after putting this off for months i finally finished it


After months of working on redecorating my room, I think it’s finally done :D You can’t really tell in these pictures, but I did a lot of little things to fix up my bedroom like re-painting my ceiling, spray painting some furniture, cleaning my carpet, etc, and I almost can’t believe that it’s finally finished. 

I decided to go with a flower theme and got some really great prints to put up as well as some fake flowers and I’m just so happy with them. It was also really nice to try doing things by myself because I ended up learning a lot and now I’m a bit less scared of things involving hammers and nails x)

Updates and MSP ComicCon this Weekend!~

So unfortunately I will not be able to sell my 15 page preview comic as I had hoped at this years MSP Comic Con (which is this upcoming weekend). 

Despite that, I do have the first 10 pages of the rough draft that I’ll be happy to put together for those who would like to read the official beginning of Sunny Hill and the Sorcerer.

Overall, I’m a little sad I didn’t finish it to sell, but I am thrilled I finally have a start which is the most important step at this point. I’m taking the rest of this year off from conventions to put together my first chapter and/or book with no pressure from others or myself. 

It’s been a hard and wonderful journey this last year. My life changed a lot in a few short months after getting married. Unfortunately my confidence in my creative works suffered since I wasn’t able to spend the adequate time on any art or my projects.

Now that things are finally settling down it’s been difficult to jump back into my work and regain my passion for Sunny Hill and the Sorcerer. The rough draft has been difficult first step but has been incredibly essential in helping me rediscover myself as an artist. As the rest of the year goes on I intend to press on and continue to rebuild myself and commit myself fully to Sunny Hill and the Sorcerer.

To those who have been so wonderfully patient with me, thank you so much with all the gratitude in my heart. I can’t wait to see some of you at the convention this weekend!~ 

Here’s to a hopeful year for Sunny Hill and the Sorcerer!~

So I finally finished Xenoblade X after putting it off for a few months... (ramble ahead)

What the fucking shit, Monolith.

The story wasn’t terribly interesting until the very end; both right before the credits and the post-credits scene which hints at a sequel. 
The thing is, those developments were actually really damn interesting and I wanted to see it continue, but not in a sequel. I wanted half of the crap that was in this game cut out and focused on building on the cliffhanger at the end. 

I’m avoiding spoilers but imagine if the first game was solely about getting revenge on Metal Face. You get to him, seemingly defeat him, all is right with the world. You get hints of Zanza and what the Bionis and Mechonis really are, but not much. Then the after-credits reveals who the Faced Mechon really are. And that’s after 60 hours. That’s what Xenoblade X is. The Samaarians’ relationship with Ganglion are an obvious parallel to Zanza and the Homs but this isn’t really developed into anything worthwhile. 

The story is lackluster with hints of genuine wonder but doesn’t come anywhere close to the genius of the first game. The villain is laughably weak. The characters are bare-boned with the sole exception of Elma. And I’m only even giving her a pass because of the ending. People call Shulk a blank character but your custom guy in X basically proves that to be wrong. Shulk matters. He has his own personality. Your guy is just sort of… there. You may very understandably argue that it’s nice that your guy is an “observer” in the events that unfold but considering that you can directly control your other squad members, it’s pointless. Some also complain about Riki being annoying but hahah that’s nothing compared to Tatsu and Lin’s unbearable banter which kills the flow of any scene in which it happens. You can’t even play as Tatsu for fuck’s sake so why is he even here? He has no arc. He’s a punchline to a joke that wasn’t funny the first time. The voice performances in this game are a masters’ thesis on why JRPGs need Dual Audio and the dub a massive downgrade from the excellent British performances in the first game. You could place this complaint on the writing but just consider Metal Face in the first game, who wasn’t terribly complex. He was still so much fun thank in large part to the VA’s delivery. 

Okay I’m bitching on it too much but the truth is I don’t regret the £40 I spent on it. The gameplay is very solid and when all cylinders were firing it was electrifying. The art is gorgeous, the soundtrack delivered where it counted, the exploration was very engaging. Thank goodness these guys were brought on to help with Breath of the Wild’s open world because they know how to make open-worlds fun to explore. But those praises are secondary to what I enjoyed in the first game. The stellar story and lovable characters are what I remember foremost from that one with the art, music, etc enhancing it. 

tl;dr: The first Xenoblade was so good it made me want to keep playing until the end. With X, I kept playing until the end just to see if it ever got good. 

Preference #36: You're divorced and you drop the kids off at his.

Preference #36: You’re divorced and you drop the kids off at his.


The drive to your old house felt like it lasted a lifetime, but in reality it only last 45 minutes, an hour when there was traffic slowing you down. Especially with two excited boys in the back seats telling you all about your ex husband and how he promised to take them to the park to play football, or how he promised to have a barbecue with them. Niall was a good father, even through the divorce he made sure to arrange times with you for when he could see his sons. Anthony and Owen were only 3 and 4 when you and Niall ended your relationship and he filed for divorce, claiming you two just didn’t feel the same way you once did. Now Anthony is 4 and Owen is 5 and it’s been a year since you moved into a different home taking the boys with you.

“WE’RE HERE!!” Owen screamed as you stopped the car on the drive of Niall’s massive house and unplugged his seatbelt, quickly swinging the car door open and jumping out and running to the front door. You rolled your eyes and got out of the car, helping Anthony out and letting him run to the front door with his brother. Niall answered the door rather fast probably excited to see his children after not having seen them for 3 weeks due to his busy schedule.

“I’ll pick them up in 3 days, make sure Anthony takes his cough medicine and don’t let them stay up past 8. Bye bye my angels!” You knelt down to their height and they both wrapped their arms around you, squeezing you tightly as you kisses both of their heads.

“Bye Mummy, love you!” They both said in sync with each other used to the same goodbye when they stayed at Niall’s. They let go of you to ran inside the house quickly knowing they’d probably have loads of new toys waiting for them.

“Love you too!” You called after them and smiled.

“You look well (Y/N), have you had a haircut?” Niall asked stepping off of the doorstep and getting closer to you.

“I’ve had quite a few” you giggled “Yeah I’m seeing someone that’s probably why I look well.” You smiled at the thought of the new man in your life who made you happy.

“I’m glad, hope he treats you well, if not you know where I am..” He folded his arms across his chest making you giggle and nod.

“Thank you Ni, anyway, I better be off. Bye.” You smiled and got in the car, waving as you drove away he walked back into the house. You just hoped the kids didn’t tell Niall that you weren’t seeing anyone and you still sometimes cried yourself to sleep from loneliness and from missing Niall.


“(Y/N) please!! Just stay for an hour that’s all I’m asking!” Zayn pleaded with you, your 1 year old daughter on his hip clinging to him like a monkey.

“Zayn I need to go home, please can you just accept that and watch our child for a few hours?” You sighed and tried to get to your car but he lodged himself between you and the car preventing you from touching it.

“You don’t need to go home, this is your home! It always will be your home!! Move back in with me, bring Laura and move back in so we can be a family again!!” He made sure he stayed in your line of view even when you turned your head trying to look away.

“Zayn no. We got a divorce for a reason and that reason was you wanted to be with Perrie. Now she’s gone again and you want me back!! No I won’t let you use me like that.” You felt tears form in your eyes, still madly in love with Zayn but what he did to you put a scar on your heart.

He sighed and took a step closer so he was towering over you and you had to look up at him, his chest pressed against yours. “I left Perrie because I made a mistake, and I wanted to fix that. So this is my trying to fix it and makes amends. Please (Y/N), come home, back to me…”


“So we can be a family again!! Me, you, and Laura.” He looked at the infant leaning her head on his shoulder and she smiled at you.

“Muma, dada!” She giggled with her hand in front of her mouth.
You sighed and shook your head. “No.” And with that you gently pushed him aside and got in your car then drove away thinking about whether you made the right decision or not.


“Daddy!! New daddy bought me a new teddybear!!” 3 year old Poppy ran to Louis holding the small, pink, fluffy teddybear that your boyfriend bought her. Louis picked her up and frowned looking you dead in the eye.

“You told her he’s her new daddy?!” Louis said with a raised voice, clearly angry about this and he had a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“No!! I never said anything like that to her! That’s the first time she’s said anything like that I swear.” You sighed, keeping calm about it, deciding you weren’t gonna raise your voice in front of Poppy unless you needed to.

“Oh of course!! I bet you let her call him daddy all the time.” Louis seethed, just annoyed you moved on after the divorce which was 2 years ago.

“No I do not!!! She knows you’re her only dad, I don’t want her to call anyone else her dad.” You crossed your arms getting annoyed with him, he just wanted to fight with you for the sake of it.

“Yeah right!! You want to push me out of her life!!” This pissed you off and now was the time to raise your voice.

“Louis how dare you!!! Shut up!!! Don’t be a baby.” You almost shouted and stormed to your car, getting in and slamming the door. Quickly driving away, fed up of the stupid arguments you always have with him every two weeks when Louis has Poppy for the weekend.


“Who are we going to see Blake?” You smiled and got your 10 months old out of the car and held him against you. He smiled up at you showing his new teeth and clapped his arms in excitement.

“Dadadadadadadadada” He squealed and wiggled his little jean clad legs. You had put him in the jeans Liam bought him a few weeks back and a cute top that had “Daddy’s boy” written on it with a picture of a cartoon dinosaur on it. You smiled widely at how much he’s grown up and learnt and walked to Liam’s door, letting Blake ring the doorbell. The door opened quite fast and a cheery Liam was standing there.

“Blaaaaaake!!” He grinned and held his arms out to him. Blake screamed and threw himself out of your arms and into his. You laughed and rubbed his fluffy hair back down from where it went a bit crazy. “Aw hello my baby boy.” He kissed his chubby cheek then looked at you. “Hey (Y/N) how’re you doing?”

“I’m good thanks, you?”

“I’m better now my boy is here!” He grinned and cuddled Blake making you smile more.

“I saw the new concert film, Blake loved it and I thought it was really good!” Even after the divorce which was final 2 months ago, you and Liam had finished on good terms and remained friends, not just for Blake’s sake. But because Liam was a friend before he was your boyfriend and you need to remain friends.

“Thanks Hon, I’ll put it on for him tonight then whilst he eats his dinner.”

“He’ll like that, well I best be off, I’ll see you Monday, bye my baby.” You kissed Blake’s head and then kissed Liam’s cheek and left your son in the hands of the man you trust more than anyone else.


“Morgan can you get Lucy out of the car please?” You asked your 13 year old son as you got out of the car and helped Regan your 7 year old daughter get out, holding her door so she wouldn’t hit Harry’s car with it. Morgan got your youngest daughter out the car. Lucy was only 6 months old but you trusted Morgan to get her. You all walked up to the door of the house that you’d done thousands of times, since you once lived here when you were married to Harry. You and Harry got divorced 6 years ago when you had two kids together, Morgan and Regan. But just over a year ago Harry had invited you round for dinner with the kids, then when they went to bed you and Harry had drank a little bit too much wine, got a bit too close, and a few months later you found out you were pregnant with Lucy. You both decided it would be better not to get back together so you stayed separated but Harry still was there for Lucy’s birth and has been an amazing father to all three of his children.

“Hey (Y/N)…” You flinched, coming out of your daydream to see Harry standing there in the doorway and the kids nowhere in sight. You assumed they had gone in already.

“Hi..” You smiled at him and looked into his eyes.

“You look beautiful…”

“Thank you..” You blushed from the unexpected compliment that you knew was a lie, considering you had your hair in a messy bun, a baggy shirt on that was Harry’s from about 10 years ago, and leggings, not having much time in the mornings now you have three kids as a single mum.

“Wanna come in for some wine?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

“Sure, what’s the worst that could happen?” You giggled and walked in past him, he laughed and shut the door behind him. You got pregnant again, but you also got married again.

Sorry I haven’t posted a preference in FOREVER!!! I started college and I’ve been settling in and getting the ropes!

Link to my other preferences:

Here it is! After months of putting it off I finally finished my tribute to the Gravity Falls Finale!! :D Guess I chose the right time to finish it, with the cipherhunt and Journal 3 coming out and all.

(whoo boy, here comes the teary-eyed love letter:) Gravity Falls really has been a landmark show in my life. I’ve been here since the beginning – since the previews that played on Disney Channel – and it’s been such a great ride. I’ve seen this fandom grow and evolve so much from those season 1 days. So many au’s, ships, and theories were born and exchanged or forgotten. If anyone was to look back at the things I created since 2012, you’ll see Gravity Fall’s influence everywhere. What I drew, original characters; I’d even drop really subtle references of GF in my school-assigned writing! It’s been a really important part of my childhood, and I’m sad seeing it go. But in a way, I’m happy to grow up with Mabel and Dipper. Like all good things, summer eventually ends. And as my own metaphorical (and literal) summer comes to an end, I feel like the good folks in Gravity Falls helped me realize that adulthood IS scary, but it’s a part of life, and I’m gonna get through it and embrace it soon enough. 

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart to everyone who had a part in this amazing show. Thank you to the entire gravi-team for making something spectacular. It deserves every award it’s received and more! Thank you, especially, to Alex Hirsch, who dedicates so much time and effort into interacting with fans and going the extra mile to fill the world of Gravity Falls with so many secret codes and mysteries – it’s so appreciated. And thank you entire gf fandom; it’s been a real pleasure knowing all of you. 

♥ stay weird, guys ♥

After four months working on and off I’ve finally finished Bumblebee. This was my first attempt at my own pattern and I’m very pleased how it turned out, he’s so cute. He’s only a prototype, so I still have a lot of things to perfect, but it’s still a good start. :)

Thinking of writing out the pattern and maybe putting it on etsy. That helm is super duper complicated though, so I’m wondering how to explain it. Hell, maybe I could crochet these for commission. Who knows.

Mom has been settled into her showroom for a little under a month now and added two new clients onto her rosterrrr. TBH She’s just happy she no longer has to send emails via her walk-in closet.. as she should beeee.

Save the Last Dance

Fandom- Marvel/Avengers
Paring- Steve Rogers x Reader
Plot- Steve is in love with Reader who just so happens to be engaged. Tony convinces him to share his feelings the day before she gets married.
Warning- None :)

(His pov)
If only I’d been faster, braver. Then maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here in this smokey bar wishing I had the ability to get drunk. Maybe I would be with her now instead of trying, and failing, to drink her out of my thoughts. By her, I of course mean (Y/n). Also known as the girl I was in love with. But I hadn’t been quick enough to catch her, I was to afraid she wouldn’t return my affection and our friendship would be ruined. I had decided it was better to have her as a friend than to not have her at all. But now she was engaged to some other guy and their wedding was tomorrow.
I sat at the bar one hand clutching a beer while the other held the wedding invitation. I knew (Y/n) would be devastated if I didn’t come, she had made me promise to swing dance with her at the reception, but I didn’t know if I could handle seeing her being married off to someone else. I remembered the day she had broke the news to me.

Steve walked into the SHEILD headquarters with a drink in each hand. One was a coffee for him and the other was (f/d) for (Y/n). He remembered how yesterday you had complained that the (f/d) in the cafeteria sucks so he had decided to get you one on his way to work.
While walking towards you office he ran into Natasha, the only person who knew about his huge crush on you. Well that’s what he thought at the time but turns out the whole team knew but Natasha threatened to hurt them if they said anything and Natasha was a very scary girl.
“Hey is that for me?” She said with a smirk, knowing who it was really for.
“Nope sorry, have you seen (y/n)?”
“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” she started, “ There is something I think you should know and I’m gonna let (y/n) tell you but just… Don’t freak out.”
“ Uh, ok what could be so bad that I would freak out?”
“Well she-”
“Hey Steve!” He heard (Y/n)s familiar voice calling for him from down the hall. Steve turned around and saw her perfect head of (h/c) hair bouncing down the hall towards him and when he turned back around, Natasha was gone.
“I have been looking everywhere for you!” (y/n) said while trying to catch her breath.
“Well I just got here and oh, this is for you.” I handed her the (f/d) and watched as her eyes lit up at the liquid.
“Aw Steve! You are my favorite person ever thank you so much!” She said jumping up to give him a hug while skillfully avoiding the coffee in his hand. “This day just keeps getting better!”
“Ya Nat said you had some news.”
“Oh Steve its great look!” She thrust out her hand and suddenly the sparking diamond ring on her left ring finger was all he could think about. How had he not noticed that yet. He didn’t even know (y/n) HAD a boyfriend.
“You-your engaged…” He tried his best to keep the confusion and devastation out of his voice and now under stood Natasha’s warning.
“Yep! Isn’t it pretty?” She said while admiring the ring herself, “Evan finally proposed last night.” Evan. Why did that name sound so familiar? It suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. Evan had been (Y/n)s boyfriend before she had been transferred. He remembered how she had talked about breaking it off with him a while ago cause she couldn’t handle being in a long distance relationship. I guess she changed her mind
“That- that’s great (y/n).” He said with a smile. He ment it to. He was happy she was happy.
“Thank you! I expect you to be there Steve,” She said while giving him another hug. But this time he was hyper aware of the cold metal pressing up against the back of his neck. “You and me are gonna tear it up on that dance floor. I’m gonna learn how to swing dance just for you!” She said with a laugh and he sighed inwardly.
“Anything for you (y/n)” he said with a sad smile.

I pressed the palm of my hand against the smooth paper, trapping the envelope between my hand and the smooth glass of the bar. I took another drink of his beer before signaling the waiter for another. The stool next to me made a scratching noise that could barely be heard under all the music and talking, signaling that someone had sat down next to me.
“Hey there Cap, how you holding up” The familiar voice of the infamous Tony Stark called out while slapping his hand onto my shoulder. I rolled his eyes. After (y/n) had told everyone of her engagement, the rule of not talking about my affection’s went out the window and suddenly everyone was asking him if he was ok and how he was doing. Surprisingly Tony wasn’t as annoying about it as I’d expected him to be.
“Fine.” I said locking his jaw. “What are you doing here.”
“I just happened to stumble upon this fine establishment while looking for a good place to drink, of course seeing you here peaked my curiosity and just wanted to see how you were doing. You know since you-know-what is tomorrow.”
“Im fine Stark you can say it. Im not gonna break down sobbing just because you say (Y/n)s name.”
“Are you going tomorrow? Cause I really think you should.”
“What would you know about what I should do? What do you know about any of this?”
“Im just saying Steve I know this sucks. The whole think really sucks, but I really think you should tell her how you feel. You’ll regret it forever if you don’t. It’s not to late” He said and for once his tone was serious. I looked over at him and he clapped his hand on my shoulder again while getting up to leave. I moved my hand off the invitation opening it up.

~the next day~
(Your pov)
I nervously smoothed out the fabric of my dress looking at myself in the mirror. My mother stood behind me wearing her (f/c) bridesmaid dress, putting the finishing touches on my hair while Natasha stood off to the side. It took some convincing, and by some I mean loads and loads, but she had finally agreed to be my best maid and was too wearing a (f/c) dress. The rest of my bridesmaids wondered around the room gushing about the dresses or the flowers. Something that I had grown tired of after the months of planning. Evan, surprisingly, had been very eager to finish the planning and just get hitched. He had tried to convince me to elope but I told him that I we were gonna do this we were gonna do it right. I nervously fiddled with the fabric of my skirt trying to hide how bad my hands were shaking. I suddenly felt my mothers lips on my cheek as she looked at my reflection before meeting me gaze.
“You look beautiful honey I’m so happy for you.” She said with a kind smile on her face.
“Thanks mom…” I muttered.
“Show time ladies!” Evans friend Jace said peaking his head in. “You look beautiful (y/n).” He said with a wink. I rolled my eyes letting out a small laugh. Jace was always such a flirt.
“Ok ok we’re coming, good luck hon.” My mom said be for ushering all the rest of the bridesmaids out. Natasha lingered behind stopping behind me in the mirror.
“You’ll be fine (y/n) don’t be so nervous.” She walked out the doors following the rest of the girls.
I stood outside of the doors waiting for the music to start. My heart beating faster by the second. Suddenly I heard foot steps running down the hall of the church.
“(Y/n)! Oh thank god I though I’d missed you.” Turning around I saw Steve running towards me.
“Steve what are you doing out here should you be sitting down?”
“Im sorry I’m so late but I- I couldn’t let you do this without telling you how I felt first.”
“What, how you felt? What are you talking about?”
“I love you (y/n) I really do. I’ve loved you since the day we met.” He said, taking my hands in his.
I was speechless. He loves me? I stared up at him with wide eyes, my brain still trying to process what I had just heard. Suddenly the fact that music was playing, and had been for a couple seconds, registered in my mind.
“I-I’m sorry I have to-” I stumbled into the door while backing away and almost fell. Quickly I turned around, opened the door, and started to walk down the aisle. My hands were shaking worse than before and my mind was reeling. I locked eyes with Natasha who gave me a confused look. I looked away and met the eyes of my fiancé he also looked confused but he also looked happy. He was happy. Why wasn’t I happy? I should be happy, I’m waking down the aisle for crying out loud! I made it to the end and stood parallel to Evan. He smiled
“You look beautiful.” He said taking my shaking hands.
“Thanks you too.” I said then flushed realizing what I had just said “ Handsome! I ment handsome.” He let out a small laugh and we both quieted down as the pastor began to speak. I tuned him out and looked out onto the crowd. An empty space sat where Steve was supposed to be and my mind instantly went back to what he had told me. Why had he never said anything? Why had he never told my how he felt. Maybe then things would be different. My hands were shaking in Evans and when I looked back to him he had a concerned look on his face.
“I- I’m sorry Evan but I just-” I pulled my hands out of his and took a step back running into Natasha. She grabbed my arms helping me regain my balance. “I can’t do this” I said to no one in particular. Maybe I was saying it to my self. The crowns let out a gasp and I turned and ran back down the aisle. My name was called many times but I didn’t turn around. My mind was set one person and one person only. Steve.
(His pov)
For once in my life I, Steve Rogers, would admit it. Tony was right. I felt so much better now that I had told (Y/n) about my feelings Sure I still felt like crap because (Y/n) was still getting married and nothing could change that, but I felt little better.
I walked out of the church with a heavy heart and began to make my way down the almost empty street. The sun had set but the summer heat still still hung around. The smell of rain was heavy in the air but I ignored it and walked toward a small park with a pond in the middle. I sat down on a bench and looked out on to the water. A few ducks swam around a a small kid and his mother were feeding them. (Y/n) was gone. Really gone. And I could now do nothing to get her back.
Get her back? I can’t get back what was never mine in the first place. I watched as a the last few people wandered around slowly dispersing and was too about to leave when I heard someone yell.
“Oh thank god!” I knew that voice and my heart began to speed up simply at the thought racing through my brain. I turned around to see a barefoot (y/n) still in her wedding dress, heels and veil in one hand running towards me. Before I could respond, she ran and jumped into my arms and kissed me. I melted into the kiss and I felt her smile when I kissed back. We parted and she dropped back down into the ground both if us breathing heavily.
“You? What happened? Shouldn’t you be getting married?” I asked
“I couldn’t do it not after I found out how you felt. I feel the same way I just thought… I- I love you too.” She said, her voice growing quieter towards the end. I quickly pulled her back into a kiss wrapping my arms around her waist while she ran her hands through my hair. We parted, both smiling like idiots.
“Come on,” She said, “You still owe me a swing dance.”