after the bomb exploded


My favorite thing about Moldugas is how bewildered and then angry their tiny red eyes look after they’ve eaten an exploding bomb. Like it’s thinking “I ate the shiny spicy ball… and it ate me back. I’m gonna get my revenge by eating another.”

My cat got this same look on her face after she stole a piece of mac n’ cheese and found out that it was still liquid hot magma in the center.

With the potential of Lance maybe piloting the Red Lion in season 3, one of the ideas that excites me the most is the chance to see paladins with new bayards and weapons. At first I thought for Lance, the red bayard would transform into something short ranged- like a spear or actual lance, but Lance is the sharpshooter after all so why not EXPLODING BOMB ARROWS INSTEAD?

Maybe I’ve been playing a bit too much Zelda.


Ballboy in tears after firework bomb explodes right behind him (Den Bosch vs Dordrecht)

“There’s a boy there with a ball in his hands… And emm. Yep, he’s got to leave, ofcourse. Just get out of there kid, ofcourse. They can suck it. It’s not the first firework bomb going off there. It’s very sweet of Romero Regelas to go straight to the ballboy to ask ’‘how are you doing buddy?”. But ofcourse, his ear hurts and he got scared. Ridiculous behavior, throwing fireworks near a kid. Then you’re out of your mind. Excuse me, but then you’re literally crazy. Well, they’ve got what they wanted, we’re going back inside. Oh no, they’re supporters of a football club, you’d actually say they want to see football. I don’t get it. Bunch of fools.“  - Commentator

My Hero

Pairing - Pietro Maximoff x Female Reader

Word Count- 1089

A/N - I literally have zero request you guys. I really need some!! also this is shit lmao sorry

“All of these patients volunteered.”


They could try and pass it off as civic duty, heroism, whatever. These people did not volunteer. They were forced here for the protection of their families and their country. 

It was a different story for Y/N, however. 

Both of her parents were HYDRA agents. Her father had died during a scrap with some SHIELD agents and she had been left with her mother at the age of ten. She showed no signs of loving her daughter. She never had. As soon as her father was out of the picture, Y/N was automatically put under testing. She was the first official HYDRA experiment.

When she was twelve, she developed Absorption. She could control and master anything she touched. They labeled her a success and she became somewhat of a super solider, only used for drastic missions. Most of the time she was stuck in a cell with nothing but a few books. Then the Maximoff twins were moved next to her.

The walls were thin and voices could carry over easily. The first time Y/N talked to Pietro was when he started to show signs of super speed. She could hear him hitting the walls, trying to stop it.

“Fighting it doesn’t help,” Her voice made Pietro jump. He had forgotten there were other experiments. “Just let it happen and grow. It hurts less.”

It was silent for a long time. Y/N figured that he couldn’t hear her and her attempt to help had been wasted. She heard another bump against the wall. “How long have you been here?” A thick accent carried over to her. He did hear her. 

“I was raised here.” She replied.

“I’m sorry.”

And that was it. 

Over the next few months, they became closer. She would read him chapters of the books she had stored in her tiny cell. He would talk about his sister, what happened to his parents. They never saw each other until they were forced out onto a mission together. Of course, Y/N thought Pietro was gorgeous. His hair was swept lazily to the side, streaks of blonde slowly starting to appear in his dark brown hair. Just another side effect. 

They walked out of the base next to each other, preparing to do whatever they had to do to survive. Y/N glanced at Pietro and give him a tiny smile. “I gotta say, Speedy, I always pictured you as a ginger.”

A smile spread across his face. “You’re just as fascinating and entrancing as I imagined.”

After that, a little bit of butterflies were in the pair’s stomachs every time they talked. A crush. A stupid crush on someone they would never be able to be completely happy with. And yet it just kept inevitably growing. Growing and growing until it became too big to extinguish. They were both fucked.

Then he disappeared. 

Y/N was never told where he went. He had gone on a mission with his sister and never came back. She tried to not feel heart-broken, but she couldn’t drown out the silence from the cell next to her. He was gone. Probably dead. She would never seem him again. 

Week after week, everything built up inside her like a bomb waiting to explode. She had to get out of here. She couldn’t be trapped here any longer. She didn’t want to, but she had to get a little blood on her hands to get out. 

Y/N killed fifteen agents, one of which was her mother. She managed to break out a few fellow experiments, but not all. That was too risky. 

She got as far away from the base as she could before realizing that she didn’t know what to do next. She had no family, no friends. The only person she cared about was more than likely dead. She had no money, no clothes, no shelter. What the hell was she going to do?

She was forced into a life of crime. Stealing food, living on the streets. There was nothing. She was miserable, but it was better than the hell she had been placed in before. 

One dark night, Y/N had been searching frantically for some sort of shelter. It was raining and cold. She barely had any heat seeming as she owned no coat or jacket. She watched her breath float out in front of her. Fuck. She was freezing. She could barely feel her legs. She was going to die out here.  

She felt her strength slip away and sunk down to the pavement.
She woke up in a hospital. 

Or was it a hospital? It looked a bit more.. private? No, this wasn’t a hospital. This was a bedroom. She tried to take in her surroundings, the bright lights making her flinch. She had to figure out where she was. She took in a sharp breath as her feet hit the cold floor, but trudged over to the door and slowly peaked out.

There was no sign of anyone else. A long hallway stretched out to an elevator. She looked out a window and noticed how high she was off the ground. Was this a tower? Where the hell was she? 

“Y/N, you’re awake." 

A familiar thick accent broke her out of confusion.

Y/N spun around and her eyes met with the boy who she thought was dead. His hair was blonde now, any trace of brown was erased. He was in some sort of suit. Was she dreaming? No, she couldn’t be. This felt too real.

"Pietro?” Her voice broke. Damn it. 

He gave her a timid smile. “Did you miss me?”

She let out a choked sob and hugged him. He was alive. She hadn’t left for nothing. 

“Where the hell are we?” She asked, causing him to laugh. 

“Stark Tower,” Pietro brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “It’s a long story, but the short version is I’m working with the Avengers.”

Her face twisted into confusion. “How did you find me?”

“I can’t really explain it,” He bit his lip. “I got an urge to go look for you. I didn’t know why. I thought you were still trapped at the base. I felt like something was wrong and you needed me. And you did.”

Y/N smiled. “You’re my hero, Speedy.”

There are times Yuuri feels so full he fears bursting at any moment. Sometimes it’s from anxiety, sometimes from stress and, sometimes, an unholy combination of the two. Once in a while he wonders what would leak if he could honest-to-God explode, like a time bomb going off after 24 years of delay, instead of keeping it all inside until it makes him sick.

Now, lying in a queen-sized bed with Victor in his arms and tracing his features with careful fingers, he wonders again why he never thought that could happen with love, too.

With a happy sound, Victor scoots closer to him, burying his nose on Yuuri’s shirt. Yuuri moves his hand, tangles his fingers in Victor’s hair.

“I could stay like this forever”, says Victor, hand tracing lazy circles on Yuuri’s back.

Once again, Yuuri imagines himself exploding, but this time what spills out of him is pure light.

He presses his lips against Victor’s - one, two, three, ten, twenty, a hundred times, a million times.

“Then stay”, he whispers between kisses. “Please, stay.”

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What movie were you watching?

Or, DCEU’s Superman is both heroic and hopeful

So, I guess we’re here again. One two minute clip from the CW and my dash gets transported back in time. All of a sudden I gotta hear fandom discourse all over again about how “at least this superman does heroic things.”

When I hear these things, the only thing I can honestly think of is - what movie were you watching?  

Let’s run down a list of heroic things that Superman/Clark Kent did in just the course of BVS: 

  • Saved a girl from a burning building 
  • Dragged a huge ship from where it was stuck in the ice 
  • Saved people in a rocket ship when it was about to explode 
  • Rescued people who were trapped from a flood 
  • Helped get people to safety after that bomb explodes 
  • Saved all of Metropolis from Doomsday 
  • Saved LEX from Doomsday 

I’m honestly so confused??

He’s heroic is smaller ways, too, as Clark Kent. “The types of stories we tell matter,” he tells Perry White. He wants the Daily Planet to stand for something. When he gets blocked, he just goes on off on his own to investigate. Because it’s the right thing to do. 

The whole reason he warns Batman off is because he sees Batman as an affront to human dignity and the process of justice and fairness.  



Ok, enough ranting. 

On the real though, the greatest, most heroic thing about this version of Superman, about MY version of Superman, is that he thinks about what it means to be good. What it means to do the right thing. He doesn’t take goodness for granted. Doesn’t assume that because he’s a Good Person, then all his actions must be good, too. He understands the sometimes terrifying meaning behind his power. He struggles with what being powerful as a god means in terms of goodness. He chooses to be good, time and time again - even when it really sucks, even when there’s an easier path, even when the world hates him. 

This dude could be a god and he knows it and that terrifies him. All that power and he doesn’t seek godhood. 

He’s just a guy trying to do the right thing. 

What kind of heroic were are people looking for? 

PAKISTAN. Quetta. August 8, 2016. Pakistan Bomb Blast. Lawyers help their injured colleagues after a bomb explosion. Seventy people were killed when a bomb exploded outside a civil hospital where a crowd of lawyers and journalists had gathered to mourn Bilal Anwar Kasi, a senior lawyer who had been assassinated hours earlier. On that day, an entire generation of lawyers was lost.

Spot News, First Prize, Singles at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Jamal Taraqai/European Pressphoto Agency

Timothy McVeigh was responsible for one of the worst terrorist acts ever committed by an American citizen, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. McVeigh was raised in a rural community in upstate New York after his parents separated in 1978. A loner in high school McVeigh enlisted in the army in 1988 and rose through the ranks to platoon leader. In 1991, after winning a Bronze Star in the Persian Gulf War, he failed to complete Green Beret school, and this failure increased his dissatisfaction with the government.

Although McVeigh was never linked to militant antigovernment groups, he soon began planning revenge for the deaths that occurred during the Waco Siege. He had been present at Waco when the siege was occurring and felt that the government was responsible for the deaths. He enlisted the help of his friend from the army, Terry Nichols, and together they took steps to build and place a bomb at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, as McVeigh mistakenly believed the government order for the waco assault had originated from there.

On April 19th, 1995, McVeigh parked a rented Ryder truck at the north side of the Federal Building, and minutes after, a fertiliser and fuel oil bomb exploded, immediately collapsing about a third of the building and killing 168 people. McVeigh was convicted of the crime and was executed by lethal injection in 2001.

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If Eric and Dylan found those kids that stayed in the cafeteria, would they have killed them?

There is an account that some of those kids that lingered behind underneath the cafeteria tables watched the legs and feet of Dylan and Eric milling about fairly close by, hearing them talk to one another, and oddly just ignoring the sitting ducks as they went about their business which was to try and get those friggin’ bombs to explode.  After the two left the library and meander the halls back down to the cafeteria, they were pretty aimless and lazy and for the most part, done with shooting individuals.  If they got the bombs to detonate, it would be much more efficient and effective: they wouldn’t have have to do any of the dirty work killing people within the vicinity..including themselves. 


An interesting contrast between the damage to the flight decks of USS Bunker Hill (top) and HMS Formidable (bottom) after 550lb-bomb-carrying Kamikaze hits amidships.

On Bunker Hill, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed 389 and put the carrier out of action for four months. On Formidable, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed nine and put the carrier out of action for six hours. America’s Midway-class aircraft carriers which entered service in late 1945, did so with armoured flight decks.

The Japanese battleship Yamato explodes as she sinks, after receiving massive torpedo and bomb damage from U.S. Navy carrier planes north of Okinawa, 7 April 1945. The original photo caption reads: “A split-second shot of Yamato as she blew up. A red ball of flame envelops this mightiest of Japanese battleships, and a moment later it shoots like a comet to the clouds, 2000 feet high.” Photographed from a USS Yorktown (CV-10) plane. Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN.

Love as strong as hearts of kyber

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A Jyn x Cassian story

Summary: Jyn knows toughness, grit, steel bars, cement walls. She’s grown unaccustomed to softness, labeled it a luxury, and her past makes her wary of physical intimacy. But Cassian’s different, and after Scarif, Jyn grows closer to him.

Also there’s an assist from Baze and Chirrut who are sick of these two mooning about.  :)

Warning: Smut below cut!


Jyn’s never been with a man. This isn’t a fact she intends to share, it’s simply a reality, an artifact of her past. She was a soldier in Saw’s army until she was sixteen, and he kept his men in line. But Saw couldn’t protect her all the time, and during her last two years in the unit, she learned to turn away from leers, ignored ugly, crude words muttered next to her cot, deflected unwanted touches. Jyn taught herself to threaten with a glare, and a knife. The knife mattered, and she made the glare count.

After Saw left her behind, she closed herself off completely. She was a runaway, and men were a complication she didn’t need. It was practical to put that barrier up on the road, to brush off stuttering advances when she was just trying to get a goddamned drink in a bar.

Cassian’s different, though, so different Jyn isn’t quite sure what to do. Jyn pulls away from him after Scarif, after their improbable rescue, because she’s grieving, they all are, especially since Bodhi didn’t make it. Jyn also holds back because the emotional intensity she felt during those last minutes was raw and real. She felt like she could swim in it, open herself up and drown. After the adrenaline rush fades, she’s not sure she can trust her emotions, and it’s simpler to shove them aside. There’s still a war on, after all.

Cassian respects her choice, and doesn’t push her. He just asks her from time to time, in a quiet voice, “Are you all right?”

She’s grateful. She’s also hard-pressed to admit she misses him.

They start again, slowly. He brushes her hand, not quite a squeeze, before battle, before they suit up and her headset fills with static, call signs and barked orders.

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What happened in the pool scene

After the incident with the old lady who started describing him, Moriarty stopped forcing the hostages to call Sherlock, probably because he feared that Sherlock would recognise him as Jim from IT. Meanwhile, Sherlock believed the missile plans was what Moriarty actually was looking for, but he was wrong. The reason Jim never communicated with him for the fifth case is because this case was about him and Sherlock (and John) and apparently he predicted that Sherlock, utterly excited, would use anything as an excuse to meet the promising nemesis. But Moriarty didn’t care about the Bruce-Partington plans (neither did Mycroft, actually) and consequently managed to surprise and impress the detective by throwing the USB drive into the water.

Anyway, Sherlock was the one who asked for a meeting (just like in Reichenbach). It seems Moriarty can never refuse an invitation coming from Sherlock. After one last big joke, when he made Sherlock believe that John is the villain, he appeared, showing all his power and intelligence. But there was a problem in this scene, I believe. The pool-Moriarty was very different from the phone-calls-Moriarty. 

Jim first appeared as a gay man interested in Sherlock. In his phone calls his words are undeniably romantic; he even said that they were made for each other. However, while he went on with all the gay / sexual  innuendos / jokes in the pool scene, he claimed that it was just a game aiming to make Sherlock “back off”. He claimed he enjoyed “playing gay”. Then he threatened him that if Sherlock didn’t stop prying, he would destroy him emotionally and eventually kill him. But there is a problem with all these threats and I think Sherlock was able to trace it. 

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Spirit Vine Meta-’Physics’ or: How Mako Nearly Destroyed Republic City (sort of)

Disclaimer:  I am by no means a scientist.  I’ve got a background in English and Theatre, but I have quite a few close friends who do have backgrounds in science.  A little while back, one of those close friends, thejmpr, who actually edited this post, approached me with the declaration that he’d figured out how spirit vines worked.  I tried to explain that they’re not really supposed to make sense, since they’re all spirit-y, but he proceeded to prove me hilariously wrong.  The following is an analysis that I was able to put together by extrapolating his logic.  In the end, it’s just conjecture, but I had fun writing it and thinking it all out, so I figure it might be a fun read, too.

Spirit Vines are crazy.  They’re crazy powerful, crazy big, and crazy plentiful. They’re the plutonium/uranium equivalent of the Avatar universe, but without all those pesky dangers of radiation!  And instead of radiation, they grow back! Like really fast.  And all the time.  


Pictured: Easily-Obtainium’.

Anyone familiar with Cold War politics, deterrence theory and nuclear proliferation most likely caught the parallel with Raiko stating “[Spirit weapons] are already being used!” as justification for the United Republic to have their own.  

But that’s a story for another time.

Today, I’d like to talk about how Mako, through no fault of his own, nearly destroyed all of Republic City…and probably the mountain range surrounding it.  Sort of.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, so are spirit vines.  

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Shepherds when cleaning
  • Chrom: Is never allowed near cleaning utensils after managing to explode the cabinet with a bleach bomb.
  • Robin: Likes to clean every now and then, but doesn't get bothered too much.
  • Lissa: Is never allowed near cleaning utensils after managing to explode the cabinet with a bleach bomb .(tried to imitate Chrom's accidental explosion)
  • Frederick: Likes to hum Ylisse's National Anthem while cleaning; sometimes sings it out loud when he's scrubbing a particular hard spot.
  • Sully: Gets distracted with potential weapons (like gardening forks) and ghost spars with them (as long as she's not cleaning the garrison under someone's orders)
  • Virion: Only cleans his own equipment, doesn't know where to put what inside a house.
  • Stahl: Reminisces of stuff by how helpful it was to someone else (mostly when cleaning his own tent and finding stuff his brother wanted)
  • Vaike: Doesn't.
  • Miriel: Invented a new kind of chemical to potentialize tidiness and uses a different kind of glasses so they won't fall down while cleaning.
  • Sumia: Is not allowed to wield a broom or any kind of long utensil while cleaning. Is very good at scrubbing and daydreams about fairy tales with maids everytime.
  • Kellam: Uses his armor as a marker; everytime he finishes cleaning one side, he puts his armor there.
  • Donnel: Likes to invent new kinds of utensils by repairing old and unused ones. Even Miriel uses his unique squeegee.
  • Lon'qu: Puts everything exactly where it belongs, hides his palm-sized brush to clean small details.
  • Ricken: Forgets where he put everything after taking it all out of place to clean, so everytime someone enters his room, they find it almost entirely redecorated.
  • Maribelle: Makes buns out of her over-sided curls and loves to use the cleaning duster. Hates scrubbing.
  • Panne: Doesn't understand human's utensils, so only used a piece of cloth and water. Sometimes when she's sure she's alone, she hums an ancient taguel song.
  • Gaius: Doesn't.
  • Cordelia: Outright sings when she thinks she's alone (Severa picked up this quirk too).
  • Gregor: For everyone's surprise, his cleaning skills rivals Cordelia's and he loves to brag about how much experience he has had during his life.
  • Nowi: Doesn't.
  • Libra: Likes to murmur religous songs and sometimes cries because he got too emotional with his almost-prayer.
  • Tharja: Altough her laboratory seems like a mess, it's an organized mess. Doesn't mind mold here and there either.
  • Anna: Loves to go back home and clean with her sisters. They usually find some deep-buried family treasure and compete to see who'll sell it.
  • Olivia: Moves a lot while cleaning, and when she does, it's always rhythmically, almost like ballet. A small crowd gathered once before she realized what she was doing.
  • Cherche: Is very meticulous with her cleaning and doesn't get distracted by nostalgia.
  • Say'ri: Treats it very seriously to the point of having a special set of clothes, kerchiefs and gloves.
  • Tiki: Since she doesn't have many belongings, saves the nostalgia for when she looks at the stars. Quite likes to help Say'ri clean, but gets tired quickly.
  • Basilio: Doesn't. Although he's very fond of keeping his wine cellar squeaky clean.
  • Flavia: Would rather sharpen swords, but doesn't complain when she realizes she needs to clean. Likes to laugh out loud if hit by nostalgia, which sometimes takes Basilio's attention and she forces him to clean with her.
Two killed, six injured in twin blast in Philippines capital

New York [U.S.], May 7 (ANI): Two people were killed and six others injured in two explosions on Saturday in Philippines capital Manila.
The blasts rocked the Quiapo district of Manila when the Philippine capital was hosting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.
National Capital Region Police Chief Oscar Albayalde said, “There is no indication that this is a terrorist attack. The package was intended for a specific person.”
“The first explosive was inside a small box delivered as a package”, Albayalde was quoted as saying by CNN.
First blast took place near Manila Golden Mosque at 5:55 p.m. on Saturday, killing two people. While the second blast went off a couple of hours later in the area, wounding two police officers.
The blasts come a week after a pipe bomb exploded in Quiapo, injuring 14 people.
Jihadist terror group Abu Sayyaf is based in the southwestern part of the Philippines. Militants based in southern Philippines have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.(ANI)

Precarious // 3

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains.
word count: 1,000+  
warnings: explicit language, violence

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It takes me alot of will and strength to type ‘Big Lips’, ‘Mint Hair’, ‘Bangs’, and ‘Monkey’ in a serious manner lol

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“I’m only going to go over this once.” Namjoon paced the huge living room. The high ceiling and dangling, sparkly chandelier swung over your heads. You sat on their white leather couch and your eyes dashed between the granite walls. The mansion was massive, bigger than your own mansion. It had it’s similarities, but it didn’t feel like home. 

“J-Hope and Suga are bomb squad. Designate them when I give you the signal. V, set the fires.” Namjoon pointed at Bangs, Mint Hair, and Monkey. He scanned the rest of his members with a careful eye. “Jimin, stay away from them.” He hesitated before continuing. 

Jimin nodded, but didn’t look at his superior in the eye. 

“Jin, distract their mistress and don’t let her leave your side. We don’t want to take her, just make sure they know we know she’s there.” Big Lips nodded obediently. “The main targets are in bedroom 3 and bedroom 8, got that?”

“Got it.” Jimin and Jungkook answered in unison. Namjoon finally landed on you and he smiled mischievously. “Now, my pretty one.” He started.

You uncomfortably backed up against the plush couch. “You will act as our mistress. You’ll follow under the same role as Jin, except you’ll distract their lower superiors. The banquet will be crawling with the gang’s men, they have a specific tattoo that they have behind their ears. You have to make sure they don’t leave the main ballroom. Understand?” 

You bit the insides of your cheek and proceeded to nod. “You’re going to need a long dress to cover those wounds.”

“How did that even happen?” V asked. His large eyes were filled with amusement and curiosity. J-Hope smacked the back of his head. “I was being taught a lesson.” You answered and Jimin held out his hand for you to take.

“What a good girl. Have I told you that?” Jimin smiled and walked you to his room.

You gulped, ashamed that you fell submissive to his intimidation. He opened the door to a beautiful dress laying on the mattress. In an instant, you began sobbing. Running the cloth between your fingers, you knew it was your prom dress. 

You’ve never worn it. It was always hidden in the back of your closet because you ended up never going to your prom. You’ve hid the magnificent piece of cloth away from anyone else’s eyes, but they managed to find it. 

Jimin lifted your chin and walked around your shaking body. A cold piece of metal was placed carefully on your chest. He pushed your hair away from the base of your neck and securely clipped the necklace. 

It was your mother’s. “Quickly change.” Jimin ordered and the door closed with a slam. 

The blindfold was removed when you stepped out of the car. Your heels hitting the gravel softly. The entire ride was Namjoon discussing his mass hatred for the gang you were all about to destroy. They had blind folded you, so you wouldn’t know where the mansion was located. All the while, Jimin never let go of your hand. He felt your fear running through your pulse and your intertwined fingers were never separated. 

You wanted to pull away, but it was rather comforting. His warmth at your side and his thumb rubbing circles on the back of you hand disburse the nervousness and fear. 

Another mansion stood tall above you and men in black suits welcomed the eight of you. The boys were dressed in clean cut suits; Jimin wore a bow tie.

“Late as always, the Bangtan Mafia.” A short man shook hands with Namjoon.

“We like to show up fashionably late.” Namjoon’s dimples were evident on his face. You were overwhelmed by how elegant everyone looked and how classy the banquet was.

You almost forgot that you stood in a large mansion filled with criminals of all kinds – murderers, thefts, drug trade, etc. 

“Who is this?” The short man eyed you and Jimin blocked his way, shielding you. 

“She’s a new addition.” Suga startled the man. 

“What a beaut. She must be a lovely lady.” He grinned horrendously, sending chills down your spine. He walked away to greet another group of men.

“Resume positions.” Namjoon whispered and everyone walked into different directions. Jin pulled you along with him. He poured you a drink and you shook your head.

“I’m underage.” Jin rolled his eyes and forced the glass into your hand.

“No one told you to drink it. It’s a prop, you can’t go up to these people empty handed.” He prepped you. “You smile, you talk politely, you bat your eyelashes. You divert every attention to you and don’t only target one man. Try to get a crowd. I’ll be in the same room as you, talking to the girl in the blue dress.”

Looking over your shoulder, you saw her brown hair shining against her happy face. “We meet after the first sign of fire. After the second fire is set, the bombs will explode from the east wing and the west. You make sure you’re through that exit after the first fire or else you’ll be trapped in by the bombs.” 

“Do I wait by the car?” You whispered. Jin was already walking away. 

“Wait by the lamppost.” You were left alone. Beginning your mission, you looked for the tattoo.

On your right were three men talking to each other. The taller one had the tattoo, a snake. As the other two turned their heads, you saw the same snake in the same position. 

Strutting towards them, you pretended to slip and spill your drink on the taller man’s blazer. “Oh my-, I’m so sorry.” Quickly, you rubbed the wet material with your fingers.

He stood still, unfazed. The other two men laughed and clinked their drinks. “What brings you here, fine lady?” The hovered closer.

“I was on my way to the bathroom and I lost my footing. Again, I am so sorry.” You pouted and the tall man grabbed your hand and shoved napkins into your palm. 

“It’s no good wiping it with your pretty fingers.” He smiled deviously. Batting your eyelashes, you wiped the spill dry. Your fear slowly started to set in your system again and you frantically looked for Jimin. You’d hate to admit it, but he was your solace. 

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There's no proof Anne Boleyn introduced the french hood. It's more likely it was Henry's sister Mary who returned to England several years before Anne. Regardless french fashions were popular anyway.

Maybe, dear, but I think the fact that Anne was more popular at court and became a sort of “exploded bomb” after her come back from France imprinted her as a french-hood-setter ;D What do you think?

Nibelsnarf is annoying no longer!

I recently learned how to make the Nibelsnarf fight more enjoyable.

What you’ll need:
1. Sonic Bombs
2. Barrel Bomb L+s
3. Barrel Bomb L and Scatterfish (to make more BBL+s)
4. A slight amount of skill

When Nibelsnarf goes completely underground, set up a BBL+. Next, throw the sonic bomb over the BBL+ (you need to run a short distance away before throwing it back at the barrel). Nibelsnarf will come up and eat the barrel bomb. After a few seconds, it will explode in Nibelsnarf’s stomach, sending it into a stunned animation. With your weapon sheathed, run up to it’s belly, and you will get a prompt to push “A”. Push it, then mash the A button to fish Nibelsnarf out of the sand. Finally, go to town and demolish your now helpless prey. This can be repeated until Nibelsnarf dies.

Happy hunting!

Credit for this and other uses of the sonic bomb go to Gaijin Hunter’s YouTube video: “Monster Hunter Generations: Using the Sonic Bomb”. Check the video out if you want a visual explanation of the above.