after the crash you know

onew in college
  • major in international business 
  • is he a freshman?? a senior??? who knows 
  • he’s that guy. you know the one. 
  • the one who’s ALWAYS in shorts even in the winter 
  • he just adds a huge puffy coat and still….. wears shorts (key: it’s -5°C out pls cover your legs i am freezing just looking at you / onew: my leg hair keeps me warm and also it wouldn’t be right to deprive the world of my calves) 
  • but will occasionally trade his shorts for sweatpants to keep people on their toes (jongkey2min: omg who are you) 
  • perpetual bedhead 
  • but dude when he has a presentation he can clean up
  • walks into class in his suit, belt matching his shoes (duh) and he just has this commanding presence?? like he KNOWS what he’s talking about and people listen 
  • has lucky underwear that he always wears on these days 
  • they’re lime green and have pineapples with sunglasses all over them (a gag gift from jong who never intended them to actually be worn) 
  • once taemin followed him into class when he had a presentation (onew: for support he said) and sat in the back with a huge grin and gave him a thumbs up and when onew opened his slideshow his font was comic sans and he had to present with a straight face like he wasn’t going to murder tae afterwards the lil shit (taemin: YOU DID FINE IT WAS FINE IF I SWIPE YOU INTO THE DINING HALL WILL YOU STOP CHASING ME) 
  • always has a handle of vodka rolling around in one of his drawers for the hard days you know?? 
  • after a party minho crashed at onew’s place and he was hungover af and there had a mug out on the desk and minho thought it was water until he caught a whiff and his head was back in the trashcan he lived in last night (minho: hyung WHY / onew: *takes a sip* hair of the dog) 
  • you cannot fathom how many alarms he has in order to go to his morning classes 
  • he has SO many and he is the master of snoozing all of them but still manages to get to class on time???
  • had one 8:30 for a mandatory class and every morning he had it he half-asleep calculated how many times he could skip and still pass 
  • procrastinates by stressmaking food (minho: don’t you have a huge test tomorrow / onew: *furiously making guac at 12am* I AM FREAKING OUT / taemin: i have chips) 
  • he could drop out at anytime and just do a mukbang show, he could. it’s totally doable, he mutters to himself while continuing to study hard 
  • nap king
  • v hard to see him on campus bc he just go straight to his dorm 
  • will occasionally wake up from (various) naps to jonghyun pounding at his door so that they could go to work (jong: HYUNG I CALLED YOU THREE TIMES AND YOU KEEP HANGING UP ON ME LET’S GO) 
  • honestly if he didn’t have to pay for ridiculously overpaid textbooks that the profs wrote themselves and then assigned for class!!!! he would not work at the school cafe (jong: but you like the “free” muffins / onew: shhhhh we don’t know what happens to the occasional disappearing muffin) 
  • studies at the library (”this is my home and dungeon”) and during exam times he takes up an entire table with spreadsheets and notes bc once his laptop died on him and deleted his work in progress and he’s a lil traumatized and prints everything out 
  • he carries most of his books in his arms bc his backpack is for snacks, it’s his snackpack ayyyyy (key: *zips open his bag* why is there just granola bars in here / onew: *struggling to hold all of his books* bc clearly my priorities are in order) 

Dating Poe Dameron

A/N: My first Star Wars headcannons! Let me know what you think, Poe Dameron is my absolute favourite at the moment so I’d be more than happy to write for him!

Warnings: None

Word count: 627

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·         Despite being the General’s most daring pilot he was beyond nervous when it came to telling you how he felt

·         You being an engineer for the resistance and being the only one Poe would trust to repair his X-Wing

·         Telling you how he feels after an especially dangerous mission

·         Secretly you would already know because BB-8  had been trying to get the two of you together for months

·         You wouldn’t commit to heavy PDA but whenever you were together he would have to have a hand on you to remind himself that you were actually there

·         BB-8 being your number one shipper

·         Closely followed by the General who “See so much of myself and Han in the two of you”

·         Basically being everyone’s OTP around base

·         But this doesn’t stop oblivious new recruits from trying to flirt with you

·         Poe’s never happy when he sees this happening but understands you can stand up for yourself

·         But when he sees it getting too out of hand he will not hesitate to step in

·         He would be such a jealous boyfriend

·         When he went away on missions he would always instruct your friend to keep an eye out for anyone that tried to make a move on you

·         Poe has this pouty jealous face which you’ve learned to recognise quickly

·         Ending up kissing his pouty lips to get him out of his jealous state

·         Bringing each other back small thing like flowers from missions

·         Having a little book that you put Poe’s flowers to you in

·         One day he’d go through the book and tell you the story behind them all

·         Wearing all his shirts and you can fight me on this

·         Like seriously he’d love seeing you in them and you’d love wearing them

·         All the hickies

·         It came with the jealousy, he’d be ever so slightly possessive and loves letting people know you’re taken

·         This does not go unnoticed by Rey and she gets you to tell her all the details

·         Finding the ultimate picnic spots on D’Quar for dates

·         Getting permission from General Organa to fly out to Yavin 4 when you’ve been separated for an especially long time

·         Poe telling you about all the stories from his childhood

·         Taking you to the force sensitive tree

·         Him still owning the house he grew up in and promising you that one day you’ll raise your own children in it

·         Your parents adoring him

·         But seriously how could you not

·         You two would be the ultimate Uncle and Auntie, your nieces and nephews would quite literally count down the days to your next visit

·         Your parents hearing about Poe’s family and immediately telling him that he’s always welcome with your family

·         All the cuddling

·         When you’re alone together he’d have his arms wrapped around you

·         He’s 100% the big spoon always wanting to feel like he’s protecting you

·         Not that you mind of course

·         Showers and baths together

·         Especially when he comes back from somewhere

·         You’d always be at his side for the next day because he has to make up for the time he spent away

·         The General being quite aware of this and granting you the day off

·         Nose kisses, I cannot stress this enough

·         Poe having a picture of the two of you in his flight suit and jacket

·         Finn finds this when he wears Poe’s jacket

·         Immediately recognising you when he comes to the base for the first time

·         Being so grateful to Finn for saving Poe

·         Taking Finn to see Poe for the first time after the crash

·         Poe introducing you as his (s/o)

·         Finn already knowing and giving Poe the photo back

·         Being so supportive and loving towards each other it’s difficult for someone to not fall in love with your relationship

So as most of you know after I crashed my car it cost almost $1300 to fix it! I have it back now but I still need to update my plates (my car had been out of commission for almost 3 months so it didn’t even cross my mind) and also get new insurance! If anyone would like to help me out with those costs and for the last repairs for my car which is brake pads, lights and air I would really appreciate it! My paypal is and my cashapp ID is $sailorsylvie! Thank you all for the help so far u all helped keep me alive and keep me able to pay for rides to work and I really appreciate you all helping me get back on track!


BAEKHYUN 백현 - 바래다줄게 (Take You Home)


Excuse me? What are you doing here? What’s it gotta do with you? I live round here, I happen to know this family’s at a funeral today. I know. Still haven’t answered my question. Do I look like a thief? That is not what I said. That’s what you’re implying.  Just trying to be a good neighbour. Well, you needn’t bother. It’s my Dad they’re burying. Then, why aren’t you there? ‘Cause they’re better off without me. I’m sure that’s not true. It is, believe me. Well, it’s none of my business, I’m sorry for your loss. Please, don’t tell them that you’ve seen me. Today’s about my Dad.

MJ: Not that I mind seeing you hot and sweaty but did we really need to run as much as we did today?

Peter: Totally babe

MJ: *after showering crashes on Peter’s couch* You know not all of us have your spider-stamina

Peter: Let’s see, then. *pins MJ and begins tickling her*

MJ: *squealing in delight bc she’s too tired to even get up* I HATE YOU

Stars Made with Love

Author’s notes: Just another Endless Summer fanfic I made, and this one is tied with my other story Counting Star. It’s not entirely necessary to read that one first, but if you want to, you’ll get a glimpse of my MC backstory and how it relates to the one right here now. Is it bad that I’m doing this because I miss Endless Summer…and that I also miss Jake? 🌴🌺💔

Anyway, enjoy.

Rated: T

Pairings: MCxJake

Summary: Certain numbers of paper stars you make have certain meanings. Here on the island full of mysteries, the young heroine put all her feelings to the origami stars she makes while reflecting on the love she has for a certain pilot…

A Happy Couple

I never thought I would fall for someone like you, until now. Somehow, you’re like the other half of me. The one who I feel safe and connect with. For some reason, it feels like I’ve been looking for you all this time. There’s no paradise on this island. But with you here, everything feels right.

Being stuck on a volcanic island filled with time loops, strange creatures, and blue-skinned warriors are no picnic. Hell, they tried so many times trying to get off this island hell, only for their plans to be sabotaged every, freakin’ time. Hell, a giant sea monster literally appeared when they tried to escape by using a boat to go to another island just to look for help, causing three people to nearly died.

However…there are some things aren’t always so bad on this island.

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Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

(for @blink-one-eighty-rad . sorry it sucks and took forever. This is part one.)

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So I just read your story from start to finish, and it's 10/10, like one of the best simblr stories I've read. But the one question that's been nagging at me was-and this is gonna sound real awful but- why didn't Santi kill himself right after the crash? He was sure Molly was dead, and they were already planning to do it eventually, so what was stopping him? I mean, I'm glad he didn't, but at the time wouldn't that make the most sense to him?(idk maybe im just heartless and missed the point lol)

firstly THANK YOU omg you’re not heartless at all lmao, i actually really like this question, i get so excited when people ask me things like this ajhsdjhf. sooooo a lot happened after the crash that you guys don’t know about yet, but like…yeah, obviously he felt really really low, and you’ll see that. but to put it into perspective, he went missing for an entire week during his manic stint with molly so his parents had been looking for him and then the crash happened which kind of cemented all those fears for them, so needless to say they kinda kept him by their side for a while after that, kinda like suicide watch, but really they just wanted to keep him out of trouble. so he didn’t have much freedom but obviously he still ruminated on everything especially with it all being so fresh in his mind. 

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      “ Yeah, that tends to happen after, you know, crashing. “ He wasn’t going to sweat it, he’s certainly been embarrassed before and he was starting to get good at it. “ She might not be totally up-to-date on her anti-collision matrix, but all she needs is some repairs and she’ll be good as new. “ The line between sarcasm and actual mechanic speak tends to blur when Ratchet spoke about his craft, and crash landing in the space boonies certainly didn’t create an exception. 

      “ Hey, uh.. where are we, anyway? I don’t remember seeing this place on any starmap. “ 

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What is the name of the program you are using??

mun// I use a phone to draw on since I don’t have a computer. The app I use is ‘Painter’ as seen below. But I wouldn’t recommend it because it has habits of crashing and what you’ve drawn disappears after that.

But you know, if you remember to save the draft before it crashes you can just get back into it. It’s got ALOT of useful brushes

Eventually Part 3 (Becca x MC)

Becca’s POV

*What? what does she mean that she misses me?*

I took my phone and speed dialed number 2.

B : "Hey Kat, are you free tonight?“
K :"Yeah Becs, what’s up?”
B : “I could really use some advice on something. I’ll see you at the usual at 8?”
K: “Okay sure!”

I sat at our usual table and ordered a drink.
I spot this tiny raven coloured hair girl approaching my table soon after.

K : “Hey becs! Sorry that I was little late.”

—- 3 years ago —-

4 months after crashing Kappa’s party

B : “Hey Chris! Do you know where MC is?”
Chris : “MC? She told me she was going to the brew.”
B : “Okay thanks!”

I made my way towards the coffee shop hoping to run into MC. I needed to talk to her, I needed to apologize to her. I needed to tell her that she was right, that I needed time to sort myself out and prove that I wanted her as much as she wanted me.

I entered the coffee shop and looked for MC. I spotted her sitting at the corner.  What I saw then, crushed me. I didn’t know what to feel, betrayed? Anger? Sadness? Joy?

MC was sitting at the corner, with some other girl. They were laughing, they were holding hands and MC had pecked that girl’s cheeks. They looked so close, and MC looked happy.

So I turned back and left the coffee shop, wiping away the tears that were threatening to spill.  As I opened the door, everything in my room reminded me of MC. My bed, which we spent many nights cuddling in secret, her hoodie that she left behind that was hanging on my chair and the tiny cactus that she gave me on my birthday. It was all too overwhelming.

I left the house and just wandered around. I found myself dancing in the club later on. I just danced and danced, losing myself to the beat, trying not to think of what I saw in the coffee shop.

After that night, I avoided MC completely. And i eventually moved out promptly after.

A year after graduating
I sat down at the bar, unwinding after a long day of work. Mentally cursing at my assistant for screwing up  a simple yet important task that I gave her to complete, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Kaitlyn. We eventually became good friends bonding over our mutual interest in music.

Present day

K : “Hey becs!”

B :“Kat, you’re finally here.”

K : “Shit becs, surely u did not call me up to just talk about how sorry i feel for your assistant to have you as her boss..I remember when we had that party in sophomore and it —

B : "Ok fine. Do you remember the coffee shop girl that i told you about? Well she wrote an article about me, i think?”

B : “Alright, let me a take a look." 

K : "Written by…. MC. Why does that name look so familiar.. wait. MC? THE MC?! You were involved with MC and i didn’t even know? Oh god. I must have been living under a rock the whole time i was living with you guys." 

K : "Wait so, what now?" 

B : "I don’t know! That’s why i called you here! When i read her article, i just felt lost, and stupid. If she really was talking about me, i must be the biggest fool in the whole universe." 

K : "Hmm well, there’s only one way to see if you are really are indeed the biggest fool or not. Even though I already know you are one.”
K : “Madison is actually hosting a reunion next Saturday and MC would be there. Wouldn’t it be a good opportunity to finally face MC? You always looked so sad when talking about coffee shop girl saying that if u could go back in time, you would do things differently?”




there’s nothing holding me back

First thing first, I finished this one last night at midnight so 1- I’m not sure what I wrote, and 2- is not proof read. So yeah, I´m pretty sure you will find  lot of mistakes. And shoutout to Mari @karaa-danverss for inspiring me with that phrase, she knows what I’m talking about.

Day 4:  “Uhoh i’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until i took them as my date to a work function”

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“Have you ever notice how Italians always look like they just got laid?”

As soon as those words came out from her friend’s mouth Luna regretted the sip of water she had just drank, because Matteo’s face appeared on her mind, and suddenly she was violently coughing. Nina looked at her with concern, giving her some blows in her back, while Jim and Yam stared at each other with confusion.

“Are you okay, Luna?” her best friend asked, and she nodded, even if the cough hadn’t stopped.

It just–” Her voice sounded like the one an old woman with serious smoking problems would have. She cough. “It just went down the wrong pipe,” she tried to normalize her breathing, by taking a deep puff of air.

Nina kept trying to help her, but with a look Luna assured her that she was better.

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Wishful Thinking No. 12

Black Siren: Remember when I was 16 and you grounded me for a month after I crashed the car? Now you know how it feels to be locked up?

Lance: I’m pretty sure that was your other dad, on that other earth.