful – began to work for Fiddleford McGucket at “The Mystery Shack”, a supernatural museum-esque establishment in Gravity Falls. Gideon, who had a knack for his studies, found himself engulfed in the superstitions surrounding his hometown. Sparked by the mysterious life of the Mystery Shack’s owner – the ever-elusive and absent minded genius McGucket – Gideon and his best friend, Pacifica, delve into discovering all there is to know about Gravity Falls…

(Pacifica Northwest) Having grown up in a fun and loving home with two enthusiastic and upbeat parents who ran a 80’s themed dance studio, Pacifica Northwest found a friend in everyone she met, even the shy boy who later became her best friend. Being carefree and just as Curious, she was ecstatic when Gideon invited her into his adventure into the unknown surrounding the town. Pacifica had always been the more adventurous of the two, it had been Pacifica’s idea to go into the new Tent of Telepathy and try to befriend the peculiar Psychic Pines twins…

(Fiddleford McGucket) Having already created a successful brand of personal computers, Fiddleford had been moving on to the great and big. However, it only took one call from his college buddy – Standford Pines – to entice the genius to invest his time in researching the supernatural occurrences plaguing the little town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. With his funding and his brains, he was able to successfully test the trans-dimensional portal with Stanford. But it only took one big mistake for their combined success to go wrong: the first night of a test pilot personal investigation into the portal, Standford’s wires were cut and he went tumbling into the portal, screaming for Fiddleford’s help. The Machine manually shut down, leaving McGucket to face the loss of his friend. Enraged by the mistake, he began to invest everything he had into reactivating the portal and saving Stanford. Whilst in the middle of doing so, he opened up Stanford’s cabin as a museum / information hub to the locals to explain and educate them about the lore surrounding Gravity Falls. Although he hardly partakes in the attraction himself, he hired and taught both Missy Gleeful and Robbie Valentino – the manager and shop-keep – to do so in his place, hoping the right minds would be able to learn and help him and Stanford (if and when he returned) in their research…

(Soos) Having never had a father figure to attach himself to, Soos eventually turned into a bad kid and dropped out of school. He began to pesker people in Gravity Falls, ruining most people’s days and bugging Stanford and McGucket before the accident with the portal. Now he just hangs around the Mystery Shack with Robbie, who seems to be the only person who can tolerate him…

(Robbie Valentino) After a close call accident with a heart condition, Robbie and his parents got super close and even bonded. He grew up happy after his heart got better and even got a job at the Mystery Shack, though his parents were afraid it’d upset him. Determined, however, he got the job and actually found he enjoys teaching people about things. He found an unlikely friend in Soos, who he feels he understands, due to them both having felt alone in the world (Robbie with his illness and Soos with his loneliness)…

(Wendy & The Cool Kids) When her father, Manly Dan, struck up a deal with a shipping company for the nice oak wood from Gravity Falls, their family hit the jack pot. Now Manly Dan has his investment settled in Gravity Falls (which he owns most the property of) and Wendy sits up high on the status quo. Her and the other rich kids (Tambry, Nate, Thompson, and Lee) now ‘rule’ Gravity Falls with their higher standing and money…

 Side Facts:

  • Bill is the same Bill Cipher from the original Storyline, being that he is a dimensionless dream demon – meaning he’d be able to travel between dimensions and stay the same in every one, because he doesn’t reside in any particular dimensional plain itself.
  • Mabel, although less educated and rounded in the knowledge of her powers than Dipper, is the stronger user of their shared psychic powers.
  • Mabel is the younger one in this AU, but more willing to be independent from Dipper (on account of how suffocating his protection is to her). She craves the outside world, outside friends, and the experiences of whatever this is besides her life with her Grunkle, the demon, her brother, and her powers.
  • Bud Gleeful is a mostly stay-at-home dad. In the past, he would work as a cars sales man or whatever part-time he could find. Now, on the side, he is a vacation planner who loves recommending Hawaii.
  • Stanford Pines’ path has lead almost parallel to the original story, except for the fact that Fiddleford was there when he was sucked into the portal.