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After School ❤😍❤

After School react to Pledis saying there making a comeback

Jungah: Ah! Really? Finally, it is 2 years that I’m here eating chips on this pole


Raina: Oh right, I’m an After School member too, lol, I forgot it

Nana: Now!? I’m filming a movie in China, modeling around the world, I have a personal boutique. I don’t want to do it now, please wait some years more *annoyed* (LOL)

Lizzy: *get married, have 1 son and 2 daughters and have a pension* Oh Pledis ask me for a comeback …. Better late than never ….. But I’m so old now ….

Eyoung: Bitch, I’m here! But now I’m so busy … so … bye bye

Kaeun: I don’t remember how to sing and dance …..

unlooting <3
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Leo Kpop Idols

G-Dragon (Big Bang) [August 18, 1988]
Seungyoun (Uniq) [August 5, 1996]
Yibo (Uniq) [August 5, 1997]
S.Coups (Seventeen) [August 8, 1995]
Niel (Teen Top) [August 16, 1994]
Jungah (After School) [August 2, 1983]
Lizzy (After School) [July 31, 1992]
E-Young (After School) [August 16, 1992]
Kaeun (After School) [August 20, 1994]
Sunye (Wonder Girls) [August 12, 1989]
Seungyeon (Kara) [July 24, 1988]
Tiffany (Girls’ Generation) [August 1, 1989]
Hyunyoung (Rainbow) [August 11, 1991]
Eunji (A-Pink) [August 18, 1993]
Hyejeong (AOA) [August 10, 1993]
Kibum (Super Junior) [August 21, 1987]
Luna (F(x)) [August 12, 1993]

17 mentioned NU'EST

Seventeen mentioned NU'EST in their 3rd mini album ‘Going Seventeen’.
Thanks to …

[TRANS] «Also to our company’s strength - After School: Uee noona, Nana noona, Raina noona, Lizzy noona, E-young noona, Gaeun noona.
Urban electro band NU'EST sunbae-nim: JR hyung, Baekho hyung, Minhyunie hyung, Ren hyung, Aronie hyung.
Who reads re-created ending for this story - amazing Donggeunie hyun.
Who everyday working hard and ready to bloom like flowers in the future - Pledis Girlz!»

note: In thanks to Donggeun, 17 used in the title of his song 'Making a new ending for this story’ and 'Amazing You’. 

#AFTERSCHOO7TH - 17/01/2009: Happy seventh anniversary to the most hardworking and persevering girl group, After School. Thanks for bringing it to the next level. Always. No one beats them in hard work despite all.

To all the eleven members who had contribute with their talent, and hardwork: keep fighting, let’s hope for a 2016 full of joy and new achievements. ♥


After School have been promoting in Japan since late 2013 to mid 2015. However, now they are left with “individual activities” and no promised Korean comeback in 2016, making it almost 3 years since After School’s last Korean comeback. Orange Caramel on the other hand are coming back this year. While Orange Caramel deserve love, After School made what Pledis is today, and to ignore the girls’ wishes to come back as a group and instead promote their sub-unit is completely unfair to both the girls and their fans (Playgirlz/Playboyz).

Please sign this petition if you care about After School’s career and if you’d like to see them come back in 2016.