after school play

hey bro. wanna stop on by my house after school. play some tony hawk underground on my ps2.i got two controllers! we pick up some mountain dew livewire at 7-11. listen to some p.o.d.?

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Jin’s Biography

Liked gaming since kindergarten
The vigorous boyhood

1~2 years after being born in Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province, I moved to the neighboring Gwacheon City. My memories started from Gwacheon. I was awkward about taking photos until just before debuting, so I hardly have any childhood photo. It’s hard to find photos from back then. When you take photos, you have to stand still. I hated hearing “Wait, let’s take just one photo!” and having to stand still.

My favorite thing in kindergarten days was the popular dinosaur character game back then. We only had one game but my hyung hogged it all, so I really wanted to play it at that time. I don’t know if it’s the reason why I like games now too.

I was a vigorous child in elementary school. After school, I would go play with my friends and come back at dinner time, then do my homework and sleep. It was my routine. I had a lot of friends too. We would only play every day and not study at all (laughs). My favorite subject was Physical Education. It’s the exact opposite to now (laughs). I liked running, swimming, tennis and also golfing that my father taught me how to play. He likes snowboarding and skiing so he often takes me to the ski resort, and I started from that. Although my father frequently went on business trips, when he came home, he would play his favorite sports with me. He often took me abroad too. Japan, Europe, Australia,.. But I’m not very into travelling so it felt like I was half-forced (laughs).

I talk with my 2-year-older hyung every day. We play games together and talk about this and that, it seems like our relationship got even better than before.

Grew up to be a hesitant guy in front of the opposite sex due to going to all-boy middle & high school!?

I was too into gaming since 1st year of middle school so I didn’t go out to play (laughs). Me and my friends kept staying in the PC room to play games in summer break. 

My best friends are friends from middle school. The relationship between us four people is quite good, even after we went to study higher, we would go to the valley and play together in summer break and go snowboarding in winter break. Even now we still contact each other every day and contend for each other’s old men’s jokes (laughs)

In terms of music, I liked Lee Seunggi sunbaenim’s ‘Delete’, KCM sunbaenim’s ‘Black & White Photos’ and Turtles sunbaenim’s ‘Airplane’. I also listen to Buzz sunbaenim’s music often so I like rock ballad even until now.

Since I went to all-boy school for both middle and high school, I had absolutely no contact with girls for 6 years. Even after going to university, I still couldn’t look into girls’ eyes. I would drop my eyes low and “Hey, how’s it going?” (laughs). I met an easy-going friend in university so he mended that manner too. He hit me and said “I told you to look in the eyes and talk!”… But still, I fit in better with guys (laughs).

The path to become a singer through scouting
Currently taking music composing with seriousness!

In 1st year of high school, my dream was to become a newspapers reporter to stand by the second-class citizens’ side. I used to read newspapers articles every day. The dream of becoming an actor was born in my 2nd year, after watching Kim Namgil-ssi in the drama ‘Queen Seondeok’. I was touched and thought that, I wanted to make people cry with my acting too. So I entered the Film Major in university .

3 months after entering, I was scouted and became a trainee. The rapper line was in the company already, and Jungkook joined 2 days after me. I came into the practice room and saw a kid with eyes like Bambi standing, I asked ‘…Who is this?’ and he stood up and said ‘Oh! My name is Jeon Jungkook!’. Even when I told him ‘Sit down,’ he said ‘Oh no! I’m okay!’ (laughs). The one with deepest first impression would be Namjoon who was practicing dancing. It was my first time seeing someone practicing dancing since I was born, so I thought ‘Wow, he’s a trainee. Cool.’

As I trained, I went to eat with other trainees as well and enjoyed my trainee life. I liked dancing back then. But after debuting, I heard people saying ‘He can’t dance’ so I lost my confidence… Despite that, thanks to ARMYs who always tell me ‘It’s cute’, ‘You did a great job’, I regained my confidence and now, it seems like I can dance.

My life right now is great, and I’m satisfied with being in BTS. My interest in music started after I met the members. Back in debut days, I couldn’t even think I can write songs. Thanks to the influence from our members, I’m now continuing to write songs. Even though they aren’t at the level of being put into albums yet, I got good responses and am working hard right now.

If someday the chance comes, I want to try acting. V is doing that now so I’m happy with it. Compared to acting,  I want to improve my skills in singing and performing more. It’s physically draining but I feel the joy in it.

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↳Belle in Kingdom Hearts II

GTA V - Deadline
  • Jeremy: Oh, it's not looking good for me, Gav. You're probably gonna be in my spot.
  • Jeremy: I'm dead.
  • Gavin: Oh, really? I wanna play with you, though!
  • Jeremy: It's not gonna happen, Gavin.
  • Gavin: Maybe we'll just never play with each other.
  • Ryan: Tumblr would be sad.
  • Gavin: Hey, you know what, Jeremy? Come over to my house after school and we'll play together!
  • Ryan: Now Tumblr's very happy.
school with jungkook

- both of u first meeting each other cause u are both the star pupils in the class
- FIGHTING to be the #1 teacher’s pet
- #POWERcouple
- you finding out his weaknesses like how he sucks at English and making fun of him for it
- spending all of class time together and breaks together like there is NO time people see you apart
- him always low-key but not really low-key checking you out in class
- always waiting for you when you are still packing up after each of your classes
- smiling to himself when he sees you talking to yourself
- always inviting you over after school to play video games at his house and you always going because he gets so excited when you say yes

Oikawa: Tomorrow we’re playing volleyball in gym
Iwaizumi: Really?
Hanamaki: Oh boy~
Matsukawa: G’luck
Oikawa: Frankly, volleyball just isn’t interesting without all of you guys~
Oikawa: ´・_・`
Iwaizumi: I’ve thought that before too
Matsukawa: Can’t be helped if it’s gym class
Hanamaki: After school you can play with everyone else, so just bear it
Oikawa: (´・ω・`)

First Experience

My first sexaul encounter was when I was about 12. I went to my mates house after school and was playing in his room when his younger sister came into the room and started playing with us. After a short time the conversation turned to if you show me yous I’ll show you mine. The three of us got naked and I was so surprised that she had hair and I didn’t because she was younger than me mind you this is the fist naked girl I had seen. My mate said that they do this all the time so I just went along for the ride. She got us to lay on the floor and she rub,licked and sucked our dicks. She then got on the floor and got me to put my cock into her pussy I was so nervous it just slid in her. Her brother and I took turns in fucking her. At one point she was on top of me and her brother was licking her pussy and sucking my dick. I was like OMG but it was so good I just went with it. After that I had lots of sleep overs at my mates house. We also use to sneak in and watch his mum and dad fuck well not sneaking in because hey would leave the door open. His mum was always waking around the house top less. I must admit I had a awesome 6 months till we moved away

it’s not weird if you’re his #1 priest

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