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I don’t mean to get all “90s kid” on everyone, but it just occurred to me that there are now a sizable number of people on the internet who don’t remember what it was like when Pokemon was everywhere.

Like, obviously Pokemon is still very popular, but I mean it was everywhere. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s there was not a single goddamn square foot of human civilization that didn’t have Pokemon on it.

You could wake up in the morning, slide out from under your Pokemon blanket, and go to the kitchen to eat some Pokemon marshmallow cereal and a Pokemon pop-tart. Then you get driven to school while listening to the Pokemon soundtrack CD your parents have very graciously allowed you to play in the car for the past three months.

It’s classtime. You’re doodling pictures of Pokemon inside your Pokemon notebook. You crush the lead on your Pokemon pencil with the Pokemon pencil topper, so you borrow a Pokemon pencil sharpener from your friend, who pulls it out of her Pokemon backpack with Pokemon keychains on it.

Time for lunch. Your lunchbox? Pokemon, of course, though you can hardly see it underneath all the Pokemon stickers you’ve plastered over it. Inside you find a Pokemon fruit roll-up, a pb&j sandwich made with jelly from a collectible Pokemon jelly jar, and a box of apple juice. (The apple juice is not Pokemon-themed, but your mother has drawn a crude approximation of a Bulbasaur on it, because she loves you.)

Then recess, glorious recess. Half the kids run around the playground, pretending to either be wild Pokemon or Team Rocket members. The other half bring out their Pokemon cards. Anyone who hasn’t brought their own alternates between discussing Pokemon card strategy and how excited they are for the upcoming Pokemon movie (so excited.) Somewhere in the back of your mind you notice Kevin isn’t here, but rumor is he managed to smuggle in an entire Game Boy and is hiding in the middle of the playground structure.

School’s out. You read your Pokemon Handbook in the car on the way to get some after-school fast food, with which you get one of an astounding number of Pokemon toys. Back home, you watch one of your favorite Pokemon episodes on tape (they’re all your favorite) and color in your Pokemon coloring book. Your parents, sophisticated adults that they are, read the lastest issue of Time magazine - which has a Pokemon cover story.

Then you have Pokemon-shaped macaroni and cheese for dinner, brush your teeth with a Pokemon toothbrush, and cuddle your Pokemon stuffed animals as you fall asleep.


Brain: Bitch don’t do it.

Me: ….

Brain: Don’t -

Me: Hey guys, this is a new character. Their name is Nav, they’re a tattoo artist, possessed by a spirit of Ingenuity and they have a cute girlfriend named Dria -


Me: I haven’t even gotten to the tragic backstory -

Brain: ENOUGH.

IB Tips

Hey guys! Those of you who follow me know I’m a senior in the IB program at school. Over break I was reflecting on all the things I’ve learned over my years in IB classes that help me succeed and I decided to share these tips with you guys to help out any fellow IB students.


- Make a summarized study guide after each unit. This will come in handy for practice IB tests and the actual IB exam at the end of senior year. You will have a couple pages per unit to study instead of combing through all your notes from 2 years of curriculum. Trust me it’ll make studying easier

- For in class essays bring your own watch so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock

- Give yourself 10-15 minutes to outline your response to an in class essay before jumping in. This helps organize your thoughts and the essay is written in a way where the grader can understand your ideas much easier

- For classes like English and foreign languages participate in class. This is the best way to practice your speaking skills for the exam. The people who participate in class almost always do better than those who don’t.

- Always do practice problems from the IB textbooks (especially math) because there will be extremely similar questions on your test and the IB exam

- For history and science classes create a list of essential terms and define them for yourself. These will help you recall info during a test. (In my school our history department would decide our essential terms and we would find the date definitions context and significance of these terms. This really helps for essays)

- Read and reread the material for your English class. Once for the general plot and another time for actual analysis. It’s too hard to do both at once

- For paper 2’s in English memorize a few scenes from each novel that you deem important and then integrate those into your essay. There is no way you’re going to remember every scene in two entire novels. (While you’re at it, memorize a few key quotes form each novel it will show you have a deeper understanding of the texts and boost your score)


- Make sure you choose an Extended Essay topic that you enjoy. You’re never going to want to write 3,000 plus words on a subject that you have no interest in. There are some subjects that seem easier to write on but it will be just as hard to write on those subjects if you don’t pick a topic you’re passionate about

- Don’t pick an Extended Essay Topic that you haven’t taken as an IB class. Chances are you won’t know how to write a formal paper in this subject and this can lose you major points.

- DO NOT write the entire thing in one day. It’s not possible and you will end up with a terrible grade.

- Talk to your supervisor multiple times. Email them over the summer while you work on it or even skype them. It’s their job you’re not bothering them. They are there to help you.

- Don’t pick a supervisor who has never taught an IB class before. They will not know how to help you write at an IB level and in the way that IB wants you to structure an EE.


- If you take TOK after school always bring extra food or set up a system with your class to bring food because I guarantee you will be hungry if you stay after for the extra hour and a half

- Participate!!! You can’t get graded if you don’t talk in a seminar based class like TOK. It doesn’t matter what you say, just talk. I promise you that it will make a difference and you will start to improve if you keep doing it .

- Don’t worry, everyone is just as lost as you are. TOK is extremely confusing, complicated, and mind boggling. It’s philosophy, it’s supposed to be like that. Enjoy it because there’s not
other class that will make you question your entire existence.


- Make sure you buy/borrow the sources early because they might not come in time if you don’t

- When doing research, read the abstract first (fully don’t skim). T his will give you a good idea as to what the source is arguing and you can decide if it’ll be beneficial to you before trying to skim through 200 plus pages of work

- Don’t try and write it all in one day you need to do an adequate amount of research to get a good grade and it will be obvious to your teacher if you haven’t done enough research

- Your teachers often times have a lot of sources you can use for your paper. Ask them what they have on your topic before you go out to buy your own sources

So that’s all the tips I’ve accumulated so far! I hope this helps any current and future IB students. Good luck!!

high school losers hc’s

@eddiekasp and @eddiesbadbreak helped a lot with this and i love them

- all seven of the losers would sign up for a class that literally no one else takes so they would have at least one class all together

- bev and richie take theatre all four years and bev heads up the costume and makeup crews and richie always gets comedic roles in the shows

- bill plays football and baseball, and mike plays football too, but the other losers are more hyped about football season. they come to every game and richie is a student section leader and flag boy

- one of the game’s student theme is jersey theme and stan wears bill’s letterman jacket

- stan runs for student council and all of the losers help with his campaign and he ends up winning

- richie and eddie have biology together and they sit in the back at the same lab table and richie doodles all over eddie ( @eddiekasp has a post abt this gO READ IT)

- all of the losers would come to every play and musical that richie is in and eddie brings him flowers and afterwards when they are taking pictures, eddie is CHEESING SO HARD

- stan plays on the baseball team for his sophomore and junior year with bill and they have so much fun. they throw the ball with each other during lunch while the other losers lounge near by and chat with them.

- eddie will always run lines with richie either for his auditions or the show itself and he always reads them without any voice inflection and it makes richie laugh

- they carpool with each other a lot

- they all have “study sessions” around finals which are really just them avoiding studying at all costs

- in the classes they have together, they have a system to help each other out with answers during tests through a series of foot taps and arm stretches

- ben runs track and bev comes to every meet and cheers for him the loudest

- ben convinced richie to join track because he has so much energy and eddie gets super happy that richie is doing something healthy

- richie comes home from every meet and practice so exhausted and he conks out all curled up next to eddie

- one day per semester they will have a skip day and drive into bangor for a fun time

- a dumb senior tries to pick a fight with richie on the first day of school one year and richie just turns around and lays that boy out in the middle of the cafeteria and no one messes with him for months

- richie and eddie skip class sometimes and bum around either the empty locker rooms or auditorium

- mike gets sick for like a straight week and the losers go see him every day after school and bring him food and his school work

- during pep rallies, richie is the one who leads all the cheers and he announces all of the football players in one of his big, booming voices

- everyone loves richie

- when it isn’t track season, ben takes part in model un and youth leg

- eddie is in HOSA and DECA and richie gets super sad when eddie has to leave for state/national competitions

- eddie also takes art and sketching class with bev and for one project he does a portrait of richie and it turns out AMAZING and richie sees it at Arts Night and tears up

- mike is super good at algebra and geometry and tutors for some extra cash

- one time the teacher left the room and richie called a pizza place and ordered lunch from the teacher’s phone then got detention 

- bev is in debate club and she absolutely kills her competition with her quick wit and killer outfits


So to start my journey I have to set rules for me.
1. 3 L of water a day
2. Never eat after 17:00
3.Go to Gym every Monday, Thursday, Tuesdays, Friday.
4. Exercise every morning
5. Go to bed at 11pm always
6. Wake up early
7. Never eat fatty stuff
8. No sugar
9. No red meat
10. Never more than 1000 cal.
11. Only Vegetables, some fruit and protein joghurt with low fat.
12. In the morning and after school food.
13. Drink only black coffee, green tee and water.
14. Take cold showers

[Might add some rules later]

Trimberly Short Fic

Based on the prompt:

“I borrowed your pen and it’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t returned it because every time I talk to you, I am reminded of the massive fucking crush I have on you which always ends up leaving me speechless” AU courtesy of daeguarchives

read it on AO3

She knows it’s been long overdue and at this point she practically owns the damn thing, but Trini can’t seem to bring herself to return the pink and silver ballpoint pen back to its rightful owner.

Twirling it skillfully in hand, the bland monotone voice of their history teacher - who Trini’s fairly certain is just a clone of Ben Stein - drones on in the background of her daydreams as images of Kimberly vividly flashes in her mind. Her sarcastic gibes, no holds barred attitude, and a smile so positively radiant that it can cure cancer (it’s a scientific fact) Kimberly is by all means everything that Trini didn’t even know she wanted in life.

And now she’s everything she needs.

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Breakfast Run video, part 2

Eric Jackson said in his interview that they were filming at least part of the video at his house, located at 7259 W Laurel Pl.

Compare the houses:

Dylan running from Eric Jackson’s house to Dustin Gorton’s car from the video:

(What used to be) Eric Jackson’s house:

They then went to Burger King at 6797 W Ottawa Ave.  

First they went down Laurel Place to Fairview Drive, which turns into Webster Street (that’s the suburbs for you!), then turned right onto Ken Caryl Avenue, then left onto Pierce Street, finally right onto Ottawa Avenue to the Burger King.  (This route is fairly obvious from the landmarks seen in the video, if one is familiar with them.)

Turning from Webster St. to Ken Caryl Ave.  Note the big pile of snow on the ground even in late April!

Same approximate location on Ken Caryl Avenue in the summer–pretty dull, really, not much to see but trees and wood fencing…

Turning from Ken Caryl Ave. onto Pierce St.  Note the bank on the corner.

Same corner:

The restaurant is roughly about a mile (1.5 km) from Columbine High School.

After getting their food, they continued north along Pierce St. to Columbine at 6201 S Pierce St.

Columbine is visible on the left.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the suburban Littleton/Columbine area with your guides Dylan Klebold, Dustin Gorton, Eric Jackson (and me, I guess…).

ex-boyfriend! hwang minhyun

okay but this starts out p soft and then the ending hits you like BAM

also, this is basically a dramatized version of what minhyun told us about his “relationship” on ht3

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.56k

Originally posted by junior-royalz

  • you and minhyun take the same bus to and from school 
  • the two of you are in neighboring classrooms but have never talked before
  • not because you dont like each other but because you just haven’t had a proper chance to introduce yourselves to each other and talk with one another
  • that changed when the two of you were headed to school one day
  • there were no seats on the bus when you got on
  • you were carrying a large box full of clothes and props that were going to be used for a dance performance later that week
  • it wasn’t that heavy, but holding onto the box and not the handles above were definitely not a good choice
  • minhyun saw you struggling to balance yourself as the bus moved
  • and he got up and gave you his seat
  • “y/n you can sit here” he said as he tapped your shoulder
  • you jumped from the sudden contact but noded shyly and sat down with the box of your lap
  • minhyun grabbed onto the handle above and scrolled through his phone for the rest of the ride
  • when the two of you got off the bus, you nodded at minhyun one last time before you run into the building
  • and minhyun just chuckled to himself bc that was cute
  • you were cute
  • during a break at dance practice, you get a message from an unknown number
  • so you showed your friend and her eyes widened when she saw the id
  • “oh my god prince minhyun messaged you first?” she asked and she grabbed your phone
  • you took it back from her and stared at the message
  • “i hope your dance practice is going well.”
  • “ah this is minhyun by the way. the guy who gave you a seat on the bus.”
  • “do you by any chance want to get food after school together?”
  • you and your friend were supposed to go shopping together afrer school
  • so you begin to type and apology
  • but she’s like
  • “are you crazy bUTCH LEAVE ME AND GO ON A DATE WITH MINHYUN i can shop alone lol”
  • get you a friend like her
  • so now you’re sitting inside a cafe with minhyun
  • the two of you aren’t talking and just sip at your drinks quietly
  • it’s so awkward you want to blurt out anything to break the silence, but you choose not to bc ur shy
  • the food comes out a few minutes later
  • and minhyun takes his fork and spoon and mixes he pasta together before putting some onto your plate
  • you look over to minhyun and give him a shy smile
  • and he smiles back at you
  • the two of you eat in silence
  • he walks you back home after your mini date is over
  • you part ways with a simply “good night”
  • but
  • you and minhyun spend the night texting each other on kkt about school, life, and dreams
  • talking to him over kkt is so much easier than in real life omg
  • he feels that way too
  • you send each other cute stickers and emojis that make the both of you laughing every minute or so
  • at school the next day, you and minhyun run into each other in the halls, but don’t say anything to each other
  • your friend nudges you but you shake your head at her
  • minhyun waves at you and then ducks into his classroom
  • and you do the same even though you know he can’t see it and honestly your friend is so done with you
  • “was the date that bad?” she asked when you got inside
  • you dont get the chance to answer bc you’re bombarded with questions from other kids in your class and a few kids from other classes who are passing by
  • “are you and minhyun dating?" 
  • “what happened yesterday at the cafe??" 
  • "did you confess first or didn’t minhyun confess first???”
  • there’s literally this one girl who’s all up in your face
  • “why does minhyun like you though?”
  • and you’re low key offended because hey your not that bad of a person
  • you’re just quiet and don’t know how to respond to people sometimes
  • before you can say something, the bell rings and all of you scramble into your seats
  • during break you and minhyun run into each other again
  • this time he asks if you want to meet up at the mall
  • and you glance over to your friend, who gives you a thumbs up
  • so you say yes and another awkward date ensues
  • this time it’s at the movies
  • you and minhyun sit beside each other at the theater
  • he tries to do the classic “yo im gonna yawn and casually put my arm around your shoulder” move
  • but the moment he tries to
  • you turn around
  • and minhyun retracts his hand so fast you could feel a breeze from it
  • “minhyun?”
  • he doesn’t turn his head
  • “don’t say anything.”
  • he walks you home again and the two of you just leave things at “good night”
  • you two don’t talk that night
  • as a matter of fact, you don’t talk for a few days bc he’s so embarrassed over what happened
  • you miss ranting about teachers with him and talking about dumb stuff you’ve done before
  • so at school, you work up the courage to invite him to watch you and a few other peers rehearse your routine
  • and he’s mesmerized when he sees you dance
  • you look like a radiant goddess when you open the fan in ur hand
  • and the way you smile makes his heart go oof
  • the two of you go out to eat street food afterwards and just have a great time
  • minhyun walks you home for the third time, but the two of you just say the usual “goodbye” or “good night”
  • when you’re getting ready for bed, you unlock your phone and see this really long message from minhyun that makes your heart beat and a smile form on your face
  • “i’m not really good at expressing my feelings and i’m way too shy to say this in person, but i would really like it if we could be more than friends. i like spending time with you :)”
  • and that’s how you and minhyun became boyfriend and girlfriend
  • the two of you are still super awkward around each other in real life though
  • you’re pretty sure minhyun has never even held your hand
  • hugging is out of the question
  • you honestly don’t mind though
  • you’re perfectly fine with just texting him at night and calling him as the two of you do homework together
  • he visits you when you have practice and brings drinks for you or some energy bars
  • but before you can do anything to thank him
  • minhyun is ready to bolt outta there bc he sees the other dancers smirking at him and he’s all shy now
  • but then he notices one guy in particular that’s not smirking at him but glaring as he’s leaving
  • so now minhyun is wondering if he offended kim seungjin in any way
  • when it’s your one month anniversary with minhyun
  • you pack your bag as soon as dance practice is over and head over to minhyun’s classroom where he’s waiting for you
  • you run upstairs to find your boyfriend, and seungjin was racing down the same staircase to prevent you from overhearing the conversation
  • you blaze right past him, skipping two steps at a time
  • and he did a double take before he ran after you
  • it was too late
  • when he grabbed your shoulder to pull you back from the direction of the classroom, you had already heard enough of what the kids from class 3-2 had to say
  • “…hat he’s only dating y/n so people can’t make fun of him for being a motae solo anymore.”
  • “damn that’s harsh. is that why they never hug or hold hands or whatever? because minhyun is just using her?”
  • “who knows. either way, she’s gonna end up heartbroken.”
  • you swing the door wide open with tears in your eyes
  • “tell him know that i know and we’re done”
  • you run into seungjin on the way out
  • and you look up at him
  • he’s mad
  • oh kim seungjin is really really mad
  • if he sees minhyun, he’s gonna punch him
  • outside the school, minhyun is waiting with a gift bag and a small bouquet of flowers
  • you run past him and to the bus stop two blocks away from school
  • seungjin sees minhyun checking his watch
  • the dancer grabs minhyun’s shoulder and digs his thumb into minhyun’s shoulder blade
  • that really hurts btw i used to do it to ppl lol and they all say it hurts
  • “hwang minhyun, you’re a fucking asshole for playing with y/n like that”
  • seungjin leaves to look for you
  • and minhyun is left standing there with an aching shoulder, his eyes wide at what seungjin said
  • the first thing he does is call you to see where you are
  • he’s ready to hang up when you don’t pick up after the fourth ring
  • but he hears your voice before he ends the call
  • “y/n! we need to talk. it’s not what you think!”
  • you let out a sarcastic laugh
  • “fuck you minhyun. fuck you for making me fall in love with you and then breaking my heart. i fucking hate you”
  • and the call ends
Big Brother

Anon Prompt: “Hey! Could I get a jugx sister!reader where he finds out she’s having a hard time at school with the other kids and has been for awhile but she didn’t want him to worry about her or look at her as weak, and then he finds her getting picked on by a football player and he goes off on them?”

A/N: You sure can!

Sometimes you hated the fact that your Mom had taken Jellybean with her instead of you and Jughead; leaving you with your alcoholic father.

It broke your heart that you were left behind but you knew you had to stay for Jughead, who had decided to take care of F.P and make sure he was okay while your Mom made sure Jellybean was safe.
You were family and that’s what you did, you stayed together no matter what.

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  • me: *sees markjin being cute af as the last moment from the ASC livestream*
  • me: *is blessed*

anonymous asked:

55. Share a relationship story.

Wellllll i don’t have any interesting ones but heres a story to offer a lesson:

so i was like 17 and i started talking to this boy at school and it was September and i lived in NY.

we played tennis after school, we got food together, we cracked jokes and he was a cool guy overall (and he was very pretty)..

so one day he invited me to his house after school so I’m like okay (i lived in Jamaica queens and thats where the school was) and I’m going to get on the Q7 and he like “wyd i live in Brooklyn” so i get nervous but i go with him.

We get to the house and his mama not home so he fixing me a snack and shit and I’m on the couch waiting. He sit by me and is like “why u all the way over there” and i was like damn i don’t like where this is going but i let him come closer.

Next thing i know his lips is on me and his tongue down my damn throat and I’m just like damn I’m not feeling this, i wonder what flavor chicken wings those are on the table. So he’s asking me if i wanna have sex and I’m like not really but do u even have condoms and he said he’d just pull out and it’s no big deal.

I didn’t know how to respond so i just started eating the wings and told him i just wanted to be friends and he was acting like i ripped his spirit away.. i took my metro card and book bag and a few wings and went home… he was still tryna get me to get serious with him come to find out he got a gf he been with for over a year smh

Important For Victims of Emotional Child Abuse

You may notice me reblogging many things about child abuse. The reason why: I have been emotionally abused and neglected of love/affection/praise by my parents for years and didn’t notice because I thought it was normal. I though daily panic attacks and migraines so intense you wanted to take your own life due to the weight of expectations placed upon you because you just weren’t good enough was normal. I thought parents only praising you when you did something extreme like a 20000 scholarship, and even then mostly for bragging purposes, was normal. I thought that parents who’s “conversations” with you that solely consisted of orders, criticizing, rants, dismissive questions they felt obligated to ask, or talking about “I” and what they did were normal. Why? Because isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Look at them, complaining about parenting when the person over there is getting hit. Its what people these days do, they can’t accept real life. (This is not meant as a dismissive statement towards physical abuse, btw).

This is not normal.

This, my dear friends, is child abuse. This is emotionally scarring and disabling. This causes depression, anxiety, trust issues, behavioral disorders. This cause people to be completely unaccepting of any compliments, because they still could have done it better.

Keep in mind, abuse doesn’t always happen 24/7. The person that makes you food after school, asks you about your day, laughs with you and takes you on trips can be the same person that walks in your room just to point out all the things wrong with it, who overloads you with responsibilities and forgets to praise, who makes excuses when you confront them, who deprives you of a safe space. 

Thats another thing: you deserve a safe place. You deserve a place where you can be alone. What you don’t deserve is getting yelled at for spending a lot of time in there because you need to get away from your parents. You down deserve getting told “they finally came out of their room” because you needed to hide and tell yourself you’re worth something.

You don’t deserve being manipulated into feeling bad about making use of your safe space. You don’t deserve getting accused of constantly arguing with your parents when all you say is “ok”. You don’t deserve getting humiliated in public because thats when they decided to point out you smell or your hair looks greasy. You don’t deserve to feel ashamed of yourself at the hands of your parents. You don’t deserve excuses for their actions, when all you need to belted is “sorry”. You down deserve to be yelled at when you’re having a panic attack because you had borrowed something. You don’t deserve having you excitement washed away because they just need to point out a chore you missed. That is not okay.

You deserve to feel safe, to feel loved, even when they are disappointed. You deserve to be praised, and told how good you look that day. You deserve to be loved without making them do it. You deserve to wake up an know you are worth the world, and the world is worth you. you deserve to feel allowed to be happy, excited, or proud. You deserve it.

tl;dr: Emotional child abuse is not okay in any sense of the word and being loved and appreciated is a must.

Please spread this for people that need help.

Used To Pt. 1 ( V or Jungkook)

Genre: Angst 

Part One Two Three Four(soon)

 "YA Taehyung!“ You screamed, hitting his arm after he scared you. "What was that for?” He pouted, pretending to be innocent. You glared at him, “Don’t pretend Kim Taehyung." 

The boy just gave you the usual toothy grin and low giggle that made you like your best friend. "Sorry (y/n).” He said cutely like a child. Who wouldn’t forgive him after saying it like that? 

You smiled and he pinched your cheeks, “Your smile suits you much better. But you still look cute when you glare.” He squished ur cheeks to make you form a fishy face. 

You and Taehyung had been classmates for the first year and you guys clicked almost immediately. But it was mostly thanks to Taehyung being a very friendly person. He could click with anyone and that’s what you liked a lot about him. 

“So I was thinking about food after school?” Taehyung suggested as you guys walked to your first class on your first day. 

“Excited for the second year?” “Second year of college woohoo. New modules, love it!” You sarcastically answered and he laughed. “And here I thought you would like college in your second year." 

"Do you not know me well enough Tae? I’m hurt." You frowned and he pouted, putting his arms around your shoulder to comfort you. Whenever he did that you felt your heartbeat quicken from being so close to him. 

"I’m sorry (y/n), please turn that frown upside down.” He grinned at you and you couldn’t help but to return the smile. The first day went by smoothly since the both of you didn’t have that many modules to take on the first day. 

“Let’s go I’m starving.” You grumbled as the two of you left your last lecture. “So that was loud noise I kept hearing. Your tummy grumbling!” He teased you and you poked his sides. “Ha. Ha. Very funny." 

Over lunch, the two of you were talking about how your holidays went and you were more than happy to see Taehyung again. "I missed seeing you everyday surprisingly.” You admitted as you took a sip from your drink. 

Taehyung smiled happily and nodded his head, “I missed you a lot too (y/n). I was very excited to come back to school because I get to see you again!” You felt a blush creep up your cheeks as you smiled at him. 

“Oh (y/n).” He suddenly shook his head with a low chuckle. 

“What is it?” You frowned. Taehyung looked up and took a tissue to wipe the sauce from your chin. “You’re in college but you still don’t know how to eat properly?" 

This time your face went red from embarrassment as you looked away, "Hmph. Don’t tease me." 

The boy laughed loudly, "That was too cute (y/n), how can I stop teasing you?” You looked back at the boy who looked genuinely happy to be with you and it just made your heart melt. He was basically the main reason why you loved going to school. 

Of course you didn’t know that he felt the same way too. 

The next day when you entered your first module class, you spotted someone familiar. “Hae Rin?” You said, feeling happy to see an old friend. The two of you used to be close until you got separated in your first year. You guys stopped talking to whole year and you felt really upset but that was also when Taehyung came into the picture and became your closest friend and crush. 

“(y/n)! I didn’t know you were going to take this extra module this year!” “Yea I was contemplating if I should actually.” You said as the two of you hugged. “Anyway,” you patted Taehyung’s arm, “This is Taehyung. Taehyung, this is Hae Rin." 

Taehyung already heard of Hae Rin since you had told him about your ex best friend. You never knew the reason why you guys drifted apart but you were glad your were in the same class with her again. 

"Do you want to join us?” You asked eagerly. Hae Rin grinned, “Id love to!” “Am I going to feel like a third wheel from now on?” He joked and the two of you laughed. 

Third wheel. 

He was right that someone was going to feel like a third wheel. 

But he was wrong that it was going to be him. 

 Taehyung and Hae Rin were laughing as they exited the lecture hall and you eyed the two. 

“What’s so funny?” You asked. 

Hae Rin flicked her wrist as if to dismiss the issue, “It was just something we were talking about during lecture." 

 "Ah I see…” Your voice drifted off as the two went to reenact the situation they were laughing about. 

 That wasn’t the only time you felt left out. In fact, there were many times that you couldn’t even count. 

 "Anyway, we’ll see you tomorrow!“ Hae Rin suddenly spoke and the two of them walked off. 

 "W-Wait where are y'all going…” Your voice lowered as you realised the two walked away without looking back at you. Not even Taehyung. And that made you feel horrible. 

 "Alright bye guys.“ You muttered as you decided to go to the library to do your work to get your mind off of things. 

 "Ah just great…” You whispered irritatedly to yourself as you walked around the fully-filled library. There were many students doing their work that day and not a single empty table was available, that meant you had to share. You didn’t like the idea of that since it felt awkward for you but you didn’t want to go home either. 

 As you walked around to try and spot a familiar face, you finally saw one. “Hey… Jungkook right? Mind if I sit here?” The boy looked up and shook his head, “No go ahead.” He gestured to the empty seat across you. 

Jungkook had the same timetable as the three of you but he had his own clique so you guys never really conversed before. You took out your notebook and notes and started writing what you messily took down during lecture so that you could have better notes to refer to in the future. 

Well, to be more specific— you tried to. 

In reality, you were distracted by the painful thoughts in your head. Why did Taehyung and Hae Rin go out without you? Where did they go? Why didn’t Hae Rin invite you? Why didn’t Taehyung invite you? Did he replace you with Hae Rin? Were you insignificant to both of them already? 

 "Are you alright?“ 

 "Huh?” You looked up to see Jungkook who had his eyebrows raised in concern. 

“You look like you’re about to snap your pen in half.” He chuckled a bit, leaning back slightly, “If you’re having a hard time understanding that chapter you can always ask me, it’s pretty simple." 

 You scoffed, "You don’t even come for lectures do you?” “Oh you noticed?” He leaned forward, resting his head on one of his hand. You raised an eyebrow at him, “Don’t get too cocky, our teachers marks the attendance stupid." 

 "She does?” Jungkook asked in disbelief and you smirked, “Way to go genius. Good luck on pulling your attendance up.” You shook your head and looked back at your notes. 

 It was silent again before Jungkook whispered, “Then why were you so angry?”  

“I wasn’t.” You replied curtly, trying your best to focus on reading your notes. 

“Right, and I love going to lectures. We aren’t playing the lying game (y/n), I was just asking—" 

 "And i’m just trying to study.” You snapped in a harsh whispered tone which shocked him. 

You sighed, “I’m sorry Jungkook. I didn’t mean to. I’m just not in a good mood okay?” Jungkook nodded his head and you looked back down only to be interrupted once more. 

“If you’re not in a good mood, you’re in no shape to study. Let’s go.” Jungkook stood up, grabbing his bag. 

 "And i’m supposed to just follow you because…?“ "Because we’re friends as of now. So let’s go.” Jungkook smiled and you shrugged, you guessed it was a slightly better way to get your minds off of things. 

 "So… Where are your other friends?“ Jungkook asked as you guys walked to one of the cafes your college campus had. 

"Other friends?” You asked, looking down at your feet even though you knew who he was referring to. 

 "You know… Hae Rin and Taehyung?“ 

 "Oh… They're… They’re busy today." 

 "Even when their best friend is in a bad mood?” Jungkook asked, “If I was in a bad mood Yugyeom and Jimin would definitely be there and vice versa." 

 You shrugged, "They had other plans today." 

 "Together?” He asked and you shrugged one more time. 

It didn’t take much for Jungkook to piece your answers and reactions together but he decided it wasn’t good to bring it up since he figured that was the reason why you were in a bad mood. “If you ever feel like shit again, you can always hang out with me from now on.” Jungkook offered as he opened the cafe door for you. 

 "That’s really nice of you Jungkook but it’ll be bad of me to ditch the two—" You stopped talking as you watched through the glass door Taehyung and Hae Rin walking around laughing with each other and having a great time. Jungkook followed where you were looking and realised what it was that stopped you from talking. That used to be me, you thought to yourself. 

 He turned around to get your attention but you suddenly spoke, “I’m really not in the mood for—" 

 "That’s nonsense. You need to take your mind off of things. Cake?” He suggested and you smiled slightly. “Well I love food." 

 Jungkook grinned, "That’s right.” The two of you ditched studying to head to the cafe beside the library and it just so happened that Taehyung and Hae Rin decided to take a break from their giggling session. 

 "(y/n)!… And Jungkook?“ Hae Rin greeted you, sending you a suggestive wink. Even though you were jealous that she had replaced you, you couldn’t feel angry at her and that upset you. 

 "Oh hey guys… I didn’t know y'all were hanging out around campus.” You replied, trying to ignore the painful feeling that was growing inside you. 

 "And I didn’t know you were close to Jungkook?“ Taehyung raised his eyebrow. 

 "Oh actually we don't—" 

 "We just don’t spend a lot of time together since we have our own cliques.” Jungkook interrupted, draping his arm over your shoulder. Taehyung could feel his muscles tense up as he watched the other boy stay so close to you. 

It used to be him. And only him. 

 "Anyway you guys continue on with your date.“ Jungkook winked and pulled you away from two. 

 "Date?” Hae Rin whispered to herself, her heart fluttering though she tried to ignore the feeling. 

 He was jealous. 

 Taehyung was jealous that you seemed to be close to another guy from your module and that made his mood turn sour. 

“Tae? What are you having?" 

 Date… That’s right, he was on a date. He tried to convince himself to forget that you were hanging out with Jungkook. 

 "You good?” Jungkook leaned on his arms. 

You glanced at the two who were looking through the menu. 

 "I will be…" 

 ——— Part Two Three Four(soon)

 So there may or may not be a part 2, depending if you guys want a second part :) So if you do pls tell me! thank you! i hope you liked it!


dancing in the street

pairing: bambam x reader
genre/warning: no warning. fluffy time. 
word count: 576
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘barcelona’ from his new album divide.
a/n: this one was fun to write. can you imagine bambam taking you home with him? end me. 

“We’re almost there!” BamBam squeals next to you. You glance out the window to see Thailand spread out below you. BamBam looks like a little boy, the way he gets excited. He turns to you, his face a bright ray of sunshine. “You’re going to love it.” This is your first time visiting Thailand, and BamBam is ready to show off his homeland to you.

He rushes you through the airport, so he can stand on the soil of his country. He spins around his arm stretched wide. You stand a few feet away, laughing at how cute your boyfriend is. He stops spinning and whips around to face you. He pulls out his phone and points it toward you. You take a step back and try to fix your hair. “Bam, we just got off the plane I look like a mess.”

“You look perfect. Now smile, I want to take a picture of my favorite person in my favorite place.” You blush and smile reflexively. He snaps the photo and then stares at it for a while. “Beautiful.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a teen damian wayne x fem(not yet ) s/o , where he wants to talk to her and walk with her to classes but the reader speeds walks and barely talks because she doesn't want to be late and he has a hard time trying to speak with her . Please?

Thank you for sending this in!

  • Damian finally built up the courage to ask you out
  • it took weeks and weeks of practicing in front of a mirror and being made fun of my his brothers
  • but he finally did it
  • he was going to walk up to you between classes all slick and cool and ask you to go get some food with him after school
  • He waits outside the door of your classroom, waiting for the bell to ring 
  • it does and you speed out of the room
  • Damian was shocked but then sped forward,
  • “Hey Y/n-”
  • “Hey Damian! Gotta go, I’ll see you later!”
  • He was left with his mouth wide open, wondering what just happened
  • in all truth, you had been late to so many classes that if you were late one more time your parents were going to have to pay a fine
  • you thanked heaven for your long legs and sped to each and every one of your classes
  • He showed up at your next class ready for the attack
  • again you sped out of the class room but this time he was ready
  • “Hey y/n! wanna go get food after school today with me?”
  • you stopped in your tracks
  • this adonis like man wanted to go out with you?
  • you picked up your pace again, Damian followed
  • “Sure, meet me out front after class?”
  • Damian stopped and gave a victory fist pump
  • “Sure Y/n, see you then!”

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