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# = smut 

A V E N G E R S 


        ~ Lonely Hearts and Sad Bars: A bartender’s observations of the Avengers. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Wise Fools Series:  When Hydra hires an agent of SHIELD to bring down an none other than the Captain himself, chaos ensues.

~ Fool Me Once ~ Shame On You ~ Fool Me Twice  ~ Shame On Me

~ Sex headcanons (#)

~ One Last Dance (drabble):  Walking away from the venue, his jaw clenched, he knows he should’ve asked her for one last dance.

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

        ~ Love (drabble): Never had the words ‘I love you’ been shared between the two, but perhaps, it wasn’t necessary.

        ~ StardustKnight! Bucky X Castle Maid! Reader AU; A maid loves a lord. A lord loves a maid. Surely, a union between the two will never come to be. 

        ~ All the Things Left Unsaid: He loved her. A woman of hope, ambition, of joy. There’d been so much that he’d wanted to say to her and so much that he hadn’t.

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

        ~ Safe (drabble): Another nightmare, another hopeless day. He feels helpless, broken. Will he ever be safe?

        ~ Mercy: Everyone has secrets. The only question that differs is who shows mercy when those secrets tear at crumbling walls built to contain them?

        ~ Breathless (drabble) (#): Bucky’s a fucking tease. He knows that. He won’t stop. 

        ~ Caution (#): He’s everything that your mother’s warned you about. Good thing you never have listened to her.

        ~ The Girl in the Flower Dress (drabble): There’s this girl. There’s this guy. The guy’s in love with the girl but he’s too big of an idiot to even talk to her.

        ~ Insatiable (drabble) (#): Bucky simply can’t get enough of you.

Just Friends (drabble series) (#): The deal was clear: No feelings. 

 Part I, Part II

        ~ Answers (drabble): Some questions don’t need to be asked. 

     ~ Their Story: Mouline Rouge AU; What happens when an oh-so-talented, charmingly bohemian, tragically impoverished protege falls in love with a courtesan?

       ~ Storm (drabble): Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.

       ~ Warmth (#) (drabble): Bath-time with Bucky.

       ~ Roses: Is it possible to win a girl’s heart in a day? 

       ~ Touch (#): Bucky masturbating…

Loki Laufeyson (Loki)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

       ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Tony Stark (Ironman)

       ~ Almost (drabble): Almost is the saddest word in the entire vernacular. It’s just there but no quite. So close to something that could be. But sometimes, almost can be happy. 

       ~ Home (drabble): Sometimes, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. 

       ~ Sex headcanons (#)

       ~ Stark’s Private Car-wash Services (#): Tony gets turned on by his girlfriend washing one of his cars. 

T’Challa Udaku (Black Panther)

        ~ Snowfall: She’s never seen snow before. She’d do anything to see it.

Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Thor Odinson

        ~ His Touch (#): There’s nothing but love evident in every movement of his. After all, you are his queen. 

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)


X - M E N

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) 

         ~ Friends, Not Food (#): There’s apparently something hard to understand about the fact that his girlfriend’s a friend, not food. 

         ~ Sex headcanons (#)

         ~ Helpless (drabble): He’s been through a lot. He’ll never change. 

         ~ Mile High (#): It’s really not his fault that you’re the most pleasant thing to think about when he’s in a metal canister, miles in the sky with a chance of crashing.

         ~ Worst Timing (drabble): Logan finds the worst time to tell you that he loves you.

         ~ How Good Is He At Oral? (#) (ask)

         ~ Is Logan an ass or boob guy?  (#) (ask)

         ~ Does Logan purr? (#) (ask) (drabble)

         ~ Static (#): Logan can’t keep his hands off of you, no matter what you happen to be doing in that moment. 

         ~ Dinner (drabble) (#): When Logan wants to try something new, you’re glad you agree.

         ~ Card Towers (drabble): It’s almost funny how easy it is to destroy hope.

         ~ Straddling Him (#) (ask)

         ~ Giving him a blowjob (#) (ask)

         ~ How would Logan masturbate? (#) (ask)

         ~ Car sex (#) (ask)

         ~ Spanking (#) (ask)

         ~ Giving him a massage (#) (ask)

Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

         ~ Primal Need (#): Victor Creed doesn’t take kindly to challenge. He revolts in every way that you’d expect.

         ~ Sex headcanons (#)

         ~ Is Victor an ass or boob guy? (#) (ask)

Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)

        ~ Molten Metal (#): Waking up next to someone isn’t a given, especially when you’re a mutant. You’re glad you’ve got Piotr. 

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

        ~ Riding Him (#) (ask)

        ~ Riding His Thigh (#) (ask)

        ~ Face Sitting (#) (ask)

        ~ How Good Is He At Oral (#) (ask)

Charles Xavier (Professor X)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#) 

Erik Lensherr (Magneto)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)


D A R E D E V I L 

Matthew Murdock (Daredevil)

         ~ The Fall Of An Angel: He loved to hear her sing, but he never knew the reason behind her heartbreaking tunes.

         ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Frank Castle (The Punisher)

         ~ Remember (poetic drabble??): Frank’s recollection of his memories.



Francis Freeman (Ajax)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

        ~ Sex headcanons (#)


T H E  B R O N Z E

Lance Tucker

       ~ Sex headcanons (#)


R E A L  P E R S O N 

Sebastian Stan

       ~ Forbidden: Unseelie Fae! Sebastian Stan X Reader AU; A human has entered the realm of the fairies, a land forbidden. What good can come of it?

Flawed Words Series (Sebastian X OC): tba

      ~ Part I 

Talk to Me

Someone on FF had requested a one shot after ski lodge a while ago. It took me a while to get to. I hope you guys enjoy. 

Word Count: 1,592

It’s been a few days since Lucas made his decision at the ski lodge. The happiness Riley felt that day was beyond describable, but there was something still lingering in the air around them. Something no matter how much Riley tried to push away, she couldn’t.

On Wednesday, Riley had to skip out on the daily routine of going to Topanga’s to do homework, the way she had been doing all week, but this time she had a real excuse. She had to go straight home right after school since her parents needed her to babysit Auggie because they were going out on a date. A task Maya would usually help with, but she was too occupied with an art project. Riley didn’t mind; she was excited to have much needed sister brother bonding with Auggie.

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I wrote another Be More Chill fic. Plenty sad. Plenty angst. No death. This time. Woo. Anyway…

Michael Mell readjusted his backpack straps, as he made his way through the halls of his high school. The night before, Michael and Jeremy had finally gotten past level 8 of Apocalypse of the Damned, which had led to a celebration, which had led to five gallons of Mountain Dew: Code Red to be consumed between the pair, which had led to a sugar high of incomparable proportions, which had led to the crash of a lifetime, which had led to them both sleeping through the alarms on their phone. Jeremy had rushed home to grab some fresh clothes and see if he dad could take him to school late, leaving Michael to make his way to school on his own. 

The halls were silent, as class was in session and Michael briefly contemplated just going back home and getting high. No one would notice. Except, last time he had ditched school, his mom had yelled at him and had commanded that Jeremy not come over for a week. It had been the first time in months that his mother had even bothered looking up from her computer to devote even a sliver of attention toward her son. For a moment, Michael considered whether it would be worth losing Jeremy for a week, just to have his mom remember his existence.

No, he’d just have to make it to his class, and stutter out some excuse about traffic in front of school, if the teacher ended up noticing his late entrance. Michael had nearly made it to his English classroom, when someone grabbed his backpack and slammed him into the row of lockers he had been passing. Michael groaned as his chin took the brunt of the impact, before turning to face his aggressor. 

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It was a week after their classes’ Ski Lodge trip where Lucas and Riley had finally became official. Everything was falling in place and was starting to feel normal again. No more angst or unspoken feelings. There was just one thing that was weighing on both of their minds and that was a kiss.

They had only ever kissed once, it was on the subway for their first date way back in 7th grade. It was short and sweet which unfortunately set the tone for their relationship that year. Super sweet but short lived.

They were older now and actually together and they couldn’t help but wonder when the next one would happen. They hardly ever had alone time together.
Lucas for sure thought it was going to happen on the Ski trip but her parents and Uncle were around and all of their classmates. Every time they thought they were alone someone would pop up and ruin the moment.

Riley hoped it would happen that day when he walked her home, but as he leaned in to kiss her goodbye, her Uncle Josh opened the door and interjected the kiss with his hand between their faces. It was starting to get a bit ridiculous. She knew they meant well but she was 15 now and this was her first boyfriend, they knew this would happen eventually.

At school it wasn’t any better. They both assumed that now that they were a couple their friends would give them some space but that wasn’t the case at all. 

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Bucky BarnesX Reader

A/N: k so admittedly i forgot how to write

thanks to homefry @softwintersoldier for the help

Inspired by @catwomvn ‘s concept Bucky as a thunderstorm

Words: 573

Prompt: Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.  

Warnings: fluff


It’s not a lie that James Buchanan Barnes has lost. Maybe, it comes easy to him…more so than to others. But it’s a simple glance at his face that tells a different tale.

There’s a sadness in his cobalt eyes. It’s a sadness akin to that of a lost toy in the ravages of war. It’s a terribly nostalgic reminder of the demons that tear at the walls he’s built around himself, for his own safety.

And the dullness of them as he awakens from yet another nightmare? It’s similar, too similar to that of a child’s fading smile.

Maybe it’s the emotion that he imprisons within himself that make him a storm. One hovering just out of view, ready to strike before you’re able to find a shelter that will hold.

But there are days where the skies aren’t as dark. Thunder not as loud. Lightning not as jarring.

There are days when the sun does shine. There are days when there’s a light in those cloudy eyes of his. There are days when James Buchanan Barnes does smile.

It’s imperfect, his smile. All crooked teeth and crinkled eyes. But it’s beautiful.

The sun does shine through the clouds. And it’s these days that he finds himself almost unable not to smile.

Perhaps it’s the way that you stumble, struggling to keep pace with his steps that brings that sunlit bow to life on his lips, or perhaps it’s the way that your hands tighten on his, a threat of “If I fall, I’m bringing you down with me” that makes him laugh.

Sure, it’s been years since his feet have traced the same path of the dance. It’s been years since he’s been able to trust himself enough to touch you, hell, hold you with the metal weapon that he calls an arm.

He finds himself forcing his thoughts away from the horrors that await him. Focus.

And yeah, he’s focusing. On the playful swears leaving you lips, your foot bumping into his for the fifth time in ten fucking minutes. He’s focusing on the soft huffs of frustration, the feel of your hand tightening around his as you struggle to keep your balance. He’s focusing and he’s so damned engrossed.

“Would it help if you stood on my feet?” The question is one that catches you completely off guard because-

Fuck, are you really that bad at dancing?

Your reply leaves your lips quicker than intended, “Buck, maybe you should find yourself a new dance partner.”

His refusal is immediate, “Someone new isn’t you.” And the words, they bring a smile to your lips. The brightness of it is all the confirmation that he needs that for once, he’s doing something right.

He’s pretty damned proud because the dark clouds overhead are scattering. And the sun is shining.

You’re still hesitant in your movements as you step onto his feet, trying to balance yourself, his arm wrapping immediately around your waist to pull you flush against his body, causing more laughter to spill from your lips.

He begins slowly, smiling down at you as he navigates around the kitchen, the silence of the twinkling stars the only music necessary.

In the moonlight, the darkness of James Buchanan Barnes’s eyes fades, nothing but his imperfectly perfect smile remaining on his lips. And it’s bright. And beautiful. And happy.

Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.  


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I work for a place that has a lifetime warranty on socks. So if you ever get a hole we'll replace them. The amount of times people have come in, after running or skiing or something. With sweaty dirty holy socks. Then tried to warranty them. Like mate - I have to touch those to find out what kind they are! Please - for the love of all humanity. Wash. Your. Socks.