after the prank btw


For Yang, they get some nice candy corn!

yes yes candy corn that is what we shall call it…
totally not ghost peppers that look like candy corn no no
that’d be a shame…

And for Mallory they get a Crowcake!

It’s actually pretty tasty! A nice mix of sweet and savory, purrfect for a cupcake! Let’s hope they can handle the after effects because after consuming it they will be turned into a helpless substitute-like plush for some time.

Hey! Maybe people will like them better this way!

“So that Litten from before gave us some snacks, and mine seem fine, but I… don’t think Mallory can say the same,” Yang explained, showing the plushie to Aisling.
“I disagree, you may want to find some milk. Or take one of these candies, while there’s still time.”


“Nevermind, it is too late. Please aim away from my stand.”


Yang used Overheat!


“That… kinda hurt. But it gives me an idea for a recipe…”

Yang no

@jeweledbranchofhourai okay this one is a cheat because this one was half-written but I kind of got a block but then what you said gave me a prompt idea and it all worked out so uh

c-consider this a prequel to your idea?

Title: In Your Arms

Pairing: UmiNico

Words: 1,985

Prompt:  Nico wanting that Umi muscle meets the morning-after of a (hopefully not) one night stand.

Someone like her is destined to shine. Someone like her is destined to give it her all, and light up the stage with her presence alone. Someone like her is destined to work tirelessly, chasing that ever-glowing dream of idolhood, and not be led astray by anything–

“Except Umicchi’s muscles.”

“Shuuuut up, Nozomi.” Today, Nico has so far walked into a wall, tripped over twice during practice, and just lost an arm-wrestle to Nozomi, and at least two of those were caused by staring at one of her precious second-year kouhai.

The last one was because she was thinking about her instead.

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