after the crash you know

onew in college
  • major in international business 
  • is he a freshman?? a senior??? who knows 
  • he’s that guy. you know the one. 
  • the one who’s ALWAYS in shorts even in the winter 
  • he just adds a huge puffy coat and still….. wears shorts (key: it’s -5°C out pls cover your legs i am freezing just looking at you / onew: my leg hair keeps me warm and also it wouldn’t be right to deprive the world of my calves) 
  • but will occasionally trade his shorts for sweatpants to keep people on their toes (jongkey2min: omg who are you) 
  • perpetual bedhead 
  • but dude when he has a presentation he can clean up
  • walks into class in his suit, belt matching his shoes (duh) and he just has this commanding presence?? like he KNOWS what he’s talking about and people listen 
  • has lucky underwear that he always wears on these days 
  • they’re lime green and have pineapples with sunglasses all over them (a gag gift from jong who never intended them to actually be worn) 
  • once taemin followed him into class when he had a presentation (onew: for support he said) and sat in the back with a huge grin and gave him a thumbs up and when onew opened his slideshow his font was comic sans and he had to present with a straight face like he wasn’t going to murder tae afterwards the lil shit (taemin: YOU DID FINE IT WAS FINE IF I SWIPE YOU INTO THE DINING HALL WILL YOU STOP CHASING ME) 
  • always has a handle of vodka rolling around in one of his drawers for the hard days you know?? 
  • after a party minho crashed at onew’s place and he was hungover af and there had a mug out on the desk and minho thought it was water until he caught a whiff and his head was back in the trashcan he lived in last night (minho: hyung WHY / onew: *takes a sip* hair of the dog) 
  • you cannot fathom how many alarms he has in order to go to his morning classes 
  • he has SO many and he is the master of snoozing all of them but still manages to get to class on time???
  • had one 8:30 for a mandatory class and every morning he had it he half-asleep calculated how many times he could skip and still pass 
  • procrastinates by stressmaking food (minho: don’t you have a huge test tomorrow / onew: *furiously making guac at 12am* I AM FREAKING OUT / taemin: i have chips) 
  • he could drop out at anytime and just do a mukbang show, he could. it’s totally doable, he mutters to himself while continuing to study hard 
  • nap king
  • v hard to see him on campus bc he just go straight to his dorm 
  • will occasionally wake up from (various) naps to jonghyun pounding at his door so that they could go to work (jong: HYUNG I CALLED YOU THREE TIMES AND YOU KEEP HANGING UP ON ME LET’S GO) 
  • honestly if he didn’t have to pay for ridiculously overpaid textbooks that the profs wrote themselves and then assigned for class!!!! he would not work at the school cafe (jong: but you like the “free” muffins / onew: shhhhh we don’t know what happens to the occasional disappearing muffin) 
  • studies at the library (”this is my home and dungeon”) and during exam times he takes up an entire table with spreadsheets and notes bc once his laptop died on him and deleted his work in progress and he’s a lil traumatized and prints everything out 
  • he carries most of his books in his arms bc his backpack is for snacks, it’s his snackpack ayyyyy (key: *zips open his bag* why is there just granola bars in here / onew: *struggling to hold all of his books* bc clearly my priorities are in order) 
A family can be 2 traumatised soldiers and their 30 kids (2)


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Part 2 

It was incredible what some direction could do.

With toys and games, things to occupy the kids, the fighting amazingly slowed. It didn’t stop all together and Reno was still unfortunately a little asshole of a kid, but then again Jyn was starting to suspect that that was just his personality. At least from there, Jyn was somehow able to set a routine that not only worked, but actually seemed to let the kids thrive.

Mornings were dedicated to learning in the classroom – Kady’s basic improved every day (Jyn almost hugged her when the 10-year-old had asked whether she could use the refresher without messing up one word) and Jyn spent that time attempting to teach what felt like every life-lesson she could ever remember her parents teaching her. The afternoons were spent in the training gym, Jyn at least a little more confident there in knowing what kind of combat to teach. The younger ones ran and played on the gym equipment that Jyn had threaten Mothma to order for her, while the older children handled blasters and other weapons.

“How come they get blasters and I don’t?” Rivi would always whine. “I’m old enough!”

“Being old enough isn’t what counts,” Jyn would always remind her. “Until I think you’re mature enough to handle one, you’re staying with the little kids.”

Doing the same thing over and over again didn’t sound too interesting in theory, but Jyn found that there was a kind of comfort in the routine. The children had time to get used to things, could remember things through the repetition and regular actions, and it gave Jyn something to focus on.

(She didn’t want these children realising their new commanding officer was actually a hot mess).

“You’re still not sleeping, are you?” Cassian asked her one evening.

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Dating Poe Dameron

A/N: My first Star Wars headcannons! Let me know what you think, Poe Dameron is my absolute favourite at the moment so I’d be more than happy to write for him!

Warnings: None

Word count: 627

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·         Despite being the General’s most daring pilot he was beyond nervous when it came to telling you how he felt

·         You being an engineer for the resistance and being the only one Poe would trust to repair his X-Wing

·         Telling you how he feels after an especially dangerous mission

·         Secretly you would already know because BB-8  had been trying to get the two of you together for months

·         You wouldn’t commit to heavy PDA but whenever you were together he would have to have a hand on you to remind himself that you were actually there

·         BB-8 being your number one shipper

·         Closely followed by the General who “See so much of myself and Han in the two of you”

·         Basically being everyone’s OTP around base

·         But this doesn’t stop oblivious new recruits from trying to flirt with you

·         Poe’s never happy when he sees this happening but understands you can stand up for yourself

·         But when he sees it getting too out of hand he will not hesitate to step in

·         He would be such a jealous boyfriend

·         When he went away on missions he would always instruct your friend to keep an eye out for anyone that tried to make a move on you

·         Poe has this pouty jealous face which you’ve learned to recognise quickly

·         Ending up kissing his pouty lips to get him out of his jealous state

·         Bringing each other back small thing like flowers from missions

·         Having a little book that you put Poe’s flowers to you in

·         One day he’d go through the book and tell you the story behind them all

·         Wearing all his shirts and you can fight me on this

·         Like seriously he’d love seeing you in them and you’d love wearing them

·         All the hickies

·         It came with the jealousy, he’d be ever so slightly possessive and loves letting people know you’re taken

·         This does not go unnoticed by Rey and she gets you to tell her all the details

·         Finding the ultimate picnic spots on D’Quar for dates

·         Getting permission from General Organa to fly out to Yavin 4 when you’ve been separated for an especially long time

·         Poe telling you about all the stories from his childhood

·         Taking you to the force sensitive tree

·         Him still owning the house he grew up in and promising you that one day you’ll raise your own children in it

·         Your parents adoring him

·         But seriously how could you not

·         You two would be the ultimate Uncle and Auntie, your nieces and nephews would quite literally count down the days to your next visit

·         Your parents hearing about Poe’s family and immediately telling him that he’s always welcome with your family

·         All the cuddling

·         When you’re alone together he’d have his arms wrapped around you

·         He’s 100% the big spoon always wanting to feel like he’s protecting you

·         Not that you mind of course

·         Showers and baths together

·         Especially when he comes back from somewhere

·         You’d always be at his side for the next day because he has to make up for the time he spent away

·         The General being quite aware of this and granting you the day off

·         Nose kisses, I cannot stress this enough

·         Poe having a picture of the two of you in his flight suit and jacket

·         Finn finds this when he wears Poe’s jacket

·         Immediately recognising you when he comes to the base for the first time

·         Being so grateful to Finn for saving Poe

·         Taking Finn to see Poe for the first time after the crash

·         Poe introducing you as his (s/o)

·         Finn already knowing and giving Poe the photo back

·         Being so supportive and loving towards each other it’s difficult for someone to not fall in love with your relationship


BAEKHYUN 백현 - 바래다줄게 (Take You Home)


Excuse me? What are you doing here? What’s it gotta do with you? I live round here, I happen to know this family’s at a funeral today. I know. Still haven’t answered my question. Do I look like a thief? That is not what I said. That’s what you’re implying.  Just trying to be a good neighbour. Well, you needn’t bother. It’s my Dad they’re burying. Then, why aren’t you there? ‘Cause they’re better off without me. I’m sure that’s not true. It is, believe me. Well, it’s none of my business, I’m sorry for your loss. Please, don’t tell them that you’ve seen me. Today’s about my Dad.


Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

(for @blink-one-eighty-rad . sorry it sucks and took forever. This is part one.)

Wishful Thinking No. 12

Black Siren: Remember when I was 16 and you grounded me for a month after I crashed the car? Now you know how it feels to be locked up?

Lance: I’m pretty sure that was your other dad, on that other earth. 

Here's how I picture myself to be at the theatre...

if I’m able to see Cars 3 on the big screen:

I’m going to be sitting there sandwiched on both sides and front and back by children stuffing gummy worms and popcorn in their mouths. I’ll be sitting there trying to keep a composed and civil outlook. And then the screen will come to life. The very moment I see Doc Hudson sustain his crash, I will have to stuff whatever snack I have in my mouth PRONTO so I don’t cry out and get kicked out of the theatre. And then if they show the poor handsome guy all wrecked and ruined on the track after the crash (you know they will), I’ll be sitting there trying my best to weep in utter silence while fingering repeatedly for tissues in my purse. Anyone nearby who isn’t watching the film will be wondering what the heck is wrong with me while the kiddies are squealing for more McQueen screen-time. By the time these scenes come and go, I’ll be sitting there with my head in my hands crying over the only love of my life and if they play “Find Yourself” again or some other emotional song (you know they will), I will be curled up on the floor. Guaranteed.

How to drink coffee effectively ( minimizing the crash )

1. Drink coffee/tea over a longer period of time, to slowly release the caffeine into your body instead of bombarding your body with too much caffeine at once. If you slowly consume caffeine, your body will also slowly clear it out of your system, and you won’t crash as hard.

 2. If you drink a coffee in the morning, drink water alongside it. Staying hydrated allows you to stay focused, and in the morning when you’re dehydrated (after going without water for 8 straight hours), nothing will quench your thirst as well as water. I also found that drinking water alongside caffeine during the experiment helped me focus better, though it should be noted that numerous studies have shown that coffee doesn’t actually dehydrate you.

3. Stay away from sugary energy drinks. Sugary energy drinks are stimulating, which makes them fun to drink, but they’re also chock-full of sugar, which will spike your insulin levels, making you crash harder after. I know there are some great energy drinks out there, but most of the ones on store shelves are garbage. 

 4. Eat very well if you consume caffeine. When I ate slow-burning foods that metabolized slower (like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits), I found that I had more energy for longer and that I didn’t crash as hard. 

 5. Don’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach “stimulate[s] hydrochloric acid production”, which isn’t good, because hydrochloric acid “should only be produced to digest meals”. This makes it more difficult for your body to digest large meals, later on, leading to weight gain. It also messes with your energy levels.

6. Wait before consuming a second coffee/tea. Often when I drink tea or coffee, after I finish my first cup I immediately crave another, even though I’m likely only craving the stimulation the coffee/tea provides. Waiting before drinking another cup allowed me to spread my caffeine intake over a longer period of time, and made me a lot more productive.

The Power Of Love - Part 8

Hope you enjoy ;)


You all crowed around the table they’d set out and ate from the buffet the hotel had put on. Jensen moved quickly when you entered the room grabbing a seat and pulling you down next to him.  He squeezed your hand under the table making you smile; clearly he was hating not being able to touch you as much as you were not being able to touch him.

You glance around, every now and then you’d see some of them watching you and J, almost like they were looking for something. If you weren’t sure Jared had sent them that photo before, you were now. You glance at J and you can see in his eye that he was thinking the same. 

After dinner and a few drinks, you all decided to crash for the night knowing what kind of craziness was coming tomorrow. You make your way to an elevator, all of you piling in. You push yourself into the corner, you turn to see Jensen stuck in the opposite one.

Mark, Misha, Rob, and Rich were staying on the floor beneath you. When the doors dinged open , you bid them goodnight, Jared follows them out.

“Jared…you’re on the floor up” you frown

“Mark wants to show me something” you raise an eyebrow laughing as the door close, he tries to rephrase the statement but the door shut cutting him off, making you cackle with laughter.

“Why do I get the feeling that’s about us?” Jensen nods as he walks towards you wrapping his arms around you and bringing his lips to yours in a sweet kiss. He clearly didn’t care.

The doors open once again, J wraps an arm around your shoulders as he leads you towards your rooms.

He pauses outside of your room, you open the door and walk in. He stands there unsure of what to do. You nod your head telling him to come in, but he still doesn’t move. You’d agreed the go slow and that’s what you intended, to so you explain.

“Just come in for a minute J, so we can say goodnight in peace” you smile showing you weren’t expecting to jump into bed with him.

He smiles sweetly as he then follows you in, making sure the door is shut behind him. He reaches you in no time at all. His hands grabbing your face, he drops his lips to yours. His tongue demands entrance immediately which you gladly give. You grab the front of his shirt pulling him impossibly closer. 

His hand fall down to your waist, pulling you flush against him. You feel him hard against your stomach once more. You whimper into his mouth. You both part panting, stealing little kisses between catching your breath. 

“I should go before I can’t be a gentleman anymore” he laugh down at you

“You should go before I stop wanting you to be a gentleman” he stops laughing as he processes your words, you hear a moan in the back of his throat. He pulls away, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the door. He stops as he reaches it, turning and kissing you one more time, before he opens the door. 

“Come get me if you need anything” you promise to do so as you bid him good night. You close the door, locking it in place. Before running to your bed throwing your head into your pillow and scream happily.

You somehow manage to get a few hours sleep, you’re up early to have a shower and do your hair as you have photo shoots first thing. You just start putting some makeup on to hide your tiredness when your phone goes off.

“-Morning beautiful, I take it you’re awake?-“  you smile Jensen’s message

“-Morning handsome, did I wake you?-“ you send quickly as you finish your make up.

“-No, I was waiting for you to wake up :) Breakfast?-“

You smile and go to reply when you hear a tap at your door. 

You get up and walk to the door,  you look through the peep hole. A smile forms on your face as you open the door to him, leaning against the side of the door watch him.

“Have you been there the whole time?” You watch him smile and look down at his feet which answered your question. You both hear the elevator ding at the end of the hall and hear the dulcet tones of Misha and Mark

“Ah, good morning sunshine!” Misha says darting forward placing a kiss on your cheek, he misses Jensen’s jaw clench and his eyes narrow, but you don’t. 

“You two ready for breakfast? I’m just going to shift the moose” Mark adds walking towards you brother’s room.

You grab your room key and follow the boys to wait for Jared. J throws you a sad look which you return. You both knew this would be hard but not quite this hard. 

You knew you’d only see him at the group panel today and that would most likely be it. You hadn’t even managed to sit by him at breakfast which made things worse. Before you could even say goodbye Gemma came in to collect you for photo shoots. 

You walk with her, she was constantly asking if she could get you anything. You shake your head knowing the only thing you wanted she couldn’t give you. You walk in shocked at the sight,  the line was out of the door, and they were all waiting for you. 

You wave at them as you walk past to meet your photographer. You shake her hand and she asks you to pose for a few tester shots. The fans laugh at your funny poses. 

“Ok Y/n, you ready to start?” You nod enthusiastically and the first fan steps up. She asks for a hug pose, which you give gladly, and that’s how the next hour went. You were blinded by the flash of the camera by the end. 

But there’s no rest for the wicked, and before you know it you’re marched to the autograph hall.

As you walk in, Jared walks out to go and get ready for his photo shoot. He gives you a quick hug as he walks past. You walk into the hall, waving at the fans that spot you. But it wasn’t only the fans that see you.

Jensen’s eyes snap to yours making you smile, he was getting ready to leave,  you ask Gemma where he’s going. 

“He has his solo panel now I think” she confirms as she checks her schedule. You walk over to your seat asking for a bottle of water before you start. Gemma runs off gladly, you make a mental note to get the girl something nice as a thank you. 

You hear some gasps and awws coming from behind you so you turn to see J walking towards you, you can’t keep the smile from your face. He leans down and gives you a quick hug, before being practically dragged from the room, smiling the whole time and winking as he’s pulled away.  His eyes staying on you for as long as they could,  making you laugh. 

There was lots of awws from the fans now queuing in front of you. You were glad of the signs saying “no photos”

Gemma returns with your water, and you sit ready to start. You signal to the woman in front of you, to come forward. She hands you the photo she wants signed. 

“How you doing sugar, you having a good time?” She nods shyly, saying thank you as she moves on.

The next person in the queue was a woman holding a car seat. You gasp asking to see the baby, she comes around the side of the table to show you. 

“Are you having photo with my brother or Jensen today?” You laugh at her,  she nods “are you taking her in with you?” She smiles nodding

“I will warn you they’ll want to hold her, and good luck getting her back” you wink at her, everyone laughs. You sign for her wishing her a good time.  

The queue moved quickly for a while, you joked with the fans,  everyone making you feel welcome. 

“I wish you and Jensen would get together!  You make such a cute couple!” You blush laughing as you sign her photo. The next person agreed with the previous saying Y/sh/n (you and j ship name) was her OTP. You laugh, smiling brightly, hoping you weren’t blushing too badly. 

Before you know it, your signing time was over and it was time for an early lunch.


To be continued…

Part Nine


Gif source:  Bruce

Imagine the main reason Bruce opposes Superman so much is because you, the girl he was in love with, died in the Metropolis tragedy.

——— Request for anon ———

“Bruce, I’m not surprised I can’t get you on the phone, but—” your intake of breath breaks through the audible sound of screaming in the distance, probably from a nearby building, “but I had to call you just in case I could talk to you. Bruce, I-If I don’t get to see you again after this, I wanted you to know that I lov—”

A single crash before the sickening sound of twisting metal and screams all drown out the last words of the hasty message that you’d sent him. Your last moments documented there, in his voicemail box, where you’d spent them thinking of him.

Waiting for him to listen to after it was all over.


ok so this wasn’t on my list, but it was requested a while ago and i recently got inspiration for it. so, this will probably be another series (that i’ll finish perhaps ??)

anyways….. enjoy! this is the first part of coffeshop!17

  • so jeonghan’s family has owned this cute little cafe since like forever so he’s pretty much grown up running around the shop being helpful and occasionally stealing pastries when the employees weren’t looking
  • once he actually started “working” at the shop everyone loved him because he’s really personable and sweet to the customers
  • esp the older women and teenage girls
  • he’s really oblivious though, so he doesn’t notice all the phone numbers scribbled on the napkins that are given back to him
  • or if he does find them he’ll give them to jun like “i think these are for you” and jun doesn’t say anything but is secretly like r e ally
  • but yeah jeonghan is an A++ barista and probably the most helpful person working there
  • he usually does whatever he’s asked when it comes to the cafe because he likes to help out in any way that he can, so he’s usually stuck training the newbies and taking the shifts that no one else wants to work
  • really close with the cute lil waiter jun and flirty cashier seungcheol
  • jeonghan is sorta the middle man when it comes to them though?? like their personalities are very outgoing so jeonghan has to be like “chill” when they’re all together
  • his uniform is always really neat except for his name tag which can never seem to stay straight… it’s always so crooked
  • once hoshi told him customers were leaving because they kept finding hair in their drinks and he got so embarrassed
  • no one ever saw him with his hair down again rip
  • always really graceful and calm behind the counter, even when the whole cafe is in chaos during rush hour
  • very very smiley all the time (which attracts more customers)
  • overall just great for business
  • sooo ok the first time you met jeonghan was outside the cafe. he was running late and you were walking super slow with your face glued to your phone and……..… you know what comes after that
  • you didn’t realize you crashed into an actual person until you opened your eyes and jeonghan practically had you in his arms
  • both of you sorta stood in that position for a few seconds until you were like !!!! what o m g ! because he was super attractive and holding you so close
  • he apologized like fifty times afterwards and even offered to buy you coffee but you kinda brushed him off because he interrupted your mobile disney movie marathon
  • but he was also v v cute and made you all flustered a few seconds ago so you eventually told him it was ok
  • a few days later you had to start your new job at this really quiet and cute cafe despite knowing nothing about working in a coffee shop
  • aside from that u found out that it is a really cool place to work and you quickly become friends with the other newbie mingyu
  • after working at the cafe for like two weeks you notice how much the other employees talk about how amazing the owner’s nephew is and you’re honestly so confused because you’ve never seen this “angel barista.” does he even exist???
  • anyways because you’re a newbie who has no say whatsoever your schedule got changed around so that you’re working some of the cafe’s busiest hours (also due to the fact that you embellished a little too much on your application)
  • you met jeonghan for the second time when you started working during rush hour and you kinda freaked out a little after seeing him
  • but he didn’t seem worried about it and all he said was “ah……you look familiar.” when you guys met again and you were just like ??? what ?
  • your first day working rush hour was really chaotic and every time you turned to look at jeonghan he was so calm and you couldn’t believe it hOW did he do it.……… but once he saw that you were struggling he tried his best to help you and kept asking if you were ok,,,, you can do the tables if you want
  • is surprisingly patient with you………… like he didn’t even get mad when you broke the blender
  • everyday he asks if you need him to walk you home but you always say no because you can’t !! you get really awkward around him and being alone with him would be too much
  • one day it started raining really hard after your shift and you tried your best to stall after you clocked out because you really didn’t want to walk home in the rain. jeonghan noticed and was like… do u want me to walk you home and being a scaredy cat you said no,,, it’s fine you’ll just end up getting wet too BUT SURPRISE he has an umbrElla. you couldn’t say no to that so you guys walked home in silence for like the first five minutes until jeonghan started talking to you about the cafe……… the convo got deep really fast bc jeonghan brought up the fact that he really wants to become a singer but he has his family to worry abt and you told him that u weren’t sure if your advice would help him since you’ve never been in that situation before
  • he was like no!!! i really value your opinion !! with that smile of his and you sorta just melted right there
  • after that you didn’t say no to him walking you home again
  • you didn’t really notice but he was v v protective over you when you guys walked… like he would casually switch places with you if you were walking too close to the street and if it was raining he had to bend down a little to stay under his umbrella because he was holding it closer to your height than his
  • as the two of u get closer he starts complimenting you often.……… but they’re always really subtle and out of the blue which leaves you v confused all the time
  • you’re always hanging out w jun and seungcheol now bc apparently “they come with jeonghan, deal with it”
  • BUT IT’S SECRETLY BC THEY’VE DECLARED THEMSELVES JEONGHAN’S WINGMEN and they have to make sure he’s not being weird around you but they’ll also awkwardly leave you and jeonghan alone at random times ????
  • oops the secret is out jeonghan likes you
  • and he’s always tripping over things when you’re not looking bc you make him CLUMSY
  • once at the employee picnic jeonghan kneed you in the stomach while you were playing soccer and he spent the next two hours apologizing and checking up on you
  • also the employee picnic was the first place he tried to confess to you… it was when you were cleaning up and he suddenly got really serious so you asked if he was fine and he opened his mouth to say something but mingyu came in like HEy guys wh- o shit and jeonghan didn’t talk to him for like two weeks
  • the second time he sorta confessed to you was at the cafe where two high school girls kept trying to get his attention by “accidentally” spilling their drinks or getting a water cup fifty times. they eventually just went up to him and started talking (u were listening in tho dw) like two minutes into their convo you got bored so you stopped but all of a sudden one of them asks if jeonghan had a girlfriend and he was like no, i don’t. then the other one asks if he likes anybody. he didn’t reply immediately so you subtly peeked up at him and when you looked up he was staring RIGHT at u looking straight into ur soul or sum and just went “yes, i do”
  • you avoid him for the rest of the week bc what was he thinking??? how could he do that !! to yOu!
  • he confronts you about it with a box of heart shaped cookies (jun: “hyung this plan is foolproof she’ll totally fall for you, i made these cookies with loove) and actually manages to get a confession out before you get the chance to tell him off abt earlier
  • you accept the cookies but you tell him that he has to make you coffee if he wants you to accept his confession as well
  • he does it in like .03 seconds and at this point you’re a smiling mess because you happen to like the sweetest boy in the world (and he likes you too)

anonymous asked:

Okay. It was obvious from the start that Tarn wasn't Roller. Roberts never gave so straight-forward clues for his readers to guess. I wasn't surprised by that. What did though, was the real person hiding behind Tarn. GLITCH..?! Why? How? What were his intentions? What could he benefit from that? Please tell me that you have any clue... :/

There are a lot of benefits in fact, and it is in fact Roche that shows it better:

Meet Hupcap, an outlier who was nearly killed by Roadbuster, but the moment he got from Roadbuster he was filled with the idea of being stronger, of being brave, to fight the injustice that happened to him.

Glitch was in sort of the same way. He is an empurata victim. Empurata was performed on those who broke the law to socially isolate them, but it is common knowledge that it was done on innocents as well for some perceived slight. It’s easy to realize that Glitch could have been subjected to empurata because his outlier ability hurt things, made technology malfunction or break down or get destroyed.

We didn’t even know his actual name until the time travel arc. To lose a name is to lose a part of your identity. Imagine getting in a crash and then be known as Crash after that and people know you by that name rather than your actual name. That stuff hurts.

For Glitch, the Decepticons were his salvation. He got upgrades, he got a new name. He got to be feared, he got to be recognized. Megatron came recommended from the person who did treat him slightly better than others. Megatron and the Decepticons came from the marginalized people of Cybertron.

It’s just sometimes hard to realize who are also marginalized.

Quidditch Match (Harry Potter!AU: BTSVSGOT7)

Type: Don’t know what to consider it!

Request:  Can you do a GOT7 vs BTS quidditch game would include pls? Like who would be the Draco and Harry of each team or who would play what position? Thx! Sorry if its not the type of thing you would write! 😅

(I asked the requester and I could change it to a scenario)

“You know what all you guys are is a pack of Hufflepuffs” Jackson, one of Gryffindor’s Beaters spoke to Jimin who happened to be one of Hufflepuff’s beater. “Isn’t your little girlfriend a Hufflepuff Jackson? How would she feel about you saying such things?” Hufflepuff’s Keeper Namjoon spoke “you leave her out of it we aren’t talking about her” he hissed getting ready to get in Namjoon’s face. Right at his other beater Jaebum grabbed him “not worth getting kicked from the team. Mark has a no fighting unless it’s on the field policy” Jaebum told him. When Mark heard his name he walked over “hey Seeker your players in line” Jeongguk captain of the Hufflepuffs and one of the Chasers spoke.

“Really babycakes you’re gonna get in my face about keeping my team in line? Didn’t your Chaser get in trouble for elbowing a poor Ravenclaw girl in the nose and broke it” Mark teased as a smirk came to his face. “That was an accident and you know it” Hoseok spoke as he stepped up. “At least my Chasers don’t look like they sit on the field and pick flowers during the game” Jeongguk said referring to Gryffindors BamBam, Youngjae, and Jinyoung. “Yeah cause Taehyung is such a toughy” Mark said while Jaebum and Jackson tried to cover their laughs.

“Why don’t we play a match during free time? Madam Hooch would love that” Namjoon told them all “you wanna lose against us? I mean we did win the cup this year” Jackson said. “Yeah I bet when I win I can get your girlfriend to give me a real great reward. You know what I mean? Heard she’s real good with her-” Namjoon teased as Jackson lunged at him tackling him to the ground. “Namjoon that took it too far” Jimin spoke as he and Jaebum tried to pull Jackson off of him. “I can’t believe fools like him is allowed on a team” Mark spoke. “He’s just really good at what he does” Jeongguk said as they eyed the scene in front of them. 

“Should I go tell the boys?” Hoseok asked so Taehyung(chaser), Yoongi(Beater), Seokjin(Seeker) could get ready “yeah” Jeongguk said. “Jackson” Mark said as the two Beaters managed to pry him off of Namjoon “get tell the boys we’re gonna be playing today” Mark spoke as Jackson glared at Namjoon who was trying to fix his appearance up. “Fine” he spoke as he stomped out of the area they were. “You know Jackson’s girlfriend was the beater last year right? She can kick your ass after Namjoon shoves your broom up it” Jimin teased as him and Namjoon followed Hoseok to find the other boys.

Jaebum stood there for a moment “go” Mark ushered as him and Jeongguk locked eyes. Jaebum nodded and took off as Mark smirked. “Good luck kid you’re gonna need it” Mark spoke “your teams gonna crash and burn after this year since you graduate you know that?” Jeongguk teased as he stuck his hand out “and you’re gonna need a new seeker after this year. Pretty sure he carried your whole team” Mark teased back as he took Jeongguk’s hand as a sign of good luck. “Sure gonna miss these” Mark said as he let go of Jeongguk’s hand as stuck them into his pocket “same man” Jeongguk said as they both began walking together.

art by @zycrie

That Summer

(parts three and four found here)

Summary: Life is short, and summer is infinitely shorter. (They are seated in Percy’s bedroom when it all begins– when that summer begins to reveal what it has in store for them, when it begins to crack open and reveal itself. From then on, the summer pours out.) (told in four parts)

Word count: approx. 6000 (total)

Part One: Beginnings (i)

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