after some of those theories i read today also

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What's your opinion on Jacob? I'm curious haha. What's his part in all of this?

Well, I’m obviously #teamMichael so naturally Jacob isn’t my most favourite person in the world because of that (not his fault to be fair)

One of the thoughts I had when watching 5x02 was that it was really kind of him to be so open to talking about Michael with Sara. It can’t be easy for someone in his situation to talk about his wife’s past love, while being very aware that he was her one true love and all that. So yes I thought he was very kind for so willingly discussing Michael, because I’m guessing that we are meant to assume he has been willingly doing that for Sara ever since they met :) 

HOWEVER I definitely think he’s got some deep role here… in 5x01 we saw all those paper cranes in the drain by their mailbox, and who else would have disposed of them like that other than Jacob? 

Also, I read someones tags in a gifset today with a GREAT theory, which was that Jacob is Poseidon (the guy in charge of the two people after Sara)! This would explain why he isn’t letting them kill her, because I’m sure he does care for her. I reckon he just wants to keep her away from the truth, which is why he’s working with those two