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a concept:

sebastian stan plays an art history expert working as a curator at the galleria borghese in rome. he starts every day with a coffee at a small hideaway coffeehouse with big bay windows, perfect for people watching, and gorgeous art adorning the walls.

timothée chalamet plays the barista that serves him every morning, and is also the son of the coffeehouse owner. he is also the artist responsible for the art in the shop.

jessica mcnamee plays lifelong friend to sebastian, and is now the wealthy director of the museum and also a private gallery owner. when sebastian discovers timothée is the genius behind the art, he enlists the help of jessica to get timothée’s work seen by more than just the coffeehouse.

as we follow his path to success, we learn through memories of the arts creation, exactly how he ended up on this path.

it’s directed by xavier dolan.


[171121] Dongwan - SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW’ and after:

Fan account from a non-fan:
and we were inside with shinhwa changjo and monbebes and we all cheered for each other!!! it was so nice to see how sc and black roses cheered for monsta x and then sc and mbb cheered for the rose and black roses and mbb cheered for kim dongwan!!!

It’s on Naver TV, so if you can’t see the video, please use a VPN. There is one video on YT but it’s not from the channel.

For thanking the fans, Dongwan prepared a coffee truck & held a little fanmeeting after the show.

Twitter Moment with Fanpics | Don’t Edit Anything from fanpics please
Fancams Playlist | Don’t re-upload fancams please

Couple hours later he also did a VLive:


Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge | Day 1 - a scene that surprised you

The Vanishing of Will Byers


“I’m thankful for wonho because he thinks of the team a lot and always protect the team and also for being the same age as me” Shownu


You know you got yourself a best friend when you can go into a bro handshake with just one look.


I’m not sure, but I think I found the u-joint.

                                                                                    God Bless you Jackie.

Okay, I’m going back in. 

For @jupiterhyde

in all honesty, im super excited for season 3, especially sharing the experience with the fandom and my friends. when s2 came out the vibe and atmosphere was really nice, everyone hype-screaming & bonding over the show. it felt real nice to see the fandom happy and joking and im super pumped to go through it again during this season and more to come


In tough times, just having someone to say they’re on your side can save you.


Richonne Appreciation Week: Day 1
The moment you started to ship them → 3.12 ‘Clear’

katennara  asked:

To continue the in character Hyde in season 1 headcanon/meta, you think Jackie would had fallen in love with him earlier?

Not necessarily, just as he may not fall for her earlier either.

What would had changed it’s the way their interactions would had gone and the way his relationship and small crush on Donna would had worked out. I think, had he been in character since the pilot, his resentment towards Jackie would had been lesser with the past of the episodes after ‘Ski Trip’.

‘Ski Trip’ it’s the first time we see Jackie running into his arms when she is seeking comfort. We never get an explanation on why, and my guess is that writers did it for the laughs since he was presented as the cold hearted/jerk of the gang at the beginning, so having this girly girl wanting to hug him and cry on his chest was going to be ‘funny’, especially when he was, in ‘Ski Trip’, trying to get Donna.

(I also have this headcanon that Jackie may have gone to bear-hug Hyde to save Donna from the awkwardness, since she knew Hyde was crushing on her friend and was being stalked by him)

But joke’s on them because we didn’t see anything funny but cute in it, lmao.

Anyway, I think they could had formed an actual friendship and we could had seen it grow with episodes like ‘Career Day’ while they were hanging with Red, and ‘Prom Night’ (I believe this would still be the hugeeee HJ episode on season 1).

~ Prom Night ~

I’m making a whole section for this because I have given it a lot of thoughts since we first started talking about this posibility.

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Some cool ladies
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