after the sunset mine

an older spread but still one of my faves! i saw baby driver that week (which was so good!!!) so i dedicated a spread to it and the epic road trip i imagine baby and debora went on after they drove off into the sunset 🌅

from my studygram: peachstudii

i want to turn around and go back 
to when deciding
whether or not to jump off a bridge
was part of a dare, when you had blackberry
seeds stuck in between your teeth, when
your teeth were pebbles worn 
smooth by the river.
it was like wading through a snow drift
in the middle of July, slipping on
the moss and - underneath - it all
looks like rainbow trout, even your feet
kicking the water to stay above it.
every morning a natural accolade,
a knighthood, a hiking stick like a sword,
daisies around our heads,
halos to let the light in.
it gets darker and we, young gods 
of old asphalt, crawl home,
splinters underneath our fingernails,
the last ones alive after sunset.