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Do you have headcanons for being comforted by Rex, Wolffe, (+ any other clones) after a hard day? Thank you!

  •  Rex would want to do something for you, but since he probably wouldn’t be able to would settle on giving you a massage and saying comforting words. He’d encourage you to cheer up, and that tomorrow would be better. He’d give you lots of physical reassurance too if you wanted it. 
  • Wolffe wouldn’t be sure what to do at first, he never understood why people got stressed out so easily, but he would try to make an effort for his your sake. He would recall things that you liked, whether it was your favorite movie, food, or music they liked, and set it up for you. 
  • Echo would feel so bad for you, he hates seeing you upset, so he would do almost anything you wanted him too. He would also probably think about the situation and choose his words carefully. He’d probably spoil you on those nights. 
  • Fives wouldn’t stand for it, he’d want to know exactly why you had a bad day. If it was because of a person he would spend the rest of the night roasting them and trying to make you laugh. If not, he’d do his best to take your mind off of it, by any means necessary. 
  • Cody might not notice at first, but when he does he would take it upon himself to make you feel better. If he was able too, he’d take you out to eat, anywhere you wanted to go. If not he would cook for you himself, he can’t guarantee it would be the best, but he would try. While you were eating he’d listen to every detail of your day, and would give you advice and comforting words when needed. 


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Love is many things.

It’s that smile you get when you see them excited over something small. It’s doing the dishes because they made dinner. It’s listening to them vent or letting them cry on your shoulder after a hard day at work. It’s taking out the trash when it’s raining outside. It’s reassuring them that they are beautiful on days they pick themselves apart. It’s listening to their favorite music, even if you hate it, because it makes them smile. It’s that first kiss after an argument that you worked through. It’s remembering little things, like how much sauce they like on their spaghetti. It’s knowing about the scar on their knee from when they learned to ride a bike. It’s showing them off because in your mind, you are the luckiest one in the room. It’s holding their hand in public. It’s grabbing their favorite candy because you thought of them at the grocery store. It’s having a great day and wishing they were standing next to you. It’s the good moments and the bad.

Love is many things, but it shouldn’t be hard


okay but alec lightwood doesnt discover what a bath bomb is until hes at magnus’ apartment one day (bc obviously he loves staying there for days at a time even if he doesnt get the chance very often) about to take a bath after a long day of hard work and demon hunting. 

anyway he fills the bath up with nice warm water and begins to prepare his towels and things when he accidentally pushes the weird ball thing at the edge of the tub into the water. he sees it start to fizz and he panics. what if its a spell magnus was experimenting with? what if its something important/expensive? what if its harmful or poisonous? 

he immediately calls for magnus and watches as his water turns bright red. when magnus gets there (obviously a little startled bc alec sounded terrified) and finds out what has alec so shook he laughs for approximately 5 years before he can catch his breath to explain what a bath bomb is.

alec makes him swear to never speak of the incident again


Working nine to five for the power of the hive! - by Leon Tukker

“A personal work based on Bee colony hierarchy. In this image, the poor worker bees are walking home after a hard day of work. But of course the work is worth it. They’re doing it for their beloved (and kind of dictator-ish) queen. Of course our worker bees love to work in the honey plants for almost no salary at all as long as it makes their queen happy.

I made this one in between work, practising a more painterly approach in combination with 3D”

EXO Reaction ~ Accidentally Moaning While They’re Giving You A Back Massage

Request: Ok, so this is pretty much the opposite of my previous request. XD May I please have EXO react to massaging your back to get all the knots out after hard day when you unexpectedly moan REALLY erotically? XD Thanks!

A/N: Ok we gunna post a few things, I’m gunna update the masterlist and clear out any requests we aint gunna do then requests MIGHT or MIGHT NOT reopen (depends)


“Well, well… I wasn’t expecting that but I’m certainly not complaining…” *feels overly achieved for turning you on with just his hands on your bare back*


“That… What the hell was that…” *Litro takes a few moments to realize that you moaned out of sexual pleasure* “…Can I have a turn?”


“Well I don’t have that good good for nothing, now how about I show you how to blow it like a flute?” *Very badly suggests sex through his songs*


“How about we fix those knots later, I got some other ideas in mind” *Internal scream for adorable and innocent Kim Jongin*


“Just when I thought we were going to have a relaxing evening, you woke the SuDaddy in me” *Goes down on you heavier than his money on bank scales*


“Oh my goodness why, Jagi…” *Both of you young horny fuckers get turned up like a furnace*


“I’m going down in the history books for what I’m about to do to you, just you watch y/n…” *almost tears his gucci off his body in one quick motion*


“After that little stunt you’ll be seeing the stars of the galaxy tonight… My style” wink wonk


“Oh damn, you legit thinking what I’m thinking… Because I’m thinking of Netflix and Chill” *Smirk smirk*


*You don’t get anything but constant eyebrow wiggle from this kid and a sudden background music of ‘What U Want’ and ‘Lose Control’ playing from his phone*


“I knew I was good with my hands Jagi but I didn’t know I could make you shake the whole building with one moan by giving you a back massage” *Will tease you all the fucking time for this*


“Honestly, I just wanted to treat her to a normal and relaxing night in but no. What does she do? Moan as sexually frustrated as the beagle line is, I can’t fucking deal with this shit. One relaxing night, just one and she gave me the most noticing boner ever.” *Is ashamed, pissed and just generally doesn’t know what the fuck and how the fuck to feel*

EXO Reaction to: You stepping in the shower with them

This is my first Exo reaction! I did ot9 because of the lack of time, so don’t freak out please! Please be indulgent! Love you all <3.
~ Marie, xx


Xiumin: He was rinsing his hair under the hot water. Whilst flipping his hair up and slipping his hands on his face to take the excess water off, he opened his eyes to see you, face to face with him in the shower. He slipped his finger under your chin, gently caressing it. 

“Hey jagiya” he said with a little smirk on his face. 

Baekhyun: He slipped under the hot water, taking a deep breathe after a hard day of work, he was finally letting all the stress go. He felt small hands slipping around his chest from behind. He then felt your small body pressing against his, making him smiled tiredly. He caressed your hands and turned around. He had that stupid grin of his. 

“Like what you see princess?”

Chanyeol: He was genuinely happy to see you step in with him in the shower because it was something that you always seemed hesitant about. He took your hand and guided you in the shower with him. Once under the water, he pulled you in a tight hug, wanting to feel every inch of your skin on his. He pressed a delicate kiss on your forehead and smiled. 

“How can you be this beautiful?”

Kai: He had been teasing you for the past minutes for you to take a shower with him, but you tried to keep your word and let him take his shower alone. He nodded and left to the bathroom and got in the shower. But you started to regret your decision once you started imagining what Kai would look like under the water (which btw would turn anyone on). So you got in the bathroom, took off your clothes and shyly stepped in with him. He looked at you with a grin. 

“I knew you couldn’t resist jagi” He chuckled.

Chen: You had both been in an intense makeout session for a couple of minutes and Chen suggested you both step in the shower for some new “fun”. In the heat of the action, you undressed eachother and stepped in. He took a grip on your hips and smirked, looking you directly in the eyes. 

“Now now princess, what could make you this eager for me?” 

D.O: It had been a rough day for Kyungsoo. His manager had been on his back since the beginning of the week, and Soo started to have the effects of fatigue. When he came back home, he went directly to the bathroom, took off his clothes and went in the shower. You arrived from work shortly after him and decided to join him. When you stepped him, he gave you a tired and sad look. You didn’t ask for any explanations, you just hugged him whilst under the water. 

“I love you jagiya” 

Lay: You had only been together for a couple of weeks and hadn’t done anything together yet. He wanted to be sure you’d be absolutely comfortable with him before doing anything more intimate. But you wanted to surprise him. When you both woke up in the morning, you let him go to his usual shower but you followed him subtly and stepped in behind him. You bit your lip at the sight you had. He then turned around and saw you checking him out. He face became blood red and he hid his face with his hands. 

“Oh dear love! Well, if your comfortable enough, then it’s okay” He smiled shyly.

Suho: You stepped in the shower with him as if it was something you both did everyday, but, in fact, you had never done this together, which took Suho by surprise, even if he was very pleased with the fact that you were comfortable in this way. It took him a moment to process how beautiful you were before his eyes, so he just stared for a moment, appreciating every inch of your body that he could see. 

“Beautiful” was all he had to say.

Sehun: It wasn’t much of a surprise for him to see you in the shower with him, but it always turned him on somehow to see you under the water. He wouldn’t say much, but he’d be very touchy, always having a hand on your waist or your bum (because he absolutely loved your bum!!). Sehun would press gentle kisses on your neck and along the line of your shoulder from behind, seducing you at every kiss. He would then, press your two bodies together to show you how much he loved you. 

“Let’s have a little fun, shall we?”

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Top 15 Relationships on The 100 (as voted by my followers)

#13: Octavia Blake & Raven Reyes

You guys, did I ever tell you how I saved Sinclair’s ass on the Ark?

Please don’t.

Wrong Bed || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a newt/reader where after a hard day of trying to catch the niffler again reader accidentally collapses on newts bed and falls asleep but the newt wakes them up and newt gently wakes her up and she gets all fluster apologising and just just lost of fluff


You and Newt had spent the entire day chasing the niffler, who seemed to disappear so very quickly that you two could barely keep up. So finally a couple hours after it had gotten dark, you were exhausted. That’s when Newt caught the niffler, hurrying to empty its pouch of the things it stole and take it back into the case. Once that was done, you were happy to go home, tired of how long it took to catch the niffler. Newt led you back to the apartment, telling you that he’d be back in just a bit since he had to check on the other beasts. You nodded your head and waited a bit before walking to what you first thought was your bed. You didn’t seem to notice how it smelled much more like Newt than usual, starting to bury yourself in the blankets before you fell asleep quickly.
Newt climbed out of his case after almost an hour of getting all the things sorted in the case. He noticed it was rather quiet in the house and figured that you had gone to bed. That is until he noticed you underneath his blankets on his bed. He studied you for a moment before carefully walking over, sitting down beside you.
“Y/N.. are you awake?” Newt whispered, tapping your shoulder lightly. You didn’t wake up that easily, only moving towards him slightly since he was putting off more warmth than the blankets.
“Y/N… Y/N..” he continued saying your name, keeping up the light taps and shakes until you began to stir from your slumber.
“Mmmm.. what time is it?” You mumbled out, rubbing at your eyes.
“Well.. it is about 12ish?” Newt answered, smiling slightly at you.
“12? Why.. did you.. wake me up?” You spoke in sections, almost as though you were very close to just falling back to sleep.
“Oh.. the reason for that is because.. you’re kinda.. in my bed..” Newt let out a slightly awkward chuckle while you became more awake in realization.
“I’m so sorry! I thought I was in mine.. no wonder it smelled differently.. I mean a good different..” your face was flushed a bright red as you rambled on a bit.
“Oh no it’s fine Y/N, I just.. didn’t wanna be awkward with me having to go to bed..” Newt’s cheeks colored a soft pink as he said that, however he kept a soft smile upon his face the whole time.
“That makes sense.. I’m still sorry for falling asleep here.. I’ll just go to my own..” you began to try and untangle your body from the many blankets as you said that.
“No no.. um.. you could.. you could stay.. I don’t mind sleeping in the same bed.. I mean if your ok with that..” by now his face matched yours in hue. At the sound of that, you smiled more, leaning forward, as if you were going to kiss him… and then fell asleep against his chest. This made Newt grin, shifting so you both fell asleep comfortable and secure in each other’s arms.