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Do you think Clarke is even sexually attracted to him? I feel like we haven't see any indication of that and we need to

lol really? they set that up in season 1. Unity Day. Flat out flirting with him. 

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Look again.

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Checking. Him. Out. Smiling. Those eyes are an invitation. One that he sees, I might add, but does not accept.

And she’s spent an awful lot of time since then checking out his lips and sometimes his chest. 

She’s not SUPPOSED to want him, because he’s her partner. In season 1, they were more casual, and would to touch casually. In season 2, they hugged, but after that, they barely touched at all.  Season 3 though, really had them getting closer and closer… physically. As if they can’t help being drawn to each other. As if CLARKE can’t help being drawn to him. She is orbiting around him.

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I don’t know about how you treat your friends, but this caressing is not platonic. This is intimate, sensual and bordering on sexual. An opening. A possible invitation if someone is willing to accept it. Particularly when accompanied by meaningful eye contact, which this was. (however it went badly.)

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But this is what happened as soon as they came back together. She just shot him heart eyes and he saw them. Watch him swallow.

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She keeps touching him. Intimately. She shot him heart eyes before this one, too.

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Quick pause to check him out.

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Back to having no personal space. Is she pressed up against his chest in this scene?

I mean, what EXACTLY do you want as proof? Her to jump him? She’s not ready for that, he means too much to her, things are happening, she’s in the process of moving on. She jumped Niylah. No one’s saying she wasn’t attracted to her. There are constant indications that she finds him attractive. She really can’t stop looking at his lips. She can’t physically stay away from him.  She’s started touching his chest and shoulders and arms and hands. Who else does she touch that way? Hey, you know, she didn’t touch Lxa that way all the time before they made love. I mean there was that time she held a knife to her throat. Is that more of a sign of sexual attraction that standing 2 inches away, maintaining heavy eye contact and holding onto him? 

You want her to make a move?

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What do you think THIS is?

My thoughts on 3x21

I rewatched that scene like one thousand billion and one times
I just want HR to be happy
don’t kill our precious little puppy pleease

- love the name speed force bazooka
- “ready for zapping”
- Amnesia Barry is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a loong time
- “Bartholomew Henry Allen … that’s not a good name.”
- “Are you sure I don’t go by Bart?”
- “What’s flash?”
- “You sure the streak isn’t a better name?”
- Barry reading out loud “smiley face”
- “… the flames were VERY YELLOW.”
- “Are you like a super villain?”
- Barry checking his skin colour after Wally tells him he’s his brother
- “Barry, catch!” “He’s pathetic”
- seeing Barry so happy and light and not carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders was reaally nice though
- Killer Frost working with the team (FAMILY REUNION)
- Julian telling Caitlin he loves her AWWW
- Killer Frost turning back to Caitlin Snow for like less than a second

Samurai Jack Expectations vs Reality

Me after seeing the samurai Jack season 5 episode one: Oh man, the new is awesome so far and the daughters of Aku look great! They are probably going to be villains at first but then Jack will teach them how everything they was taught was a lie and help him fight Aku! 

Me after episode 3 of season 5: 

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Well, that just happened.  

(In all seriousness though I can’t believe what just happened! I mean I’m not even, just shocked on how the show totally did the exact opposite of what it was going to do. Seriously, the new season is awesome!) 


Isaac, can you hear me?

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Hey I've read your book 4 stuff and I find it really interesting, but Bryke have always said 3 seasons and that's it, the original premise of ATLA is defeating the Fire lord and the Gaang did just that, anything after that is just extra stuff. There's also evidence that says 3 seasons only, it's said in the ATLA documentary and in the art of animated series.

Bryke only said 3 seasons after Book 3 had started, though. By then the movie deal was made. This wasn’t something they always insisted on from the beginning, though. The I.P. Bible has 3 seasons, but things change, like Toph’s gender. The fourth season never went into any kind of production. It was just a bunch of ideas that were planned back when the show had no defined ending and the show was planned to go on longer. Even Shyamalan said that Bryke had no idea how the story was going to end or who Katara would end up with when he spoke to them to do the movies. And this was early in Book 3. So the documentary is true. It’s just not the entire story. 

Book 4 technically never existed. It isn’t wrong to say only 3 Books were concretely planned. But the important thing is that head writer had a different vision for how the story would go before the movie deal was made. That is important to fans who sensed a change in the story’s trajectory and who were unsatisfied with the way things transpired. It explains why things felt foreshadowed that led nowhere and that the episodes made after the movie deal feel so much different than the ones made before the movie deal. 

Defeating the Firelord was the main goal, but it was also bringing balance to the world. There was still plenty of stuff for the Avatar to do without just feeling like fluff. And on top of that, the character development and the relationships felt undercooked in the show and another season would fix that.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Finale Reaction


CAN I JUST EMPHASIZE HOW AMAZING THE JANE X MICHAEL WEDDING WAS ON JTV?! Especially Michael’s vows in Spanish… and the 1st dance… and Bruno Mars’ song… everything. Also the snow globe… WOW. <3

Ok, I thought I would be more worried that Michael Cordero Jr. got shot on the JTV season finale, but I’ve been surprisingly calm- probably because it just doesn’t make sense for the show to kill him off. 

First of all, the show is, ultimately, a comedy with a lot of heart. A grieving Jane (who would be a widow a few hours after her perfect wedding) would simply not fit in with this show’s whimsical and light-hearted mood, even when it is grounded in reality. Also, if (I HOPE THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN) for the *wrong reasons*, the writers plan to kill of Michael (ugh I can’t even think about that), you don’t have to worry about them pushing a Jane x Rafael pairing. Think about it- Jane chose Michael and they are head-over-heels in love… Jane wouldn’t get over Michael’s death that quickly, if ever. It doesn’t make sense to kill him off, especially to pursue a Jane x Rafael pairing… it would be too untrue to all of their characters. 

Also, Jennie Snyder Urman did mention that Jane losing her virginity is imminent, and there is absolutely no way she would do that with anyone but Michael in Season 3, especially after marrying him. Absolutely no way. 

Even though it looks like Michael was shot in the heart, Jennie Snyder Urman quickly confirmed in an interview that he was shot *near the heart*. He still has a chance of survival (a good chance, too). Also, JTV is a telenovela- anything can happen, and without much explanation, too, so it is totally believable that Michael would survive this wound.

He will probably end up in the hospital in Season 3. Hopefully they will put him in a (VERY SHORT-TERM) coma so we can see Jane expressing her feelings for him and her fear of losing him. Jane has taken Michael for granted since the beginning of the series, whereas he has almost always been there for her without fail. He fought for their relationship, respected her, and waited for her. It’s time for her to put in as much effort into their relationship as he has. I think this would be the perfect opportunity. 

If the JTV writers really wanted to rip our hearts out, they would give Michael amnesia, and not remember the wedding nor his love for Jane. This would be traumatic, both for us viewers, and for Jane, but it would provide us with an opportunity to see them fall in love all over again (similar to Peeta & Katniss’ relationship in Mockingjay). I want to see Jane fight for this relationship, just as Michael did previously. 

So, Jane the Virgin writers, don’t disappoint us. Please.


It will be about proposal and marriage this time!
So the cohabitation ended smoothly, and the MC moved back to her apartment. Starting to feel lonely without her guy, a new commercial project gives her more time with him, and it also makes her think about marriage a little…
[The prologue and Ayato’s route will be released in July.]

Well, the season may not be brought to the English market, but at least there are chances that we will get it. Still better than nothing, right?

I won’t complain or ask for more though I really love this game after season 3, because they will get married as a proper ending. I’m glad that Voltage give MLFK the chance to end like that.

New content in the Sherlock fandom:

The two years between seasons:

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The two weeks before the new season:

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so, with the recent news of Colton leaving Arrow, it’s time for Roy Harper appreciation week number 2. I was hoping this wouldn’t come so soon, but Colton and Roy both deserve a proper send out.

the week will start May 18th, the week after season 3 is over. you are free to join in whenever though! the tag is #royaw so be sure to tag whatever you make with that.

you can make just about anything: gifs, edits, fanfic, etc. just anything to appreciate Roy.

day one (May 18)- favorite arc

day two (May 19)- relationship with a male

day three (May 20)- relationship with a female

day four (May 21)- funniest moment(s)

day five (May 22)- saddest moment(s)

day six (May 23)- favorite outfit(s)

day seven (May 24)- a tribute to this wonderful kid


Get to know fangirl me meme  [9/15] Pairings: Puck&Quinn

“I know who my soulmate is, I love you, just tell me to stay, cause the truth is there is only one guy that you were every really honest with, just tell me to stay, please”


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The Perfect True Loves Kiss

This is probably one of my favourite Olicity moments in season 3 (even though it completely shattered me seconds after)

But to me, this kiss is more powerful, more emotional than any of their other scenes. (Yes, even the sex in 3x20)


I love how Oliver is literally pouring everything into this kiss. The desperation, to show Felicity how he feels in a single kiss. For a kiss to say everything that he wants to say but feels that he can’t say out loud.

It’s beautiful.

I love the way that they linger and Felicity keeps her eyes closed a second longer, and Oliver is just watching her, taking her in. Like the moment will last if they don’t move.

And I love the beam of light behind them when they pull back, sort of parallels the hug in season 2 and the idea that Felicity is Oliver’s light.

It’s stunning

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THIS is a professional and no biased article about Copenhagen Con and Alycia's part in it. Read and learn how it's done Hypable! Let's spread it Kru?! - thegeekiary(.)com/comic-con-copenhagen-highlights/38163

The main guest attraction of the Comic Con Copenhagen was of course Alycia Debnam-Carey as it was her first convention ever outside of SDCC. Her role as Commander Lexa in The 100 brought a dedicated and passionate fanbase even more though after Lexa’s fate in Season 3. While the organizers knew her to be very popular, it is clear that they did not expect that many fans. Saturday was a bit crazy. Many people did not get a photoshoot or autograph vouchers because other fans bought 5 to 10 tickets at a time. However on Sunday, to be fair, the staff enforced the rule one person = one voucher in order to give everyone a chance to meet Debnam-Carey. For her panels, the Saturday line ended being quite chaotic with one fan fainting but on Sunday, the volunteers had been briefed on how to handle the panel line and everything went smoothly. I have to say, in all the conventions I have been to, I have never seen an actor being such a big hit. She was a trooper. Having to interact with fans non-stop for 9 hours a day, two days in a row is rough.

During her panels, she showed that she clearly is an intelligent young woman with an excellent grasp on her characters and where she is at in her career. Most of her panels are easily found online but she made some comments that I thought were worth sharing. Lexa was obviously a much discussed topic as it was the first time fans had the chance to ask her questions. It was very interesting to have her more direct point-of-view regarding her role on The 100.

THIS article was actually really good! This is some good coverage on the whole convention, not just Alycia. Check it out, guys!

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So I stopped following TVD after 500 Years of Solitude. I just couldn't bear seeing Caroline with someone other than Klaus. And Katherine being gone for good. And the lack of the Mikaelsons. But then I rewatched TVD from season 1 and my heart broke for Caroline all over again seeing her insecurity, her feeling like she could never be good enough for anyone because she's not Elena ("I'm Matt's Elena back-up. I'm your Bonnie back-up"), her feeling like she's a 'kiddie pool', and I just wanted to-

(continued) -scream that, sweetheart, Klaus has ALWAYS made you his first priority and choice, he didn’t even bat an eyelid at the sight of Elena, he only sees you in every corner of his mind, he RESPECTS you, he WORSHIPS you, even more so than ‘anyone’ worships Elena, and that imagine how happy you would be right now if you’d gone with him after that 20’s dance in season 3… I can’t stop my tears.

I think that’s another reason why Klaroline was so compelling to me because Elena is allegedly the spitting image of the girl that got between Klaus and Elijah to the point that (ORIGINALLY pre-TO retcon of the Tatia storyline) Esther used the girl’s blood in the spell she used to turn her children into immortal vampires. I mean if that’s not genuine affection, falling for the best friend of the girl that broke your heart and played you and your brother, I have no idea what is!

But you pretty much summed up my feelings and opinions on everything.

It certainly would be a different show if Caroline had gone off with Klaus after the decade dance in Season 3.

Even though that prospect intrigues me, I still loved everything that happened in Season 4 (minus POINTLESS and RANDOM Klayley hook up and subsequent accidental and improbable pregnancy, ugh) particularly between Klaroline. In Season 4:

  1. Klaus acknowledged that Caroline could sway his actions (4x06 he comments how the gang “sent Caroline to sweet talk him,” 4x14 Klaus says that he showed “kindness and forgiveness” by letting Tyler get a head start and that it was “all for her,” etc…)
  2. They had their first date and it was AMAZING.
  3. Klaus hurt Caroline physically but then agonized as she lay near him slowly dying, leading him to feeding her his blood and saving her life, thereby proving that a) he can’t bear the thought of Caroline dying b) his love for Caroline is greater than his hatred of Tyler and his desire for revenge.
  4. Klaus returned just in the nick of time to save both Caroline and her friends (i.e. everyone getting tortured by the ghost witches and Damon who needed Klaus’s blood to survive)
  5. Klaus not only admitted his feelings for her, but is confident that she will choose him in the end AND he’s going to wait for her to choose him.


Klaroline is the love of my shipper heart’s life and no amount of terrible writing or ship replacements they throw at me will change that.