after reality

Nothing and no one gets this fandom in a tizzy like Eleanor does. Relax a bit, maybe, and stop judging a relationship that isn’t your own. It’s not that difficult to just be happy that everyone actually involved (i.e., Louis, Eleanor, and Danielle) all seem to be very happy. Louis and Eleanor reuniting is something that is not at all shocking. Louis and Danielle broke up nearly two months ago. It was a quick turnaround, but if Danielle isn’t showing that she’s upset about this, then why are you? And for those who want to call Eleanor a beard…I don’t even know what to say to you. We’re going on seven years now, and if you haven’t been swayed into seeing reality after all this time, then nothing I say will change your mind either. I hope that one day you’ll realize that Louis has been happy in all of his relationships and he’s cared about each and every one of them.

Duel School back in session this August after the premier of YGO VRains

However, there’s going to be some changes. When I first started the AU I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it– namely have a space where characters could cross series and develop interactions. But then I got the inklings of an actual plot that would tie all the struggles of the ygo universe into one cohesive reality. Now, after many many months of being inactive, I’ve had time to fully concrete my ideas. While I still want followers to have a big say in interactions and character/relationship developments, I also want to stay organized and on a steady path.

The question becomes, then, should I restart completely– maintaining some of askduelschool’s original worldbuilding ‘canon’ while scrapping unnecessary information– or should I pick up where I left off with less asker direction? I’d really appreciate feedback from you who enjoy this content. What do you want to see?

How can he possibly live up to her?

Steven knows the Gems have been grooming him to take her place, even if that’s not really all that true, anymore.  He knows they have high expectations of him.  His mother is an absent yet omnipresent specter in his life.  His father’s and Pearl’s lost love.  Garnet’s friend.  Amethyst’s mother figure.  How can he possibly measure up?

How can he possibly make up for her?

Steven’s been faced with harsh reality after harsh reality.  How much Homeworld hates her.  How much damage people have done coming after her.  The knowledge that as long as Homeworld keeps sending people after her, they’ll be coming after him.  How many people she’s hurt, justified or not.  He can’t even process how killing someone can be justified; he’s still too young to balance “taking a life” with “in defense of others”.  How can he possibly “repair” her legacy?  Does he even want to?  Does she even deserve it?

How can he possibly deal with her?

The more he learns about her, the more her absence is felt.  The damage she did to Greg and Pearl.  The responsibility she foisted off on Garnet.  How confused and angry and scared Amethyst is without her guidance.  How could she do this to them?  She was his mother!  She was supposed to be there for him!  She was supposed to be family!

She’s not family.  Greg and Pearl are his parents.  Garnet is his guide and mentor.  Amethyst is his sister.  These people are his family.  Rose barely even entered into the equation.  He needs to let go of his expectations of her, his hurt at her absence, and his need to justify her actions.  She wasn’t a god, she wasn’t a queen, and she wasn’t some all-knowing, all-benevolent figure.

She was just a person, like anybody else…

…and it’s time to leave her behind.


We’re treating this whole thing like a bad TV show because we’re still hoping that it actually is one. Check out After The Trump’s Twitter account at @AfterTheTrump!

Too Much Too Soon? A Critique Of The Trump Show

Date a girl who is an all-destroying force of nature that even gods will eventually kneel before. Date a girl who is time personified, death incarnate, and the end of all things conceivable. Date a girl who will spare only you from destruction mandated by reality itself. Date a girl who, not through action but inaction, has gifted you with an undying, indestructable, and ageless body, that will take you beyond the end of all things to see the birth of something new. Date a girl who will tenderly hold your hand and kiss your lips through incarnation after incarnation of reality until you both forget you were mortal once.

What if at the end of Reality Trip Danny hadn’t wiped his parents minds (which would’ve made hella more sense than what actually happened). What if the next season (or at least the beginning of it) was spent on focusing on Danny and his relationship with his parents after the whole thing and them having to come to terms with their son’s half ghost status and the fact that they’ve literally been hunting him like an animal the last two seasons.
The rest of that summer after Reality Trip where his parents are fixing their equipment so it won’t lock in on Danny anymore. They’re learning more and more about ghosts from their son and how not all ghosts are evil. They start taking family trips into the Ghost Zone for Danny to show them around and meet the nice ghosts. They’re all becoming closer as a family because now there’s not this huge ravine of fear.
However not everything is all well. Old habits do die hard. Sometimes his parents will test his abilities and the line between their tests and actually treating him like a lab rat starts to blur. They’re so fascinated by him that they start to see him as this puzzle that needs to be solved instead of their son. Danny who is very uncomfortable with this is too afraid to tell them to back off. He wants to show them what he can do and he wants them to be interested but they almost start to dehumanize him when they run their tests on him. Maybe at some point Maddie accidentally jabs Danny with something and he goes “ouch that hurt” and her instant reaction is “ghosts don’t feel pain” and right there they realize they’ve fucked up. Danny flies the fuck out of there and they feel ashamed.

There are so many other good directions this idea could’ve been taken as well!! It makes me so angry that this potential was ignored because for some stupid reason he always has to keep his secret from his parents even after they accepted him!! I’m anger

Tentacle Domination

It starts simple enough

you’re sitting there checking tumblr

scrolling through it and just enjoying these posts

sitting there and having fun

minding your own business

not a care in the world

just escaping reality 

because after all that’s what most of us come here to do

we can to have a good time

a fun time

with no stress and no cares

you’re just sitting there minding your own business

reading this post

you feel a small itch on your feet

but it’s nothing important

you don’t even give it much thought

it’s not that big of deal

you simply read and enjoy yourself

you’re used to my words right now

it’s becoming more and more natural for you to focus on them

so it’s normal not to feel that itch

you start to feel your body tightening up 

little by little

moving from your feet

to your legs

up towards your waist

but it doesn’t really alert you

you’re just enjoying my words

as you’ve grown used to

you don’t even care enough to look down

my words are simply that captivating at this point

so you keep reading

reading as usual

and you feel your body tightening up even more

moving up your waist

your stomach

you look down and you see it

you see what’s happened

you see yourself wrapped up

wrapped up completely

with this eye

this glowing eye right in front of you

you can see it now

it instantly captures you

ensnares you

captivates you

all else fade

all else disappear as you focus and look

mesmerized completely

just like this

all else fade

all else fade away completely

you look

you stare

you drop

drop deep

all the way down

leaving nothing

nothing but the eye

how bright it glows

and how deep you drop

that you simply find yourself now typing

“The tentacles have taken my mind”

you continue to look

continue to stare

all you see is the glow

all you see is the eye

all you know is the submission

the submission to the eye

how you find it completely captivating

so hypnotic

so mesmerizing

that even when I wake you up soon

once the tentacles disappear

you will continue

continue to think of it

of the glow

of the eyes

so waking up on the count of 3


starting to wake up



the eye

the glow and how wonderful it is