after the prophet

10 of the best times to make DUAA:

• in the last third of the night
• during your Sujood
• between the Adhan and Iqamah
• at the end of obligatory prayers
• when it’s raining
• while traveling
• when breaking your fast
• after sending blessings on the Prophet
• on the day of Arafah
• when visiting a sick person

me: [blows kisses to all the queer kids at hogwarts]

It makes me so furious when people attack Islam for Muhammad’s marriages and polygamy, and only name A'isha and then go on to describe her as a child bride.

Yet they’re all silent when it comes to how A'isha was able to lead battles, shape politics, and influence the development of Islam after the Prophet died.

They’re all silent when it comes to talking about his twenty-five years of monogamous marriage to Khadija bint Khuwaylid, a woman who was fifteen years older than him, his employer, and the one who proposed.

They’re all silent when it comes to Sawda bint Zam'a, who Muhammad married because she was widowed and had suffered too many hardships to remain unmarried.

They’re all silent when it comes to Hafsa bint Umar, the woman who could recite the Qur'an better than most men and whose memory influenced the version of the Qur'an we have today.

They’re all silent when it comes to Zaynab bint Khuzayama, the woman referred to as “the mother of the poor” because of all her charity work.

They’re all silent when it comes to Umm Salama, the woman Muhammad went to for advice during the Treaty of Hudaybiya, the treaty that allowed Muslims to return to Mecca.

They’re all silent when it comes to Rayhana bint Zayd, an upper class Jewish woman who taught Muhammad the traditions of the Torah.

They’re all silent when it comes to Zaynab bint Jahsh, a tempermental and slightly egotistical woman who was constantly praised by Muhammad’s other wives for her charity work and her religious devotion.

They’re all silent when it comes to Juwayriyya bint al-Harith, the woman who married Muhammad to create a political alliance that would allow one hundred enslaved families to be set free.

They’re all silent when it comes to Safiyya bint Huyyay, a Jewish noble woman whose relationship with Muhammad changed the antisemitism attitude among his followers.

They’re all silent when it comes to Umm Habiba, the woman who converted to Islam despite the protest from her polytheist father and who remained Muslim despite her (at the time) husband converting to Christianity, because she believed in Islam and refused to waive that belief.

They’re all silent when it comes to Maryam al-Cibtiya, the mother of Muhammad’s only son, Ibrahim, named after the ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, tying all three monotheistic religions together.

They’re all silent when it comes to Maymuna bint al-Harith, the woman from Mecca who proposed to Muhammad and whose marriage reconnected him to Mecca, the city Muslims face when they pray.

It’s really amazing how people can go on and on about how Islam is so misogynistic because of Muhammad’s polygamy and his marriage to A'isha while simultaneously never bothering to learn who these women even are and what amazing things they did to influence Muhammad’s life and Islam itself.

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I understand you're not taking fic requests at the moment, but I was looking for PoC drarry and it looks like the link to your PoC drarry fic rec list is broken. Would you mind updating that or pointing me to another poc drarry rec list? I absolutely love The Quiet and Empty Bodies and angryspaceravenclaw's PoC Harry and I was looking for something to tide me over until the next chapter of TQAEB. Thanks so much!

I actually took down that list myself because i was sort of uncomfortable with the original anons wording, i had every intention of replacing it though. I just got busy and forgot about it. I’ll just transfer it into this answer!

Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run by waspabi (80k, WIP)
‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work.

The Quiet and Empty Bodies by angryspaceravenclaw (31k, WIP)
Having spent most of his life far from the UK, Draco returns to his mother’s house after the death of his wife, to reconnect with her, and let her get to know his son. Desperate to keep a job with the Prophet after the years old scandal Lucius caused, Draco agrees to get the scoop on the biggest gossip story of the century– The Divorce of Quidditch-Star Harry Potter. The first problem, Draco and Harry already know each other, and their dislike is very much mutual.

The Devil’s White Knight by angryspaceravenclaw (64k)
When Harry wakes up in an alternate timeline–a timeline where Voldemort was defeated long before the first war–he discovers everything is different. His parents, his godfather, his friends–and him. Harry must deal with the consequences of who he would have been if he had been raised by his parents, and figure out where he stands with his casual hook up, Draco Malfoy.

Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.

We’re Just a Box of Souvenirs by quiddative (9k)
Harry returns to England. Draco won’t make the same mistakes again.

Chopsticks by angryspaceravenclaw (2k)
Harry’s neighbour is a stuck-up prat who plays beautiful music. But one evening Harry hears nothing but chopsticks and knows something’s very wrong. So taking it upon himself to find out what’s wrong, he invades his neighbour’s space to solve the problem.

Like Holly or Blood by @drarrytrash (3k)
Harry walks in on Draco putting on lipstick. Things progress.

With Your Eyes Turned Skyward by megyal (14k)
Draco has lost so much in an accident…but maybe Potter has the solution.

Whoo Knew? by oceaxe (18k)
Despite having had a crush on his Auror partner for years, Draco’s been biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his case. But when Harry subscribes to a new wizarding personals service, Draco gets a wake-up call. With new each message that arrives for Harry from a hopeful suitor, it becomes more and more clear that the time to act has arrived.

Dreams of Horses by ani_mage (17k)
Harry’s back at Hogwarts for his eighth year, but nothing’s the same. Now he’s a Hufflepuff, Hermione’s a Ravenclaw, and Ron’s an Auror. Harry and Ginny break up, Luna’s shaved her head, and Draco Malfoy is suddenly and inexplicably Harry’s new best friend. And then there’s the unicorn in the Forbidden Forest.

Wild by @seefin (92k)
“No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”

Harry Potter and the Future He Doesn’t Really Want, Thanks. by @seefin (70k)
It was addictive, the feeling of Draco Malfoy telling him things in a soft voice early in the morning. Harry felt like he was taming a wild animal, or petting a cat that hated everybody else. This train existed outside of time, that was the only explanation Harry could come up with as to why Malfoy was actually having a civil conversation with him right now.

Imagine A Man by angryspaceravenclaw (5k)
Harry has to trust people more than he’d like to, so when a man lies to him about having matching soul marks to get Harry into bed, he’s determined to never let that happen again. When he meets a stranger lawyer at the local not long after, Harry decides to enlist his family’s help to tell whether or not Draco Malfoy really does have a matching mark or not. If only his family wasn’t so, utterly hopeless.

What We Pretend We Can’t See by Gyzym (131k)
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

Islamic Black History

October is here and nearly every educational institution is focussing on Black History Month, but how many focus on the countless great black people in Islam? How many of us teach our children, teach our siblings, teach our nieces and nephews about the legacy black people have bought to the deen?

We must all know about Bilāl Ibn Rabah, an Ethiopian slave living in Makkah, a leading companion of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who was also freed by him after undergoing endless torture. Bilāl is associated with a very important decision taken by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ concerning the issue of race and color. 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ chose a black man to perform the Adthān - the call of the faithful to prayers. After the death of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Bilāl never felt the same again.  A day after the Prophet’s death, Bilāl went to make the usual adthān for morning prayer. While giving the adthān he broke down and streams of tears began to roll freely down his cheeks. He managed to finish the rest of the adthān in a low voice. After that, Bilāl stopped calling the adthān in Madinah.

Bilāl has become one of the greatest people in the history of Islam. His name adorns the pages of Islamic history as a reminder to all those who incite discord and disunity among people, races and nations - but especially to Muslims, not to transgress the will of Allāh in their behavior and thinking.

Or how about Umm Ayman? Otherwise known as Barakah, about whom the Prophet ﷺ said she was his “Mother after my own mother. She is the rest of my family”. She looked after the Prophet ﷺ after his mother died, she was the first person to hold him in her arms when he was born and the only person who knew him from that point until his death. She was one of the few Muslims who the Prophet ﷺ assured of a place in Paradise.

As the Prophet ﷺ faced tragedy upon tragedy, Umm Ayman was there for him. From the time when his mother died when he was six, to when his grandfather Abdul Muttalib died when he was eight, Umm Ayman stayed with the Prophet ﷺ, supporting him, reassuring him and most of all, comforting him during times of trials and tribulations as well has happiness and success

One example of Umm Ayman’s dedication to Islam and the Prophet ﷺ was when she trekked across the burning desert through sandstorms on foot from Makkah to Madinah to join the Prophet ﷺ. Despite the harshness of the journey though, she persisted, and was given good news when she reached her destination.

When she got to Madinah, swollen feet, dust-covered face and all, the Prophet ﷺ said to her,

“Ya Umm Ayman! Ya Ummi! (O Umm Ayman! O my mother!) Indeed for you is a place in Paradi

The list of great black people in Islam goes on. Let these be names and legacies we continue to remember all the time, not just for a month!

How beautiful is it that not one du'a goes unanswered. There is never a ‘no’ to our du'a’s, but, Allah answers them in three ways;

• He gives you what you asked for

• He delays the response so He can give you something even better than what you asked for

• He stores up the reward for your du'a in the Hereafter

[Narrated by Ahmad, 10749; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh, 2199]

His response comes at the right time, in the right place and in the most perfect way imaginable.


She took after the English royal house as well, with reddish golden hair, a fair skin and bright blue eyes.

The Englishness of her name and appearance proved prophetic. After a happy, secure childhood, Catherine’s life was to become a series of struggles: to get married, to have a child and, above all, to protect her marriage and her child against her husband’s determination to annul the one and bastardise the other. And the scene of these struggles was England.

David Starkey “Six Wives”

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I was wondering how both Jon and Dany feeling for each other is different then what they felt for their past loves. Specifically Ygritte and Khal Drogo. Daario I think she cared for but not in love with so I don't think he counts.

That’s a really interesting question.

As with most things regarding Jon and Dany they share a parallel when it comes to their first relationships.

For Jon and Dany, falling in love with Ygritte and khal Deogo was almost an act of necessity. It was something neither really wanted but circumstances drove them in that direction and with time they both fell in love. Here is a brief description of their pas relationships.

Let’s begin with Dany whose relationship with khal Drogo we see first. She’s forced into marriage which isn’t out of the norm in her world, however, in her instance she’s sold off as a property. She has a very difficult start to her marriage. She finally hits rock bottom and contemplates suicide but after a prophetic dream she feel revitalized and decides to take matters into her own hand. She begins to take charge of her relationship with Drogo and with time finds herself in love with him.

In Jon’s case he became a prisoner to the Wildlings and Ygritte who was intrigued by him vouched for him. She was very aggressive in pursuing him, while Jon wanting to keep his vows tried hard to avoid her. Finally, Ygritte warned him that if they didn’t have sex, Mance would know he hadn’t truly abandoned the Night’s Watch. So, they began having sex and while he didn’t want to break his vows, he came to like Ygritte and as a normal 16 yearly boy (or 20 year old in the show) enjoyed having sex. With time he came to admire her and fell in love with her.

That’s a quick overview of Jon and Dany’s first love and how the relationships began. We see the common themes of these relationships being forced upon them at first, how both chose to engage in the relationship out of necessity and how eventually they came to admire and love their respective partners.

As for Jon and Dany’s relationship with each other, well, it begins very differently from their first relationships. First, there is not an imbalance of power between the two. Khal Drogo and Ygritte had power over Dany and Jon. Drogo was Dany’s husband and Ygritte was made in charge of Jon when he was a prisoner. When Jon and Dany meet, they meet as King and Queen.

Second, there is not necessity for a romantic relationship. It’s not necessary for the two to be involved in order to have an alliance. They can very well just be political allies, however, because they share so much in common this attracts them to one another.

Which brings me to the third point, their shared experiences and similarities. While they were raised worlds apart from one another both have grown up as outsiders who were never meant to inherit their family mantle, who were forced into positions of leadership at a young age, who have fought against the status quo, who have learned to embrace the differences in people and appreciate other for what they are. These conning values make them attracted to each other because they can finally relate to someone else. Both have felt incredibly lonely in their leadership and to suddenly find someone who can understand them like no other must be a great sign of relief.

The bottom line is that their relationship is one of equals. Something neither has experienced before. To have someone who understands you, whose personality compliments yours must be such a relief to them. This is the type of relationship that you come across once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.

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hiii do u know any good auror!harry/healer!draco fics?

Sure, though one or two of these are past Auror!Harry, they still made the list bc i love them a lot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello, China! by Nattish (19k)

In a world where Voldemort has been defeated but the Death Eaters remain at large, Harry Potter is a war colonel leading a regiment across Muggle Eurasia. When he’s injured in the line of duty, he refuses treatment from anyone except Healer Malfoy, who is befuddled but perfectly willing to find out what this means.
Featured Book: The Healer’s Helpmate

At the Crossroads There We’ll Meet by Firethesound (24k)

Potter keeps dying; Draco keeps saving him.

Bad Medicine by Playout (25k)
As an Auror, Harry is no stranger to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries but he has reached his limit with his confidential information appearing in the Prophet after every visit. He’s angry enough to give even his childhood nemesis’s private practice a go. At least if Harry’s secrets show up in the paper now, he’ll know who to hex.

And Back Again (Where You Belong) by Eidheann (15k)
He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.

Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (131k)
Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.

The Four Ds of Apparition (or: Destination, Determination, Deliberation, and Dicks) by Eidheann and Firethesound (36k)
After transferring to the Apparition Department, Harry’s life becomes one big dick joke. And all his friends are arseholes. So is Malfoy, but what else is new? AKA Harry Potter and the eighteen twenty dicks.

Pharynx-Larynx-Oesophagus-Trachea by Firethesound (11k)
Harry’s idea for helping Draco study is the most brilliant thing he’s ever come up with, and Draco discovers that studying can be fun when one has the right study partner.

A Future Unknown by Omi_Ohmy (25k)
Draco had always thought that the ability to see the future would have saved him a lot of grief. The choices are no easier, however, when he is cursed to see an endless set of futures featuring Harry Potter. 
Featured Book: Predicting the Unpredictable: Insulate Yourself Against Shocks

Broken Dreams by Queenie_Mab (30k)
When Healer Malfoy answers an Auror field emergency summons, being stuck experiencing Harry Potter’s memories while he sleeps is not at all what he wants to be doing, but it seems that the curse that joins them is only the tip of the crime about to be unravelled.

Misplaced Memories by Dacro (38k)
Harry is hit by an unknown curse and loses eighteen years of his memories. When he wakes up, he doesn’t remember magic, Hogwarts or that he’s happily married to a former Death Eater. Draco struggles to adapt to the changes and tries to help Harry retrieve his memories without causing further damage.

Date Blindness by Dysonrules (23k)
Harry was perfectly happy with his life until Hermione decided to set him up on a blind date. 

Doctor! Doctor! (Is this love I’m feeling?) by Khasael (20k)
For the first time ever, Harry agrees to seek medical help when he feels ill. His Auror colleagues are amazed, and most of the St Mungo’s staff are starstruck, but when it keeps happening, Draco suspects Harry has a hidden agenda. And he’s right.

Sex on Fire by Gypsyflame (11k)
A life-threatening injury brings Malfoy back into Harry’s life.

The Peacock Paladin and the King of the Emerald Court by Megyal (11k)
Harry suffers from chronic headaches, and it affects his work and relationships. New pain-management techniques (and their provider) may just be the relief his life needs.

Fight the Starless Midnight by Maab_Connor (21k)
Harry thought that he was going to arrest Healer Malfoy for practicing without a license. Nothing ever goes as planned.

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Headcannons on how Remus would be when dating/in love with you? How the rest of the gang teases y'all and such? Please and thanks xoxo :)

My bad it took me 83918172818 years to do this but! Here goes!

  • I imagine Remus to be the kind of guy who is hit by significant realisations quite slowly. 
  • Don’t get me wrong, he knows when his homework is due and what he feels for his friends when it’s 4am and he’s trying not to smile at the fact that they’re playing exploding snap and ignoring James singing about Lily for the billionth time. 
  • And he knows what he feels for himself when it’s the morning after a full-moon and his throat is dry and cracked and everything hurts.
  • But love is a realisation he isn’t quite sure he’s actually having. So it’s slow. It’s him, standing in line at the library for a book he’s had on hold since forever, chewing his lip, wishing that the Ravenclaw in front of him didn’t have so many questions about Bathilda bloody Bagshot, of all up-and-coming authors - seriously? Seriously? Talk about tired writing, the most cliched of structural suppositions, but then, as the line moves on, he remembers the accent you put on to read from Bagshot’s latest book last week.
  • You were meant to be revising for your exams and Lily had nudged you to do more than just glare at the schedule you’d drawn for yourself. 
  • James, Remus and Peter shared your table at Lily’s discretion: if anyone spoke at any moment that wasn’t the 10 minute break-slots she’d allocated, she’d personally hex them into the hospital wing. You’d grabbed the nearest book off the stack of your revision texts and off-setted her seriousness without even realising, pursing your lips and elongating your vowels as you whisper-read, sounding like a breathy, old bag of a lady. Bagshot.
  • Everyone had laughed, and laughed again at the blank look on your face. You’d only just realised they’d heard you. And Lily had shoved you in the arm, a light smile on her face. And Lupin had laughed into his jumper, meeting your eyes and looking like you’d just let him blow out the candles on his birthday cake. 
  • He hugged his arms to his chest, now, smiling at the memory. The librarian handed over his book and for a second, he was frozen. Thinking of your face. How before, he’d only ever fantasied about kissing you. 
  • During the crush phase, you weren’t always around, didn’t force yourself onto him/except for the times you did and he was more than happy about that. You dipped between friendship groups, but had, for long a time, always, always been a familiar face. A pretty face. The girl at breakfast. The girl with Lily. The girl who caught his eye when someone said something stupid and the privacy of the that feeling, the annoyance that tethered you two together, made him blush. The girl who, without any questions, ran into him and his friends on her way back from a late-night stroll and healed the sticky cut on his arm, no questions asked. Had placed a hand on his shoulder and, with those honest eyes, had asked him to please feel better. The girl who he hid behind bookshelves for if he saw her in the library: she made him nervous, she had James and Sirius calling after her so sweetly, nudging Remus, grinning at the fact that he could barely string a sentence around her anymore.
  • The girl who could not hide the displeasure she felt for her Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher. And that was the moment he realised: 
  • ‘Shit.’ His hands were in his hair. He’d turned to his friends, the worn knit of his jumper rising a little on his stomach as he did so. ‘I should probably do something about this, right?’
  • Sirius’s voice came from the top bunk, met James’s, as he sat at the desk, ink from an unfinished essay all over his fingers, and Peter’s. He lay upside down on his bed, wand in his hand casting smoke rings that went in on themselves. Boredom in his pale blue eyes.
  • It was a droning, draining, tired, elongated, resounding ‘YES’
  • The person behind him in the line coughed. Remus grabbed the book, stumbled just a little and apologised to the librarian. Shy eyed, he steered himself to the study area, pulling the sleeves back on his white school shirt to get to work. He tapped his quill. Placed his ink-pot to the side. Smiled in spite of himself.
  • He thought of his girlfriend., before she was his girlfriend.
  • You’d called Professor Bleakley a bigot. A ‘prejudicial git who clearly had things to unlearn before he should’ve gotten a job teaching kids.’ And you’d gotten detention for it. But you hadn’t cared. 
  • Remus had been tired that day. The full moon had drained him completely and so he’d had his head on the desk. You, however, sitting next to him, were bolt-upright. The lesson was on werewolves.
  • You’d huffed a few times under your breath, completely unaware of the low layer of anxiety accosting the boy sat next to you. Hearing about werewolves this way was hard.
  • It was scary. It was demonisation and dehumanisation and it made him wonder about himself, and all his monstrosity. Remus’ mouth was a thin line, his knuckles white against the oak wood of the desk and ready to punch a wall. Later. If he felt up to it. 
  • 'Personally,’ The professor had began, and Remus hadn’t really noticed the way the legs on the stool you’d sat on had screeched as you’d fidgeted. You were wary. Ready to spring into action if need be. 'I’m not 100% with the fraternisation of killers in public spaces. I daresay it robs us of our chances.’ The man’s tight smile was as greasy as his slicked-back hair. 'We can’t be sympathetic in an epidemic of such disease. Not when it offers an opportunity to harm us all. Not when it endangers us whole.’
  • Remus had sat up, mouth open to issue a slew of profanities but the girl sitting next to him had stood up before he had the time to.
  • 'Tell me professor,’ She’d started, a fire burning in her eyes. Remus had noticed the way her hands were shaking, though her voice wasn’t. 'Do you actually believe the bullshit coming out of your mouth right now or do you get paid to say this stuff by whatever fascist paper you’ve taken a subscription out from? What gives you the right…’ She’d continued on, only to have half of what she’d said stolen by cheers from what sounded like James Potter and Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Peter Pettigrew, and 80% of her classmates. ’… Make the dangerous assumption that every werewolf is a 'threat’ to society when the details of the condition are, at best, sketchy and often fabricated by organisations that embezzle donations to them and prey on vulnerable-“
  • ‘Miss Y/L/N, that is enough!” 
  • No, but sir I’m asking a question! I’m asking about this 'disease’ you’re talking about!”
  • ‘Miss Y/L/N, if you do not cease and desist at this very moment, you’re looking at a MONTH’S WORTH OF DETENTION-’
  • ‘But sir!’ You’d carried on, your heart hammering in your throat. ‘You still haven’t answered my question!’
  • Remus hadn’t seen you this angry before. The set of your jaw, your unwavering gaze, the shake of your fingers. Usually, you were all smiles. At least, when you caught his eye. Sure, he’d seen you pissed off at something sexist James and Sirius had been laughing at, had seen you humiliated by some ignorant Slytherins and a hex that had torn your schoolbag to shreds in the middle of a fast-pacing corridor, had seen you worried, snatching at the pages in The Daily Prophet after hearing about a tragedy in Diagon Alley, had seen you happy, catching Lily in your arms and hugging her to you after she’d received the highest mark in the class at Potions, had seen you confused, your cheek in your palm in Transfiguration. And he’d seen you tired, leaning onto him in the common room after a particularly snowy trip to Hogsmeade. But he didn’t like to dwell on that much. It made him shy. 
  • He saw you angry, that day. You’d packed your things, looked Remus in his stunned eyes and he’d felt something stir in him to see them soften at his. You hadn’t even known he was a werewolf then. You were just that type of person.
  • You’d exited the room to cheers, to hands banging on desks to give you a grateful farewell.
  • And sometimes, the boys still brought it up. So did Lily. Remus had turned the memory over so many times he was surprised he wasn’t tired of it either. But you’d always cover your face, ask everyone to stop talking, and not see the way James would be mouthing at Remus to put his arm around you. 
  • Remus would glare, mouth a 'no!’ and James would roll his eyes, imitate the action with Lily and have her punch him in the gut for it.
  • Remus finally got around to it after that little scene, though. You’d been leaving the library together at the same time on a Sunday, unaware of the other working at the table opposite until the lamps were dimming and it was time to call it a night. 
  • He’d spotted you, wrestling the strap on your satchel and laughed at the frown on your face. You’d glanced up, seen him smiling and found you couldn’t do anything but smile back.
  • Taking the same route back to the common room together, you’d complained about things and people and ungodly weather and exams and friends. And you’d asked him what was up with Sirius and James lately.
  • And he’d ran a hand down his face, covering the sound of his voice with a muffled, 'they’re idiots. Please don’t pay attention to them.’
  • 'I mean, I don’t.’ You’d laughed, trying not to bump into the long-limbed boy next to you. He’d lifted his head to catch your eye, smiling.
  • 'Good. You’d be surprised how many people don’t follow your impeccable,’ He’d grinned at the word, and you’d made an impressed sound at his vocabulary. 'Example.’
  • 'Oh please,’ You’d feigned embarrassment dramatically, secretly loving the rise and fall of his laughing shoulders at the way you’d batted your eyelashes. 'I bet you say that to all the girls.’
  • 'Hm?’ Remus had scrunched up his nose. Smiled teasingly. 'No.’ He’d shook his head. 'No, no not really.’
  • 'Oh?’ You’d said, falling into step with him at the top of the moving stairs. You’d taken another step, though. Stood and perched on your tip-toes to look him in the eye. Neither of you had said anything after that. If the stairs moved, you hadn’t felt them. Remus’s brown eyes didn’t leave yours. Until they trailed down to your lips. And then he laughed, a short burst of something self-conscious. And he’d said, in a voice that he was hoping sounded brave and you only heard as his, completely his, 'On Saturday, do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me?’
  • And Lily had said how ridiculous that was later on because you went!!! to Hogsmeade!! with him!! every weekend!!! 
  • And you’d thrown a pillow at her and said it was different, he’d never asked you on your own, and would she stop cheering and singing stupid songs about people in trees and kissing, she sounded like James
  • Remus didn’t know about any of that stuff, though. He only knew about the way Sirius threw an arm around him every time he threw an arm around his girlfriend, or the choruses of 'awww!’ that occurred when she did something as simple as slide a slice of toast onto his plate, no comment needed, or how he’d cower into her hair every time his friends told the story of how he used to hide from her, he loved her so much. 
  • In the library, far from his memories, Remus’s slowest of realisations happens as he stares at the few lines he’s written of his essay. He’s spent all morning thinking of her and now, he smiles.
  • For the cynic, falling in love is standing somewhere and realising it’s a little warmer than before. He’s sitting down. He realises he’s never felt so warm in his life.

Sidenote: Here’s a poem that reminds of Remus and inspired this a little. :’) 

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Umar (r.a) didn't attack Fatimah's (r.a) house because simply there is no proof support that event. Stop spreading false statements

I will write about the injuring of Hazrat Fatima (sa) by Umar according to Sunni books which describe the story of the last days of Hazrat Fatima (sa), and her martydom.

“It is stated that Umar rushed (to the door of the House of Fatimah) and brought them forcibly while telling them that they must give their oath of allegiance willingly or unwillingly.”
- History of al-Tabari, English version, v9, pp 188-189

“When Umar came to the door of the house of Fatimah, he said: “By Allah, I shall burn down (the house) over you unless you come out and give the oath of allegiance (to Abu Bakr).”
- History of Tabari (Arabic), v1, pp 1118-1120
- History of Ibn Athir, v2, p325
- Al-Isti’ab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr, v3, p975
- Tarikh al-Kulafa, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p20
- Al-Imamah wal-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 19-20

“By God, either you come out to render the oath of allegiance, or I will set the house on fire.”Al-Zubair came out with his sword drawn. As he stumbled (upon something), the sword fell from his hand so they jumped over him and seized him.”
- History of Tabari, English version, v9, pp 186-187

“Ali refused, and so the house was surrounded by an armed band led by Abu Bakr and Umar, who threatened to set it on fire if ‘Ali and his supporters refused to come out and swear allegiance to Abu Bakr. The scene grew violent and Fatimah was furious.”
- See Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri in his , v1, pp 582-586
- Tarikh Ya’qubi, v2, p116
- Al-Imamah wal-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 19-20

Umar asked for wood, and told those people inside the house: “I swear by Allah who has my soul in his hand, that if you do not come out, I will burn the house.”Someone told Umar that Fatimah was inside the house. Umar said: “So what! It doesn’t matter to me who is in the house.
- Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 3,19-20

O’ daughter of the Prophet! I didn’t love anyone as much as I loved your father, nor anyone after him is more loving to me as you are. But I swear by Allah that if these people assemble here with you, then this love of mine would not prevent me from setting your house on fire.”
- History of Tabari, in the events of the year 11 AH
- al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, beginning of the book, and pp 19-20
- Izalatul Khilafa, by Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi, v2, p362
- Iqd al-Farid, by Ibn Abd Rabbah al-Malik, v2, chapter of Saqifah

Abu Bakr asked ‘Ali to support him, but ‘Ali refused, then Umar went toward the ‘Ali’s house with a burning torch. At the door he met Fatimah who said to him: “Do you intend to burn the door of my house?” Umar said: “Yes, because this act will strengthen the faith brought to us by your father.”
- Al-Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586

‘Ali and Abbas were sitting inside the house of Fatimah, Abu Bakr told Umar: “Go and bring them; if they refuse, kill them.” Umar brought fire to burn the house. Fatimah came near the door and said: “O son of Khattab, have you come to burn our house on me and my children?”Umar replied: “Yes I will, by Allah, until they come out and pay allegiance to the Prophet’s Caliph.”
- Iqd al-Fareed, by Ibn Abd Rabb, Part 3, Pg. 63
- Al-Ghurar, by Ibn Khazaben, related from Zayd Ibn Aslam

“They surrounded ‘Ali (as) and burned the door of his house and pulled him out against his will and pressed the leader of all women (Hadhrat Fatimah (sa)) between the door and the wall killing Mohsin (the male-child she was carrying in her womb for six months).”
- Abul Hassan, Ali ibn Al-Husayn Al-Masudi, Isbaat Al-Wasiyyah

“On the day of ‘Bay’aat’ (paying allegiance), Umar hit Fatimah (sa) on the stomach such that child in her womb died.”
- Slahuddin Khalil Al-Safandi, Waafi Al-wafiyaat

“During her last days, when Abu Bakr and Umar sought the mediation of Imam ‘Ali (as) to visit the ailing Hazrat Fatimah (sa), as quoted by Ibn Qutaybah, she tured her face to the wall when they greeted her and in response to their plea for appeasement reminded them of the prophetic declaration that one who displeases Fatimah (sa) has displeased the Prophet and finally said: ”I take Allah and the angels to be my witness that you have not pleased me; on the other hand, you have angered me. When I shall meet the Prophet (S) I will complain about you two.
- Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p14

“Fatimah became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband ‘‘Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself.”
- Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of “The battle of Khaibar”, Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325

“Fatimah the daughter of the Prophet sent someone to Abu Bakr (when he was a caliph), asking for her inheritance of what Allah’s Apostle had left of the property bestowed on him by Allah from the Fai (i.e. booty gained without fighting) in Medina, and Fadak, and what remained of the Khumus of the Khaibar booty. …but Abu Bakr refused to give anything of that to Fatimah. So she became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not task to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband ‘‘Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself.”
- Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of “The battle of Khaibar”, Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325

It’s therefore no surprise that Abu Bakr is reported to having intense regrets in his final moments…

Abu Bakr said (on his death bed): “I wish I had not searched for Fatimah’s house, and had not sent men to harass her, though it would have caused a war if her house would have continued to be used as a shelter.”
- History of Ya’qubi, v2, pp 115-116
- Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586

Fatima binte Rasulallah (sa) said: Why do you not support my right?

- Sharh Nahaj ul Balagha by Ibn Abi al Hadeed, vol. 4, page 108 (Beirut)

I hope this clarifies your doubts. May we be amongst the sincere followers of Fatima Zahra (sa).

This Shabbat, immediately following Tisha B'Av, is called Shabbat Nachamu - the Sabbath of Comforting - after the beginning of the prophetic passage (Isaiah 11:1-26) that is read, “Nachamu, nachamu, ami - Comfort you, comfort you, my people.” It is the first of seven Shabbatot of comforting haftarahs that climb from the depths of Tisha B'Av to the renewal of Rosh HaShanah … It takes us seven weeks to move from the deathday of the whole people (Tisha B'Av) to the birthday of the human race (Rosh Hashanah). In these seven weeks we complete the circle of the year, moving from the burning sun of summer to the first cool breeze of autumn. From the hot and thirsty fast of Tisha B'Av to the wellsprings of Hagar and Abraham, and our own visit to the river for Tashlich. We complete the circle, from exhaustion to new life.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow

for people not as familiar with the terms: 

 Tisha B’Av = a holiday of mourning for the Jewish people over historical tragedi(es) on which there is a major fast.

Rosh HaShanah = the new year, one of the holiest holidays of the Jewish calendar.

Tashlich = a ritual taking place during Rosh HaShanah in which our wrongdoings and regrets are “cast off” and we start anew - often in the form of throwing scraps of bread or similar symbolically into the river. 

Drarry Fic Rec

The Quiet and Empty Bodies by angryspaceravenclaw (WIP)
Having spent most of his life far from the UK, Draco returns to his mother’s house after the death of his wife, to reconnect with her, and let her get to know his son. Desperate to keep a job with the Prophet after the years old scandal Lucius caused, Draco agrees to get the scoop on the biggest gossip story of the century– The Divorce of Quidditch-Star Harry Potter. The first problem, Draco and Harry already know each other, and their dislike is very much mutual.

Hey Drarry buds! My wonderful and talented friend is writing a Drarry fic where Draco and Harry first meet as kids, and later find each other again as first teenagers, and then as adults. It’s an everybody lives AU with no Voldemort, and Draco attends Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. The first chapter is already up! I’ve had a lot of fun passing ideas with ASR about this fic, and she’s generously gifted it to me. I strongly recommend giving it a read, it’s going to be multichapter, and more importantly, absolutely brilliant!  💖

Get To Know: (Sawdah bint Zam’ah RA)

Physical Description/ Personal Facts:

  • Sawdah RA was a black-skinned, tall, heavy woman who would walk clumsily
  • She RA was easily recognized because of her unique figure
  • She RA was one of the first believers, accepting Islam in the first year of the Prophet’s preaching
  • Before marrying the Prophet PBUH, Sawdah RA married Sukran RA with whom she had her one and only child: Abdur-Rahman
  • She RA was older than the Prophet SAW and married him SAW at the age of 55
  • After becoming Muslim Sawdah RA called her brothers, Abd and Malik, to Islam. Malik RA was the one who accepted  but Abd threatened his siblings and opposed Islam (Although Abd did convert at a later date)
  • Khawla RA, the matchmaker of her time, suggested to the Prophet SAW to marry Sawdah RA because of two reasons: 1) Sawdah RA was extremely loving, caring, and innocent and 2) she RA was really, really, funny, always joking and upbeat/humorous
  • Her RA  character was very beautiful and she RA brought happiness and humor back into the life of the Prophet SAW after the passing of Khadijah RA and during the grief period
  • After the passing of Rasulullah SAW, Sawdah RA mostly stayed inside her home and was a private person
  • There is dispute as to when Sawdah RA passed away but the most agreed upon opnion is that she passed away at the age of 80 in the year 644 near the end of Umar RA’s khalifat
  • She RA had a very simple will: to connect her chamber to Aisha RA’s chamber, wishing to give Aisha RA more space

Life/Marriage with the Prophet SAW:

  • She RA and her husband, Sukran RA, were amongst those who migrated to Abyssinia because they were disowned by their tribesmen and faced  oppression in Makkah (the most prominent opinion is that they migrated with the second group)
  • After reaching Abyssina, Sukran RA passes away leaving Sawdah RA alone with her child in a foreign city
  • Sawdah RA then returns to Makkah and lives with her elderly father (who was blind)
  • At this point, Sawdah RA was not considered to be marriage-able at all
  • One night, Sawdah RA sees a dream that the moon had fallen into her lap. The day after Khawla RA came to ask for Sawdah RA’s hand on behalf of the Prophet SAW
  • When Sawdah RA heard the news, she accepted right away and was stunned that she had been asked for
  • The marriages’ mahr was 400 dirhams and Sawdah RA was represented by Sukran RA’s brother
  • Sawdah RA was the first wife the Prophet SAW married after Khadijah RA, making her his second wife
  • She RA was married to the Prophet SAW around 620, 10 years after the Prophet SAW received revelation
  • While Sawdah RA was still married to the Prophet PBUH when Aisha RA moved in. This caused them to become best friends and develop a special bond (they lived in separate chambers that were built next to each other)
  • Sawdah RA became like an older sister to Aisha RA and she took care of her while the both of them often joked/played around with each other
  • They did not feel threatened by each other and were very comfortable around each other and existed without any competition
  • Sawdah RA did not feel the need to be intimate with the Prophet SAW and so she gave her night to Aisha RA knowing the love between the two of them

Interesting/Cool Facts:

  • She RA was with the Prophet SAW during the time of his life when he migrated and when he went through Isra’ Wal Mi’raaj
  • When the Prophet SAW walked into a room where multiple wives of his were sitting, he SAW always greeted Sawdah RA first for she RA was a very special woman to him
  • Aishah RA said about her: “She always used to make the Prophet SAW laugh”
  • Sawdah RA lived longer than the Prophet SAW and Abubakr RA, passing away at the time of Umar RA
  • During Umar RA’s khalifat He RA would send Sawdah RA gifts who would then pass them onto the poor or the newly-wed women as she loved giving gifts to them 
  • Sawdah RA narrated 5 hadith
  • Verses revealed because of Sawdah RA: a) Ayatul Hijab b) Verse 145 of Surah An’am, which is a long ayah about halal foods that came down in response to her questions to the Prophet SAW
  • Sawdah RA was very scared of Ad-Dajjal. As a joke Aisha RA and Hafsa RA would scare her by making noises and telling Sawdah RA that the Dajjal was here. Sawdah RA would then rush to hide and when the Prophet SAW came home and ask “why is Sawdah hiding” Aisha RA and Hafsa RA would say “She thinks the Dajjal is here” and they would all laugh including Sawdah RA
  • Aisha RA said, “There is no woman I loved to be around or considered a rolde model more than Sawdah RA”

Source: Mothers of The Believers by Omar Suleiman (Bayyinah TV)


For @the-punk-prophet because I really wanted to draw him and I thought I could help raise his spirits. Sorry, I drew your Mohawk wayy too big. 

I felt like my next digital piece was way past due, so here ya go! (I also included a transparent and a sketch because I thought it’d be cool to see the before and after)

Love is Bilal 

Love is when Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) retired from making the adhan after the death of the Prophet ٴٴﷺ because he called the Prophet ﷺ to prayer when he was alive, and could not stand to do so without him۔

Love is Bilal ..when he left the Illuminated City (Madinah) because he could not stand to stay there after the Prophet died (because everything reminded him of the Beloved ﷺ)

Love is Bilal..when a long time passed between him visiting the Prophet’s ﷺ grave in Madinah and subsequently the Prophet coming to him in his dream and telling Bilal, “what is with this dryness/ distance oh Bilal?” driving Bilal to make arrangements to head to Madinah immediately upon waking.

Love is Bilal arriving in Madinah in the middle of the night and Hassan and Husayn, the grandsons of the Prophet ﷺ, finding him at the maqam of the Prophet ﷺ him crying and insisting that he, for old time’s sake, make the adhan for the impending fajr prayer and causing an uproar that morning in Madinah as everyone therein poured out of their homes weeping and anguished in being reminded of the days with the Prophet ﷺ.

Love is Bilal..when Umar ibn al Khattab asked him to make adhan to, calling the army in Sham to prayer, and when he reached the part “Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasul Allah” began to weep uncontrollably, unable to finish the adhan, and causing the entire army to weep- Umar being the most emotional of them all.

Love is Bilal on his deathbed and experiencing the pangs of death, with his family all around him weeping for him, crying out in poetry to his family gathered around him,
“Tomorrow I meet the beloveds// Muhammad ﷺ and his companions”

في بلاد يغتال فيها المفكرون، ويكفر الكاتب
وتحرق الكتب، في مجتمعات ترفض الآخر، وتفرض الصمت على الافواه والحجر على الافكار،
وتكفر اي سؤال، كان لابد ان استأذنكم ان تسمحوا لي..
In a country where thinkers are assassinated, and writers are considered infidels, and books are burnt, in societies that refuse the other, and force silence on mouths and thoughts are forbidden, and to question is a sin, I must beg your pardon, would you permit me?
فهل تسمحون لي
ان اربي اطفالي كما اريد، وألا تملوا علي
اهواءكم واوامركم؟
Would you permit me to bring up my children as I want, and not to dictate to me your whims and orders?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم اطفالي ان الدين لله اولا، وليس
للمشايخ والفقهاء والناس؟
Would you permit me to teach my children that the religion is first for God, and not for religious leaders or scholars or people?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم صغيرتي ان الدين هو اخلاق وأدب وتهذيب
وامانة وصدق، قبل ان اعلمها بأي قدم تدخل الحمام وبأي يد تأكل؟
Would you permit me to teach my little one that religion is about good manners, good behavior, good conduct, honesty and truthfulness, before I teach her with which foot to enter the bathroom or with which hand she should eat?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم ابنتي ان الله محبة، وانها تستطيع ان
تحاوره وتسأله ما تشاء، بعيدا عن تعاليم أي أحد؟
Would you permit me to teach my daughter that God is about love, and that she can dialogue with Him and ask Him anything she wants, far away from the teachings of anyone?
هل تسمحون لي الا اذكر عذاب القبر لاولادي،
الذين لم يعرفوا ما هو الموت بعد؟
Would you permit me not to mention the ‘torture of the grave’ to my children, who do not know about death yet?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم ابنتي اصول الدين وادبه واخلاقه، قبل
ان افرض عليها الحجاب؟
Would you permit me to teach my daughter the tenets of the religion and its culture and manners, before I force on her the hijab (veil)?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اقول لابني الشاب ان ايذاء الناس وتحقيرهم
لجنسيتهم ولونهم ودينهم، هو ذنب كبير عند الله؟
Would you permit me to tell my young son that hurting people and degrading them because of their nationality, color or religion, is considered a big sin by God?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اقول لابنتي ان مراجعة دروسها والاهتمام بتعليمها
انفع واهم عند الله من حفظ آيات القرآن عن ظهر قلب دون تدبر معانيها؟
Would you permit me to tell my daughter to revise her homework and pay attention to her learning which is considered by God as more useful and important than learning by heart Ayahs (verses) from the Koran without knowing their meaning?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم ابني ان الاقتداء بالرسول الكريم يبدأ
بنزاهته وامانته وصدقه، قبل لحيته وقصر ثوبه؟
Would you permit me to teach my son that following in the footsteps of the Honorable Prophet begins with his honesty, loyalty and truthfulness, before teaching him about his beard or how short his thobe (cloak) is?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اقول لابنتي ان صديقتها المسيحية ليست
كافرة، والا تبكي خوفا عليها من دخول النار؟
Would you permit me to tell my daughter that her Christian friend is not an infidel, and ask her not to cry fearing her friend will go to Hell?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اجاهر، ان الله لم يوكل احدا في الارض بعد الرسول لان يتحدث باسمه
ولم يخول احدا بمنح 'صكوك الغفران’ للناس؟
Would you permit me to argue that God did not authorize anyone on earth after the Prophet to speak in his name, nor did He vest powers in anyone to issue 'deeds of forgiveness’ to people?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اقول، ان الله حرم قتل النفس البشرية، وان
من قتل نفسا بغير حق كأنما قتل الناس جميعا، وانه لا يحق لمسلم ان يروع مسلما؟
Would you permit me to say that God has forbidden killing the human spirit, and that whoever wrongly kills a human being has killed all humankind? And that no Muslim has the right to threaten another Muslim?
هل تسمحون لي
ان اعلم اولادي ان الله اكبر واعدل وارحم من
كل فقهاء الارض مجتمعين؟ وان مقاييسه تختلف عن مقاييس المتاجرين بالدين، وان
حساباته أحن وارحم؟
Would you permit me to teach my children that God is greater, more just, and more merciful than all the (religious) scholars on earth combined? And that His standards are different from the standards of those trading in religion, and that His accountability is kinder and more merciful?

هل تسمحون لي
Would you permit me?
—  نزار قباني
Nizar Qabbani

anonymous asked:

Hii ! I'm a sunni muslim and I don't know much about the difference between sunni and shia, I was wondering if you could mention the main differences between them. Also, one of the biggest problem that I have with shia is that it encourages self harm (I don't know how accurate this is). And since you're a convert, what made you choose to be a shia instead of a sunni ? I'm sorry if any of these comes off as being rude, I just wanted to know. Thanks.


Well, today’s Ashura, so it’ll be good for me to keep remembrance of my faith! Let me outline some of the major differences between Sunni and Shi’a Islam: 


Hanafi Sunni Muslims pray with their hands folded against their chest or against the center of their waist; other madhab of Sunnism has other modes of prayer (i.e. Maliki Sunnis pray with their arms at their sides) but in Shi’a Islam, people pray exclusively with their arms to their sides. 

Also, many Sunni groups either don’t allow combination of prayer into 3 times a day instead of 5 times or require very, very pressing emergencies or inconveniences to excuse it, but in Shiism, combining prayer into Fajr, Zuhr-Asr, and Maghrib-Ishaa (so three times a day) does not require an excuse and can be done under any circumstance. 

Shi’as also make sujood with their foreheads resting on a turbah (a block of earth) rather than just a prayer mat. 

(I’ll put the rest under a read more)

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anonymous asked:

I feel sorry for shias, their parents only teached them about ali, its the parents fault of shia

To my parents:

Thank you for teaching me the name: Ali ibn Abi Talib. Thank you for mixing Wilayat with my flesh and blood

Thank you, because without Wilayat, without the gate of Ali, how would I have reached the city of Muhammad? Without the city of Muhammad, how would I have reached for the infinity of my Lord?

Thank you, because without this name, how lost, how far would I have strayed? Caught in tempestuous seas, without this light, how would I have made my way to the shore?

Thank you, because this hard truth: if you hadn’t taught me this name, how long would it have been before I found it? How long would I have wandered deserts with a parched heart, searching for a river to quench my thirst?

Thank you to my gracious Lord who, after the Prophet, granted His servants such a perfect leader. And thank you to Him for parents who taught this young child that leader’s name

Thank you, thank you, thank you, because without you, I may have somehow remained blind to this; I may not have ever recognized my own heart..

Only straight muslim men get the privilege of accusing marginalized muslims of practicing “liberal” Islam because “traditional” Islam benefits them only and they could care less about the rights of others. It’s really easy to defend sexist, homophobic, ableist distortions of Islam when you benefit from those distortions. 

Just because the Islam that women, LGBTQ muslims, disabled muslims, and muslims with mental health issues have embraced doesn’t look like your “traditional” Islam doesn’t make it wrong. It means we’re trying to carve out a space for ourselves in a religion that was hijacked by patriarchy not long after the Prophet (saw) passed away.

And no, Islam was never meant to be this way. Islam is not patriarchal. The Prophet never advocated for people to be marginalized. But here we are now. So don’t shame people looking for an Islam that allows them to be an active member. Look at yourselves and ask yourself why you felt the need to put Islam in a tiny, tiny box when it was meant to be for everyone. “Traditional” doesn’t always equal right and “liberal” doesn’t always equal bidah. We are all just looking for Islam.