after tonights shoot

EXCLUSIVE | Acolyte Fey back behind bars after Grey Clinic boss allegedly shot by rogue spirit

Suspicions raised as rookie attorney Phoenix Wright appears on scene BEFORE the murder | PLUS: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about the shooting’s spiritual origins

June 20th, 2017 | By Celeste Steel, Oh! Cult News Editor

LOS ANGELES, CA – Spirit medium Maya Fey is back behind bars tonight, after allegedly shooting Grey Surgical Clinic CEO Dr. Turner Grey in the forehead during a channeling session on June 19th.

Fey’s arrest comes less than a year after she was charged with murdering her older sister, legendary defense attorney Mia Fey – and only HOURS after reuniting with the rookie lawyer who saved her from those charges.

A spirited defense

Even as the Los Angeles Daily News attempts to paint this as a straightforward shooting, sources close to the Fey clan have told Oh! Cult the killing was likely carried out by a wayward spirit – that of deceased Grey Clinic nurse Mimi Miney, who was closely linked to a malpractice incident on May 2nd last year, that resulted in the deaths of 14 patients.

▲ SHELLSHOCKED: Acolyte Maya Fey pictured moments after the alleged murder. Photographs: Lotta Hart

Dr. Grey had always maintained the patients died due to negligence on Mimi Miney’s part, claiming the young nurse mixed up their medications. Miney died in a car wreckage after falling asleep at the wheel on May 24th, 2016, leaving her unable to defend her record. But recent accusations of poor working conditions from “overworked and exhausted” clinicians have led to suggestions Ms. Miney’s spirit may have harboured a grudge against Dr. Grey.

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Can you do a Devin “Ghost” Sola from motionless in white imagine? One where you dated in high school, you ended up pregnant right before he leaves for tour and cheats on you, then years later he sees you and your daughter together when you do the makeup for the break the cycle music video and its all fluffy and stuff?

Not really all that familiar with MIW because I just don’t listen to them, so I’m sorry if this is bad! :c


“How could you do this, Devin? To me, to our child?!” I asked angrily, tears streaming down my cheeks. My hands were laid protectively on my small baby bump as I stared at my boyfriend. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry. It was a mistake, a stupid, drunken mistake!” he pleaded.

“A mistake that’s ruined our family,” I spat. “Our child won’t even be born for another five months and yet you’ve already managed to destroy her chance at a relatively normal family. Being raised by young parents fresh out of school is hard enough, and now she won’t even have a normal family life!”

“What are you saying..?” he asked cautiously, moving toward me.

“I’m saying…” I squeezed my eyes shut as more tears came and took a breath, picking up confidence. “I’m saying I’m leaving. I can’t trust you to be there for us and frankly, I deserve someone who loves me enough to be faithful.” I gathered my coat and headed for the door.

“Y/N, please don’t! I’m sorry!” he called, running toward me. I opened the door to leave and he shouted in one last attempt: “That’s my daughter, too!”

“I think you lost those rights when you slept with that other girl,” I shot at him. “Don’t you think she deserves a father that’s good enough to be there for her and her mother?” Devin didn’t know what to say to that. With a final glare, I walked out the door and out of his life.

~5 Years Later~

“Alright, just a little bit here…” I spoke softly to myself, concentrating hard on the task before me. I was now a successful make up artist after graduating high school and taking classes at a local school while raising my daughter with the help of my parents. I stood up to admire my work. “And you are-”

“Y/N…?” a familiar voice asked. I froze in place, my eyes going wide. “Is that you?” I turned to find exactly who I hoped it wouldn’t be.

“Devin. Hey,” I said. “You’re all done,” I said to the man I just finished applying make up to. He got up and walked out, leaving us alone. Well, almost alone.

“Mommy!” my daughter said, running up and clinging to my leg. I saw Devin look down at her with awe in his features. She studied him carefully, looking him up and down multiple times. “Whose he?” she asked, scooting a little behind me. She didn’t like people she didn’t know very much. I opened my mouth a little, not knowing what to say.

“This is…?” Devin asked me. I nodded quickly. A smile spread across his face, lighting it up like I hadn’t seen in such a long time. Devin bent down to her level. My daughter looked up at me, silently asking if this man was okay to be around. I gave her an encouraging smile and nod. “Hi sweety. What’s your name?”

“Emmy,” she told him in her little voice. “What is your name?”

“My name is Devin. I’m a friend of your mommy.”

“My mommy is really pretty, how do you know her?” Emmy asked curiously, making Devin and I both laugh.

“We met in school a long time ago. I used to have a biiig crush on her,” Devin said, looking up at me.

“Did you ever kiss her?”

“I did kiss her a few times, yeah. From what I remember, she even liked it,” he told her playfully. I felt my cheeks turn a little pink.

“Mommy, kiss him!” Emmy told me. 

“Sweety, that was a long time ago, Mommy can’t just kiss him right now. He might have another girl and that wouldn’t be very nice,” I explained to her.

“I don’t,” Devin said, standing up with a small smile on his lips. “Have a girlfriend, that is. I haven’t for about, oh, five years.”

“Really..?” I asked, my heart going a little faster.

“Yeah. There was someone I never quite got over,” he told me, grabbing my hand lightly in his. I blushed again at the contact.

“Mommy kiss him! Kiss him!!” Emmy insisted, making Devin laugh. 

“How about we all go to dinner first and then Mommy will see about kissing him?” I asked, both to Devin and Emmy. 

“Okay,” my daughter replied, content with that much.

“My treat. Tonight after the shoot,” Devin said happily, giving me another smile. I nodded in agreement and he leaned over to give me a hug. “She’s so beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.

“She acts so much like you. You wouldn’t believe it,” I whispered back as we continued to hug.

“I’d really love a chance to be in her life. I’ve missed five years and I don’t want to miss any more.”

“We’ll try to work on it and see where things go,” I told him. He was about to pull away, but I put my lips to his ear one last time. “I haven’t gotten over you either by the way.”

Stone Cold (The Quiett)

Anonymous asked: Yo! Can I ask for no 10 (”Oh, so you have emotions after all”) with The Quiett where he fights with the girl she has crush on but she is distanced towards him as he is always cold for her because he dont know how to handle his feelings. ^^ i hope it makes sense. .   

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   “Hey, Joon-kyung and I are taking some of the crew out for dinner after we finish shooting tonight; do you want to come?”

    You considered for a moment, surprised by his sudden invitation. He was never friendly toward you. “Um, no, I think I’m just gonna go home and try to get to bed early,” you said. “Thanks though.”

    “No problem,” he said, and then walked away. Maybe Joon-kyung had asked him to invite you? You and the other rapper were on good terms.

    You’d been working at Illionaire Records for close to a year now; you’d gotten a double major in business and film studies, so you did a lot of work keeping their company ship-shape, but you also helped with the making of their music videos, which was what you were up to today. Throughout all the time you’d spent with the company, you’d gotten to know Joon-kyung and Sungbin quite well, and you used to be friendly with Dong-gab, but after awhile he’d started closing himself off to you. You’d never been able to figure it out, and it bothered you a lot more than you wanted to admit, but you’d had to let it go.

    You were getting ready to leave that night when you heard Joon-kyung’s voice behind you, calling your name. You turned, smiling. “What’s up?”

    “Some of us are going out to dinner- wanna come?”

    “I-” you stopped yourself. Well… Maybe it would be fun after all, and if it wasn’t Dong-gab inviting you… “Yeah, sure!”

    “Okay, cool,” he said. “You can drive with me and Dong-gab if you want; you didn’t drive here today, right?”

    “That’s right,” you said. Your car was currently at the garage for some repairs. “But I can catch a ride with someone else-”

    “Nah, it’s cool, we gotchu,” he said. “No rush, just come downstairs when you’re ready and we’ll get going.”

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For Her (A Joshifer One Shot)

I make my way onto set, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and waking up from the four hours of sleep I got, due to our late shoot the night before. I manage a halfhearted wave to some people already milling about on set, and Francis gives me a gentle pat on the shoulder when I meet him where we’re going over script changes.

“Josh is coming in today.” He says, a smirk present on his face. Francis always wears the same shit-eating grin when he talks to me about Josh.

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And tonight too, after the shootings, Yuria went to play around with the other members of the Big Four :)
What a team, I mean it!
(Yuria lost to Yuihan at darts lol And Anna, the one who scored the least, fed Yuria some ice cream!)
All strong, funny and beautiful members!
I love that they have fun doing this kind of things :)
And most of all…I’m so glad Yuria is so happy T_T

ps: does Kawaei in the second pic look like an “ikemen” only to me? lol

To Hannah Love Grace (13/?)



Hannah POV

I had woken up wearing a dress shirt, a loose tie, and underwear before. Grace and I had many fun, drunken nights where we were too tired to change into pajamas before going to bed. But there was something special about waking up in part of the outfit you were wed in the day before, then looking down at the woman next to you and realizing oh my God, she’s my wife.

It was rather crazy to me. It still seemed unreal. But yet, I had every memory of the night before ingrained into my brain, so it had to have been real.

I pulled my hand out from underneath the covers and my eyes landed upon a gold ring on my fourth finger. I remembered the inscription on the inside and smiled.

On the inside of my ring, the words “…Love Grace” were engraved in the font I’ve always used for MDK. On the inside of Grace’s ring, the words “To Hannah…” were engraved in the font she used for the itsGrace opening. 

Grace had rolled over and was now facing the wall away from me, her back almost completely exposed. Goosebumps covered her skin.

I slowly and gently eased out of the bed, being careful not to let it squeak. I then took my tie off and hung it on the hooks on the closet door, then unbuttoned my shirt. Slowly and carefully, I pulled the shirt onto Grace and buttoned it back up. The sleeves were a little bit too short, and her torso was a tad too long for the shirt, but for the most part she was covered up. She only stirred once, asking me half-awake what I was doing.

“You’re covered in goosebumps. Go back to bed baby,” I had said. She complied, smiling a bit as she nodded off while I finished buttoning the shirt.

That left me to fend against the air conditioner which we had left on high all night by accident, leaving the house much colder than necessary. Not bothering with a shirt, I grabbed Grace’s Camp Takota hoodie and a pair of sweatpants I had left here the other night.

I opened the door slowly and walked out into the living room, where two very happy dogs waited for me. They jumped up off of the floor and ran to me, their claws clattering against the wood. I smiled and pet them for a couple minutes before going to sit down on the couch. 

I noticed something as soon as I sat down. A bottle of red wine with a fancy ribbon around the neck sat on the coffee table on top of a note.

I left a few things for you and Grace today. I say you and Grace because I know you’ll be awake first , Little Hart. First being your favorite red wine and a couple of custom wine glasses with both your logos. There’s some leftoever food from the reception in the fridge. 

By the way, put your pants on Hannah, Jesus. I walk in at five in the morning to drop this stuff off and finally go to bed, walk to Grace’s room to check on you two, and you’re laying on top of the covers without pants on. Manners, Harto.

I love you two dorks. Call me, but not until after like three. We gotta shoot a YDAD. 

I smiled to myself as I read the note, and I could practically see Mamrie’s joking smile and eye roll in the second paragraph of her little letter. I looked at the time on my phone, which read 12 o'clock noon on the dot. 

The wine glasses were lovely. They had my logo with arms and legs added on, and Grace’s logo was directly next to mine, and the arm on her logo was connected to the newly added one on mine.

I gathered the glasses and bottle of wine and set them on the old YDAD countertop to drink later tonight after shooting the YDAD. 

I made a bowl of cereal and sat down on the couch, taking in the reality of my life at that moment.

The word “wife” would never grow old to me.

I ate my breakfast in silence, smiling as Goose and Ducky settled down and fell asleep next to each other. After finishing off the bowl of cereal, I rinsed out the bowl and returned to the couch and picked my laptop up off of the nightstand next to me.

I logged onto Tumblr and I smiled as I saw my activity bar being a straight line across the top of the area. I guess everyone else was just as excited as we were.

I read through some of the messages in the reblogs of last night’s photos. Most of them were asking for more pictures of us together the morning (rather afternoon) after, and asking how the whole night went. They were so sweet and caring, and I’d never be over that.

Morning kiddos. I’m the only one awake right now, so no pictures yet. But definitely some tonight and a new video tomorrow on MyHarto, sound good? Have a lovely day babies.

Within seconds of me posting that, I got about the same response from everyone who saw the post. “Oh my gosh videos and pictures and sHE CALLED US HER BABIES OMFG!”

“Hannah, why did I wake up in your shirt?”

I turned around. Grace was standing behind the couch, looking down at my shirt confusedly.

“When I woke up about a half hour or so ago, you were covered in goosebumps. I put my shirt on you and covered you back up,” I replied, noting that she hadn’t bothered to put any pants on. I grabbed a blanket off of the end of the couch and motioned for her to join me as I set the laptop back on the nightstand.

Grace lie down on the couch, her feet hanging off the edge. I threw the blanket across her as she laid her head down in my lap and looked up at me, hair a mess and eyes still red from sleep.

I brushed some of the tangled mess out of the way so I could see her face. Even after just waking up, she still looked so beautiful to me.

I was met with chocolate brown orbs and a tired half-smile filled with joy I haven’t seen in anyone ever.

“Good morning, Grace Anne Hart,” I said, allowing myself to test the name on my tongue. It rolled off perfectly.

“Good morning, wife,” she said, and we smiled childishly. We were like kids who had just discovered something totally cool. 

“You know what I was thing about….are we Hartsquared now or Hartsquared 2.0? Or are we still Hartbig?” she said after a while. I giggled.

“Let’s consult the experts,” I said, and she nodded, grabbing her phone from where she left it on the coffee table the night before.

I watched as she typed slowly in her tired daze.

So we have a dilemma. Are we Hartsquared, Hartsquared 2.0, or Hartbig still?

Five minutes of a comfortable, happy silence passed, and we decided to take the poll.

“And the jury says…we’re still Hartbig,” she replied, and I smiled.

“And so it’s settled,” I replied. Grace nodded, smiling up at me.

I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers, lingering for a bit longer than I normally did in the mornings. 

When I pulled away slightly, Grace spoke.

“Everyone said that things were going to click at some point, everything would fall into place. And everything is finally in place now,” she said, smiling. I smiled back before kissing her once more.

“Shall we upload something short from webcam?” I asked, and Grace smiled wide. She went on and on last night about how excited she was to sign on as Grace Hart for the first time.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She sat up, and made sure her legs were covered before I turned on the camera.

I hit record, and she smiled once again.

“Good morning! It is Monday here on itsGrace, so that means it’s a stream of conciousness kinda thing yay!" 

"So, we just woke up. Well, I woke up about an hour ago now. Grace woke up about fifteen minutes ago. And we are sooooo tired,” I said, pointing to the bags under my eyes and my messy hair.

“But no matter! Things are good. Things are very good,” Grace continued, her smile widening as she said the last sentence. “Because I, Grace Helbig, now go by the name of Grace Anne Hart.”

“Now we truly are the Holy Trinity because there’s three Harts. Hart cubed. Can that be a thing?” I said excitedly, and I smiled as I caught Grace staring at me in the corner of my eye.

“Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. And everything just feels right. And I just really wanted to share that with you guys this morning, because you’re important to me,” she said.

“Awww, Grace, you’re showing emotion,” I teased, earning a slap on the arm.

“Shut up, dork. I love you don’t hit me,” she said as I reached to playfully slap her arm back. 

“I love you too,” I said, and I kissed her cheek gently.

“And…if you’re watching this…I love you guys. And I know that it took me about a hundred million years to say this but…I really do. I’m so glad you could join me and Hannah on this journey,” Grace said, her voice softening.

“We’ll see you later. Mwah, mwah, go hug someone and have a wonderful day…and stuff,” I said, shrugging.

Grace looked at me, then at the camera.

A smile crossed her face as she spoke, about to end the video.

“Now I know.”