after this he gave is cookies b)

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Ok A) Jin and rm absolutely see through jeonghan's "undercover work" cuz they know all of Hoseok's tricks and gave exp themselves and just smile knowingly whenever "the new girl friend" comes over & B) Jin absolutely falling in love with Jeonghan and keeps inviting "that nice lovesick boy" over and kinda maybe helping him along with the lovesick part & yoonseok's just like hey yeah can we have our son back & jin's just all maybe after dinner I invited him to bake cookies w/ me

THIS IS SO PURE AND SOFT IM GONNA CRY jin would def soften up to him after seeing him pull off living a double life (trust me, he knows, its hard stuff) if he’s going to that extent to know his daughter i fucking love this

The Beach- Luke Hemmings

So I got an ask to make Luke imagine where you go on vacation with your best friend, her aunt and her two cousins (Jack and Luke), and of course you have an epic romance with none other than Luke himself. So what better song to base this off of than “The Beach” by All Time Low?!

Hope you guys like it! Warning: This is a long one (practically a novel lol), and I’ll be posting more parts soon…was going to make this all in one but I write too much for that haha. Let me know what you think, and of course….enjoy!!

Fyi: Y/N is your name, Y/B/F/N is your best friends name.


“So who is this person again, and how are you related to her?” I asked my best friend Y/B/F/N. “Well, she’s basically my aunt I guess…I don’t remember meeting her, but she’s my mom’s dad’s uncle’s wait no…my mom’s cousin’s…ugh  have no idea, she’s my aunt though ok? That’s what my mom said to call her.” She replied, slightly annoyed in her seat on the plane. “And she’s really gonna just let us stay with her while she’s in Hawaii?” “Yeah, she wants to get to know me better, and get me and her two sons closer or something.” “For a week??” “Yes” She laughed. “Be glad you have friends like me” “Believe me, I am! So how old are her sons?” “Not much older than us…one is like 20, the other like 22 I believe. So let’s hope they’re pretty cool. I don’t even know what they look like” “Well for my sake, I hope they’re cute” You smiled. “Oh Y/N…they’re my cousins…” Your friend shook her head. “I’m just kidding. Unless one of them is super cute” You gave her a wink. She just shook her head again and slipped on her headphones, clearly done with this conversation. You laughed, but followed suit.

By the time the plane landed your phone was nearly dead, but you didn’t mind because you were in Hawaii for crying out loud. The views alone could make you forget about your phone for a while. “We’re here!” Y/B/F/N screamed. “I know!!” You screamed back. You both grabbed your bags, and headed to the luxury car that was sent for you guys. “Fancy…” You remarked while getting in the car. The drive wasn’t long, but the location of the house was a drastic change of scenery from the airport. For one, the house was right on the beach, which was empty meaning it was probably private. If that wasn’t enough, the house was huge. “You didn’t tell me your aunt was rich…” You told your friend while you gaped at you surroundings, unable to believe you were going to be spending a whole week here. What a summer vacation…”I didn’t know…” She gasped, her thoughts clearly masking your own.

Before you could reach the front porch, the door opened and a woman with long dirty blonde hair stepped out. “Hi!” she said. “You must be Y/B/F/N, and Y/N, right? You can call me Liz!” You and your BFF looked at each other with puzzled expressions. “Now you ladies can go ahead and come inside. You will be sharing a room, I hope you don’t mind. The room is just up the stairs on the right. When you’re done settling in I have some snacks and such. Dinner isn’t quite done yet, but the snacks should tie you over from that. I’m sure you both are starving from the trip down here.” “Thanks Aunt Liz” Y/B/F/N said as you both nearly ran up the stairs to your room. As soon as you reached the room, you threw your bags on the bed. “Why does she look so familiar?” Y/B/F/N asked, sitting on the bed. “Well normally I’d just say maybe you vaguely remember her from some distant childhood memory, but I thought she looked familiar too. “ It was bugging you that you couldn’t remember who she reminded you of, it was like the answer was at the tip of your tongue but of course you couldn’t quite say it. “I don’t know…” You said, giving up for now. “Y/B/F/N lets just head downstairs, she promised us snacks, and I’m starving” You said while walking backwards out of the room. It was then that you crashed into something, or rather someone. “I’m sorry!” You exclaimed “I didn’t-“ But whatever else you were going to say didn’t leave your mouth. “It’s fine” The tall blonde boy laughed. “Are you Y/B/F/N?” “No,,,I…um….I’m Y/N, her friend…y-you…” You stuttered. “You’re a fan I’m assuming? Guess that means I don’t exactly have to introduce myself, but I will anyway. Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Luke.” He smiled, a sly grin that made your heart melt and held out his hand. You awkwardly shook it, but quickly regained your composure. “It’s nice to meet you too Luke!” You said, smiling back. It was then your best friend decided to join you. “Hey Y/N have you seen my brush? Oh hey you must be-“ She then put her hand over her mouth as she realized who she was talking to. “So you’re a fan too cuz?” Luke laughed. “You can say that” She smiled. “Well it was nice to meet you both, I’ll be downstairs. Maybe we could all head out to the beach after dinner, ya?” “Sure” Y/B/F/N said the same time you said, “Why not?”. He gave a little wave then walked down the staircase. “Did that-“ Y/B/F/N stammered. “Yes.” “So he-“ “Luke Hemmings is your cousin? Yes. Good thing you’re an Ashton girl!” You winked. “Oh…my…god…” “I know….now come on let’s get downstairs!” You screamed, running down the staircase.

“Hey girls!” Liz exclaimed when you guys walked into the kitchen. “There’s cookies and some pretzels there on the table for you both, help yourself. Luke here told me you have already met, and that you guys are fans! How nice is that?” You and your best friend just looked at each other and smiled. How sweet is she? You both thought. “Thanks Aunt Liz” “Of course! Oh and Jack is over there in the living room, so make sure you say hi!” “Here I’ll introduce you both” Luke grinned, and got up from the table, bringing the bowl of pretzels and plate of cookies with him. “Would you mind?” He asked, pushing the bowl towards you. “No not at all” You said taking the bowl from him. “Where’s the living room?” Y/B/F/N asked. “Just walk straight ahead” He said, pointing in the right direction with his now free hand. As your friend headed in that direction, Luke’s hand came down to the small of your back. “Come on let’s go” Luke said in your ear, pushing you forward. “O-okay”

When you and Luke reached the living room, Y/B/F/N was already having a conversation with Jack about whatever movie he was watching. “I see you have met our cuz Y/B/F/N, and this here is Y/N” Luke said, slinging his arm across your shoulders. You knew that was a completely innocent gesture, but it still made your heart race. You smiled anyway, trying to hide the nervousness you felt. “Hi! Nice to meet you Jack” Your heart was racing, but you couldn’t help but notice just how similar Jack and Luke looked, they nearly could be twins. It wasn’t so strange, since they were brothers after all, but hell you and your siblings didn’t look much alike. “Nice to meet you Y/N” Jack said as Luke removed his arm from you and sat down on the couch. Since Y/B/F/N was sitting next to Jack, the only place left on the couch was between Luke and Y/B/F/N. You weren’t complaining, but sitting right next to him did nothing to help your irregular heartbeat, in fact it made it worse. You tried to push away the nervousness you felt, reaching for whatever stands of confidence you had left, luckily for you just enough.  You were able to relax on the couch, eating most of the pretzels, not really paying attention to the movie in front of you.

It wasn’t long before dinner was done. “This chicken looks amazing Aunt Liz!” Y/B/F/N said. “Ya Mom, looks great!” Luke said. Luckily, you were only sitting next to your best friend. However, you were also sitting directly across from Luke…great. The dinner was nice, reminded you of the ones you used to have at home. You couldn’t help but keep glancing up at Luke, admiring his looks in person. He was also a really great guy, that was immediately clear.  Although you tried to be sly, he often noticed you glancing at him. One of those instances, he winked at you. You blushed, and quickly looked down at your plate, hearing a light chuckle while you did so. When dinner was over you guys decided to go for a walk on the beach, just you, Y/B/F/N, Jack, and Luke. You hadn’t been to a beach in a long time, but you never remembered it being as beautiful as this…”It’s gorgeous here…” Y/B/F/N remarked. “Yeah it is, your Mom’s the best for letting us stay here with you guys on your vacation.” You added. “She is the best” Jack said. “Yes, and originally I thought I’d just be spending some quality time with my brother and mom, since I don’t get too much of that with all the tours and such, but I have to say I am glad you guys are here. This could be fun.” Luke smiled. The rest of you agreed. You spent the rest of the evening on the beach, getting to know each other. Exchanging stories, goofing around, and just having a good time. A really good time. By the time you guys got back to the house the sun was long down, and Liz was asleep. You and Y/B/F/N said goodnight to the boys then headed to your room, both of you exhausted. As soon as your head hit your pillow, you fell asleep in paradise.


Author’s note: Well that was fun lol, got over 1,500 words, and decided this might be best as a series lol. Tell me what you think! Request what you like, and as always thanks for reading!! -Lydia