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After School gave us a fucking pole dancing concept!! They worked their asses off for 6 months to give as one of the most iconic comebacks ever. Raina sprained her hand and lizzy sprained her leg ligament. Look at the injures they got preparing for that comeback

All of this and what did we give them in return?? NOTHING, NOT EVEN 1 WIN. Not to be that girl group stan, but girl groups give us the world and we give them bullshit in return


After School ❤😍❤

I would like to thank queen UEE (After School) for always being so kind to Nu’est and giving Baekho his stage name “white tiger”- You did the right thing in leaving Pledis, although Im sure the AS members will miss you dearly. Hope you go to a company that will nurture your acting talent and treats you right. Love You UEE <33

MC: Kahi’s husband is a true romanticist. He proposed to her three times before getting married. One of them was while wearing red underwear.

Kahi: My husband is very impatient. If he has something to say, he has to say it right away. He’s not the type who hides things. So when the ring arrived, he wanted to give it to me as soon as possible. He then said he had to wash up and went into the bathroom. A moment later, he said, ‘Hey honey,’ and called me over. I saw him kneeling with only his red underwear on, and he presented me the ring [like that]. The first time was when he just blurted out 'Live with me,’ immediately after we opened our eyes in the morning.

MCThat is the most romantic way to do it.



[After School Club] Ep.295 - DAY6(데이식스) _ Full Episode _ 121917

source:  ARIRANG K-POP

I know this is a nuest blog but NU'ESTs beloved family and most talented ladies in the world After School finally reunited for Nana’s bday after 4 WHOLE YEARS. I feel like when all the AS girls were crying on pd101 ep1 seeing nuest perform because of you and seeing Kahi cry, it might have made them all get back in touch. I had feeling, like a hunch, nuest and AS girls are meeting up, i thought they are planning SOMETHING. Maybe they were able to comfront pledis about their mistreatment idk? Either way MY ULT GG FINALLY REUNITED AND IM CRYING!!