“All girl groups are the same!” you say? “Everyone has a sexy/cute concept these days, I don’t like it!” you say? “I can’t find a girl group I like!” you say? Then this post is for you! 

  • You’re looking for girl groups who slay with sexy concepts? AOA have always had sexy concepts and they’ve always slayed! ( x  x  x  x ) SISTAR too! ( x   x   x  ) If you’re looking for something extremely sexy, then you might enjoy Stellar ( x ) and Four ladies ( x )
  • On the contrary, you prefer cute concepts? Apink are well known for that! ( x  x  x  ) Also, Gfriend ( x ) , Lovelyz ( x )  and Oh My Girl  ( x ) are rookies who just debuted, but they’re very promising!
  • Or maybe you would like to see groups who can perfectly pull off both cute and sexy concepts? The you should check out groups like Girl’s day ( cute  /  sexy ) and Kara ( cute  /  sexy ) ! 
  • Or maybe you like boy groups with hip hop concepts and you’d like to see girl groups try something like that as well? Sonamoo debuted with a powerful concept and they’re having their comeback this summer! ( x ) Wassup also have more of a hip hop/badass concept~ ( x  x ) The Ark are preparing for a comeback as well, and they promised us a more powerful concept! Until then you should check out their debut ( x )
  • Or maybe you’re into fun concepts? Then Orange Caramel is a must! ( x  x  ) They’re actually a sub-unit of After School so while you’re at it why don’t you check out their mvs as well? ( x  x )
  • I’m sure you’d love to hear some great vocals, wouldn’t you? Well then Spica ( x  x  x ), Mamamoo ( x  x  x ) and Ladies Code ( x  x  x ) are the ones for you! 
  • The two most popular girl groups are Girls Generation ( x  x ) and 2ne1 ( x  x )
  • And some special mentions : Fiestar ( x  x ) , EXID ( x  x ) , Dalshabet ( x  x ), Nine Muses ( x  x  ) , Miss A ( x  x ) , T-ARA ( x  x ) and 4minute  ( x  x  )

There are obviously a lot of groups I didn’t mention so please feel free to add more :) 


150605 BLACK FRIDAY - DJ Kaeun Hot Debut stage