after seeing people reblog it as got

there are very very few things that i cannot even attempt to understand to any degree and while i can see that some people might want to stop posting pepes because muh alt right hate symbol i will never understand people who think that frogs themselves have been tainted somehow

that shit i reblogged really happened, a guy saw someone else with a frog emoji in their blog description and got so upset and worried about seeing the frog emoji because he was worried it meant that the person that had the emoji in their bio hates minorities and then the person who had the frog emoji in their bio, after being informed about one person who was weirdly upset by it, was so worried about it that they removed the frog emoji

i mean i don’t give a shit because it’s too small to even waste oxygen thinking about it’s literally just a character in a blog description but it’s mind boggling to me that people are just

i can’t even describe it

it’s not just that pepe is apparently a hate symbol of the alt right, frogs themselves are too now

Alright, time to get ~organized~

[this is the last thing you have to do if you still want to enter, but don’t worry, you’ve got some time for this one ;)]

Let’s see our competitors for the rq blog contest:

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So, I have two questions for everyone that is competing:

Do you tag your original RQ content with anything? (this is a yes or no)

If so, what are ‘your original RQ content’ tags? (I’m guessing there are multiple, for example: #my edits #my fanfic #rq fanfic #my moodboards #my creations #chats, etc. or for example, I just tag everything that isn’t a reblog #red queen)

This just makes my life a lot easier, but don’t worry if you don’t tag your things like this! I’m sure a lot of people don’t! This won’t give you a disadvantage, though, it’ll only be a way to make the work on my part faster.

You’ve got time to answer these two questions. Either reply to this post or reblog and add to it. After a certain amount of time (when I see that most of you have answered) I will reblog this post and tag the people who haven’t yet answered. If you still haven’t answered a couple of days after that, then I’ll message you. If not, then I’ll just pretend you said no. ;)

Sorry if this is a ‘long’ process, but truly, this is the last thing I’d like you to do if you’ve entered. After this, you probably won’t hear from me for some time, until I announce the results!!

Good luck to everyone!! And thank you for entering!!

can we not tag visual stim videos and pictures as “porn” or make jokes about it?

like, there’s literally nothing sexual about a grilled cheese sandwich or a nib pen or a pile of dice.

by saying that you’re making it really fucking uncomfortable for sex repulsed people (and im sure it’s more people than that) to interact with the post. it’s Not Funny

I can’t name the number of times I’ve seen a really good visual stim video but got nauseous and didn’t reblog it after seeing ‘this is sexual’ or ‘tag your porn jeez’ in the reblogs

and *especially* don’t do this on my posts. thanks

Lmao when Doctor Who premiered like 4/5/6 years ago my dash used to be so full of gifsets, graphics and people discussing the episode that I had to blacklist “Doctor Who” so I didn’t get spoiled. In fact, my dash was all “This post is blacklisted because it contains the word Doctor Who” that I got to see like a non blacklisted post every 20 DW posts. And today it’s just empty and there’s nobody talking about the new episode.

I think it speaks about how much Moffat’s shitty writing fucked up this show and it’s sad because it was beautiful to come to tumblr after watching a new episode and being able to reblog a hundred of posts related to it.

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I've got a quick question; I've noticed that all of your drawings have been tagged with something along the lines of 'srb'. What does that mean?

Oh! So after I call it a night/day I like to keep the art I made that day at the top of my blog so it’s not all asks on my page. To do that I reblog my own art and tag it “srb” aka “self re blog” so that people can block that tag if they don’t want to see my same shit over and over again haha. Thanks for asking!

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Hey, I happened upon your blog and saw that you believe that Sherlock is trans. How come? This is the first head cannon I've heard of this and I'm truly curious about your answer. What's your thought process? Thanks!

WOW BOY okay this is my first time actually being asked this question so here we fucking go!?!??! (edit upon actually having typed this all out: HOLY FUCK; read more:)

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i was one of the first people to ask for 2Nu, i read your post after you reblogged it and i understood and moved on with my life. can't other people do that too? also, i think i've seen the drawing you're talking about. i got so angry about it.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU! Oh my god, I had to hold my tongue and not curse the anon out. But dear god, I hope that art is gone because if I see it, I’m gonna flip my shit.- Mod Levi

Let me address this here and now!

Dear Diabolik lovers fandom,
We need to have a serious talk. I’ve been strolling Through the fandom. Lately you wanna know the only thing I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed HATE AND HATE ANONS. This jelousy and the hate and possessiveness needs to stop now. I’ve seriously become unhappy in this fandom. Which is very sad. I see the accounts who have ocs and are “married ” to the characters which is fine. But I’ve seen some of them in the first time I joined Tumblr like a year to two years ago and I remember seeing some of them say don’t flirt with the characters my oc is married to them. Yes we can see that. They’ve gotten better with we askers talking and flirting. But I also see pardon my language these bitches come out and cause problems with them and @diabolik-misaki (I’m so sorry if you don’t want to be tagged I just adore your blog and I see many issues with hate on you and your account so forgive me senpai xc ) has went through a lot. Yes she’s older let me say this in the nicest way SHUT UP about it. So what she’s older. So what there’s a 16 year old in the fandom. That’s fine! I’ve posted maybe one thing saying my opinion on it. As long as you’re not trying the stuff or at least being mature about it you’re fine. I personally was the youngest out of a big family. My family I was the youngest out of seven so I was exposed to different things (adult things at times) through out my life. I was 17 going onto 18 when I watched diabolik lovers. But this hate in the fandom needs to stop if you hate anons can’t share your favorite character you don’t need to scream at the ask blogs and ocXcanon character blogs and say crap like I hate you. You’re too old. You’re too my opinion if your able to watch it without trying to re-enact stuff you’re fine. This jealousy, hate,anon hate seriously needs to stop because that is exactly what destroys fandoms. IT CAN ALSO PUSH PEOPLE TO SUICIDE VERY RARELY BUT THE SHIT CAN HAPPEN.So please don’t anon Me and say I’m complaining and that it’s bothering you and that it’s making you not enjoy my blog. Because personally I’m not trying to become “Tumblr famous” I’m doing these scenarios for fun! SO i dobt care if this makes you not like my blog sorr but i don’t .C: I’m not going to please people and, I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite. Because someone somewhere will find something they don’t like. Like another thing Is I’ve got bad grammar yes I know but I’ve also got a speech impediment, a lisp, and terrible punctuation. Yes it hurts if people point it out. But words will never be the death of me. So please.. stop the hate,stop the jealousy,stop the anon hate.
JUST STOP IT PLEASE. I really don’t want to see our fandom fall to ruins. So please let’s stop the anon hate, and let’s just have fun! It’s all for fun and love. So please if you’ve read all of this reblog if you want. Don’t diss my post don’t come after me. Because I’m speaking the truth. I’m sorry if my post bothers you but, then again I’m not sorry. Because I’m not the only one whose said this. So just stop the hate. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all I’ve contradicted myself a few times with my own motto but it’s true if we have nothing nice to say we don’t need to say it. Thats all I am saying. Have a good day or evening. Love you all.

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Omg I saw your tags on the post about zoos you reblogged from me... I freakin love penguins I'm so jealous you got to let one 😭 but I went to the Memphis zoo last weekend and they had two pandas they're so cute andjcksksk that was like one of the highlights of my life seeing them

Lol sorry just saw this but yeah!!! It was such a fun summer volunteering at the zoo. It was like a teen program so we were restricted to what we could help out with (I spent a lot of time picking up after goats and telling people to put all paper away or else the goats will eat them) but once in a while a zoo keeper would allow the more competent teens go behind the scenes and that’s how I got to meet the penguins ahhh it was so cool!

Safe And Sound |Closed|

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Archer tried not to make his walk to Sick Bay look like he was rushing there. But he was walking a little faster than usual. After he got word that Hoshi was taken there after the shuttlepod was dragged into the launching bay, Archer was already on his way to her. After almost an entire day of worrying about Hoshi, scared that her shuttle may have been blown up, Archer found that he didn’t care if people saw him speed-walking to Sick Bay. 

He needed to see her for himself.

And finally, the Captain walked into Sick Bay. Phlox’s voice over the comm made Archer believe that her injuries weren’t that severe, but he was still holding his breath until he saw her, sitting upright on the biobed. And all at once, the knots in his stomach and chest loosened with relief.

lemon & ginger | luke coffee shop au

a/n: hi friends! only two more updates after this! i dont like the end, but i got stuck and needed to move on. but i do really like this chapter! please reblog as it really makes me happy and other people can see my writing! x

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | PART EIGHT

word count: 1300+


You clocked out of work for your 15 minute break expecting to be greeted by Luke and his smiling face. You looked around the coffee shop for the head of curly hair, but it was nowhere to be seen. You took a peek at the seating area outside—nothing there either. Where was he?

You decided to send him a text and ask if something had come up. You didn’t mind if he didn’t show up; you had just seen him last night. Of course you wanted to see him, but you understood that he had other things to do than drink tea with lemon and ginger.

Hey! I’m on break right now, are you coming by today?

Hey, I know I said I would but I don’t think I can make it. Something came up and I’m kind of swamped :(

That’s fine, I get it don’t worry!

Are you mad?

Of course not, Luke! It’s fine. Just text me later if you’d like, I better get back to work

Thank god, I thought I screwed this up that quickly

Nothing is screwed up. Now get back to work

Text you later x

Okay, well now what? Luke wasn’t coming and you were forced to work the rest of the day without seeing his beautiful smile. You always looked forward to your break because seeing him was an extra push you needed to finish the day. Now there was no push and you had no motivation other than him texting you when he was finished.

You carried on with your work, but it was a particularly slow day, so you ended up mostly reading a book behind the counter. The occasional customer would pull you out of the fiction world that you were in, ordering a far too complicated coffee order or an order so simple that it was almost laughable.

It was around eight o’clock when it was time to close up shop for the day. You did your daily closing routine; putting chairs away, cleaning the counters, washing the coffee pots. After about twenty minutes, the work was done and you were free to go for the night. You threw your apron onto the hook on the wall and sped off out the door.

You walked back to your apartment, taking the usual route that took about a minute to complete in full. You made it up the stairs and down the hall to your door; located at the end of the row.

“Fancy seeing you here,” a voice spoke as a tall body emerged from your doorway.

You smiled, shaking your head and dropping your bag at your feet when you reached your apartment. “Well, it kind of is my house,” you replied with a joking tone.

Luke smiled, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around the frame of your body. “Hey,” he breathed.


He pulled away from the hug, leaving one hand dangling near yours. You grabbed it, squeezing it tightly. “I thought you were busy?”

Luke’s eyes flashed to your intertwined hands and a small smile appeared on his lips. “Never too busy for you,” he said slyly.

You felt your cheeks turn hot and they were probably noticeably red to the boy in front of you. He didn’t react, but instead kept on speaking.

“I finished early and wanted to surprise you,” he smiled, pulling his hand out of yours and reached to the ground behind him. He grabbed a bag of takeout food and a six pack of beer and held it up with a questioning look on his face.

“Wow, you really know the way to a girl’s heart,” you laughed, unlocking the door to your apartment.

You walked in with Luke trailing behind you, throwing your stuff onto the counter. He set the bag of food down on the counter and began to unpack the contents of the bag. “I got Chinese, I hope that’s okay,” he said, crumbling up the empty bag and discarding it to the side.

“Perfect,” you said, grabbing one of the containers quickly and opening it up. You stabbed at the food with a fork, taking a small bite into your mouth.

Luke watched you with an awestruck look on his face, laughing quietly under his breath.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, shoving another piece of chicken into your mouth.

“Nothing,” he smiled, opening a beer and passing it to you. He took a sip and you mimicked his action, jumping up onto the counter to sit across from where he was standing. He reached around you, grabbing a container of food for himself. After retrieving his food, he settled back against the counter directly across from your body.

“How was your day?” he asked, taking a bite of rice into his mouth.

“It was okay, kind of slow. It’s much better now,” you said, smirking in his direction.

He smiled, setting his food down to the side to take another sip of his beer. He was quiet, continuing to pick at the contents of the container in his hand. You kicked your foot out, hitting him lightly in the leg, gaining his attention.

He looked up at you with a questioning look, wondering why you had just kicked him.

“What’s up, Luke?” you asked, tilting your head to the side to try to lock eye contact with him.

He didn’t say anything, but he pursed his lips in a way that made him look like he was thinking. After a few moments of silence, words began to come from his lips. “Can we sit?” he asked, reaching out for your hand to help you off of the counter.

You nodded, taking his hand and accepting his help. He led you over to the couch and sat down, pulling you down beside him. You curled your legs up under your body, turning to face the Australian boy next to you. He still looked like he was thinking; he actually looked a little bit distressed, but you didn’t say anything.

“I-uh,” he started. “I haven’t really thought of a way to tell you this without sounding like a complete idiot, but I guess I’ve already started,” he fumbled with your hand, which was still held by his from earlier. “I really like you, (y/n), and I just wanted you to know that this past month has been incredible and none of it would have been possible without you. So, thank you, I guess,”

You smiled at his words, replaying the ‘I really like you’ over again in your head. “Well, I hoped that you liked me after that kiss last night,” you said sarcastically, unable to make any serious comment around him.

“You seriously can’t be serious for five seconds? I just poured my heart out to you!” he exclaimed, playfully throwing himself onto his back.

You pulled his arm up, bringing him back to a sitting position. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, you just make it so easy!” you yelled, still laughing behind your words.

He looked at you with hopeful eyes, quietly laughing.

“I really like you, too, Luke,” you said, dead seriousness washing over your face.

“You do?” he asked surprised, a smile creeping onto his lips.

“Yeah, you idiot,” you said, playfully hitting him across the arm.

“Okay, cool,” he said, trying to slyly hide the grin on his face.

You shook your head, laughing quietly as you let go of his hand to stand back up. He let out a barely audible whine when you left him, but settled back into the couch when you quickly returned with the two containers of food in hand.

After a few quiet minutes of eating and stealing bites of food from one another, your containers were empty and you both were left sitting on the couch with a small distance between you.

Luke placed his hand on your leg, squeezing it lightly. “This is way better than a ten minute lunch break, ‘ya know,” he said quietly.

“I agree,” you stated, relaxing into his touch.

I miss the 9 fandom.

So chances are if you’re reading this post you miss the 9 fandom too. I’m 14 years old, meaning I would have been roughly 6 or 7 when 9 came out. Me and my friends where obsessed with it. And like most children do with Disney Princesses, we adored these characters, we wanted to be just like them. We would play silly little games and pretend to be the characters and it was fun! I was always either 7 (since she was the only girl and I was also the only girl of my friend group) or one of the twins while my other friends would generally be 9 or 5 or join me as one of the twins. To be honest with you me and one of my good friends almost convinced ourselves that we where twins, and, as creepy as it sounds, at lunch and break we would stay completely silent and just blink at each other every once in a while. It was really fun while it lasted. Then we grew and became interested in other things that kids our age liked, minecraft, youtube, stuff like that. It’d been roughly 4-5 years since I’d had anything to do with the film except for maybe re-watching it but I found the DVD and my curiosity got the best of me, so I stuck it in the DVD player and watched it through once, then again with my sister. Having made a tumblr on my 13th birthday I decided to search for some content on tumblr, and it was great! I found some funny blogs and scrolled through the tag, reblogged a few posts and left it for a while after discovering how deserted the fandom had become. I’ve come back this week to see that it continues on as a small force, with a few people still surviving in the fandom. I miss this fandom so bad! We need a sequel or something to get it back up and running because at the moment there’s not much going on. This movie was such a big part of my childhood and honestly probably shaped who I am today, if only a little. So PLEASE if you read this just maybe reply or even simply like it, or better, help spread the word! I can’t be the only one that wants the fandom back, so if you agree with me or you’re in the 9 fandom show some love for your favourite character or maybe post that silly idea or headcanon you’ve been thinking about. I doubt anyone’s made it this far but if you have the thank you!! For reading this!! Please help me revive the 9 fandom with similar posts or anything!! Thanks!!

a (kind of) admin post! before i turned off anon i got a message from someone asking if i could make a roll call post, of sort, to see how many people are planning on trying to get tickets to shinee’s concerts in either dallas or los angeles (or even both). if you are: please reblog this and either tag or reply with where you’re wanting to go! also by request of anon: i’ll make another post similar to this after ticketing takes place. ?

Good day everyone :)) 

People that follow my blog may know that I post anime-related stuff and even writing stuff. But then, I started watching Korean Dramas because my friend recommended me one drama. One of the actors intrigued me and then I started to watch his other dramas. Since then, Korean dramas came in one after another and I got interested in Korean drama. 

Basically, what I’m saying is that from now on, I will start to reblog Kdrama-related posts. I could have done that a long time age since I’ve liked countless of Kdrama-related posts. I just couldn’t because I’m worried that people might get caught off guard that they saw a Korean guy with long hair on their dash. I know I shouldn’t care about other people seeing what I repost or what I post since it’s technically my Tumblr. But I know what it feels to see something that I’m not interested in. I even get annoyed when I see it because wtf I don’t want to see a thing that doesn’t interest me. So I’m giving you, a person who has no interest in Kdrama or Korean-related posts, a warning about what I will post starting today. I’m going to leave this out here a little longer so people following me can read and unfollow me as soon as possible. 

Still, I would be posting anime-related posts and writing-related posts. It’s just I’m going to add Korean related posts :3 

That would be all. Thank you for reading until the end <3


It’s not really my style to ask people to reblog things, but this is really important to me.

I spent a few days thinking about societal standard of beauty after livingwithouted asked me if I had any advice for curvy girls who feel pressured to lose weight.

what resulted was a 20 minute video where I talk about fat-shaming, body image, self esteem and peer pressure.

Certain parts of this were really hard to talk about, and I had to edit out a small section in the middle where I got too emotional to actually speak, but I want people to watch and see this.

You are wonderful. You are important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, bring you down or pressure you to change.

Quick little thing I made on Paint, felt like making this after someone brought up how short Rebornica’s persona is (there only like 3 feet tall) 

To Rebs if you see this: I absolutely love your work, hope you like this :)


EDIT: Please stop reblogging this, I made it as an inside joke about someone’s persona who was rather short. But then it got popular and people who were unaware of the persona started reblogging it.


PAX was amazing!!

I got back to Denver late last night (and that was a whole shit experience because my sister and I almost missed our second flight because the first flight was delayed)

Anyway, the first day was the markiplier & friends signing. When I got there, the first thing that happened was I finally met @bristlee1, who is a sweetheart. I waited in line and I got to see @therealjacksepticeye, @lordminion, @markiplier, and I finally met @muyskerm. I gave Mark and Jack prints of this photo, it was the first photo of mine to get attention after Jack reblogged it. When I gave the photo to Mark, he picked it up and waved it to show Jack at the other end of the signing. He was yelling “Jack look, look Jack, Jack, Jack” 

These guys were such sweethearts and they’re all super nice people. I also was upset last year, because I met Mark, but I never asked for a hug. When I met him at this year, I got my pax badge signed and gave him the print, he asked “Is there anything else you need form me?” I quickly said “a hug” so I finally got my hug!!

I also got to meet @wiishu​ the following day, who is super nice and such an honor to meet such an amazing artist. I also got to meet @simpleagle as well, who is also such an amazing artist.

It was such an amazing trip, I had loads of fun and I took loads of photos, but finals are coming up for me so I might not post anything right away. A huge congratulations to @foxtrot44​ and @lordminion​ for they’re engagement. I wish nothing but wonderful things and happiness for you two!!

you know, something that’s really been bothering me about the responses to my post on lady bug and cat noir is that a lot of people have been saying things like, “oh, i was excited to watch this show before now!” or “it’s too bad there’s child porn, it’s straining my relationship with the show”… 

that really bothers me because the show, even without concrete evidence of this gross nsfw, was disgusting from the beginning? like, honestly, literal child porn is NOT the only problem with this show! it’s unfortunate that a cartoon clearly made by pedophiles for pedophiles is fine with so many until i link actual nsfw.. like, really? that’s what it takes?

i made a few posts being very specific about why the show makes me sick as a csa survivor (and just as a decent person who doesn’t like seeing kids sexualized), and it got maybe around 15 notes? and that’s because people are so willing to overlook this stuff if it doesn’t fit their narrow definition of wrong (aka underage porn). 

these kids are deliberately sexualized on the show! this is media that CHILDREN are going to be digesting! it’s not like there’s no consequences in a child’s mind after seeing this!! i just feel really nauseous when i see people continue to reblog it with knowledge of what it is.. 

by doing that they’re really just enabling, endorsing, and tolerating pedophilia.. and it rly makes me sad and angry to see