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A V E N G E R S 


        ~ Lonely Hearts and Sad Bars: A bartender’s observations of the Avengers. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Wise Fools Series:  When Hydra hires an agent of SHIELD to bring down an none other than the Captain himself, chaos ensues.

~ Fool Me Once ~ Shame On You ~ Fool Me Twice  ~ Shame On Me

~ One Last Dance (drabble):  Walking away from the venue, his jaw clenched, he knows he should’ve asked her for one last dance.

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

        ~ Love (drabble): Never had the words ‘I love you’ been shared between the two, but perhaps, it wasn’t necessary.

        ~ StardustKnight! Bucky X Castle Maid! Reader AU; A maid loves a lord. A lord loves a maid. Surely, a union between the two will never come to be. 

        ~ All the Things Left Unsaid: He loved her. A woman of hope, ambition, of joy. There’d been so much that he’d wanted to say to her and so much that he hadn’t.

        ~ Safe (drabble): Another nightmare, another hopeless day. He feels helpless, broken. Will he ever be safe?

        ~ Mercy: Everyone has secrets. The only question that differs is who shows mercy when those secrets tear at crumbling walls built to contain them?

        ~ The Girl in the Flower Dress (drabble): There’s this girl. There’s this guy. The guy’s in love with the girl but he’s too big of an idiot to even talk to her.

        ~ Answers (drabble): Some questions don’t need to be asked. 

        ~ Their Story: Moulin Rouge AU; What happens when an oh-so-talented, charmingly bohemian, tragically impoverished protege falls in love with a courtesan?

       ~ Storm (drabble): Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.

       ~ Roses: Is it possible to win a girl’s heart in a day? 

       ~ First Kiss (drabble) (ask)

       ~ Little Tricks: Unseelie Fae AU; They say love is beautiful and yet - after love, no one is what they were before. It’s what happens to all things beautiful.

        ~ A Change of Routine: Bucky finds what he’s looking for without even knowing it’s what he needs.

        ~ Mishaps: When Bucky receives a message from a barista, he figures it’d be rude not to respond. 

        ~ By Chance: Bucky falls in love with a stranger.

        ~ Adopting a dog with Bucky (headcanons)

        ~ Teach Me Happy (series): In which someone who fixes hearts and someone who breaks hearts fall in love. 

she touches you like you’re fragile, and if you break, you won’t be able to put yourself together again

Tony Stark (Ironman)

       ~ Almost (drabble): Almost is the saddest word in the entire vernacular. It’s just there but no quite. So close to something that could be. But sometimes, almost can be happy. 

       ~ Home (drabble): Sometimes, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. 

T’Challa Udaku (Black Panther)

        ~ Snowfall: She’s never seen snow before. She’d do anything to see it.


X - M E N

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) 

         ~ Helpless (drabble): He’s been through a lot. He’ll never change. 

         ~ Worst Timing (drabble): Logan finds the worst time to tell you that he loves you.

         ~ Card Towers (drabble): It’s almost funny how easy it is to destroy hope.


D A R E D E V I L 

Matthew Murdock (Daredevil)

         ~ The Fall Of An Angel: He loved to hear her sing, but he never knew the reason behind her heartbreaking tunes.

Frank Castle (The Punisher)

         ~ Remember (poetic drabble??): Frank’s recollection of his memories.


R E A L  P E R S O N 

Sebastian Stan

       ~ Forbidden: Unseelie Fae! Sebastian Stan X Reader AU; A human has entered the realm of the fairies, a land forbidden. What good can come of it?

Flawed Words Series (Sebastian X OC): tba

      ~ Part I 

Chris Evans

      ~ Midnight: Does love mean that you’re meant to be?


Smut masterlist


Contributed by Simon Pocock:

Thomas Hut was built in 1930 thanks to the combined efforts of the founding members of the Ski Club of South Africa – one of whom was Eddie Pells – and the Worcester Section of the MCSA, who realised that the slopes of the Fonteintjiesberg were good for skiing after a heavy snowfall. The hut is named after McL Thomas, who was chairman of the Worcester Section at the time and who first loaned the funds to build the hut, and then waived repayment.

Building the hut was quite a task. A road to Brandwacht had to be built first, which was jointly funded by the MCSA and the Worcester municipality. Stone and sand was readily available, but additional building materials, such as roofing and planks weighing 3.5 tons, had to be transported to the site. This required a team of donkeys and 200 pupils from the local school!

ACOTAR Girls Aesthetics

Mor: marble floors, chandeliers, burgundy, long rants about things you care about, sunny skies after a thunderstorm, the scales of justice, satin and silk, gentle caresses and stolen glances,  kindness with no hidden motives, running fingers over fabrics, sculptures, unwavering loyalty, gold crowns.

Amren: sharpened knives, wet ink on paper, the crack of thunder, the heavy taste of red wine, gold coins, the burning of alcohol on wounds, fog, gunpowder, crumbling parchment, quicksilver, wit and sarcasm, black holes, ancient ruins, whispered prayers, the screech of metal on metal, rubies and sapphires.

Viviane: soft furs, love notes, cold feet, the way the snow sparkles in the sun, northern lights, running your thumb over someone’s knuckles while holding hands,  the puff of breath in cold weather, the moon, laughing through tears of joy, purple veins under pale skin, ivory lace, a hot mug warming up your hands.

The Archeron Sisters Aesthetics - X

Fic: Life’s Treasures (Chris Evans x Reader)

A Chris Evans x Reader Fanfic

Rating: T
Warnings: Language
Summary: Requested by anon - “Can you write a Chris Evans imagine of him proposing to you in Boston? You’re from California but he knew that you would move out there to settle down with him.”
Note: Here you go, lovely. I hope it came out ok. Thanks for reading! xo


Marriage had never been a topic you and Chris shied away from. In fact, it was discussed openly from the get go. Just like any other committed couple, it was important to not only you, but to Chris as well to know where you both stood in the relationship. Not long after becoming exclusive, you spent hours upon hours sharing your dreams about your potential future children, and a house spacious enough for a big family, nothing too extravagant where you’d have to hire help, but decent sized bedrooms and a large kitchen and living room to fill with hearty meals and laughter and love and lifelong memories you’d both treasure.

The tricky thing was you were a Californian – born and raised –, while Chris was… well, a forever Bostonian at heart – no secret there. That’d been one thing neither one of you brought to light when discussing your future. Until one day…

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Talk to Me

Someone on FF had requested a one shot after ski lodge a while ago. It took me a while to get to. I hope you guys enjoy. 

Word Count: 1,592

It’s been a few days since Lucas made his decision at the ski lodge. The happiness Riley felt that day was beyond describable, but there was something still lingering in the air around them. Something no matter how much Riley tried to push away, she couldn’t.

On Wednesday, Riley had to skip out on the daily routine of going to Topanga’s to do homework, the way she had been doing all week, but this time she had a real excuse. She had to go straight home right after school since her parents needed her to babysit Auggie because they were going out on a date. A task Maya would usually help with, but she was too occupied with an art project. Riley didn’t mind; she was excited to have much needed sister brother bonding with Auggie.

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Having two Evanses as prominent members of the Expedition will inevitably lead to confusion. I tackled Edgar Evans immediately after Teddy, to show up the contrast between them, in the hope no one who follows me could subsequently imagine mixing up the two.

Edgar Evans was from Rhossili, in Wales.  As such he picked up the nickname Taff, an epithet for a Welshman, from the name of the river that flows through Cardiff.  He served under Scott on the torpedo ship HMS Majestic, and followed him to the Antarctic on the Discovery Expedition in 1901, where he was part of Scott’s western journey, which got the first taste of travelling on the polar plateau.

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chemistry, part 2

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: besides cursing? none.

a/n: look finally decided to realease chapter number two? hahaha :)
plus, I’d like to announce that I will be uploading every Saturday. well, the ones I can because university is a bitch. nonetheless, proceed to your reading.

word count: 2,6k+

part one

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