after the reichenbach falls

*climbing through moffat’s kitchen window* i just find it funny, and by funny i mean unbearably annoying, how sherlock just completely ignored john’s vatican cameos *dusting myself off and going to the fridge* i mean, the entire point of this season and tbh the rest of the show was that john and sherlock need to cooperate to work efficiently *gets a carton of milk and chugs it* and sherlock just went against alla dat even though we know he’d learned from his mistakes after the reichenbach fall. also *pours all the remaining milk over my head* sherlock was gonna shoot himself and john just stood there like a fucken idiot???? whats up with that???

Sherlock: The Lost Special (2019)

… that after extensive police investigations, Richard Brook did indeed prove to be the creation of James Moriarty…

… amidst unprecedented scenes, there was uproar in court as Sherlock Holmes was vindicated and cleared of all suspicion …

… but sadly, all this comes too late for the detective who became something of a celebrity two years ago …

… Questions are now being asked as to why police let matters get so far.

Sherlock Holmes fell to his death from the top of London’s Bart’s Hospital. Although he left no note, friends say it’s unlikely he was able to cope with …

LESTRADE: Well then. (raises his cup.) Absent friends. Sherlock.
ANDERSON: (sadly raising his own cup): Sherlock.

The Lost Special isn’t happening for at-least two years. If it does before that, good, nice, very nice indeed. If it doesn’t, I will talk about it in January 2019.

Once more unto the hiatus.

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January was fun. Time to get back to work. 


Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x reader

Summary: After the fall, you’ve lost all hope of seeing your boyfriend again. But Sherlock always has a trick up his sleeve…

A/N: Kind of inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

(Not my gif)

You lost count of how long you sat on his bed crying. All you could think about was the few seconds where time seemed to stand still, as his coat fanned out around him like a parachute. A parachute that didn’t stop hitting the cold, wet concrete slabs.
Taking a deep breath, you sat up and wiped your puffy red eyes with your sleeve. On the right side of the bed, on your bedside table, a framed photograph stood amongst other belongings of yours. It seemed to taunt you with the memories it held, memories of when you were happy. Memories of when you had Sherlock.

“Come on, Sherlock!” you huffed, fighting the grin trying to make an appearance on your face as you jumped as high as you could. The curly haired detective chuckled, holding your book higher above his head. This had been going on for ten minutes now.
“Say it! Say that I’m more fun than John!” he laughed, holding the book higher still. Sighing, you stepped back, hands raised in surrender.
“Fine. You’re more fun than John. Even if you can be an annoying git sometimes,” you added. He raised his eyebrows.
“Actually, I think I might keep this book. It sounds quite good,” he grinned, sitting down on his armchair and opening the book. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind, pressing a kiss to his sharp cheekbone.
“You’re much better than John,” you mumbled. He smiled softly, turning his head to catch your lips with his. The two of you were disturbed by the sound of a camera going off. Looking up, you saw John lowering his phone with a grin.
“I’m sending this to Lestrade. Proof that Sherlock Holmes has a heart doesn’t come along often.”

You were cruelly awoken from your daydream by someone clearing their throat nervously. Looking up, you saw Mrs Hudson hovering in the doorway, tears welling in her eyes.
“Is it true?” she asked, knowing the answer just by looking at you. You bit your lip, nodding as more tears started flowing. She covered her mouth to stifle a sob, turning away slightly.
“You take as long as you need, dear,” she whispered, shutting the door behind herself. Trying not to look over at his side of the bed or any of his belongings, you picked up the photograph, sliding it into your pocket and standing up. You weren’t sure where you were going, this was your only home. You just knew that right now you couldn’t stay.

You were barely aware of the rain falling around you as you trudged slowly home. If you’d been more vigilant, you would have seen the darkening clouds looming ominously overhead and hailed a cab. Having said that, you might also have noticed the curly haired man in the trench coat following you at a distance, a sad look on his thin face.
Somehow you made it to your parents’ house, locking the door behind you and finally allowing yourself to break down. You were grateful that they weren’t home, as your screams and sobs would have frightened the lives out of them. You sunk to the floor with your back against the wall, fumbling in your pocket for the photograph. You were dimly aware of a stinging pain in your knees; you must have tripped and ripped your jeans at some point. None of that pain was worth noticing, though. It was nothing compared to the hollow ache where your heart used to be.

*two years later*

You’d returned to Baker Street a few months ago, against the advice of your friends and family. They’d warned you that it would remind you of Sherlock, that it would just bring up old memories. That had settled it for you, and you’d finished packing an hour later.
You were just trying to shove your empty suitcase under the bed when you heard the voice. You hadn’t believed in ghosts before then, but you weren’t given much choice after you heard him.
“No place like home, hmm?”
Your breath caught in your throat, and you hit your head off the underside of the bed. Cursing, you crawled backwards out from under the bed, turning to face the door.
“Oh my god,” you whispered, looking up into Sherlock’s eyes. He smiled slightly.
“You’re the second person who’s said that to me today.”
Snapping out of your reverie, you slapped him across the face.
“I thought you were dead, you bastard. Two years, Sherlock, two bloody years!”
He sighed, rubbing his cheek gingerly. “I must say, you hit harder than John did.”
“Shut up!” you glared at him. “Shut up with your smart arse comments and think about someone other than yourself for once! I was depressed for two years, because I thought the man I loved was dead! John had to go back to his therapist!”
A look that may have been guilt flashed across his face.
“And for that, I am truly sorry,” he said softly. Your anger faded, your eyes filling with tears.
“Are you really back?” you whispered. He nodded, and you wrapped your arms around him tightly. He held you just as tight, rubbing your back as sobs shook your body.
“We’ll be alright,” he promised quietly. “It will get easier.”
And right then, with his arms around you for the first time in two years, and his heartbeat steady and strong next to your ear, you believed him.

"People give up after three." 3 Deaths

The Reichenbach Fall: Sherlock’s fake suicide. 

 His Last Vow: Mary shoots Sherlock. He dies on the operating table, but the thought of John being in danger restarts his heart. 

 The Lying Detective: This death was going to be all too real. Sherlock thinks this is it, the End- he doesn’t WANT to die, he’s so SCARED, but Mary’s video gets into his head, hits him right in the insecurities, convinced him that this is the only way to “save” John. And this time, it’s not just the idea of John that saves him. John literally swoops in, and pulls him back from the brink.

okay i always had hope for moriarty to somehow return after the reichenbach fall because well it’s fricking moriarty we’re talking about ffs and bbc seemed to love andrew scott because they continued to put him in almost every episode after his death. so what did moftiss do??
they let me believe my number one bae and problematic fav has returned from the dead and is back and healthy as ever only to tell me two seconds later that it was five!! years!! ago!!!! what a way to crush all my hopes dreams and expectations

an open letter to fellow sherlolly shippers as we approach “the final problem”

As of right now I haven’t seen any spoilers for the episode so I don’t have the faintest idea about what will happen. I just want to say that no matter what happens, I have had such a great ride this season (and past seasons). I have been a part of this fandom since shortly after The Reichenbach Fall aired and I’ve had a blast watching the episodes, making graphics, and reading people’s theories. 

If this ends up being the last episode and sherlolly isn’t canon, then it’s okay with me. I’ll be upset of course, but we have had such a beautiful development between Sherlock and Molly over the years. I know that Molly hasn’t been in season four much at all, but I have a good feeling she’ll feature prominently today. Even if Sherlock ends up with someone else (which I have a good feeling that he won’t), as long as Molly isn’t killed off I’ll be alright. If she’s killed off I’ll probably riot though

If this isn’t the series finale, even if sherlolly isn’t canon now we still have hope. I think we’ll get some good material today to gif/graphic/meta about. No matter what happens today and beyond, remember what we have been given:

  • Molly is the woman who “matters the most” to Sherlock (his words)
  • She’s always counted and he’s always trusted her
  • She helped him after the events of The Reichenbach Fall and was the only one who knew he was still alive
  • They solved crimes together in season three
  • The fact that the writers will not give this up completely (Molly still has these feelings after being engaged and breaking it off)
  • Molly knows his birthday (and was the only one to know it for a long time)
  • Sherlock specifically asked for Molly to examine him in The Lying Detective

…and much more. That’s more than most ships have on this show! So no matter what happens today, keep your heads up and remember we have so much good material already!

The Final Problem

If you’ve been keeping up with my verging-on-compulsive meta postings since yesterday, you’ll know that I originally felt like this scene (which broke my soul and then rebuilt it up again, piece by piece):

Shows us a glimpse of a MP scene involving Sherlock having to choose between his heart (John) and his mind (Mycroft).

There’s a gun handoff with a room full of bed with restraints (Psychiatrist Smith to blame for this?) :

There’s a shot with only John:

And a shot with only Mycroft, while Sherlock holds a gun and burrows his hands in his face. Sherlock is obviously distressed.

To many people, this scene represents what we have all been waiting for.

The Final Problem.

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My thought(s) on the (possible?probable?) Niagara Falls situation.

My take is that it’s like 1895- it’s Canada, it’s Niagara Falls, and it’s at this point in the story arc, for a reason.

We know Mofftiss have had the story planned from the beginning. Also, it’s highly unlikely either of them looked up and suddenly announced “we’re going to Canada next week”, or that the BBC would budget it so last minute.

The symbolism of the falls is, traditionally, portrayed by the Reichenbach Falls, and after TAB we can understand the significance of it- the dismissal of heteronormativity; the two of us against the rest of the world; it’s not the fall, it’s the landing; and finally John shoving Moriarty, Sherlock’s deepest and darkest part of himself, over the falls. So to see (Niagara) Falls in the tweets from the crew, immediately signifies Johnlock.

Why Canada? Well, I’ll admit I don’t know enough about Canada or ACD, BUT I did know a Sherlock Holmes story was set there. So, why are Mofftiss doing it now?

It’s just like how 1895 had to be after S3. Canada (if it is Canada) has to be S4, after 1895. I have read that Canada was one of the first countries to legalise gay marriage. At the end of TAB, Moriarty suggests they elope. They call this “impertinent” and “offensive.” Well, if Sherlock is a man out of his time, and Canada was one of the first to legalise gay marriage, then they wouldn’t need to elope, would they? So maybe the significance of Canada in this context, and the idea of it as a possible honeymoon destination, is not beyond our wildest hopes.

Recently I have been wondering why so many people suggest the idea of Sherlock and John getting married. I myself would be happy either way, as long as they are together. And then seeing these discussions about Niagara Falls, I thought, maybe Mofftiss were foreshadowing. And I have only just put these two things together.

It’s huge. It’s so astronomical it boggles the mind. But it’s happening. The fear now isn’t “what if we’re wrong?” but “how are they going to do it?” What are they going to put the boys through? Because don’t forget, underneath all this excitement, we still have Moffat’s dire warning of “dark… sad, heartbreaking” and of course, the ever-present threat of Garridebs.

You can feel the full force of it just waiting to be unleashed. It’s exciting. It’s maddening. It’s horrible.

I hate them.

Are the rules of Cluedo wrong?

As you know Sherlock makes a fuss in The Hounds of Baskerville, because he insists that the only possible solution in the game is that the victim himself had done it. 

John brings this up in his blog, post - Reichenbach. And he’s more descriptive than he is in the show. 

So when Sherlock said that the victim had done it, he didn’t mean that the victim actually committed suicide. He meant he faked his death.

John wished this to be true, so our minds naturally go to Sherlock’s fake suicide.

The thing is that the audience already knows that Sherlock faked his death since the ending of The Reichenbach Fall, but this entry is posted long after the Reichenbach.

So is this post made just for the tragic irony of John being unaware of Sherlock’s survival or does it also hide a clue for something we are not supposed to already know?

Because in the BBC Sherlock edition of Cluedo 

the victim is…

So…the question is: are the rules of the Sherlock edition wrong too?


… walking along the streets of London when you realize that a man is stalking you. This man has been stalking you for quite a long time now, and you need to figure out who he his. 

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One night, the same man is stalking you. Eventually you decide to pull up his hood to see who it is. 

You find out that it is none other than Jim Moriarty himself, your long lost partner, who you thought was dead after the Reichenbach fall. You end up getting back together.

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