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A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.[*Smut]

A/N: Sorry this took forever to get up. I had to rewrite it. It’s not as smutty as I’d liked it to be but I’ll write another one later that more smut. love ya xx

Request: yes, by several people.

“You ready for this?” The Sheriff asked me as we stood in front of the door to Derek’s loft. I could feel him looking at me but my eyes were glued to the large metal door. On the other side was Stiles. Only it wasn’t really Stiles. As Kira’s mother liked to put he was void. More specifically he was possessed my a thousand year old fox spirit with a hankering for strong emotions. In a nutshell, everything about Stiles was Stiles except the only part that matter, his mind. I tore my gaze from the door and it landed on Mr.Stilinski. How do I answer? One of my best friends was in there.

“Are you?” I asked genuinely. He only look at me with eyes of uncertainty. I nodded and took a deep breath. I placed my hand on the handle and slid the heavy door open. Stiles was standing in the center of the loft in different clothes then the ones he’d worn to Echin House, which was the last time I’d seen him. His skin was more pale than usual, and the circles under his eyes made it seem like he’d never known sleep. The Sheriff moved closer to his son, producing a pair of handcuff and dangling them. I trailed behind him, being sure not to get to close.

“You’re going to handcuff me?” Stiles said and it was unsure whether this was really him or not.

“If any part of my son is still in there, he’ll let me. Because he knows I’m here to protect him from himself and others.”

The boy held up his hands together so the Sheriff could place the cuffs on him. As his father did so, Stiles looked past his father to me. I froze not expecting to be noticed, and stared directly in his eyes trying not to show fear. He pursed his lips into a dark smile, and it was clear the boy I loved wasn’t there. I’d never admitted I loved him to anyone before including him, and I was afraid I never would get the chance now.

“You’re not my son.” Sheriff Stilinski gritted. The Nogitsune smiled wider and broke the handcuffs, they swiveled off his wrist on to the ground. Derek, Chris Argent, and Allison all were standing close by waiting incase Plan A went awry. As if on cue, they appeared in the threshold of the door. Derek bent down on a knee changing from human to wolf form in the process. Chris and Allison were both wielding their weapon of choice. I’d been offered a gun and even a knife, but not being experienced with either, I declined. Allison attacked first, pointing a stun gun at Stiles and shooting. The point of this rendezvous was to capture not kill. Unfortunately, the Nogitsune had powers we weren’t aware of. He grabbed the prongs, even though electricity bolted through them, and whipped the weapon from her fingers. Derek attacked next without warning, so quick and agile I was sure he’d catch Stiles off guard. I was proven wrong, when Derek’s arm was twisted, then he was slammed into a nearby table, and thrown into an adjacent wall. Stiles shifted his head to me with an obscure smile, I stepped back a little frightened. Before he could make a move, Argent was in front of him with a gun pointed at him. The corner of Stiles mouth perked up before he turned to his father a fear stricken look on his face.

“Dad? Daddy? He’s going to shoot me! Don’t let him shoot me!” He cried. Argent didn’t budge saying he’d killed many supernatural creatures before, a Nogitsune would just be another. Father Stilinski drew his gun on Argent. A verbal fight broke up amongst the team. I covered my ears with my hands trying to block out everyone’s voice. It was so chaotic, and as I thought the words I knew this was his doing. He was feeding off it. Allison and I had the same thought and she spoke before I did. She yelled over them to stop, and they did just as the sunset outside. 

“This is what he wants.” She barked at them, no one lowered their firearm. 

“Not exactly.” He smirked. “I was kind of hoping Scott would be here. But I’m glad you all have your guns out, because you’re not here to kill me.“ He paused. Just as he did, the room seemed a little off. A second later, we learned why. The Oni surfaced into the room, two in front of Sheriff and Argent. And two near the entrance where Derek and Allison now stood. By accident I was in the middle of them, and to my misfortune Void Stiles sunk in with me. Sheriff Stilinksi attack first firing his weapon, Allison and Derek followed, and lastly Chris whose gun stalled delaying him. Frightened by the presence of the Oni, I didn’t even notice Stiles slip his hand into mine. Only when an Oni blade missed Allison and almost hit me, causing me to curl into Him did I realize how close we were. I peered into his eyes, looking for a trace of the trickster. But only saw Stiles’s beautiful amber eyes shining down.

“Stiles?” I asked hesitatingly and he nodded reassuringly. I smiled only to be confused when something fabric covered my mouth and a haziness washed over me. Last thing I remember was his voice low and raspy.

“Never trust a fox.”

I faded into darkness.

When I regained consciousness, I was cold. A bone chilling cold almost as if I was outside. I could tell I was laying on some sort of cushion, but I was still a bit hazy and couldn’t make out much more. Several minutes later, after the cloudiness left my brain, I saw where I was. I was laying on an old blue couch that smelt vaguely of bleach and old people. The ceiling was cement except for two grated sections off to the right. A light shined in through the small holes and I recognized it as the moonlight making sense why it was so cold.

“Morning Angel.” His voice startling me. Stiles sat on the arm of the couch, and looked at me over his shoulder with a devilish smirk. I hadn’t noticed him sitting there before, and I wasn’t entirely sure that he had been. It was dark in the cold room and I could only see him though the faint moon light coming from above.

“Stiles?” I rasped, my voice getting used to working again.

He scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be a happy ending?”

No, it was void Stiles. Suddenly, the words resurfaced in my brain. ‘Never trust a fox.’ He’d convinced me with just a look in Derek’s loft that he was Stiles. How could I have been so naive?

“Why have you brought me here?” I demanded.

“Now, Y/N.” He chuckled standing and strolling over to me. I scooted further into the couch knowing there was no way out. “I can’t give away all of my secrets. But you know Stiles has many, would you like to know some?”

“Stop.” I whispered.

“Like how he had sex with Malia Tate on this very couch.” He pointed down to the couch. The news was a blow, I’d always imagined being Stiles first. My heart sank a little at the thought.

“Stop.” I said sternly again try to stay strong.

“Or how he’s kissed Lydia before, and constantly thinks about doing it again.” Another blow to my heart.

“Stop!” I screamed.

He bent down leaning his face close to mine and smiled. “Does the thought of Stiles fucking someone else discourage you? Is it because you love him?”

Rage boiled through me, I hated the fact he could see right through me. I couldn’t control myself and I smacked the boy in front of me across the face. His head was thrown to the side from the blow. When he turned back to me, he had a cold look in his eyes. My breathing was uneven from a mixture of fear and anger. As I stared back at Him, I saw something else in his eyes. Something I hadn’t seen until now. Unexpectedly, he rammed his lips into mine. I pushed him away confused by the act. My lips tingled with the feeling of his on mine. I kept him at arms length, my hand still gripping his shirt. I couldn’t get the thought that I’d just kissed Stiles out of my head. I knew it wasn’t really Stiles, but physically it was.

“Do you know what the Nogistunes feed off on?” he whispered.

“Chaos. Pain. Strife.” I listed.

“Mainly.” he agreed. “We feed on much more. We’re all hungry, Angel.” He pushed past my failed attempt at holding him back, and leaned into my ear.

“I feed off lust and desire. Like your desire for Stiles. Or your lust for me to fuck you right here.” 

I wanted to admit his was wrong, that I didn’t want him near me. But he began to run his hand up my thigh and a current ran through my core.

“You can’t resist me.” He taunted in my ear, before ghosting his lips over my neck.

I closed my eyes and found myself urning for him. I clenched my jaw.

“S-stop.” I stuttered.

“Hm?” He hummed against my neck.

My heart was racing, I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t give in, but I couldn’t help it. His lips finally connected with my neck instantly hitting a sweet spot, making me moan. I dug my fingers into the couch, trying not enjoy this. Trying not to reach out from him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I had to be strong. But he withdrew from my neck, and collided his lips with mine. Without hesitation, I kissed him back. He climbed on to the couch with me his body hovering over mine, and my fingers reached for the hem of his shirt. He pulled away allowing me to pull it off him. He grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and ripped in half making me gasp, I hadn’t been wearing a bra and my boobs were instantly exposed.

“Stiles is missing out.” he grinned.

His words angered me and I pulled him into another kiss biting on his lower lip hard. This only seemed to entice him and he let a growl, he grabbed my waist rolling his hips against mine. I felt his hard bulge through his sweatpants making me realize how wet I was. He brought his hands back to my chest kneading my breast greedily. His lips met my nipples, and he nibbled on the sensitive nubs. I let out a incoherent moan, dragging my nails across his back. 

“Just fuck me.” I half begged.

He didn’t need to be told twice, we both quickly discarded our bottoms. I opened my legs allowing Stiles to aline himself. He gently held on to my waist before he rammed his length inside of me and began thrusting vigorously, pulling a hungry groan from my throat. Already I could feel a rippling inside of me, each thrust sending me closer and closer to my release.

“Faster.” I bellowed.

He smirked speeding his thrusts to an unfathomable pace roughly hitting my g-spot. My walls started to clenched around him, and I knew what was coming.

“Come.” He demanded and I did. My orgasm fueled the Nogitsune to reach his. His movements became careless and needy, and a few seconds later I felt his warm liquid fill me. 

My eyes flung open, and I shot up breathing excessively. 

“Morning, Angel.” He said indifferently. Void Stile sat on the arm of an old blue couch looking at me over his shoulder.

“Sweet dreams?” His lips curled into a dark smile.

Title: Learn To Do It
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I loved this request sO much, thanks to the lovie anon who asked for it :)

You stared blankly out of the large window in Danny’s apartment, a fluffy wool blanket wrapped around your shoulders as you watched rain trickle down the window. Your finger reached out and began to trace the intricate patterns the drops left on the glass before you sighed.

After the whole situation with Madame Gao, Danny had worked himself into a paranoid when it came to your safety. He was worried that what Gao said was only a warning of future events if he wasn’t careful.

So, from then on Danny followed you everywhere, holding on to you in some way as his senses were on high alert wherever he went.

You understood where all the concern was coming from, he thought you had been murdered by some mafia-like, secret organization, hell that was more than enough to drive someone up the wall.

You also understood the potential danger you were in, but you longed to take a walk on your own. But Danny refused to let you travel anywhere if he wasn’t there, or with enough convincing, one of his close friends to keep an eye on you.

Danny saw the toll it was taking on you, you missed your bookstore and your house. He had arranged for Joy to drop off a good bit of your books from your place, but you missed your store the most.

It was just too dangerous to go there, Madame Gao’s informants had found you in that place, if you showed up now it wouldn’t end well.

Danny was still in bed when his eyes fluttered open to find your side empty and neatly made, he slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes before staring at the open bedroom door.

Ever since staying at his place, you found yourself being more antsy, causing you to wake up early just so you could do something. First time it happened, Danny nearly had a heart attack before sprinting out of the room to find you laying on the floor next to the couch down the stairs.

He tossed his legs over the side of the bed and stretched, blindly grabbing a sweater from his dresser before tugging it over his head and going to look for you.

Danny’s eyes squinted a little at all of the natural light streaming into his eyes, when he saw you standing next to the window all swaddle up in a blanket he couldn’t help but smile.

“Morning.” He called out to you, giving you a small wave when you turned around.

“Good morning,” You replied, moving from the window and going into his arms when he outstretched them to you. “Sleep well?”

“Just fine,” Danny looked down and noticed something was off. “You’re troubled about something, what’s wrong?”

You removed yourself from his arms, folding your arms under the blanket. “Internal confliction, I guess.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

You looked up at him, rocking back and forth on your feet. “Well, recently I’ve been thinking,” You paused for a moment, seeing Danny’s expectant look. “That if you taught me how to defend myself, maybe I could go out on my own again.

Danny’s hands rested behind his back, and his expression became unreadable. “What’s the conflict part?”

You sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around you. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, even if they’re evil. I just hate the thought of it.”

The one corner of Danny’s lip curled into a soft smile, his hand coming up to rest on your cheek. “I’d be happy to teach you, but you don’t have to if it’s not what you want,” He gave your nose a small peck. “I’m more than happy to remain your watch dog.”

You smiled and shook your head. “Nah, I at least want to try.”

You huffed whenever Danny knocked you to the ground on your back again, you both had pushed all the furniture in the living room out of the way so you had more open space.

Danny watched in amusement as you turned onto your side instead of getting up.

“Can I surrender?”

You heard him chuckle. “Surrender out there and you’ll end up dead.”

You shut your eyes, your entire body felt like it was on fire and your muscles ached. The two of you had been training for hours.

Well I say training, it was more like Danny attempting to show you how to block attacks and getting hit several times because you forgot what to do.

That and you kept making stupid jokes when he showed you certain moves. There was something with the name “scissor” in it so you stared making snipping noises and doing scissor motions with your hands, causing Danny to laugh so hard he forgot he was supposed to be training you.

“Maybe it’s for the best,” You said, dramatically tossing your arm over your eyes. “I do a lot more harm than good, it’s not worth the trouble.”

Danny frowned, leaning down and situating himself on top of you. “Hey, don’t be like that,” He said, balancing himself one arm so he could tap your nose. “You’re not going to be perfect the first day of learning.”

You removed your arm and looked up at him. “You think I’ll ever be able to fight?”

He smiled, hopping up to his feet and bringing you with him. “If you keep up your training, I’d think so.”

You weakly let him pull you up before he dropped your hands and put some space between the two of you. “Lunge at me.”


“Just, try to hit me.” He said, motioning you to do as told.

“Are you just gonna hit me in the throat when I try to? Cause at this rate I’ll just take the hit to put me out to greener pastures.”

Danny bit back a laugh. “Do it.”

You sighed, positioning yourself like he told you to before trying to hit him. He moved out of the way last second with ease, face directly in front of yours while your fist remained outstretched.

He smiled, tilting his head down and grazing his lips against yours. “Look at that, Your form’s getting better.”

You flushed, placing distance between the two of you. “That is not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

You frowned. “You probably think you’re real charming don’t you?”

Danny placed his hands around your waist and pulled you towards him while his lips went after yours again. “A little bit.”

You looked up at him, and saw his gaze focused on you before you shoved him away right before your lips made actual contact, causing Danny to let out a slight whine as he watched you walk away from him.

“Yeah? Well you are!” You told him, putting on a displeased frown before climbing up the stairs to the restroom to wash up.

Danny fell back onto the ground. “No, you see that is unfair!”

“You deseve it, I have at least seven brusies on various parts of my body!”

“I said sorry like ten times!”

My first Vision x Reader! If I’m being honest, I always forget to include Vision in my fics which is an absolute crime. He’s just marvellous. So, seeing that this request had no specific Avengers tied to it, the executive decision was made to turn it into a Vision fic. Nothing too detailed but some fluffy conversation and mutual attraction. The good stuff. Request was made by @carleyynicole​ and I hope you all enjoy it!

Prompt: Maybe you could do something like that with the Avengers, where reader reunited with her fellow avengers a few years after she is stranded on an island after AOU? Thx lol

“Brain and Brawn”

The jet juddered and shook as it lowered towards the ground. Steve was strapped in but still his grip on the seat next to him tightened. He shut his eyes and tried to focus on staying calm but he could only hear her voice.

“Guys, I’ve got a problem.”
“(Y/n), this is Barton. What’s up?”
“It’s not that simple, Clint.”

Steve shook his head and opened his eyes. Ultron had long been defeated but there was still deep-seated resentment within the group for the losses he had caused. Wanda had remained at the new Avengers base where she could mourn her brother in peace, but Steve was packed into a quinjet with Clint, Natasha, Tony, and the Vision.  

“Send us your co-ordinates, we’ll come get you.” Clint said, turning the jet around as fast as he could manage. Steve felt his stomach lurch as it turned.
“I’m trying but the machine’s fried. Everything’s gone haywire all of a sudden.”

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For The First Time Part 2 [*Smut]

A/N: This is part 2 of 2 in a request. Sorry it took so long. Have a list of requests I was trying to organize. Anywho, enjoy xx. Part 1

He started at her neck pushing his soft lips into it. She tilted her head back, a moan slipping through her lips. His hands slid up her shirt, ghosting the bottom of her breast. The sensation made her crave him. He kissed his way back to her lips. He was hovering above her, and his bare chest allowed her to move along it with her hands. She interrupted their kissing to pull off her shirt. Before they’d ended up on the bed, Dayin had thrown her bra. Now with her shirt off, her boobs were exposed. Stiles smiled down at her and didn’t waste time indulging in them. He wrapped his mouth around her right nipple, sucking and grazing over it with his tongue. With his left hand he kneaded her other breast.

“Told you.” She breathed. He looked up at her through his eyelashes his brow furrow. “I told you really wanted to have sex.” He stopped playing with Daylin’s boobs, making her whine.

“You think so?” He cocked his head a little and smirked. In the dim light of her room, he looked like her was void again. She nodded at him, and bit her lip. Her hooked his fingers in her shorts pulling them off with ease. They were silky shorts with an expandable waistband. This left her just in her light pink panties. With his fingers he traced the groves of her body. He never lingered too long and only touch an area enough to leave her craving more.

“Please Stiles.” She whimpered.

“Please what baby girl? What do you want?”

“Touch me, please.” She begged. He chuckled and slipped his hands into her panties, massaging circles on her clit. He’d only been there a few seconds but she could already feel her core bubbling with pleasure. She moaned wildly, but just as quickly as his hand was there he pulled it away. She groaned at the lack of friction.

“I thought you didn’t want it?” He laughed.

“I don’t.” She said unconvincingly.

“But you were begging for it?”

“No, I was begging for you to touch me so I could show you I didn’t want it.” She lied.

“Well than I guess you shouldn’t make a sound than, huh?” He said as her pulled off her panties.

“R-right.”she murmured. He laid on his stomach and positioned his face in between legs. His tongue connected with her slit and she arched her back. She almost let out a moan, but bit her lip to stop it. He licked at her clit, and sucked on the bundle of nerves. Daylin suppressed another moan. Impatient, Stiles slid two fingers into her pumping them fast. She couldn’t stay quiet any longer, she let out an animalistic groan. He lifted his head from her core, and smiled. “

Admit it.” He insisted. She shook her head in response. He curled his fingers inside of her and pumped a little harder. She could feel herself getting dangerously close to her climax.

“Stiles…I” She breathed messily. He pulled his fingers out of her earning a whimper.

“All you have to do, is admit it. Admit it and you can come.”

“Oh my fucking god, yes Stiles I want to have fucking sex. Now please.” He smiled and plunged his fingers back in her with out warning pumping in her faster and faster. Daylin reached her edge and drown in her orgasm. She blurted out profanities at the release. Stiles got off the bed, and took off his pants and underwear. Daylin reached over to her nightstand and dug around without really paying attention. She felt Stiles grab her hand and she looked up at him. He’d made his way from the foot of her bed, to the were her nightstand was. He put her hand on his hard member, indicating her wanted her to stroke it. Daylin smiled and started jerking it up and down. He let out a growl as he restarted the search for a condom that Daylin abandoned. She rolled over on to stomach and licked his tip. He let out a breathy groan but continued looking for the condom. She wrapped her lips around him and hollowed her cheeks, she was rewarded with another groan. It took him longer to find it with her sliding in up and down on him, but after several moments he found it. He pulled himself out of her mouth with a ‘pop’.

“Turn over.” He put the silver packet between his teeth and tore into it. Daylin did as he asked and returned to her back. Once he had latex on, he got on the bed and positioned his erection between her legs. He grabbed her hips tightly, and slid in slowly. She let out a hunger moan, and he let out a low growl. He began moving slow at first, bending down and kissing my neck. Daylin dug her nails in to his back, causing him to hiss in pain. She thought he didn’t like it, but she was wrong. He started thrusting harder into her. “Do it again.” He groaned. She clawed at his back again, the action aroused her as much as it did him. His thrusting grew quicker, and he tightened his grip on her hips. She knew it was going to bruise, but she didn’t care. She could feel a familiar sensation in her core, like spring tightening and she knew she was close.

“Stiles, I-I’m” she attempted to say.

“Come for me, Babygirl.” He almost whispered. At the words, the spring released and she dissolved into pleasure.

“I love you.” She cried out without thinking. He trusted a few more times, reaching his edge. He groaned a few seconds later spilling his load into the condom. He collapsed on to her, both of them breathing heavily. Daylin traced circles on his back, until they’re breathing slowed. Finally, he pulled himself out of her and rolled over to the other side of the bed. She heard him taking off the condom and throw it in her wastebasket she kept next to her bed. Than it was quiet, and she could feel her eyelid getting heavy.

“Did you mean it?” He asked quietly. Daylin was confused. She wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Was he talking about her wanting to have sex? Because she was sure she’d just proved she did. She stayed quiet, but Stiles must’ve been able to hear her wheels turning because he spoke again.

“You said you loved me. Did you mean it?” Daylin’s widened. She had said that. In the heat of the moment, she’d said something that had so much meaning. Her first thought was that she hadn’t meant it, but the more she thought about it the more she realized she did. She still loved him.

“Yes.” She whispered back.