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Progress Report

It always feels really good for me to just be able to hold court with you guys at the end of a long day of work on a video. After yesterday and tonight, I definitely enjoy this opportunity to breathe and just fill everyone in.

Here’s Where We’re At:

- I haven’t posted a proper upload in almost three weeks now, and that feels like two months to me. I’m so sorry about that; between Patreon and The Big One, I’ve had my workload very full. I’m craving the satisfaction and routine of uploading so much, and it’s going to feel great to get back into it.

- I anticipate regular uploads to begin again the week of September 4th-10th, with a major push to hit that “two videos” a week marker as part of going full-time through Patreon. Will most likely begin with a Night Vision episode I wanted to do back before going heavy on all the current stuff.

- Made the most absolute significant progress on The Big One today. The battle is nearly over, and this video will be out next week, come hell or high water. Patreon users will, of course, get to see the video as soon as YouTube finishes processing it, and have one complete day of early access. I’m striving for a Wednesday night public release, and Tuesday if I can really make that goal. I’m pushing as hard and fast as I can to get this done and out to everybody. 

- Patreon has been a massive success beyond my expectations, because you are the greatest community. I love you guys, and because of you, amazing things are going to happen for the channel, and I’ll be doing my best to make sure equally amazing things happen for new creators in need.

- And as always, I’m so sorry for how long The Big One is taking and that it’s been awhile since the last proper upload. When you see the video, you’ll understand why it took so much time to get done, and I really hope you enjoy it.

That’s all for now. Lend me your strength in spirit, creatures of the night, as I push through this weekend and Monday to conquer The Big One for good. We’re hitting this milestone, taking a breath, and then moving on to make September the best pre-Halloween ever.

Because let’s face it: October is Halloween for us all month long.

Once more, I’m Nick Nocturne, and I’ll be seeing you again real soon, with an offering of unprecedented proportions for the channel and, I believe, its field of video type. Sleep tight!


me and my brother made some really good olympic winner’s chicken and i think i added too much salt to the dressing!!!

on a serious note, thank you for the continual support everyone!!! ive read all of your messages and theyre really sweet and reassuring! although im not sure how ill go about my blog in the future after tonight, well see what happens!!! maybe i really do need that break before school starts haha 8^)))))). 

im just gonna go finish my dinner now lol!

After tonight, I am seriously concerned for Tyler and Josh. I NEVER want them to crowdsurf EVER again. Honestly, I don’t fucking care that the people at the festival weren’t all in the clique. There are still people who would get so excited over Tyler being near them that they’d try to steal some of his belongings, aka anything on his body.

People will still harass and sexually assault him, by grabbing his crotch or stealing his clothes. I’m not saying all of the clique is like this. Most of us would never dream of even laying a finger on Josh or Tyler if they don’t say it’s okay. And even then, we wouldn’t grab places that shouldn’t be grabbed. And if you’re one of those people saying “oh, dont blame the crowd!!! they were just excited!!!” no. shut the hell up. Excitement does NOT give an excuse to disrespect ANYONE.

If you’re defending these people, if you are one of these people, or if you would consider even touching Tyler or Josh in unwanted places, then you aren’t part of the clique. That is literally one of the only rules, once you actually break it all down. In my book, the rules are that you need to be kind to them, and enjoy their music.

This was all over the place, as are many of my rage-posts, but let this be a lesson to all of you. It doesn’t matter how much you say you love them, if you truly loved them, you’d be respectful to them, and I don’t know… Maybe NOT violate them?


Send them in, guys <3 Email is

TO CLARIFY: fic summaries are ordered by lottery on the claims post. You *can* send in your drafts after midnight (gmt -3) tonight, but your summary will be stuck at the bottom. Which means that the later you send, the least likely it is to be seen by artists.

Sorry for the confusion. (My bad, I should have clarified this earlier)

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Karate Friday August 26

Kids: they did back catch and throws. We cancelled adult class. Three of us are going to the tournament and several others weren’t going to be there tonight.

After class, Serena and Robi and I went for beer and tacos. We talked about how when it was just the three of us we could be goof off and joke and stuff in class, but now that we have so many noobs, we need to tighten up the ship a bit. Serena and I took responsibility for not being as good examples as we should be as upper belts and especially since I’ll be moving to intermediate ranks next week (providing I don’t totally space on my test which he threatened me and told me that he won’t promote me if I fuck up. Not that I would expect him to). So we have to get more serious during class. We are more laid back than most martial arts classes. Sometimes we have to draw the line between friends and student/teacher time. And we’ve kinda blurred that recently. Off the mat, the three of us are really, really good friends. On the mat he’s Sensei and we are students. And as two of the highest ranked students in class, we have to be examples. But it’ll be good for us.

Went out for drinks after work tonight with sous and a line mate. Found out from one of sous old coworkers that apparently sous talked very highly of me to him. Saying “got this new guy who is like the light of the restaurant, he actually wants to learn shit is going out of his way to learn shit.” Hearing shit like that really makes me feel better about the work I do and my future. I hate to see my sous go but maybe I can step up and get a good head start on my career. I know chef is going to need all the help he can get

After Tonight
  • After Tonight
  • Justin Nozuka
  • Holly

His voice. <3

Darling, give me your right hand
I think I understand
Follow me and you will never have to wish again

I know that after tonight
You don’t have to look up at the stars
No, no, no, no
I know by the end of tonight
You don’t have to look up at the stars

Stand on the Horizon

All that we know / To make us see the point of living

Is to live / So won’t you come to me?

This is a thank you to @theinvisiblekunst​ for influencing me to buy Franz Ferdinand’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action and for letting me talk about it nonstop – I listen to it literally every day and it’s taken over my life and I would say it’s ruining my life, but I’m honestly loving every second of it; so… 

Anyways, this is supposed to be Korra and Asami at the Southern Water Tribe… and… I… Naga is off the screen somewhere, yes. Are they recognizable enough in my painting style? :/ I hope so.