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In tough times, just having someone to say they’re on your side can save you.


“I’m thankful for wonho because he thinks of the team a lot and always protect the team and also for being the same age as me” Shownu

#that time kane went through a boiling hot tiny maintenance shaft to rescue his ‘people’ #but upon seeing abby ignores everybody and goes straight to her to cuddle

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I would actually love to know opinions and thoughts of someone who didn't watch the show at all abt Klance after showing Klance moments(tm) so we could know how it looks without overanalyzing things or if it's really so highkey romantic, or if they think Klance has a chance of becoming canon, or just how this relationship etc looks for the 1st time u watch the thing (I unfortunately don't remember so rip) (but I can't show it to any of my friends for the 1st time cuz I talk abt it all the time)

someone who has seen’t voltron please explain what is happening


“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

About the Apple/Darling kiss

Well, I don’t know why I’m making this post but I’ll do it anyway.

Guys, I understand everyone is hyper about the kiss between Apple and Darling and I’ve seen people complaining and cheering or even saying they are canonically gay so I’m going to give you a piece of my mind.

Let’s first remember that Ever After High is a show for children and they have parents that aren’t always reasonable. Keeping that in mind we need to remember the reaction of lots of parents to LGBT+ appearances in kids show, there was complaining and I remember reading that Good Luck Charlie was cancelled due to showing two leasbian mom’s, just showing (idk if it’s true but you’ve got my point, right?)

That’s why I think it was played as CPR and no one addressed it in the rest of the episode. I think they let things open like this to see people reaction and to adopt the response that brings more public (c’mon it’s still a show to sell dolls). I think it was a brilliant marketing strategy because polemic brings public and public equals more dolls sold.

But we can’t ignore that in Snow White story only Love’s First Kiss/True Love’s Kiss etc can wake


Apple White. So what options does Mattel have?

1- It was friends love:

Yes, they can pull that because it’s a real thing and it’ll make homophobics step back. If Mattel gets a lot of shit for showing a “lesbian” couple they can pull that and go safely with the show.

2- The intention of Darling was different from Daring’s:

Also a good possibility to escape homophobes. Daring didn’t seemed focused on waking Apple and seemed there for the show, on the other hand the


purpose of Darling was waking Apple up so it would fit the scene.

Now we get on the ones I like…

3- Darling is a lesbian/in love with Apple:

There isn’t any part of the story that says it needs to be mutual love and even if Darling hasn’t showed a


love interest in Apple she still could be in love deep down.

4- Apple is a lesbian/in love with Darling:

It would explain a lot more than the argument above why Daring couldn’t wake Apple up. If she’s a lesbian no man’s kiss would wake her up and that explain why Darling, the one Charming


, could wake her up.

5- They are destined to be a couple:

This would fit everything, Apple being a lesbian and fulfilling her destiny as Snow White. It’s also the one that follows best the original story and we could hope to see more lesbian moments (bringing more space to LGBT+ characters).

So long story short:

They let it open to see the best way to continue the show and I hope it has the gays in it.

John “won’t do this without him” Reese demanding the Machine for his bae back

Reese hunting for bae all over the country with this crazy single-minded focus, like NOTHING matters until he gets his boyfriend back

Reese charging like a linebacker through a train station in order to get to his bae, then worriedly patting his bf all over for gun shot wounds

John “don’t ever come near us again” Reese



Eric : Mark do you wanna do any acting ?

Mark : Me? of course

Eric : Okay, give your best facial expression

Mark : *makes one*

Eric : Whoa ..

Jackson : What is this ??! what are you trying to tell ? explain it

Mark : This is my serious (expression)

Jackson : whenever he get serious he’ll go like *copying mark expression*

Mark & Eric :lol


Why didn’t you tell me who Chae Young Shin is? Why did you say she was dead? What the hell have you done to us?!


I’m sorry.