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Imagine Asking Crowley What Will Happen To You In Ten Years

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“…Crowley?” you raised your eyebrows at him, “You’re not answering me. It’s scaring me. What’s going to happen to me after these ten years are gone?” Crowley twisted his mouth some more before sighing.

“You have to understand, darling, you’re a complicated case,” he explained. “Most people would end up in Hell after their ten years, but the problem is that you’re already here. The universe would have to find someplace worse to send you, which should be impossible.”

“But it’s not,” you realized, piecing it all together in your head, “There is somewhere worse than Hell I could go.” Crowley looks at you with confusion, until it finally dawns on him where you’re talking about.

“In ten years,” you grip the table beside you tightly, “I will be trapped in Lucifer’s Cage.”

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About the evil!Magnus AU: I would read that. *eyebrow wiggle* hint, hint.... LOL Nah, you don't have to do it, I get that you're probably busy but that's actually a really interesting idea. :)

We all have our guilty pleasures. This happens to be one of mine.

“You can’t do this!” Alec yelled, glaring at Magnus. “I’m a Shadowhunter! The Clave won’t allow this to happen!”

“The Clave?” Magnus laughed dryly, stepping towards Alec menacingly. “Your Clave has all but retreated into Alicante’s walls, your Institutes have burned to the ground and demons rampage at Johnathon Morgenstern’s beck and call.” Magnus smirked at the horror on Alec’s face. “You should be glad I find you so appealing. Physically at least. Though we’ll have plenty of time to work on your manners.” Alec shook his head, backing away from Magnus slowly, until his back was pressed against the wall.

“But, I…no, my sister, my family-”

“Probably dead.” Magnus shrugged a shoulder as if to say ‘what could you do?’ “But don’t worry. You’ll be safe from Morgenstern’s wrath. We had a deal: you for my services.” Alec looked at Magnus now, hate in his eyes.

“You monster!” Alec screamed, lunging at Magnus. The warlock snapped his fingers, sparks flying from his fingertips to hit the metal collar around Alec’s neck. The Nephilim screamed, collapsing to the ground, his body convulsing. Magnus walked over to him, kneeling down at Alec’s side.

“Now, now. There’s no need for that.” Magnus chided lightly. “You should keep in mind who’s in charge here.” He stroked Alec’s dark hair, the boy flinching underneath his hand. “After all, you’ve been alive for what, ten, twenty years? I’ve had centuries to learn how to put someone in their place.” He reached out, taking Alec’s chin in-between his fingers. He turned the Shadowhunter’s face towards him, smiling at the fear he saw there. “I suggest you get comfortable. You’re going to be here a very long time, Alexander.”