after the crash you know


Excuse me? What are you doing here? What’s it gotta do with you? I live round here, I happen to know this family’s at a funeral today. I know. Still haven’t answered my question. Do I look like a thief? That is not what I said. That’s what you’re implying.  Just trying to be a good neighbour. Well, you needn’t bother. It’s my Dad they’re burying. Then, why aren’t you there? ‘Cause they’re better off without me. I’m sure that’s not true. It is, believe me. Well, it’s none of my business, I’m sorry for your loss. Please, don’t tell them that you’ve seen me. Today’s about my Dad.


Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

(for @blink-one-eighty-rad . sorry it sucks and took forever. This is part one.)


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Imagine the main reason Bruce opposes Superman so much is because you, the girl he was in love with, died in the Metropolis tragedy.

——— Request for anon ———

“Bruce, I’m not surprised I can’t get you on the phone, but—” your intake of breath breaks through the audible sound of screaming in the distance, probably from a nearby building, “but I had to call you just in case I could talk to you. Bruce, I-If I don’t get to see you again after this, I wanted you to know that I lov—”

A single crash before the sickening sound of twisting metal and screams all drown out the last words of the hasty message that you’d sent him. Your last moments documented there, in his voicemail box, where you’d spent them thinking of him.

Waiting for him to listen to after it was all over.

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Hi sweety! Has anyone asked you for some vampire themed/ supernatural SasuSaku M fanfictions? I can't go back to see all the old reclists you did 'cause my tumblr app crashes after loading a bit...Weird, i know. Love you <3 *3*

There was someone who asked me about supernatural fics at the time but not M rated ones specifically. And tbh I don’t think I know any M rated supernatural one except  Quietus by AngeLhearteD. And I think she removed her smuts from that story (they’re on her deviantart group page though). Sorry hun!

That moment after the Doctor opens the door telepathically and turns, grinning - See, Clara? - kills me completely.  Because that’s what happens when someone you love isn’t there anymore.  You talk to them, forgetting they’re not there to listen.  You turn, expecting to see them, or reach back for their hand, knowing they’ll be there because they’ve always been there.  

Except now they aren’t.  

And for a split second, and that second is almost worse than the crushing weight of reality that crashes down after, for that second you don’t know why they’re not there and the panic that comes with that is enough to stop your heart.

And then you remember.  And time staggers on again, and so do you, because what else can you do.  That’s the real hell of it.  It’s all the days they stay dead.