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Levi x reader

“Do you have to go?” I said as I hugged the short musclier man.
“Yes I have to, he replied.
"Ok be careful, be back soon.”
“Don’t you worry we’ll be back in no time sis!” The young girl with pigtails said.
“Don’t open the door for anyone ok” Farlan said.
“Alright,” I said as I gave them hugs.
“I love you,” Levi whispered in my ear and kissed my nose.
“I love you too.” I watched them as they left, not knowing that that would be the last I saw of them for a long time.
I sat down and read a book about a princess and her prince. I got so focussed in my book that I lost track of time. I got to the middle of the old book and stopped to see what time it was. Panic set in when I saw it had been 3 hours since my family had left. ‘They said they would be back (y/n), don’t worry everything will be ok. They must’ve gotten distracted. You know how Isabel is.’ I went back to reading my book but I couldn’t concentrate. I set the book down, giving up on reading, and began worrying. I then heard my stomach growling, realizing how hungry I was so I got food from the kitchen. I grabbed some bread from the little loaf we had left and ate. When I finished I went back into the main room and sat in the chair waiting to see when Levi, Farlan, and Isabella would get back. Time passed, and soon I felt my eyes trying to drift off into sleep. My lids getting heavier and heavier until I could no longer hold them open. Sleep finally taking my body over.

3 months later

Each day I would wait for them to come back, but I finally realized that that was never going to happen. I cried that whole day wondering if they were captured or if they had just left, not wanting to be near me anymore. Eventually, I dropped the thought of them being captured and adopted the idea that they had planned on leaving all along. Some days I’d wonder how long they had planned their escape from me. Others I tried to ignore the thought. I decided on moving on and continued my life. I’d get up for the day, go outside, and steal some food to last me for a week. I taught myself how to fight that way I could survive in the underground. I no longer wanted to be burden on anyone like I had been to my family.
I sat in the chair I had read in the night they had left, contemplating on my current situation. I would survive, there was no way I was going to let this situation bring me down.

2 years later

I went out today on a nice long walk. My (h/l), (h/c) hair braided, so it wouldn’t get in my face. I went to the market area saying hello to the nice people and ignoring the trouble makers. Everything was as normal, thieves stealing, and thugs beating up innocents, until some one yelled, “SURVEY CORPS.”
I looked up to see shapes flying in the air, when I noticed one of them looked like Levi. 'It can’t be though, that’s not him’ I quickly left he area and continued my walk somewhere else. On another street I saw I bread cart. I decided to steal a little loaf. I then went back to the quiet and empty place I called home. When I got there I noticed that my door was hanging open. I went up to the door to see some one with the survey corpse uniform standing in the main room of my home. Their hood was up making it so I couldn’t see their face, but from what I could tell the person was a man and shorter then the ones I’d see on the streets. Right as I said “what are you doing in my house?!” The man rushed to the window and jumped out. I instantly ran out to see if I could see what my intruder looked lien, but they were long gone. I went back into my house and angrily shut the window and locked the door.
I sat in my chair and tried to calm my nerves. Of course, my mind wanted to only think about the situation and began wondering what they wanted from in here and why it happen to me out of all the other people in my neighborhood. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water taking a sip. When I finished the water in my glass I went back into the living room. As I walked in I turned to look at the old picture of Levi, Farlan, Isabel, and I, huddled together, noticing the picture missing. I looked around for it thinking maybe I had misplaced it, but finding it was no where. I realized then that for some reason the person that was in here could of taken it from here and then flew off when he heard me speak.
My mind flashed back to the day we took the picture. Farlan, Isabel, and I were all trying to get Levi to smile and, for once, we were successful. As the memory faded, I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek. I wiped it away. “I won’t cry over people who left me behind. Not ever again.” I got up and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up to here knocking on my door. I went and opened my door to see my weird neighbors with a plate of cookies. “Are you okay dear? We heard about the soldier in your house.”
“I’m okay, come in?” I open the door wider but they declined
“We got to get going and 'restock’ on food, we just wanted to give you these cookies.”
“Oh, ok thanks .” I said. I waved as they left. After I could no longer see them, I looked around my house to see if anything else was missing. Nothing else was. When I finished looking I noticed it was getting late and went to the window to see my neighbors getting back with a hole load of bread. My mouth dropped as I looked at them
“How the hell did they get that much bread, I mean what the hell?” I yelled through the closed window. Seeing that sight made me decide it was time to end today, so I went to bed dreaming about what tomorrow had in store for me.
I woke up and went out after seeing that I was low on bread. I went to my usual victim to steal my bread for the week. As I got to the place i planned out how I’d get my food for the week. Once I felt ready I grabbed three loaves of bread, and ran. When I looked back to see if anyone followed me, which was rare, I saw a survey corps soldier chasing after me. 'Of course. First one in my house now one chasing me. Can this week get any better!?’
I ran and turned the corner to see another soldier waiting at the end of the ally. I was trapped. I stopped in between the two soldiers. I looked closely at the two of them. One had brown hair and glasses, but I couldn’t tell what gender they were. The other was defiantly a tall guy with blond hair. It almost looked like he was smelling the air, but I blew it off as I noticed that glasses was looking at me. They slowly walked towards me. I whipped my head back at the other one to see he was also walking closer. Quickly I searched for an escape rout. As soon as I saw them I knew how I was getting out. To the left of me were boxes stacked on one another I could jump on them to get to the roof. I quickly ran and jumped up before the two soldiers could get a hold of me.
I ran on the roof for a bit before I thought I had lost their tale and jumped down only to see more after were after me. I wasn’t paying attention to what was I front of me causing me to run into something hard. I looked up to see it was the soldier I had no clue what gender they were.
“How did you get in front of me?” I asked. Genuinely curious. They ignored my question and said “Hey my names Hanji, if your good maybe you can join the survey corps.” As I heard them talk I realized the gender mystery soldier was indeed a woman.
“O-oh. Who said I wanted to be apart of your group?” my voice wavered a bit at first but then got stronger as I went. I wouldn’t show my weakness to her.
“Of course you would. It’s so much better then down here!” She then went to a man with blond hair and big eyebrows, not waiting for me to reply. This Hanji then asked him if it was okay for me to join. I listened to her speak to him and discovered he was the commander of the group and his name was Erwin. They both looked at me and after a minuet he nodded his head. I knew they wouldn’t let me go back to my normal life in the underground and it scared me to think I wasn’t going back. I was going up their and sure the underground was scary, but going up there was scary too. They then walked me up the steps as I protested trying to go back, but when I saw the blue skies for the first time I stopped all movement completely. All my life I had been underground missing this beautiful sight and man did it look amazing. There was no way I was going back.

2 weeks later

They trained me in two weeks and I was ready. My self teaching had come in handy. I was put in Hanji’s squad and we ended up being really good friends. Both of us were heading to the training grounds as usual. We never missed a day of training, unless there were Titan discoveries to be made. We were I training when someone interrupted us.
“You have a terrible kick,” a man said. I couldn’t help but think his voice sounded like Levi’s, but I was probably hallucinating again. “How am I supposed to kick then. Please do show me.” I said snarkily.
“Ok I will. Eren get over here!” He yelled as i finally looked up to see the voice WAS from the man that left me years ago. Tears formed in my eyes as Hanji stopped and looked at me “(y/n) are you ok!?”
I ignored her as I slowly walked up to Levi. I tapped his shoulder and waited for him to turn his head. When he did, his grey eyes made contact with mine and I saw them grow wide. That’s when I punched him square In the face. The punch must’ve been pretty good because his noes was bleeding and he fell to the ground holding it. He looked at me before saying. “(Y/n)! When the hell did you learn to punch like that?” He asked, but I wasn’t going to answer any of his questions.
“You left me and never came back! Did I upset you guys! Did you leave because I was a burden, because I couldn’t defend myself or fight? What did I do to you guys that I deserved to be left all by my self?! You know I don’t care to hear your worthless answer. See when you left I vowed to make myself better so I would never burden anyone like I had before. I trained myself to fight, how to steal, how to live on my own. But god damn it! No matter how hard I tried to get you guys out of my head by training, you just wouldn’t leave my mind, and just when I think I’ve forgotten your sorry ass, you come back!” The tears started to fall as I felt Hanji hug me.
“It’s okay.” she softly cooed. I cried into her shoulder when I heard Levi finally talk.
“I didn’t mean to leave that day. We never Kent to leave that day. (Y/n) believe e me when I tell you this , but we were captured by the survey corps. I tried to tell them that I wasn’t going without you, but they wouldn’t let me get you. They thought I would run off. I wouldn’t give up though. They would ask questions and I wouldn’t reply, so they threatened to kill Farlen and Isabel. I had no other option to answer them. They then told me I could join the survey corps. Or not and kill not only Farlen and Isabel but me as well. I couldn’t let them be killed because of me, so I agreed. Then a few years later I had the chance to go back to the underground for a mission. When I got the chance I went to our old house to look and see if you were still there. You were gone so I just walked around. Then when you came in I had no clue what to say to you so I left, but I took the photo with me because I couldn’t deal with not seeing your face anymore. Please forgive me,” levi wasn’t the type to get emotional like he was now. He never let his feelings get the best of him, that’s how I knew he was telling the truth. I slowly walked up to him and hugged him
“It was scary being down there all alone,” I cried into him.
“I know, but I’m here now, and I will never leave you again,” he said before kissing my nose like he always used to do. When he pulled back I cupped his face and kissed him on his lips. Something I had dreamed of doing for so many years. “I love you,” I said still sniffling.
“I love you too,” Levi replied as he whipped my tears away. “And I always will.”

Extra ending
Hanji, Erwin, mike , Levi and I were sitting at the table as I told them stories about the underground.
“Levi, you remember the crazy neighbors we had right?”
“Yeah, I remember them. Why?”
“Well, they stopped by the day after someone was in my house and gave me cookies. Needless to say, I ended up throwing them in the trash because I’m pretty sure they had something in them. Anyway to the point I’m telling you this is because they were going to steal more food that day and when they come back they had a load of bread. It was a whole wagon of the stuff! You, Farlan, and Isabel were the best thrives in the underground and you could never get that much bread. I can’t tell you how confused I was.” We all started to laugh and kept telling stories.

PROFESSOR REN III // masterlist

A/N: Serious talk, you guys are going to hate Hux so much this chapter so to those of you who do like Hux, I’m sorry…but this is a Kylo fic and it does get the ball rolling (let alone, the angst) and I’ve been told I am the angst queen so I’ve gotta do my job. Thank you guys so much for supporting this small story as it’s been a pretty fun one to write and share, so enjoy and thank you for reading! If you’ve missed them, here are part one and part two. P.S. your lovely feedback is more than welcomed!

Warning: Hux is a major asshat and reader is referred to a not-so-nice term.

Word Count: 4.1K+

The time must’ve flown by rather quickly while you had been on your date with Kylo–let alone–shared such moment in his car. As soon as you had gotten out of his car, you hadn’t realized it was already half past ten at night. Of course, you weren’t so fond of walking alone at such hours, but at least you made it to your dorm safe and in one piece. As for Kylo, himself, he had found himself sitting in his car, tightly grasping the steering wheel. How was he supposed to look at you as just a student when the two of you kissed each other as if there had been no tomorrow?

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Prompt: “I was hoping to wind up a little more like mom. Well, minus the fire”
Pairing: Dean x Reader
A/N: This prompt actually made me laugh a bit when I read it… #sorrynotsorry

Dean was awfully quiet lately and it worried you. He wasn’t his usual cocky and confident self. Something obviously bothered him and you wanted to do something about it, you just didn’t know what.

Sam tried talking to his older brother but all he got was Dean’s usual lies. ‘Just tired.’ or ‘Rough hunt.’ and it bothered both you and Sam. You’ve been hunting with the Winchester boys for quite some time now and you’ve grown fond of the older brother. It didn’t take long for you to realize that he’s not that big of a jerk as you thought when you met him. The longer you stayed with them, the more you saw right through him. Even when the slightest thing was off, you’d know it.

You walked to Impala where Dean was standing and drinking his beer. Taking one for yourself, you looked up at him and he looked back at you.

- “What?” He asked and you sighed.
- “You know what.” You said looking him in the eyes with sympathy. “Is this about Jo?”
- “No. Although she is small part of it.” He answered and took a sip of beer. There was somewhat long silence that was only interrupted by leaves being carried away by autumn wind. It was a bit chilly outside but sun that shone on your skin through trees made it bearable. Your foot played with few rocks in front of it before Dean cleared his throat. Once again, your eyes found his and he finally spoke up.

- “It’s about mom.” He said and you swore you could feel your heart shattering in million pieces as you saw him frown, tears threatening to fall. “From the moment I learned that mom was a hunter I was impressed. I always thought dad was the one who brought this in family. And hunting with her was something special. She was kinda like Sam. Gentle and patient. Brave and curious. I just wish she was still alive, even if it meant that we grew up to be hunters nonetheless.”
- “Maybe she would’ve been the one to teach you how to fight and hunt.” You said making both you and Dean smile at the thought.
- “Actually, after all that crap… Maybe I was hoping to wind up a little more like mom.” He said reverting his eyes from field in the distance to you, before chuckling and adding “Well, minus the fire”.
- “I’m sure she’s proud of both you and Sammy. You both put up with crap that a lot of people couldn’t even dream about. Myself included. She’ll always love and you know it. Stop beating yourself about everything when none of this is your fault.”
- “I know. But you are big and important part of our lives too. Along with our parents, Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Cas… Hell, even Adam. You saved our asses multiple times in multiple ways. You saved me… So many times… You don’t even know.” He said and embraced you in hug that you gladly returned. “And I love you.”