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No lyrics this time…just some tune and beat to get the mood HERE
Turn up the bass!


hohoho i finally did it after saying i was going to forever

since this is my first time doing commissions this will probably end up being modified later on after i figure stuff out more

fetish art also counts as nsfw

if you commission me to draw a rowlet the price will probably be lower than the normal colored price but i’m not entirely sure about how much it’ll be yet

i’ll be giving myself up to two weeks to finish any single commission just to reduce stress, but for the most part they shouldn’t take nearly that long

ill take payment beforehand and refund if i’m unable to complete the drawing

if you have any other questions either email me or send me an ask on @kundroid so i don’t spam this blog too much

for the time being ill just have 5 slots open because i’m not sure how this’ll go and i don’t wanna get overwhelmed

i’ll reblog the post and say so when there are no more slots left

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“I’m the only one who’s ever seen you like this. The only one who’s ever touched you like this. Made you feel like this,” reminds me a lot of canon's "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor." Was that on purpose? And lol at Yuuri thinking Victor was embarassed sleeping with inexperienced "plain" him, I don't know why, somehow, I get the feeling Victor past the shock isn't that puset. Who knows? He might even be extremely pleased with what that means for him.

Yes, Viktor’s initial shock and panic and finding out he was Yuuri’s first and only was entirely to do with the fact that how it all went down was definitely not how he would have done it if he’d known it was Yuuri’s first time. After that though, the idea that he’s the only one who Yuuri has ever slept with? Yeah, he’s not at all displeased about that

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Why is everyone annoyed at the new Climon sneak peak? In my opinion, it's nicer to see them flesh out their relationship a bit more than it was in the books and to not just have it as a filler relationship.

Because for a start, nobody wants Climon. At least not in a romantic way. All would be fine if they would stay as the awesome brotp that they were but dragging them now down this romantic lane. Nope, nope, nope.

It’s just wrong because a) apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once, b) Clary only shows interest in Simon because she can’t have Jace and c) Simon doesn’t deserve this because we all know how this ends.

Besides, they’ve been “dating” for like one episode?! And we already have to witness them making out now? When we waited 1 year for the Malec date to happen? And especially after their first time was so poorly written/handled? When you see Malec being sidelined because apparently talking about having sex (not to mention the fade-to-black-scene AND ignoring Magnus’ feelings) is not as important as Climon “defining” their “relationship”?

Talk about different treatment of a straight and a lgbt+ ship here.

until neil, no one in andrew’s life has been particularly good to him. until neil, everyone that’s ever been close to him has caused him pain and has fucked up his perception of love and affection. neil is the first constant in andrew’s life that hasn’t and would never hurt him. it’s the first time someone sacrifices themselves for him, after andrew has spent years making deals to protect the ones he cares about. and that’s why andrew hates neil so much. andrew has been forced to give his whole life and suddenly neil comes around and gives andrew his back and his life and his truths and doesn’t ask for anything back. neil trusts andrew enough to stop running when he asks him to. and andrew hates him because it’s starting to feel a lot like love

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*it's not that i saw almost everything here in, like, 1.5-2h* So, hello! What about V just after the eyes surgery and he can for the first time really see MC? I want that from 3 months and nobody respond me T^T *also, im sorry, my english might be kinda bad?*

Awww, thank you. Your English is fine!This was so sweet! Had fun writing this. Hope you like it. :) 

  • You finally convinced him to accept Jumin’s offer for the surgery
  • Before he goes into surgery, he runs his fingers across your face, memorizing the feeling of your features
  • “This is the last time before I can finally see you differently.”
  • He asks to take a picture of you and with you before the surgery and every day after
  • Of course, you agree
  • He has one of those polaroids, so they print right away
  • You stay at the hospital through the surgery and when he’s sleeping afterwards 
  • He’s disappointed that he has to wear bandages for a week
  • He really wanted to see you right away
  • While he’s recovering, he asks you to describe yourself
  • You think it’s just because he’s anticipating what you look like
  • But really, he wants to compare how you see yourself and how you really are
  • Finally, it’s the time to get the bandages off
  • The doctor makes sure he stands behind V for the final bandage so you are the first person he sees
  • V blinks a few times to adjust to the light
  • Finally he’s looking at you
  • He says nothing for a very long time
  • You get a bit nervous and call his name
  • Tears start streaming down his face
  • “I’ve dreamt about you before…but my imagination could never create someone as beautiful as you.”
  • Now you’re crying
  • You keep wanting to hug him, but he keeps wanting to look at you
  • He keeps cupping your face and staring into your eyes
  • He scolds you because you described yourself so poorly and he thinks you’re so beautiful
  • You two take one last photo together
  • When he gets home, he frames all the photos and hangs it up in his house
  • He goes a bit photo crazy though, since he hasn’t been able to in a long time
  • Literally takes photos all the time
  • “Oh, MC, stay still! This is a good pose.”
  • “V, I’m brushing my teeth!” 

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Consider: lance being straight up no nonsense when he isnt feeling well. Like "hey guys this is fun and games and all but ive got a headache." Or when its serious "i really feel bad. Like unbelievably terrible." And they believe him well enough but the first time he gets seriously ill- maybe after a long week of goofing and over the top dramatic arguments, they just think hes playing it up. Not intentionally or maliciously, but it ends up disasterously somehow

Omg, anon! I don’t know why, but I have a thing with people not believing someone when they are seriously ill to the point where the sickie ends up collapsing and everyone is like “oh shit!” in a panic. And, I could totally see this happening with Lance because he’s the “jokester” of the group. Like, maybe him running a really high fever and feeling genuinely like shit, but everyone thinks he’s over playing it. So they go to training, and he’s like “guys I really don’t feel well.” And they aren’t necessarily rude, but they definitely don’t believe him. And Lance is just so tired and so ill, but he keeps going and ends up fainting. That’s my jam right there!

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Carter is used to see you in fancy dresses and super well dressed. But he realized that he is in love with you on the morning after your first time when he sees you only in his shirt of the night before making breakfast for the both of you

I can imagine the look on his face from his bed looking at you realising for the first time he’s completely and utterly in love with someone

Fluffy Friday™

Red Velvet Reaction To You Biting Them Playfully

Irene: She’d be all for It. She would love you biting on the ear, neck or shoulder even. She wouldn’t like you to leave marks so you would have to be careful with it specially in places that other people could easily notice. After some time she would start to giving some back.

Originally posted by dumblets

Seulgi: The bear would be a little confused at first. She thought that you biting her was a new way for you to show your love for her. She’d think that it’s the cutest thing coming from you.

Originally posted by kangkatsu

Wendy: I think she wouldn’t mind so much about marks, for her there’s nothing makeup can’t cover this days. But it would make her uncomfortable if you started to bite her too harder.

“Ahh jagiya! If you bite any harder I’ll lose my arm!”

Originally posted by omyseulgi

Joy: Honestly she wouldn’t mind at all. She’d be a little confused at first but after some time she would just get used to it. As long as you didn’t leave any marks she would be fine with it.

Originally posted by seulgin

Yeri: She would think is the cutest thing ever. Soon enough it would be a competition to who can bite who faster with the rule of not biting to hard so yeri won’t be marked for much longer than a few hours.

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Took a Weight Loss Progress Pic ™ for the first time in like a year and even after being off my diet for like 8 months I’m still tinier…. like visibly. I’m so proud of me

remember when i live blogged being high for a week after trying edibles for the first time on an empty stomach…that was awful i wanted to die

If you thought 3 posts of edited pictures were a lot, well he posted again😂 this one a little after the first two, but on twitter this time hahaha so 4 posts on 3 different SNS within a few hours xD this is the second bride edit he’s posted lol

[Trans] 25th, 26th Saitama Super Arena Concert’s dress code is Halloween.

Let’s have fun at our own Halloween on February!
(cr. mysekushiboo)

Blood Drive Backlash (Yuri on Ice)

So. I was talking with the lovely @sneezehq yesterday. And I brought up the idea of Yurio passing out after donating blood for the first time. So we talked a bit. And I requested they write such an idea. But then I woke up this morning and wanted to write the idea too. So. Enjoy this! -Megan.

“Alright Mr. Plisetsky, this will be over and done in only a few minutes.” The kind nurse smiled

Ah. Blood drives. They were beneficial to others and a good way to help.

While caught in the mess of the Grand Prix, the qualifiers were in Barcelona a week before the competition.

Coincidently, a relief organization was hosting a blood drive in the local school.

All the Grand Prix skaters had to do this. At least if they were of age.

And Yurio just turned the qualifying age in March of that year.

So. You better believe he’d be doing it.

With no blood contaminants or illnesses, Yakov and Lilia (and even Viktor!) wouldn’t get off his back about it.

So, Yurio was getting it done.

Though, having never done it before, he had no clue what to expect.

He nodded “Got it.” He said.

A sharp hiss slipped past his lips as the needle entered his vein.

“First time?” The kind nurse asked

Yurio nodded “You have no idea.”

The nurse just laughed softly “I wish you the best of luck then.” She said, but didn’t explain.

Naturally, Yurio felt anxious. But then thought better of himself and calmed down. Anxiety increased heart rate. Heart rate increased, blood amount increased.

Approximately four or five grueling minutes were what it took to get the unit of blood needed.

“There we go. All done.” The nurse said, takin the needle out and taping a cotton ball to the injury. “Be careful getting up, you might feel a bit lightheaded or nauseated. It’s a common occurrence in first time donors. There’s a table by the doors, the people there are giving away water and small snacks for donors. Show them your wristband and you’re good to go.”

Yurio nodded. He did feel a bit strange, if not a bit tired, but brushed it off.

“Thanks for the warning.” he says

“thank you for the donation.” The nurse replied “And i wish you the best of luck in the Grand Prix.”

Yurio couldn’t help but smile softly. He stood up slowly and started to walk away from the nurse.

It only took a few steps for dizziness to catch up to the young skater. He stumbled slightly.

Fucking hell, he mentally cursed, not now!

There were reporters and other donors, the other skaters among them.


“Not so graceful today are you?” The all too familiar voice of Jean-Jaques Leroy mocked the young Russian

On a normal day, Yurio would’ve given JJ a piece of his mind, spewing a multitude of swears, in both English and Russian, as if they were some sort of stomach flu.

But not today. He felt too weak. Too sick. He couldn’t do such a thing.

“Fuck off JJ” was his short reply, shoving past the Canadian skater.

Yurio braced himself against the wall. He felt awful. But not an awful like aches and fever chills. Awful in the sense of he felt really dizzy and incredibly tired.

“Yurio… You okay?” Another voice asked, a calm one. One that was smooth and concerned “You don’t look so well my little solider…”

Otabek Altin. Thank god.

A hand grabbed Yurio’s shoulder.

“Come on, lets get you somewhere else.” The Kazakhstanian skater said, already guiding Yurio down the long corridor.

Yurio didnt fight. He couldn’t.

“Hang on,” Otabek said, breaking away from Yurio and taking a few steps forward, seeming to be looking for something.

It was just as he was coming back that the lightheaded feeling seemed to get the better of the young blonde.

His small body simply fell, crumpling to the floor in a split second.

The good thing was, he sustained minimum injury if any at all.

Otabek was quick to kneel by his friend.

In a few moments, Yurio’s stunning green eyes opened. He parted his lips to speak.

“You passed out,” Otabek told him before he could ask the question “How do you feel?”

“Dizzy… And kind of sick…” Yurio says, closing his eyes and covering them with his hands

Otabek rubbed the blonde’s arm gently “Sick how? Like nausea?”

Yurio nodded, swallowing thickly.

Otabek slipped a hand under Yurio’s shoulders, pressing up to push the young skater into a sitting position before pulling him to his feet.

“Do you think you can make it back go the hotel?” Otabek asked

“Y-yeah.” Yurio stammered

Otabek smiled “I’ve got you my solider. But next time you donate blood. Try to drink some water before you do. Then situations like this could be avoided.”

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Could you write about Iggy introducing Aranea as his girlfriend to the boys? Or Luna's and Prompto's first meeting in Altissia (happy happy AU)? Whatever you feel like, thank you <3

“What are you so nervous about?” Aranea chided, lightly smacking away his hands as he fidgeted with his tie. She set back into place, loosening it just a touch as he was nearly suffocating himself after he had messed with it so much.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever brought a lady to them like this. I’m not sure what their reactions will be.”

She laughed at that and shook her head, patting his cheek, “It isn’t as though they don’t know me.”

“And the first time we met, you did try to kill us.”

“Hey, that was just work, nothing personal. I thought we were over this?” she pouted.

He smirked and tapped her lip with his fingertip, “We are. But that doesn’t mean it might not make it harder for them to accept you in this way.”

She nipped his fingertip and he quickly withdrew his hand and took a half step back, making her laugh. “There’s no point worrying on it. Let’s just go before we’re late and have to explain that, too. You might have an aneurysm if it goes that far.”

“I’m not that stressed out,” he smiled, picking up her hand to lay a kiss across her knuckles before turning to head out to meet up with his friends.

Arriving at their meeting place at a park near the Citadel, they were the last ones to arrive even though they weren’t late. Prompto slapped Noctis’ arm to get his attention, pointing there way and shouting jovially, “Oh, what’s this!? Ignis and Aranea together!?”

“Get used to it, kid,” Aranea teased, bumping against Ignis.

Noctis raised a brow, looking intrigued in spite of his attempts at feigning boredom. “Yeah?” he asked, looking to Ignis for confirmation.

Adjusting his glasses and clearing his throat, Ignis nodded, stiffly formal, “Yes. I have been… courting Lady Aranea, and we have decided to make it a solid arrangement, and…”

“The simple version, Ignis.”

“…We went on a few dates, and now we’re officially a couple.”

“Good. It’s about time,” Gladio smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Prompto grinned and lowered his camera, nodding their way, “Yeah! Thought you guys woulda hooked up a lot sooner.”

Ignis nodded gratefully and looked at Noctis, still waiting on his approval. The prince sat with his cheek pressed into his hand, staring at the two of them with an unreadable expression. His gaze flitted to settle on Aranea, and he spoke in his falsely authoritative voice that he used when joking with his friends, “Hurt ‘im and I’ll kill you.”

“Aww, but Pretty Boy, he likes it when I hurt him.”

Noctis twitched at that and he glanced away, his face heating up at all of the implications of that, “…R-Right. Well, you know what I meant…!” Shaking his head, he took in a deep breath and hopped off the edge of the fountain where he had sat. Stepping over to Ignis, he clapped his friend on the shoulder and nodded to him, “Good choice.”

“Thank you.”

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Could I please have IDW Jetfire, Krok, Fulcrum, and Fort Max and the moment they realized they fell in love with their bot s/o?

I love these guys so much?? Finally a Fort Max request

Jetfire (exRiD/Optimus Prime)

  • Jetfire first realises after having spent a decent amount of time working with the bot (say, a couple thousand years? What is time relativity to Cybertronians lma o). The feelings he has for them develop over time from tolerance to fondness to genuine affection before he actually falls for them.
  • He isn’t sure how to act around the object of his affections. Should he be softer and less sarcastic? Or should he pile on the snark so they don’t catch on? He has no idea what to do, bless him

Krok (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Krok is just having a casual conversation with the bot when something about them makes his spark pulse faster, it could be their laugh or their optics or any other of their features, but it makes him stop for a moment and realise that yes. That’s the bot he loves.
  • Becomes an absolute mother hen towards them. At first it’s subtle with the occasional check in, to see how they’re doing, but after a while it escalates into borderline smothering. It’s okay, Krok, they can handle falling on their aft a few times they aren’t gonna die

Fulcrum (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He’s lounging around the WAP letting his thoughts wander until the bot enters his mind, and then he’s just kinda like “huh. I guess I do like them” it’s not a huge revelation or anything
  • Until he next talks to them and he becomes a stuttering mess because oh wow since when were they this attractive? He can’t look them in the optics and gets more flustered than he’d like to admit

Fort Max (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Max would have just returned to Luna 1, and was greeted by the bot in question. His spark suddenly feels funny when he looks at them and excuses himself
  • His first instinct is to avoid them. He doesn’t want to hurt someone he cares about this much. Max is a big guy and knows he’s stronger than most other bots, he doesn’t want to do something that might put them in the medibay by accident

I’ve been going through hell and back, I miss my mother and hope my terminally ill dad won’t pass away after I finally met him for the first time.           I’ve learned what it means to lose everything.                                                       I’ve learned what real friendship means after I got backstabbed from so many people who once said they would help me.                                                           

  Fuck all of you, none of you fake people knows the pain deep inside of me.