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You can tell when I am stressed and depressed – or more stressed and depressed than normal, anyway – since I tend to default back into writing either sad Imperial Hera or sad Imperial Kanan concepts.  (Or Backbone backstory, in this case – I used to do this with Gambit as well, but I don’t think any of those have ever seen the light of day.)

Snippet from Hera flashback 15.  (This is set during the Felucia op that’s mentioned a few times in Backbone – about two or three months after Kanan came back from the Crucible the first time.)

Their shared tent had been reassigned while they had been gone, so Hera and Kanan went back to the Ghost; they wouldn’t be the only people here sleeping in their ships, though technically it was against regulations. Hera suspected that no one was going to come roust out an Inquisitor over it, which meant that she was probably safe as well.

Kanan’s stiff shoulders relaxed as soon as the ramp closed up behind them.  He gave her a small smile before his brows narrowed, so that Hera could practically see the calculations going through his brain – if it was worth the effort to try to speak, if doing so now would mean that he wouldn’t be able to do so later, if he could do so at all.

Someday, Hera was going to kill the being who had done this to him.

“Markus and I shared a desk when I was stationed on Naboo,” she said, and saw the relief on his face that he didn’t have to ask.  “When I was reassigned, it all happened very quickly, so I didn’t have a chance to clear out my desk or my apartment.  He wanted to make sure that I was all right.”


#dont talk to me about bellamy in this scene okay #dont talk to me about bellamy in this episode at all #he risked everything #like he always does #to find her #no matter how much resentment he may carry towards her for leaving him alone #he would move heaven and hell for her #and after three months the first thing he hears about clarke #is how shes being hunted #and he drops everything to ensure her safety #forgetting his own #and here he is #and he sees shes tied up; so she must be still alive #and he stops dead in tracks and has to swallow back the tears #because his princess is still alive #and he can finally take her home with him

This is me with Hussam, a 15-year-old Syrian refugee living in a shelter with his mother and brother in the Azraq refugee camp. 

Hussam learned to speak English in three months with the help of a CARE volunteer (after just three months of study, he is basically fluent) and excels in school. He told me his family is “split in four parts.” His father and one brother sought asylum in Germany; another brother got a scholarship to university in Turkey, and his two married sisters are still in Syria. He hasn’t seen his sisters, brother, or father in more than a year.

When I asked Hussam why he and his family left Syria, he said, “My school was bombed.” I asked if he was in the school at the time; he nodded and began to cry. I asked him if he was injured and he said, “No, but my best friend was killed.”

Most of the refugees I met in Syria have photographs of friends and family stored only on phones. Later in our conversation, Hussam took out his phone and showed me some pictures of his dad and brother in Germany, and I asked if he had a picture of his best friend. He said “Yes,” and sorted through the pictures for a moment before handing me the phone.

It showed a picture of a dead adolescent boy, his face disfigured by trauma. “That is the only picture I have,” he said.

Hussam and I spent a long time talking about the joys of reading–how reading about travel and adventure is a way of going on adventures even if you can’t in real life–and he also told me he loved writing stories. I asked him if he wanted to be a writer when he grew up. 

“No,” he said. “I want to go to university and study to become an engineer.”

“Why an engineer?” I asked.

“Because we will need many engineers to rebuild Syria,” he said. 


Can you believe I actually sat down and lined this personally I can’t

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Come to the Mellow side, we have snacks

This is the end of the “Mellow Yellow Mix Up” arc (not that Mellow Diamond is going anywhere). Click here to read it from the beginning!

I’ve been hoarding some underused labels for a long time, and I think it’s time to release them. Under the cut are labels that I would consider “underused” since I haven’t seen them or barely seen them. There are definitions attached, written by yours truly, to help you out if you don’t completely understand them. Please like or reblog this if it helped you out or you use one of them! I’d really appreciate that. Otherwise, have fun using them! No credit is needed to be given to me if you use a label from this.

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concept: Jack Laurent Zimmermann, professional hockey player and forward for the Providence Falconers, loses a bet and can’t cut his hair for a full year. imagine:

  • the sheer flow
  • how after the first three months his hair is the same length as it was in the Q and everyone has flashbacks 
  • shitty running his hands through it
    • shitty moaning while he does this
    • shitty growing out his own flow again
  • it getting in jack’s way because he refuses to get a mullet (because bitty refuses to kiss him in a mullet)
  • sex hair
    • bedhead
      • bitty pulling his hair
        • shitty pulling his hair as a joke and he gets turned on
  • bitty tweeting progress pics so the whole internet can follow 
    • the blogs about jack’s hair
  • jack putting it up in a lil bun during warm ups so it doesn’t get in his face
  • jack constantly running his hands through his hair after games during the interviews and it’s Distracting
  • people photoshopping bad bob with the flow because he never had one
    • bad bob is jack for halloween and has this ridiculous Jagr wig and he’s so Extra
  • during movember jack just looks like a sasquatch and it’s everyone’s favorite month
  • when he can finally cut it again he gets an undercut as a joke and it’s like two years after the trend but he brings it back because fuck he looks good
    • jack has the idea because he watches peaky blinders and thinks, i could have hair like that
Zayn Malik's Next Direction
As part of one of the world's biggest band's, Zayn Malik's reality was shaped by other people's fantasies. Now, in his first major interview since quitting, he explains why he left and who he is now.

Googling “Zayn Malik’s house” brings up dozens of blog posts that show you what it looks like: a big white box with chrome accents evoking Miami Beach, even though it’s just down the road from a 12th-century church in a bedroom community north of London where, more than a young pop phenomenon, you’d expect to find the family of a middle manager in finance gathered around the TV watching The X Factor.

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