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Void - part 3

Series summary: Reader has lost her memory and Sam and Dean try to find a way to get her life back.

Summary, part 3: The boys know you better than you know yourself.

Characters/pairing: Reader x Dean (eventually), Sam, Crowley, Cas

Word count: ~2350

Warnings: angst, mild language, fire

Author’s note: Well I can’t focus on writing after watching the S12 finale, so here’s part 3 for you. For catching up: part 1, part 2.

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The house was dark and rain battered the roof. You tightened your grip on the knife in your hand as you tiptoed your way through the littered living room. Slivers of light shone from the streetlights through the ripped curtains. That didn’t help much, only creating more dark shadows in the corners. Suddenly you froze to listen, holding your breath. You could’ve sworn you had heard something. A slow roll of thunder echoed through the night, but it was something other than that. You released your breath, took a small step forward and froze again - there it was. Hairs in the back of your neck stood up and you felt your hands shaking. Again. Someone - or something - was literally breathing on your neck. Very slowly you leaned forward shifting your balance. You spun around, knife at ready and slashing wildly around you. You saw a dark shape, a glint of light from an eye or a tooth. Then the knife was flying and you were screaming.

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I finally know why Izuku looks different here...

after staring at this panel for a good god knows how many minutes… I realized that the reason why Izuku looks a bit older here is because of his cheeks…

THE ROUNDESS IS NOT THERE DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I mean I know he’s going to age and lose that baby fat one day, but I don’t think I can….not….without those cheeks dammit!!!!

I thought you were a myth - Part 7

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

A/N: This chapter is also fluff and set up for what’s to come. Also getting a little angsty. Sigh, you knew it was inevitable. And yes, I know some characters might be a little OOC (and I literally mean little) but it will make sense in the next part. Sigh. Yes. I will write more. (Here is the masterlist, in case you want to catch up.)

Words: 1,514

Warnings: None that I know of? Well, it starts and ends really fluffy and happy, but gets angsty in the middle. (Actually, mention of dead characters, so, a feels warning. And some light swearing.)

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I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The last way you expected to spend your Sunday began with a jolt.


“Dogpile!” Some random voice cried, before you and a still snoring Derek were covered with your laughing pack members. A groan emanated from where you guessed Derek to be in the mass of limbs, the mattress bouncing slightly still from the initial impact.

“If you all don’t get off in the next five seconds, I will-”

“You will what?” Stiles’ voice challenged you back teasingly.

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Where the Line Blurs: An Odd Friendship (Chapter 5)

Steve’s POV

I leaned up against the car Nat let me borrow as I waited for Y/N. I sighed and folded my arms over my chest as my phone began to ring.

I glanced down and seen Sharon’s name flash across the screen. “Carter.” I said as I answered.

“Morning Cap.” She said.

“Any activity?” I asked as I stared up at Y/N’s floor. What if she was doing exactly what she said? What if giving her the cold shoulder is-

“No. “She says sighing. “I just I have this gut instinct about her.” She added as an after thought.

I nod. Y/N had a lot of demons. Demons that she made sure distance me from her, which only made me question her and her motives. She was the perfect HYDRA mole, but something about her just did not make it seem like she was.

I watched as Y/N  walked out of her building and quirked and eyebrow at me. “Talk later.” I said before hanging up on Sharon not waiting for a response.

“Carter?” She asked as she stuffed he hands in her pockets.

I studied her for a minute. There was something different about her today. Something that I just could not seem to put my finger on.

“Not really any of your business.” I say standing up. “Sam is going to me-“
She narrowed her eyes at me. “Just stop. You want my help? Fine, I am more than willing Rogers but the hostility has to stop.” She says waiting for me to speak.

What changed? I nod not voicing my thoughts. “Agreed.” I said rounding the car. “We have a short drive.”

She nods before climbing into the car. “That’s fine.” She says turning to look at the window.

I bit back a sigh. It was hard not to be hostile against someone who’s sins could take down entire countries. Hell it was hard not to be hostile when they would not let you in.

She turned to stare at me. “I was born in the Midwest, I was an only child, and my nickname was Ace.” She says vaguely before turning back towards the window.

I kept my face clear of surprise. Ask and you shall receive.

“When I was six my parents were murdered, part of being a spy I guess. But instead of being put in the system I was trained by everyone from Russians, to Italians, to Americans, and pretty much any top notch intelligence operatives to be the best.” She says sighing.

I glance away from the road to look at her. “Why tell me this?”

She gives a small smile. “So you understand I was raised doing this. It was not a sense of duty or patriotism and when I grew up I was great at it, the best in fact and it was all I knew so I stuck with it until…”she broke off and turned to outside of teh window. “Until I found something that made me change.”

“So you’re saying that you were raised by it so therefore it excuse what you’ve done?” I question as I tighten my knuckles on the steering wheel. Her words rang in my head. What made her change? What happened?

I hear her groan and lean her head back against the seat. “Forget it.” She said turning back towards the window.

I pulled the car to a stop behind Sam’s. “This is where he was last spotted.” I said putting the car in park but turning to look at her versus getting out. “Look I-“

“I said forget it Rogers.” She said shoving the door open and walking towards Sam.

I watched as she brushed by him and into the warehouse. Maybe my instincts were right, maybe she was trustworthy. I shook my head at my own idiocy. Even after all these years I still did not know how to talk to woman.  I climbed out of the car and walked up to Sam. “Find anything?” I ask not wanting to draw attention to what had happened in the car.

He quirked an eyebrow between me and the place where Y/N disappeared, “You two have a cozy car ride?” He asked smirking at me.

I gave him a weak smile. “Not what I would say.”

“Did you call her a traitor again? Because I heard that really grates on a woman’s nerves.” Sam says as we walk towards the warehouse.

“No she tried telling me her life story. I just…It doesn’t matter.” I broke off and shrugged.

“Oh. What did she tell you?” Sam asked as we began to walk towards where Y/N disappeared into the warehouse.

“Her parents were spies and were murdered. Also that her nickname as a kid was Ace. Also-“

Sam stopped me. “Please tell me you were not a dick.”

I gave him a weird look.

Sam rolled his eyes at me. “She wants you to trust her.” He says before turning to enter the warehouse. “And to be honest Cap I trust her.”

I stared after him. Why now? Did Sam know something that I did not? I shook my head and followed Sam into the warehouse. As Sam and I entered I watched Y/N walk around and examine everything.

She turned to look at me before turning to speak to Sam. “He was here alone and wounded pretty severely. From the blood pool and the rust on this bed I would say that he has not been here in a few days.” She says squatting to look at the something before standing again.

Sam nods. “He would most likely keep moving.” He says turning to look at me.

She shook her head “It is not just that HYDRA…They are not just looking for him they are hunting him. He’s not only a symbol to them and what they want but a message of pulling one over on S.H.I.E.L.D and its allies.” Y/N says as she paces around the warehouse.

“You got all that from this?” I say gesturing to the warehouse.

She stopped pacing to glare at me. “No I got that from knowing them. Bucky was not only an asset to them. So trust me when HYDRA loses its assets they try to get them back or wipe them out.” She say shrugging.

I studied her. Did she know this from personal experience or was she just assuming from the knowledge that she did have from them?

Sam nodded. “He’s not only physically hurt but emotionally. He is going to seek out someone who he trusts above all us.” Sam says looking at me.

I nod. He could come to us. Or maybe there was someone else that he trusted.

Y/N shook her head. “That all you wanted from me Steve?” She says before turning away from me and heading further into the warehouse.

I nodded. I think that was the first time I have ever heard her say my name.

Sam looks between the two of us. “I’m going to head out. I have a buddy who has some HYDRA info. Maybe he can give us a better idea of what we are dealing with.”

“Sounds good.” I say heading after Y/N.

I found her standing staring out into the field through a huge hole in the wall of the warehouse.

“I get it you need him.” She says before taking a deep breath. “But Steve I-“

“You think it is selfish of me?” I say staring at her.

She shakes her head. “No. He’s family. I get that, but right now with HYDRA still around the corner do you really think actively seeking him out is the best?” She asks turning to stare at me.

“I need him to be okay. I need my best friend. I need someone who understands me.” I say weakly. It was hard admitting it to a woman who probably never needed any one. I look down at my hands.

I felt Y/N’s hand on my shoulder and jumped slightly. I had not even heard her move.

“I know.” She says giving my shoulder a squeeze. “I also know he needs you but having him in your life and protecting him may be two different things.”