after titanium

I saw this car the other day, and couldn’t help imagining this……..

Chloe: Look Becs! That car has my lady jam written on it! I want that car!! That song is how we properly met!! It feels like only yesterday when we were in the-

Bellas: -shower naked-


Emily: -Whilst wet!!!

Beca: Chill guys! We’ve told you a million times, we only SUNG the song in that shower! People can be in the shower together and not go at it like bunnies!

Fat Amy: What about all the other times you were in the shower together, “duetting”? Titanium seems to be the only song you “duet” with.

Stacie: Fat Amy is right! I’ve heard it playing in the bathroom more times than Chloe claims she failed Russian Lit to “remain a Bella”. What’s interesting is that I had no idea I was singing Titanium wrong after all these years! How does it go? “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am titani-OH BECA! OHMYGOD BECA!! RIGHT THERE! BECAAAA!!!”

Chloe: What can I say? The song really builds! ;)